JT Foxx

A Star-Studded Scammer

Some people have taken their scams to the next level. They are cheating hundreds or thousands of people and they don’t get caught. One such scammer is JT Foxx. This guy is stealing money from people in the name of his networking events and seminars. If I sell you trash but tell you it is gold, who would be the scammer?

JT Foxx is a popular name in the industry and that is why, it’s vital for you to check all the facts before you make any decisions in this regard. JT Foxx has been cheating people for a number of years. I fell prey to this deceptive guy last year. His scam is simple. He tells you that you will get an amazing opportunity to meet new people and network but he does that after charging you multiple times for the same thing.

Numerous people, including me, have suffered financial losses because of JT and his vicious schemes. I wanted to make sure that others get to know the reality behind JT’s events. He uses his customers’ money to get celebrities to share stages with him. He is giving fake information to people so they would believe him.

JT’s scam is humongous and it’s vital to expose him. Otherwise, he will keep cheating people and ruin the lives of numerous innocent others. I have lost thousands of dollars because of this guy and the unfortunate fact is, I’m not the only one.

I hope my past experiences and other people’s reviews will help you realize the truth behind JT’s fake persona.

His Courses Are a Lie – My Experience

JT Foxx Mega Speaker Review

JT organizes multiple events throughout the year. They are his way of earning the bread. If he had remained honest, it would have been great, but he chose to remain a cheat. I had found his ‘Mega Profit’ event, which claims to provide you with one-on-one coaching with leading experts in your industry.

I was working on a start-up then. But I didn’t know anyone in my social circle who could provide me with guidance on the subject of businesses and start-ups. I was working with my friends and they were inexperienced as well. I was seriously looking for a mentor, someone who could answer my business-related questions and remove my confusion.

I thought JT’ Mega Profits event would be the perfect choice for me. It promises to give you access to some of the best coaches in different industries. I checked the website and it was full of all the glitz and glamour. The website is professional and it has multiple customer testimonials so I got very impressed. I checked out the upcoming events and bought a ticket for one.

The ticket for the one-on-one coaching cost me $5,000 at that time. Let me be honest here, I was really excited to go to the event and get some valuable insight on how should I approach my problems and how should I plan ahead. But I did not know that JT Foxx was actually a fraudster who was lying all the time. He tells you fake stories and does false promises just so you can fill his pockets with your money.

I should have checked his website and its events online before making any decisions in this regard. There are many people who have been scammed by JT and some of them have shared their experiences online as well.

Anyway, after buying the ticket, I asked the customer support about hte kind of coaches I will get to meet. They gave me some vague replies like “You will meet many distinguished personalities” and “Don’t worry sir we promise your experience will be worth it”.

I was a little confused at that time because it was clear that they did not want to tell me about the coaches who will be attending the event. But I still did not do anything specific and check their credibility. When I went to the event, I realized my mistake.

There were no ‘great experts’ or ‘coaches’. No, there only was a group of people in the coaches section who were completely unknown. I had not heard about any of them anywhere. Still, even at that time, I did not doubt the credibility of JT. I thought it was mistake that I was not active enough in my industry. I thought those guys were some hidden experts or back-end professionals.

When my turn came for the one-on-one coaching, I was really happy. I went up there, introduced myself to all those experts and they told me that I can ask them anything regarding my business. I asked them for some start-up advice but to my surprise, they also gave me vague replies. It seemed as if the experts didn’t know much about start-ups and business management as well. There were uttering the obvious advice which is present all over YouTube and the internet.

I asked them for some specific experience and suggestions. They still gave me some vague replies. When I asked one of them to share her past experience and how he became an ‘expert’ in the start-up industry, she got infuriated. I hadn’t questioned her credibility but they told me that I was very disrespectful.

When the even ended, I was left with no information but only a lesson that I should never trust JT Foxx and his company’s products. When everyone was leaving the event, the event organizers were handing out pamphlets for the upcoming Foxx’s events. But like me, most of the attendees were disappointed with the experience.

So, JT lied to me and hundreds of other people about his event and how he ‘connects’ people to  real experts. I guarantee that he doesn’t bring any real experts in his ‘Mega Profits Event’. Instead, he hires some actors and gives them a list of pre-written replies so they can seem like experts. I lost $5,000 to this guy and I know that most of the people, who attended that event like me, also lost a great deal of their earnings.

When I checked online later on, I saw that all of JT’s events are filled with such liars and thieves. JT is able to get celebrities for his ‘Mega Success’ event because he spends a lot of cash on the same. JT and his company don’t realize that cheating with people and stealing money from them will lead to consequences.

