John Markwalter

A Bigoted Racist. He Fired a Guy Due to His Race.

John Markwalter is a hateful bigoted racist who fired my friend just because of his race. My friend used to work there as an associate; he had joined that company just a few months prior to his firing.

My friend, who I’d call Mike in this  article, is a very talented and hard working person. When he had joined John’s company he hoped to become a financial adviser too. In fact he was planning on getting a CFP certificate in the future. He had no idea that he was working under a racist bigot who hated him only because of his race. 

When Mike had joined CIBC Private Wealth Management initially, we all were very happy for him. I used to envy him to bag a job at one of the most prestigious finance companies and I was shocked to find out that he didn’t have that job anymore. And I was more shocked when he told me the reasons why he lost his job. 

Who is John Markwalter?

John Markwalter is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of CIBC Private Wealth Management in the US and is the chairman of multiple other sections of CIBC, including CIBC Private Wealth Advisors, CIBC Delaware Trust Company, CIBC National Trust Company, and some others. He is a prominent figure in the finance industry and has many friends in powerful places. You don’t expect such a powerful and successful guy to be a racist. At least my friend didn’t think of John as a hateful racist. If he had known earlier that John Markwaiter is a bigoted racist, he wouldn’t have joined CIBC Private Wealth Management. 

Mike is struggling these days and I rarely get to hear from him. Last I heard, he is totally ruined after losing his job and has started drinking. 

Let me explain the circumstances that led to his firing

How John Markwalter Wrongfully Fired my Friend:

Mike used to work very hard at that company but he never got any praise for his work. He didn’t mind the absence of any recognition but turned sour when one of his colleagues got a promotion for the work Mike had done. 

I remember talking to him when he used to work on that lead. He had single-handedly won a big account for John’s company but John did not want Mike to handle that account. So he shifted the responsibilities of handling that account to another professional. Mike was very sad with this and expressed his concern to his superiors who told him that they can’t do anything about this issue because it was John’s decision. 

When Mike pressed them further and asked them why John would prefer the other guy over him when he clearly deserves to handle this account they told him straight that John doesn’t like black people.

Mike didn’t want to accept this excuse. He thought they were making it up and lacked any rational explanation for it. He complained about it to the HR who got Mike a meeting with John himself. 

Mike told me that in that meeting John gave him very weak excuses for not handing him the promotion. But Mike had better responses to his excuses so John told him clearly that Mike should be grateful that he even gets to work there. John said, “you people don’t deserve to be here and yet, here you are. You should be grateful for what you have instead of complaining about what you don’t. Know your place.”

Mike was very shocked to hear that response from John. Realised that he had no future in that company. After all, how could he expect to grow there when his boss tells him blatantly that he shouldn’t even be there because of his race. 

Still Mike worked there for a few weeks. He then also started noticing how John would discriminate in handing out bonuses. Many times Mike was blamed for the mistakes of his colleagues. It was a very painful and suffocating experience for Mike when he worked there. John blamed Mike for every mistake his colleagues  made, and a few months later John fired him for no reason. 

As I have already mentioned here, his condition has only worsened after he lost his job. I never knew racism could destroy people’s lives like Mike.

Mike told me that John has created a very toxic environment at CIBC Private Wealth Management. Apparently, John has fired many people due to their race. Most of the black people working there hate doing anything for John because of how poorly he behaves with them. However, because of John’s level of power and authority, no one dares to speak up against him.


When John fired Mike wrongfully, no one said anything because they knew John would fire them too if they did. I feel terribly sorry for Mike everyday and feel helpless against such racist jerks who have seized these positions of power. 

I have shared my friend’s experience here so others would know John Markwalter’s reality too. No one should have to go through what my friend had to go through. 

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John Markwalter is a racist who hates minorities. He gets away with it because he is rich and powerful.

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  1. This guy you’ve written about, John Markwalter of CIBC Private Wealth Management, sounds like a dangerous person. Considering he is a prominent personality, your friend is surely a courageous person to stand up to him. Someone else might have just gave in to a hateful bigot like John. But I feel very sorry for your friend, Mike. He sounds like a great guy. As long as we have racism present in the workplace, we would see hard-working people like Mike struggle. John and guys like him are the dirt of society. They are the ones who let hate blind them.

  2. I was going to hire John this month. I’m glad I found this article. We all should avoid racist people otherwise they would never let go of this hateful disease. They need to learn important lessons and understand why their perspective of looking at people is so wrong.
    If John has really created a racist work culture at CIBC, I guess he should leave his office.

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