Josh King Madrid – Is He a Scammer? The Truth Exposed (2023)

Josh King Madrid
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Josh King Madrid has received serious allegations of being a major scammer. Find out if those allegations are true or not in this review.
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Josh King Madrid, better known online as JetSet (born March 8, 1998), claims that he is a well-known American internet personality, Internet serial entrepreneur, best-selling book, neuro-marketer, NLP trainer, artist, host, and public speaker. Madrid, a college dropout, began his entrepreneurial career at the age of 18, and by the time he was 19, had amassed a million dollars. The automated-interactive conversational chatbot campaign for Instagram direct message automation is what Jetset is best known for.

Using Instagram DM automation, JetSet created the first automated-interactive conversational chatbot campaign in the world in 2019. Madrid is regarded as one of Manychat’s “super users,” regularly attaining opt-in conversion rates that are more than three times greater than the standard set by the digital marketing sector. 

He produced thousands of leads and over $20 million worth of leads using his talking chatbots on Instagram. Through opt-in conversions, he earned $10 million from “Crypto Bro” in the NFT market in 2021–2022. He frequently contributes to prestigious publications including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Rolling Stone, Fast Company, and

He founded, a publication that disseminates knowledge about NFTs. He is regarded as a leader in digital marketing strategies and one of the Generation Z online marketers. JetSet also specializes in presenting business conferences, working extensively with other well-known Internet personalities, and developing NLP training courses.

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These reports are made possible by the collective efforts of contributors like you. If you would like to become a contributor then contact us here.’s founder is JetSet. As one of the early forerunners of the Gen Z internet marketing sector, he is an internet entrepreneur, certified NLP trainer, neuro-marketer, speaker, and social media influencer. In 2016, he launched several enterprises while still a student. He later left out of school and became a millionaire in 2017. Product Launches, Internet Marketing, Sales and marketing, and Strategic Partnerships are among JetSet’s areas of expertise.

He has generated over $10 million in sales for his NFT clients in his capacity as a marketing consultant.

Exposing Josh King Madrid, aka JetSetFly,’s $500k+ guru scam.

On August 19, Facebook will modify the way that mobile news feeds work.

Josh King Madrid (JetSetFly) defrauds victims out of at least $500,000.

Oh, boy… Prepare yourselves for some major drama!

Who is JetSetFly?

You’ll have to pardon us for not following every “marketing guru” out there because we know nothing about JetSetFly.

It’s logical to believe he’s rather well-known given that he has over 270k followers, receives a lot of activity on Instagram, and has students who pay a lot for his classes.

Given that we don’t know how he became so well-known, we’ll skip to the past 24 hours, when everything became viral on Instagram and in other marketing-related groups.

+ Breaking news

Bogdan Kosilov exposed the story on his Instagram account as one of the alleged victims of Josh King Madrid‘s $10k fraud.

As soon as he made it known, additional witnesses began to come forward, and the situation grew like a virus.

The Story Highlights of what transpired can be seen here.

+ What exactly was the con?

People who enrolled in various masterminds or courses discovered that they were either entirely ineffectual or incomplete.

Even though there was always a policy in place that stated consumers could request a refund if they didn’t receive the results they were promised, these people were denied when they sought one.

Sounds a little bit familiar, doesn’t it? It’s a common issue with programs that make such a claim.

And there’s more. Some pupils were required to sign agreements that were quite nasty. The allegation was made by Bogdan and some of the people who messaged him, but we haven’t seen anything.

If you have sensitive information or have had a personal experience with Josh King Madrid but want to stay anonymous, then submit it using our secured form. You can connect with our expert contributors and help in finding the truth. We never share your information with 3rd parties.

+ What takes place next?

Bogdan is attempting to gather witnesses so that he can sue Josh King Madrid in court; he believes the whole amount of the scam to be more than $500,000. If you’ve purchased anything from JetSetFly, contact him.

JetSetFly announced on social media that he was returning and would put things right. We have to wait and see to determine what “right” actually means.

+ What everyone needs to take away from this

Do not anticipate any course to be a miracle cure!

The following is a lesson to be learned: If someone moves a stone by instructing others on how to move it, they are making more money by instructing than by using their supposedly known teachings.

Both Naval Ravikant and the anti-guru himself, @jasonaguru, who is more familiar with our sector, reaffirm it in their podcasts. Hello, Jason!

“Let me explain something to you that is extremely easy to comprehend. Nobody will ever educate you on how to compete with them in life; I repeat, NOBODY. Nobody will reach the pinnacle of their profession after years of struggle, trial, and error, and then just tell you how they did it.