I learned nothing from that event. It was one of the most wasteful expenditures for me. I know they wouldn’t give me any refunds because the event is now over. But what I want to tell you is, don’t get lured by all the celebrities and pomp and show JT does. He is doing all of that just to deceive you.

His events don’t provide you with any value. And the one-on-one coaching? They are nothing more than a staged scam. The experts you’ll meet are nothing. I learned more from the internet that those lying arrogant actors. None of the experts present on the panel shared any of their credentials. It was impossible for anyone to check their legitimacy. I felt like a fool when I left his event.

Others’ Experiences w/ JT Foxx

After my incident I searched the internet and found out many other people who have suffered the ruthlessness of JT Foxx. This guy has removed most of the complaints from the internet but some people were too brave for him to scare and those complaints are available to read.

Here are some of them:

Better Business Bureau Complaints on JT Foxx Organization:

Stay away!!!

Ted E from BBB shares his experience with JT Foxx

JT Foxx org only wants the cash in your bank account and nothing else. Using their psychological sales techniques, they force the people attending their seminars into buying their bull*hit course. They are bullies and don’t fulfil their promises. After 3 days of buying a ticket to their seminar,I asked the company for my refund which was to be held 6 months later. However, they refused to give me my money back.

They told me that Randi Z is going to be present in the event and he would be there for 4 days attending every individual who goes to the event. They also said that he would be available for face to face conversations as well, but after I bought the pass they told me that he would only be there for 1 day. I did not sign up for this and I wanted my refund. JT Foxx organization also told me that world’s best coaches will be at the event but when I questioned them about the information of these “top coaches” they gave me vague answers.

Later they sent me their 1st names and their “talents”, it didn’t include any information about their education or experiences, and it was just useless information with no backing. It is impossible to search these coaches on Google with the kind of info they provided me. I noticed that they don’t make any solid claims and keep things as vague as possible. So if anyone sues them, they can hide behind their wall of vagueness. If you give your money to them then it would be better if you forget about it cause you aren’t going to get it back by any means possible. I guarantee that you will not get a refund from JT Foxx Organization.

Run from this company!

Lisa T from BBB shares his experience with JT Foxx

After my experience with this company, all I want to say is STAY AWAY from JT Foxx Organization! They are selfish and full of themselves. I have been a businessman for 30 freaking years and I never dealt with a company which is worse than JT Foxx. I bought two 2-day seminars from the guy himself (JT Foxx) during one of their promotions where hundreds of people were present. After a week, I received an email which explained the details of the event and 4 days after that, I received a call from the company stating,” We are extremely sorry but the event has been cancelled and we will send you explanatory email soon”. Only 10 days were left before the event should have begun, I never got their “explanatory email”, so I emailed them requesting a refund.

However, instead of processing my request and giving me my money back, they simply denied giving the refund. They were offering me totally useless overpriced products in exchange but I needed a simple cash refund. They said that they cannot initiate the refund because of the following 2 reasons: 1) They didn’t have a choice but to cancel the event as not many people would have attended the event because of the nearby Charlotte program. 2) They rescheduled the event because there were some issues regarding the flights. After reading these excuses I did some research myself and it turned out that they never even booked the hotel where the event was going to take place.

The Hotel management told me that it is a new hotel and they never received any request for events. So JT Foxx organisation was selling a product which they didn’t even have. This company is full of cunning frauds thatlie to the face without any hesitation. Anyone who questions them or writes any negative reviews on them is attacked by them heavily. They spend thousands of dollars on their reputation and image. There is not a single positive review on them because they simply don’t deliver their commitments.

Just refund me my $5100 Foxx!

I bought their package for one of their 2018 events for a sum of $5,100. They decided to shift the date of the event 16 weeks after they received the payment and refused to give us the refund. I also attended their 2017 event which included pictures for my husband and me with celebrities. But when we tried to capture the pictures we were pulled off of the lien and they told us we cannot take photos unless we wear their official JT Foxx tie. This was not mentioned in the contract ANYWHERE and it was just disrespectful to be pulled out of a line publicly. It did not say anywhere that we would be forced to wear JT branded stuff for the pictures and video we were paying for.
The JT branding could not be removed from ANY images and videos and it will be present permanently. I needed these photos and videos for my brand’s promotion not for JT Foxx’s.
The dates for 2018 Mega Success were released on the 2017 event, so after checking our calendar, we booked it for $5,100. After four months we were told that JT Foxx org has changed Mega Success 2018’s dates and we wouldn’t have been able to attend it at those dates, so we decided to request a refund. But they simply refused saying that the JT Foxx org only provides refunds 3 days prior the payment, they added that they will however, give me credits for their other (over expensive) products. THEY changed the dates of the event and I didn’t book it for that particular date so I just wanted a refund, not a credit.

