Jojar Dhinsa is a Crypto Scammer

Jojar Dhinsa from CashFX is a fake billionaire who is after your money.

This is a warning for all the potential victims of Jojra’s ruthless scam. Jojar claims to be a billionaire, who operates approximately 48 companies. Not only that, he also claims to have $23 billion in sales per year. These are some big claims for someone who isn’t on any billionaire lists on the internet, or on public tax records.

This is an exclusive report on Jojar Dhinsa, the con-artist behind the Ponzi scheme CashFX. If you are a big believer in Jojar and his products, then I strongly recommend you go over this report and give it a glance. Afterward, feel free to share your thoughts down below. 

Who is Jojar Dhinsa?

Jojar Dhinsa is the CEO of Athlone group, which reportedly claims to have $23 billion in sales last year. Who reported that? The guy himself.


This video will be used in the article & added in it: This Fake Guru “Billionaire” Is Promoting a Ponzi Scheme – YouTube

Jojar Dhinsa is a textbook internet scammer, who claims to have billions of dollars and no bad intentions. He is operating multiple scam operations right now, including Tweebaa, Athlone Group, and CashFX. 

He is a fan of using fake PR and using manipulative tactics to leer innocents. Jojar uses sponsored news articles and spreads lies, and then uses these biased pieces as “proof” of success. People fall for his scam because he gets his fake news articles published on major networks through his connections.

Tweebaa: Crypto Exit Scam (Sh#t Coin)

Tweebaa claims to monetize favors (like walking your neighbor’s dog). However, Jojar and the Tweebaa team provide no explanation for how the math works and where the money comes from (if it even exists).

TWEE token crypto owners have already suffered major losses after it plunged 95 percent during trading on Sept 4

TWEE had a trading volume of $1-2 million every 24 hours. And one day magically $210,000 million of investor money was pumped into the system for 24 hours and that plunged its value by 95%

Tweebaa is nothing but a crypto exit scam. These kinds of scams have been on the rise ever since Elon Musk promoted Dogecoin and people literally became overnight millionaires. A lot of people missed out on the Dogecoin offering and now want a second chance to win, and scammers like Jojar Dhinsa exploit this for their own benefit.

I would strongly recommend you to check out the video I’ve featured at the top of the review.

Jojar Dhinsa Wiki: Fake & Biased Wikipedia Page

If you search for Jojar Dhinsa right now, you will see this weird link. 

Jojar Dhinsa wikipedia

Once you click on it you will be directed to a Wikipedia clone website. 

Jojar Dhinsa wikipedia

You have to be really observant to notice that this is a throwaway website and not a serious website. It is a subdomain of the website called Orange Campus Africa.

If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see that the page states the information has been taken from Wikipedia. 

Jojar Dhinsa wikipedia

However, in reality, the admins from Wikipedia have deleted Jojar Dhinsa’s page from the website as it was suspicious and full of biased and promotional content.

I know there will be people that won’t believe me, so I have attached proof down below.

Jojar Dhinsa wikipedia

If you have been dealing with the stress of life recently, then I would suggest you go to the archived version of Jojar’s Wikipedia page and read it. The comic relief provided is simply brilliant.

Jojar S Dhinsa – Wikipedia (

CashFx: Jojar’s Next BigScam

The thread of Jojar Dhinsa’s lies is endless. However, some of his lies are way more outrageous than the rest. One of the most outlandish claims made by Mr. Dhinsa is of him being a billionaire. In this section, we will dissect this claim and see whether there is even an ounce of truth in it. We will also take a look at CashFX, which is the latest venture by Jojar.

Jojar claims that over 2 years ago, he lost $900 million in a deal gone bad, however, he fails to provide any evidence to back this up. This guy makes Grant Cardone seem like an angel.

He even claims to have made $23 billion in sales in a year, but yet again he doesn’t show any proof. 

No objective evidence(s) has been made public by Jojar to show that he is a billionaire. If he owns a multi-billion-dollar company, then what’s its name? Where are the billions of dollars Jojar claim to have? Oh, I know the answer, in his dreams.

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His project CashFX, has been bashed by critics and experts online for being a blatant Ponzi scheme and a sh#t coin. Jojar knows exactly the kind of scam he is running, but even then he defends CashFX and uses dirty tactics to hide the truth from his potential victims.

CashFX has no offices, literally no real offices.

On his website, Jojar Dhinsa has used stock images to post fake projects and mislead people. And he wants people to believe he is a billionaire? Pathetic.

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Jojar Dhinsa is a scammer

Jojar Dhinsa is a crypto scammer targeting innocents. Don’t fall for his marketing tricks or paid news articles. He is not a billionaire, he is just a charlatan.

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  1. Laughable … I wound be more concerned of the malicious person trying to ruin someone’s reputation. Ignore them Jojar DHINSA. They look pathetic.

  2. You guys sound very bitter and very jealous of everybody doing well in the world.

    How about you get a real job rather than hurting people that are trying to make the world a better place.

    Very sad human beings you guys are.



  3. Interesting article!

    Why don’t you report me to the authorities….because you need EVIDENCE!!!

    Anybody with a smart phone is a reporter these days guys why don’t you do a proper job and save peoples lives rather than trying to ruin reputations which by the way you never will.

    I am in great company i.e. Tony Robbins, Dan Pena, Les Brown etc etc

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