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Jonathan Kuttin (Ameriprise Financial Services)


Jonathan Kuttin of Ameriprise Financial Services is putting a bad name to the finance industry. He is not a wealth planner but a salesman. That man concentrates on selling investment products of specific organizations to his clients and that’s it. It’s not a priority for Jonathan to focus on clients. While most wealth planners follow a ‘client first’ approach, Jonathan follows a ‘me first’ approach. As a client who has worked with him for quite some time, I have noticed it myself. It’s not a good quality of a financial advisor. 

Wealth planners should focus on helping their clients thrive. It’s their duty to help them achieve their personal financial goals, whether it’s having a secure retirement fund or a college fund for their kids. That’s why wealth planners give personalized attention to their clients and suggest investments according to their unique requirements. With Jonathan, you wouldn’t see any of that happen. That man focuses solely on himself and his income. 

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I thought he would be an excellent service provider who values his clients but I was mistaken. That man only cares about one thing; his financial position. Even during the pandemic, when every wealth advisor was focused on mitigating their client’s losses, Jonathan was trying to sell me investment products. I know what he’s like. And I have had enough of this. 

What is the role of a financial advisor?

For payment, a financial advisor offers clients financial assistance or recommendations. Financial advisors, often known as advisers, offer a wide range of services, including investment management, tax preparation, and estate planning.

Financial advisors shouldn’t be this selfish. Jonathan leverages the strong brand of Ameriprise Financial Services to help him attract clients. Because of him, Ameriprise is getting a bad reputation too. I noticed the salesman-like tendency in Jonathan quite early. But I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. It is not as if I haven’t tried to discuss this with him. I did, but it was a futile effort.

One of the things I noticed about him is that he focuses a lot on expanding his portfolio. I know how valuable it is for wealth advisors to have a large portfolio. But he is quite greedy in that regard as well. That’s why I don’t think it’s okay for him to get away with such behaviour. Clearly, he is not a wealth advisor; he is only a salesman who uses his authoritative reputation to manipulate his clients. That’s seriously not okay. 

I didn’t know how else I could take action against him for such conduct. Financial advisors should focus on helping their clients thrive but Jonathan focuses only on himself. This is unethical and immoral by all standards. If possible, I would go to FINRA to register my discontentment about his unethical behaviour. 

About Jonathan Kuttin

Jonathan Kuttin is a financial advisor based in Hauppauge, New York. His address is 1174 Veterans Memorial Hwy, Hauppauge, NY 11786, US. Jonathan has decades of experience in the financial sector. He has CRPC, AAMS, AWMA, CMFC, and CRPS certifications. Apart from those certifications, he is also the Chief Executive Officer of Kuttin Wealth Management. 

Clearly, he has some of the best credentials out there. They were a big reason why I chose to work with him. However, I have realised that working with him was a grave mistake. I would have received much greater client service and returns from any other financial advisor. 

Jonathan Kuttin (Ameriprise Financial Services) Review: Conclusion

My experience with Jonathan Kuttin has been terrible. I don’t recommend working with him. It would be best to hire someone who is less expensive and more client-focused. Jonathan concentrates on selling investment products from specific organizations. He acts more like a salesman and less like a wealth advisor. 

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I hope Ameriprise Financial Services will notice my review and would start taking action against him. He is dragging their name through mud and is damaging their reputation through his selfishness. It would be best for them to dissociate with this man. 

Jonathan Kuttin cares more about his personal income than his clients. He acts like a salesman for specific organizations instead of acting like a wealth advisor. That man is greedy and selfish. He manipulates his clients. That’s why I don’t recommend his services.

2.8 Total Score

Jonathan Kuttin cares more about his personal income than his clients. He acts like a salesman for specific organizations instead of acting like a wealth advisor. That man is greedy and selfish. He manipulates his clients. That’s why I don’t recommend his services.

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  • Unethical
  • Not Recommended
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  1. No one should work with a guy like that. This is just unprofessional. Aren’t financial advisors responsible for the results of their recommended investments? I believe you can go to FINRA and ask them to look into Jonathan Kuttin or Ameriprise Financial Services. Such finance professionals shouldn’t be allowed to offer their services to the common public.
    It would be best for everyone. You might some compensation too. Also, FINRA adds a disclosure on a financial advisor’s profile to warn other potential clients about the dangerous history of an advisor. So it’s a win-win situation for everyone. Well, not everyone because Jonathan might lose his license but he deserves some punishment for such unprofessionalism.
    If started pardoning every crime out there, this world will become a jungle. Even animals don’t forgive you if you hurt them. You should contact a lawyer or go to FINRA to see what can be done about this matter. You deserve justice. Everyone deserves justice.

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