JT Foxx Organization replied to this complaint and said, they will resolve this problem as soon as possible. They offered the customer credits instead of the refund and to this the customer simply said no. She DIDN’T accept their response.

There a handful of other complaints about JT Foxx org on BBB as well. Most of them are of their refund policy and it seems that they are extremely infamous for stealing money from people and not paying them back. One of their customers filed a complaint on 29-09-17, stating that he/she requested a refund for one of their events, but haven’t received it till date. Complaints on JT Foxx Organization:

JT Foxx’s Truth
This complaint was filed on 19st June 2018

JT Foxx is a fraud and he lies about his real wealth. He is nowhere as rich as he says he is. He just fakes his wealth to promote himself and his brand. The products he sells are horribly overpriced and promoting a guy like him is just disgraceful.

JT Foxx is a bitch
This complaint was filed on 6th June 2018

I attended the Mega Speaker seminar recently and it was really weird to be honest. One thing I saw was that everything there was fake; the whole brand they were trying to present didn’t feel legitimate. Being a professional in advertising business for more than 13 years, I know if someone is faking it or not. His approach clearly sucks and I don’t even want to talk about the design. However, he is very talented when it comes to big talk; he applies all the advertising strategies in his seminars and events. These techniques can easily manipulate a native person. He is an impressive guy but I would certainly not recommend you to buy his expensive stuff if you are not rich. He generates mediocre content but charges a fortune for it. You would be better off with better and cheaper alternatives on the internet.

Take him down!
This complaint was filed in 8th March 2018

I don’t understand why so many people fail to understand that JT Foxx is a hoax. His work ethic itself is a big red flag but still people don’t get it. He pays money to major celebrities for the chance to have a photograph with them and he uses them to make an illusion of success. He presents them in such a way that the customers think that he knows these celebrities in person, whereas he is just lying. These pictures are posted on his social media and website, where more and more people see it. Dumb people who believe in his s*it buy his expensive and useless crap.
Next thing he does is talking about millions he has, but in reality is far far poor than a millionaire. He throws around shiny stuff which makes people think he is rich AF and anyone will trust a guy who is rich. Why? Because that’s how the world is nowadays. He claims to have 50 freaking businesses but has ZERO evidence for it. I mean c’mon dude quit playing around! He does not mention any of his businesses in detail and no one in the earth knows what these 50 businesses are. I doubt even the man himself does not know what businesses he claims to run.
Another one of his big claims is that he runs a radio show on every Saturday, which is aired on major radio stations. His radio show seems to have its very own website as well. But just like his dozens of businesses, his radio show is fake too. As there is no freaking evidence of his show being aired.

There are many more true reviews on JT Foxx and you can check them out using the links provided in the end. Mr Foxx and his company havestolen money from hundreds of innocent people and someone should really put an end to it.

Concluding Thoughts on JT Foxx Review

Many scams like JT Foxx’s get caught but his doesn’t. And I know why. He spends lavishly on attracting celebrities and getting them to share stages with him. When you see respectable people like Arnold and Sylvester sharing stages with a guy like JT, you begin to trust JT too.

I did the same mistake. And I can promise you, JT doesn’t give you anything for your money. I still regret my decision of purchasing that $5,000 ticket and going to his ‘Mega Profits’ event. If you read the experiences and complaints of other people, you would have seen that JT’s scam is humongous.

He is cheating people in multiple ways and it is vital to put a stop to this guy. I have done part by writing this article; will you do yours by sharing it?

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JT Foxx is selling extremely overpriced and useless courses to scam innocent people. He doesn't refund the money as well! STAY AWAY FROM JT FOXX!

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  1. JT Foxx is Justin Gorenko
    Why would you lie about changing your name?

  2. JT Foxx is not even a citizen, he’s a Canadian. He rents his house and borrows a car. He’s a big fake. He did about 1/20 the real estate business he claims and got sued 9 times. When his lips are moving the stink of bs is stifling. He lies about everything. He should be deported.

  3. J.T. Foxx is a lying worthless excuse for a person. He tells nothing but made up stories, brags, drops names and tries to dress in expensive clothes. He worms his way into organizations or with people with good reputations and tries to leach off of their credibility. If you are unfortunate enough to believe him you will part with thousands of dollars only to find out that he isn’t even 1/16th the person he pretends to be.

