Jordan Ninkovich: Charged for Defrauded a Woman for $400,000 (New Update 2023)

Jordan Ninkovich
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Jordan Ninkovich defrauded a woman and was sued for more than $300K. Find out how this celebrity pulled of this scam on Gripeo.
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Jordan Ninkovich was sued for defrauding a woman and not repaying her $400,000 loan. According to the information provided in the lawsuit, the man didn’t even bother to help the victim.

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However, his marketing team is working tirelessly to ensure people don’t find out about the insensitive and outright criminal behavior of this “producer”. They have promoted him heavily as a successful celebrity.

The following writeup on Jordan Ninkovich will explain his criminal activities as well as the deceptive marketing tactics of his PR team:

What is Defrauding?

To illegally take something from a person, company, etc., or deceive someone to prevent them from having what’s legally theirs.

How Jordan Ninkovich’s PR Team is Marketing Him (Their Claims):

Jordan Ninkovich spent his formative years in Richmond, British Columbia. Jordan played basketball at such a high level in secondary school that he considered playing at a semi-genius level in Europe. In any case, a physical problem in his final year prevented him from pursuing this.

Jordan began working in BC’s well-known film and media industry after graduating, and he also dabbled in theater acting. He enrolled in an Inside Plan course at the Vancouver School of Craftsmanship and Plan (VCAD), which was then known as Yorkville College, while still working as an actor. Since then, he has designed a few residences and commercial facilities.

jordan ninkovich

Jordan Ninkovich’s Production Career:

Jordan Ninkovich is a skilled creator of movies and television shows. He has previously worked with a variety of companies, including Trademark, Lifetime, Fox, TUBI, and A&E. Jordan’s artistry demonstrates his remarkable work ethic and leadership skills. He often works towards creation configuration by attempting to improve the quality of each and every activity he completes. Jordan, therefore, provides creators, leaders, and organizations with lofty goals for each production. Most recently, he was crucial to the development of the script for the Whoopi Goldberg-led movie “Trapped in His Internet,” as well as “The Shell Gatherer,” a recent Fox production, and a few Trademark Christmas movies.

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Also, Jordan recently received the endorsement to work on the production design for Harvey Keitel’s next movie “Spread.” Meanwhile, he continues to pursue his acting career. Jordan has also signed on to serve as the creative architect for the Shawn Chou-directed film “Tiger Mother,” which stars Ken Jeong.

30/11/2023 Update
As of now, Jordan Ninkovich has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Jordan Ninkovich is creative in addition to his work in the media industry, including cinema and television. In 2016, he travelled across Canada to promote his most recent book, “Scourge,” which deals with juvenile harassment and stoutness. He also spoke to young people about harassment and prosperity.

Exposing the Criminal Past of Jordan Ninkovich:

jordan ninkovich vancouver

Jordan Ninkovich is recorded as an entertainer, creation originator, production designer, and art director. The Public Guardian and Trustee of BC have recorded a reaction to a claim by a West Kelowna lady who charges it was careless for not safeguarding her from remortgaging her home on numerous occasions and loaning the cash to a Vancouver entertainer and maker. In its reaction to the common case, the PGT affirms that the offended party was fit for dealing with her monetary undertakings during the time span that she lent Jordan Ninkovich $398,810.22 (between February 2017 and January 2018). Nonetheless, it is noted that she was not officially pronounced proficient until September 25, 2017.

It proceeds to say she was dealing with her own monetary undertakings before the credit period and furthermore asserts that she was initiated to make the advances by Ninkovich’s “fake deceptions” and her assumptions that she would get significant returns. Jordan Ninkovich professed to be a fruitful maker and land financial backer.

