Jordan VanOort

Too arrogant to work with. The guy is a know-all and always tried to make me feel inferior to him.

Jordan VanOort is the VP of Investments at Collins Investment Group. He has CFA and CFP certifications and has years of experience in the industry. Even if he seems like a great guy on paper, he is a terrible person in reality. He lacks the knowledge of basic manners and talks in a very cocky and arrogant manner. Also, he doesn’t respect his customers and always tries to make others feel inferior to him. Jordan should change professions and work in some other industry where pomp and show is everything. I made a huge mistake by hiring him last year. Even though he only worked for a few months, he made me realise how terrible some financial advisors could be. 

Working with Jordan was one of the most painful experiences of my life. I only hired his company for a few months because I could not tolerate his arrogant behaviour anymore. Moreover there is no other platform to explain the stuff so I came here. 

During the few months Jordan worked with me I learned a lot about difficult people. 

Problems in Jordan VanOort:

Always talks never listens

Jordan loves to talk but he never listens. Whenever I tell him something or ask him a question he would just overlook it and make it seem like he didn’t hear that. 

I had worked with the financial advisor before and I knew that this is definitely not how they work. He would utter nonsense about his recent purchases and his lavish lifestyle. 

Most of the meetings were filled with nonsense like that and this seemed like a waste of time and nothing else.  

Does not care about the customer:

As I have mentioned in the previous section that Jordan never listens to his customers. Another prominent issue with him is that he never cares about his customers too. 

I would set up an appointment with him and schedule my day accordingly then I would visit his office to find out that he hasn’t even arrived at his office. If he would get an appointment with me he would always be late. 

I couldn’t believe it when I saw all of this. In my eyes he was supposed to be a top financial advisor and a seasoned professional who knows how to cater to his clients. But in reality he was just a lazy douchebag who didn’t give a damn about his clients.

Jordan VanOort is a misogynist:

In one of our meetings Jordan made a very dirty comment about my assistant when I was right there. I was looking up something in my phone when she entered the office with my coffee. He made a very obscene remark to her as if he was sitting in a bar or something. Now if we were in a social setting or at a bar and were drinking together then it would have been ok but even a professional meeting in my office and the person he was talking to was my assistant who I work with. 

I couldn’t believe the spine of that guy. Obviously my assistant felt uncomfortable and left the room in a hurry. Jordan on the other hand asks me if I have had s#x her in this office or not. I can’t believe what I heard because that was a little too much. 

That incident prompted me to fire him. Look at his age, the guy is old and has a family. I have a family too and I don’t think of women that way. 

I learnt there that he is a misogynist and sexist. I wonder how he treats women at his office. If he can’t even control his tongue in a meeting with the client then I wonder how he talks to the woman present at his office. 

After I fired Jordan, his company kept sending people to my office and would always request an appointment a week. I believe Jordan doesn’t take firing very well and has no idea how people think. Seeing how arrogant Jordan is, I wouldn’t be surprised if he would have fired someone and blamed him for losing my account. 


All in all, Jordan VanOort is a horrible guy to work with. Finding a genuine and reliable review of Collings Investment Group or Jordan is really difficult these days. If someone had told me all this before I paid him thousands of dollars, I would be very grateful to that person. I think someone else would benefit from this article. 

Don’t make the same mistake! Avoid Jordan VanOort and Collins Investment Group.

2.8 Total Score

Jordan is the worst person you can hire to work with. He never listens to you, always boasts of himself, and makes obscene comments.

  • Never listens
  • Always boasts about his lifestyle
  • Lacks manners
  • Misogynist
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