    He will continue to try to sucker you to attend more functions where you learn absolutely nothing. His “coaching” sessions – when you actually get one – are a joke. He is rude, distracted, and then has to go. He haws ABSOLUTELY no follow up. Does not return calls, emails, missed coaching sessions.

    His record keeping is non existent, his “employees” don’t have a clue what one another or he does or has said. It is usually total chaos. He is one of the most immature people I have met in a long time. Basically everything he pretends to be he is not, he is actually the complete opposite. He should be in jail for the lying, cheating, and money he has flat stolen.

  4. I drove 3 hours to attend his seminar in San Francisco by the air port…first sign…I entered one of the smaller seminar rooms and there were about 35 people there and Raymond went on for 2.5 hours before I walked out…his audience comprised mostly of people looking for the American dream and traveled a long distance to find a swindler. About 45 min into the begining Raymond got a phone call from his mom a lovely old lady to wich he put on speaker and asked us to say hello at the count of three…one two three…HI mom!…a flustered sweet little old lady responded oh hello…during this conversation Raymond lied to his mother twice…he said mom I’m here on stage in front of about 70 people…there was no stage…there was a podium …this may seam minor. But, honestly a good rule of thumb when evaluating men…if they lie to their mothers they will lie to me. This was a complete waste of time. Glad I got out of there after only 2.5 hours. No note worthy information was given during that time just pomp and grander …

  5. JT Foxx is a total scam. Please do not buy overpriced useless course. One of my friends recommended me to go to one of his talks and there, everyone was just praising how Foxx is a literal God. They were brainwashed individuals who had wasted their life savings on this pathetic weasel, JT Foxx. This guy is ruining lives, please avoid him and stay safe!

  6. 1.25

    I went to one of the Mega Speaker seminars of this guy. That was a really weird day, not gonna lie. There were a ton of fake people and totally bizzare claims. I’ve been in the advertising game for a decade now and I have an eye for Photoshopped pictures now, and his Fast Company Cover is totally Photoshopped. That’s not it, his attitude is the worst. The crappy design is unbearable. But hey, before his PR teams comes out here calling me a hater, let me clarify one thing, he is not all bad. His business is earning you money with less effort than usual and if you start copying what he does and become a total pretender, then you too, can make a hell of a living from scamming people.
    The Unethical Thing About JT Foxx
    This guy is taking money from people and giving them false hope. There are people who are giving him their last penny, hoping that he will teach them a way to earn it back ten folds. JT Foxx is an amazing guy to get pumped up with, he’s really good at motivating crowds and I watch his videos sometimes when I want to get some motivation. But please do not buy his stuff or attend his seminar thinking that you’ll learn something of value.
    I’m amazed at the number of people who are fooled by the JT Foxx scam, it’s honestly unreal!
    JT Foxx review conclusion
    Stay away from his courses and seminars please. He is taking money from people who don’t even have a year’s worth of savings and claiming that he’ll teach them how to be this amazingly successful person. I’m sure he feels no remorse for ruining so many lives for his own personal greed. What a shame to the community!

    + PROS: Motivating
    - CONS: Full of lies No remorse for scamming people Scammer!
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  7. 1.1

    “JT Foxx” (real name unknown) and Raymond Arron are fraudsters who have masterminded (and I give them some credit for it), a very clever operation in which they have gone to great lengths to avoid being classed as criminals, technically speaking. But, they ARE criminals. I will explain in detail how their seminars really work using manipulation techniques to get you to buy useless rubbish you think you can’t do without.

    They are not as rich as they claim. And it’s obvious after a short while to any intelligent individual that they are not as wise as they claim and certainly not as experienced as they say they are. But they are good. Very good at fooling the uneducated. Of course people will benefit from their over priced programs full of mediocre content. If you’re starving and someone throws you a £1000 soggy biscuit – you’ll buy it.

    Here’s want happens during the event.

    Firstly it’s at a grandiose city hotel which will put any low wage earning mortal starting their own business into an environment in which they are not accustomed. It creates the illusion of success and promotes trust in the attendee’s heads. The tailored suit wearing speakers (mostly Raymond and “JT Foxx”) act confident and suave but if you’re an intelligent person with good instincts you’ll detect something that you can’t quite put your finger on. Later it sinks in – you notice a type of cockiness and self-praise which truly successful multi-millionaires simply don’t possess.