The reaction from the public guardian additionally asserts that Vancouver-based contract representative Chris Landry of Paragon Home loan Inc., who got the credits on Ninkovich’s guidelines, neglected to prompt or caution the offended party that loaning the entertainer cash funded by contracts on her property presented herself to critical monetary gamble. It adds that Landry owed the lady an obligation of care to act to her greatest advantage and carelessly penetrated that obligation by, in addition to other things, taking directions for the credit contracts from Ninkovich and knowing at the time that there was no sensible assumption that the offended party could bear the cost of the home loan interest.

jordan ninkovich vancouver

The court records detail that the credits conveyed loan fees going from 8.74% to 14.95%. In light of solicitation for input, Scratch Douce, VP and overseeing specialist of Paragon Home loan Inc., told Castanet “it appears to be standard practice in light of any polite case activity, to divert and divert liability to an outsider.”

“I can with certainty express that Verico Paragon Home loan and every one of its dealers have a very much procured long-term industry-wide standing of value administration and uprightness,” Douce added. As of now, the PGT hosts have not documented a third gathering guarantee officially bringing Landry, or Ninkovich, into the claim.

In its reaction, the PGT argues that the complainant neglected to get legitimate or monetary counsel before making the credits and going into the home loans. It likewise says she neglected to look for the guidance of the lady designated as the council of the offended party’s bequest and kept on loaning cash to Ninkovich when she knew, or should have known, that he wouldn’t reimburse the advances. The claim, documented in Spring, names the public watchman and Phillip Campeau, who is currently resigned, yet was utilized by the PGT to manage the offended party’s settlement reserves.

The lady is looking for harms in the worth of the $398,810.22 in credits given to Ninkovich, all related charges and costs, the worth of the interest instalments made to the date of preliminary, general harms for close to home trouble, enduring and loss of delight in life as well as different expenses. The offended party, who Castanet isn’t naming because of her mental handicap, experienced a horrendous cerebrum injury in an engine vehicle mishap when she was a kid and got a settlement that was held in trust for her advantage by the public guardian. The charges made in the claim and reaction to notice of common case have not been demonstrated in court. Ninkovich’s attorney didn’t answer the demand for input. The PGT declined to remark, referring to “protection prerequisites.”

“Assuming the PGT is engaged with a matter that is presently under the watchful eye of the courts, then, at that point, the data connected with that particular matter will be unveiled as fitting through ordinary court processes,” a PGT representative told Castanet.


Jordan Ninkovich claims to be a very talented and accomplished production designer in the film and television industry.

However, he has a long criminal past and instead of improving his ways, he relies on dirty PR tactics to improve his image.

Beware of him and any of the companies associated with him.

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Jordan Ninkovich brandishes himself as a successful producer in the entertainment industry however, he is a fraudster who feels no remorse for his criminal activities. Beware of him and any of the companies associated with him.

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Jordan Ninkovich: Charged for Defrauded a Woman for $400,000 (New Update 2023)
Jordan Ninkovich: Charged for Defrauded a Woman for $400,000 (New Update 2023)

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  1. This man is famous for scamming with beauty.

  2. I will suggest you not make any deal with Jordan for regret in the future.

  3. Here the author wasn’t briefing about his good work being a production designer, his experience and talent has won several hearts.

  4. Anyway, I love and appreciate his work as a producer, but this case of scamming a woman was cruel.

  5. He got the perfect experience and skills in his field of films and TV shows, but generating passive income through these scams isn’t acceptable, these fraudsters should be behind the bars for their notoriety.

  6. No woman could invest her $400,000 without any profit, thus it is very important to make it clear whether the person is worthy of the amount. Many times it is found that people blindly trust these advisors and regret after.

  7. When I looked at his picture from the article he looked like a gangster, by his attractiveness anyone could hand him over $400,000.

  8. Here the PR team wasn’t working tirelessly, how come this article got published, just joking. It is found the members work day and night for hiding the news from all the social media handles.

  9. Now this producer has produced a handsome amount of money after scamming a woman, after committing the crime they are trying to hide the matter, if you are attempting such crimes then it is your responsibility to take care of the matter.

  10. Now, this is called a perfect amount of money to be scammed by a woman, how come she trusted Jordan?

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