They will only do that if teaching you will bring in more money than working on the business they are demonstrating to you how to start. – taken from Jason’s Instagram Story on July 17, 2019.

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Bogdan did suggest “a real thing” to his followers. Although we have no idea how helpful it is, now definitely isn’t the best time to promote another course.

What people are saying about Josh King Madrid

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Tom wrote-

Hello, he would like to draw your attention to Josh King Madrid also known as Jetsetfly, who over the past several years has conned people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars—probably closer to millions—by selling online courses on how to become wealthy and lead the life you have always desired. Numerous people wired, chapped, venmoed, zelled, and handed Josh King Madrid, as Jetset, their hard-earned money in person. He used their money to travel lavishly on private jets, stay in the priciest Airbnbs, and shop at luxury retailers like Gucci and Louis Vuitton, all without giving any attention to the helpless victims he was exploiting. Once they sent the money, many people stopped hearing from him. 

Others who paid to learn how to launch and grow a business received access to previous films and had discussions on mentality. Josh King Madrid under no circumstances delivered what he had promised. It is only now becoming clear that he has been doing this for years. A group of persons who paid for his course E90X invested anything from $500 and $25,000 per person, but they did not receive the instruction they were promised. After they posted about it on social media, he was ultimately compelled to issue refunds.

He is currently stating that if he wants a return from the victims of his scam, they must sign an NDA! In this, Josh King Madrid wasn’t acting alone. His business partners, Shane Conrad, Daniel, Guararama, and Eric Luevano, who all have sizable social media followings and were regarded as trusted figures in the world of e-commerce, have now been exposed for the swindlers they are—cons who only care about lining their own pockets and living opulent lives off of other people’s money.  To prevent more people from being conned, this tale needs to be shared with everyone. Josh King Madrid and Eric were having a great time in Puerto Rico while all of this was going on. 

Not only has the E90X program been used to defraud people, but also the ATM business program and other mentoring programs. Josh King Madrid allegedly failed to pay his assistant, sales representatives, cameraman, and other employees. For what they have done, he and his staff are generally frightening and regrettably bad people, and they must be held accountable. Numerous people have complained about them to the FBI, FTC, and BBB. 

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A person wrote-

I have long been interested in Josh King Madrid and his outlandish theories. It all began with an article outlining all of Josh King Madrid‘s positive traits and how he may inspire others to take on greater challenges in their lives.

He frequently discusses following your passions and is quite knowledgeable about how to grow your business. His Instagram profile caught my attention as I was perusing the web, and after doing some investigation, I discovered numerous articles that discussed how he achieved success by taking calculated risks.

First off, dropping out of college is not a requirement for success. Instead, finishing your education is always a smart idea.

He had the option of continuing his education while advancing his cause. He left college, though, and began playing around while luring people to adopt his useless tactics, which did him no good.

I run a company and have been doing online sales for over five years. When I looked at his profile, I was eager to learn more about how he had managed to be so successful across so many different enterprises.

When I began implementing his advice on making money online and other ways to build a successful business, I quickly discovered many flaws. I only found lies, though.

Because he makes so many grand promises and assertions, people all across the world anticipate hearing from him. There ly no assurance.

For the past few months, I have tried to implement his advice without success. Throughout the process, I did discover a lot of warning signs highlighting how awful the entire program is. Additionally, it demonstrates Josh King Madrid‘s lack of depth and his beliefs.

I tried several times to contact Josh King Madrid for some explanations on his courses, and each time it was wrong. This man is a total newbie.

He just knows how to deceive others and manipulate their intention to become well-known online. Those who try to follow him will waste their time and energy because his profile is a fraud.

Several people have complained about this person. As he claims to have generated even figure income, I think he has not yet made much money. To the folks out there, he offers nothing. He is solely aware of how to deprive those who adhere to him.

It is completely unethical to take advantage of people’s hardships and cheat them to profit. least through appropriate measures. And not is no doubt that as time passes, more people will come out to speak out against this individual.

Josh King Madrid should not be trusted if you wish to avoid believing implausible and incorrect claims. This man is headed towards disaster. and bring everyone along with him. So, after careful investigation, make your decision.

Josh King Madrid – Is He a Scammer? The Truth Exposed (2023)
Josh King Madrid – Is He a Scammer? The Truth Exposed (2023)

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  1. JetSet’s $500,000 fraud allegations and incomplete courses make victims, including me, seek justice. Skepticism is key; no course is a miracle cure.

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