    You are sat down at tables in a small group with water and a notepad. Raymond comes on first and starts teaching some really basic material which is mostly full of common sense and frankly if you haven’t learned it at school or haven’t already figured this out, you shouldn’t be running a business. There isn’t a thing he goes through which isn’t free on thousands of websites if you search well enough for some basic business strategy and management tips.

    Next a grandiose introduction is given for this infamous mister “JT Foxx” – the name sounds more like a dodgy stock broker doesn’t it – from broke he’s apparently made millions in months but somehow you never heard of him. This tall guy with swagger struts on the stage with his hands in his pockets and starts telling you the facts of life. He’s 31 by the way and has apparently gone from -$34 to +$unknown in 6 years. He will avoid any question about his net worth and his rise to fame by talking a load of rubbish back at you for at least 10 minutes at about 20% faster than you can possibly listen. His only skill is talking. All self-made men are actually proud to tell you their story.

    The first crack in their guise is when they pass round a form asking people to fill in the nature of their business and what they want to achieve. They say they will have a 1-to-1 with EVERYONE tomorrow and give them a personalised tip, a “blueprint” for their business which apparently is worth $5000 an hour from JT Foxx. But when the form comes round there are zero questions about your business – just a 1 line space to write what you want to do. Instead it’s actually a survey engineered to see what budget you have available to spend on training material and whether you would consider training. Then on day 2, oh dear, unfortunately they only had time to give one-to-ones and blueprints to the people who circled “yes” on “do you have a training budget”. What a coincidence. I made a point of going to the toilet so I could “overhear” a one-to-one. And guess what, the entire time they were successfully selling a £2, 000 coaching program to this gullible individual.

    So day 1 of the seminar will seem completely legit to an uneducated, gullible, innocent or even foreign individual with little vision of their future and a poor understanding of business basics. Sure enough – those people will come away from day 1 feeling like they learned a great deal. But if you’re already running a business you’ll realise you knew it all anyway and will come away feeling like you should have only attended day 2. (Raymond tells you that day 1 is the setup for day 2 and that in day 2 you’ll have to pay attention.) So you come BACK to day 2 thinking it will be better.

    The second day starts with some (slightly) more advanced and in-depth discussion on business branding. But let’s face it. If you don’t know what branding is or how to brand your business, what are you even doing there? You shouldn’t be in business in the first place. But after about 11am, the training JUST STOPS. THAT’S IT. THE END. NO MORE TRAINING. For the rest of the day their “friends” are invited to speak about themselves and about their quirky lives. Did you go to this course to hear about expeditions to the north pole by a sixty-something year old lady for 2 hours. Well done to her but do we care? Of course we don’t. Did you go there to hear about a book on zoomanity for 90 minutes by a quirky guy who apparently used to give lectures on copyrighting but doesn’t any more and be made to show gratitude for his presence? At this point you will be feeling fed up with boring generic rubbish which you knew you always knew.

    At the end of day 1, Raymond asks what you want to do tomorrow. There are 4 options. Options 1 and 2 are full of buzz words like “how the rich get rich” and “how the broke stay broke”. Yes – those are the topics. Well thought out eh. But 3 is “How did Raymond Get rich” and 4 I can’t remember. The point is that 90% of the class voted “how did Raymond get rich”. So did we cover it? NO! Of course we didn’t. Because Raymond Arron actually isn’t rich at all. And he’s not doing these seminars for “fulfilment” like he says. He’s doing them because he’s and “JT Foxx” need the cash.

    All of the training materials they go through in both days are simply echos of a man called Nido Qubein. And then – surprise surprise, they actually play you videos and phone calls from him. For over an hour. Apparently “JT Foxx” spends one million dollars a year to hear the voice of Nido on the phone for 30 minutes a week. O…K…Then. Even if that was true, “JT Foxx” must be incredibly thick because he spends a million bucks a year on stuff that I can hear for free – from my mother.
    The only question in my mind the whole time was “are the minions at the back of the room and all of Ramond Arron’s friend guest speakers really aware about what he and Mr Foxx are really doing?” What do you think?

    Why do you think they go from country to country so quickly?
    Why can’t you find their real biographies? Even, their real names?
    Why do their websites look like shit – like they are 10 years old? (I’m a developer by the way)
    Why does “JT Foxx” claim he charges $15, 000 per hour for consultation and then offer to forward you his sessions with his own coach, Nido for just £50/month – but you have to sign up for 12 months. He claims by the way he’s losing money on that offer.

