John Moore Associates: Is this is Trustworthy? The Truth Exposed (2023)

Don’t Give Sufficient Time

After working with the people at John Moore Associates, I have realised that there are many negligent professionals out there. I have learned my lessons after working with these people. John Moore Associates has some of the most arrogant and laziest professionals I have ever seen. My advisor at this firm doesn’t listen to me during phone calls and makes me repeat myself. Not only that but they also forget what I said during our last meeting. Even though I have tried to complain about all this, my advisor doesn’t have any effect. They don’t improve their services no matter how many times I complain.


It seems to me that the people at this firm only care about their major clients and not the small ones. So if you have a small account, these people wouldn’t bother with your concerns. No, they are too busy entertaining their richer and wealthier clients, which is kind of an insult to your face. When I realised this, I was very disappointed.

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I didn’t expect this firm to be this disappointing if I’m being honest here. You don’t expect your financial advisor to ignore you during meetings and forget what you had said when you met last time. It’s clear that these people have no respect for their clients and are willing to lose their account because of it. I didn’t know where I could share my complaint so I shared it here. Also, I know that I can’t approach with such a complaint.

They only handle complaints of financial loss and things of that sort. I was just so taken aback with the poor treatment I get from this firm that I had to do something about it. Like I pointed out before, the people at this firm are very arrogant. They don’t believe in the ‘Customer is Always Right’ principle.

My advisor makes it seem as if I don’t know anything about finances. Moreover, they don’t give me sufficient time for meetings, which causes me a lot of irritation. What good is a meeting if it doesn’t help you solve problems? And when my advisor doesn’t listen to me during the meeting, that small window of time only seems more irritating. It’s obvious that the people at this firm are too busy with their wealthier clients. If you’re a person who doesn’t have hundreds of millions, I don’t recommend working with John Moore Associates. 

The reason why I had started working with John Moore Associates is because of their stark reputation. I had looked up these people online and found that they have received plenty of accolades and awards. You can simply visit their website to see the numerous awards they have won. Now I don’t know whether those awards reflect their competence or not but I’m certain they don’t reflect their client service quality. Those awards misled me into thinking that John Moore Associates is a good firm.

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These people were a huge waste of my time and money and I don’t recommend their services. Just because a financial firm has multiple awards and accolades, it doesn’t mean that they are reliable or anything. It just means that have won several awards for something. Those awards are a big reason why I chose to write a review on John Moore Associates. I didn’t want others to make the mistake I made by hiring these people. In my opinion, it would be better for you to work with a smaller financial advisory firm instead of John Moore Associates. This way, you’d be able to get the personalized services you deserve. 


The people at John Moore Associates are terrible at client service. They don’t give sufficient time to their clients. In fact, they don’t even listen to criticism. I have tried to complain about my terrible experience with my advisor before but it had no effect. It’s obvious that these people don’t care about their clients. That’s why I don’t recommend working with these people. 

Instead of hiring John Moore Associates, you should hire a smaller firm because that would provide you with good client service at least. 

2.4 Total Score
Not Reliable

The advisors at John Moore Associates don't give enough time to their clients. In my experience, their client service has been horrible and I don't believe they are a reliable service provider.

  • Don't give sufficient time to their clients
  • Don't listen to criticism
  • Ignore client's questions
  • Waste of time and money
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