    These people are no more genuine than Santa Clause, Rudolf and his red nose reindeers. But here’s the good news: They’ll get caught up eventually. And they’ll NEVER EVER be rich.
    Good luck and God help you if you bought any worthless training program from them.

    JT Foxx may now spam this thread below with a load of oposition like he did the last one. But if you’ve attended one of these events and seen right through it, tell the world here.

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  8. JT Cocks robbed me of €500 euro’s.

    JT Foxx “First Class Coaching” is a 100% sales pitch. You DO NOT get value for your money. It is not a product at all. Far from it. Underlying review sum everything up.

    JTFOXX Manipulative and disgusting
    To be honest I am really open-minded towards self-development and like to give everyone a good shot, I truly believe there are a lot of people out there who actually want to help you. Unfortunately JT Foxx is not one of them, he is out for your money and believe me he won’t stop until he gets it, using an enormous amount of manipulation during his sessions (I went to his seminar in Amsterdam).

    It left me with a really bad taste afterwards. His course is primarily a sales pitch in which he continuously spikes your emotions, you get a questionaire which is supposed to lead to a so called blueprint. Actually the questionnaire is used to select the people that have ‘Money to spend’ or in other words who they can scam. At the end of his sales pitch when nobody decided to go for the 15k JT Foxx experience, his real nature started to come to the surface. He started mentioning unrealated stories, such as the flight MH17 in which more than 200 people died in an enormous tragic accident.

    Using this to transition to his, so you should take action now…part, left me with vomting tendencies afterwards. I could not believe what I was hearing, especially being Dutch. How dare he use such an event to sell his products, it’s a complete disgrace! Which left me with no other option than to take my time to write this review and to WARN PEOPLE that this guy will cross any moral border to get his money. The sad thing is that he makes you believe that he cares, but it’s a complete act. Just like all his collegues are, full of shit! PEOPLE I AM NOT here to bash the guy, just to tell you the truth, go check his youtube, website and credentials and ask yourself the question is this guy really the number 1 business coach…the numbers just don’t add up.

    This should have been a content rich coaching class. However, JT Cocks and team clearly under delivered. And now I’m being nice.

    This man fakes it until he makes it. It’s that simple. The self always comes through. And his act fell apart, when he became desperate since nobody signed in for his up-sell ‘program’.

    Such a waste of money and time. But I have no one to blame but me.

  9. 2.6


    I am South African, JT was here as part of a Success Summit held this (2013) March. JT Foxx amongst others spoke at the event and all the speakers offered courses at apparently reduced rates…!!! This is my story below, I emailed JT and his PA about my concerns after the appalling and hopeless 2 days course, i will post his pathetic response!!! He is a fraud and needs to refund me ASAP!!!

    This was my email to him

    Hi JT/Stephannie

    Just wanted to bring to your attention my thoughts on the 2 days of JT Foxx event @ Bytes Technology in March this year. I had attended the Summit earlier that month and decided to buy the JT Foxx course offered on that day at a reduced price of R18000.00. ( this is $1800.00 US) I brought a guest as I needed to share the cost as for me R18 000.00 was a very large investment but felt confident that the material and content we would receive will be sufficient enough for me to continue with my business plans. After hearing JT Speak at the Summit I felt that he had the tools and was so willing to share his experience and expertise on becoming a successful entrepreneur

    Both my guest and myself felt that the first day we received good content, JT was focused and we were charged with information and enthusiasm!!! On the 2nd day however, we listened to 2 other very unnecessary and unexpected speakers( one silly guy spoke about his north pole experience and another coach who told us waking up early is your key to success) and we then felt that they and JT only focused on Mega Partnering!!! We were there to gain insight on business practices, marketing and investor relations but what we discovered was that the main focus during the 2 days was selling the IPOD and CD combo and discussing Mega Partnering, who will attend, how we should all attend and who he will bring to South Africa!!!

    We still satisfied ourselves thinking that it was okay only to realise after a few days that new students were being offered the same course( actually better than what we were offered) at a RIDICULOUSLY CHEAPER price!!! Brian Walsh on his website posted just a day after the course that …people have paid R18 000.00 ($1800 USD) for this course but it is now offered at R695.00($69 USD) for 3 days… and a lot more than what was originally offered. My comment on this post was never posted!!! How is this possible I ask myself? We were told at the Summit that JT reduced his HUGE fee down to R18 000($1800) from almost R100 000.00($10 000.USD) for this 2 day course and we could chose which dates to attend on and then we were offered to attend both courses as JT decided to not give all the content in the first 2 days and then we learn the same course is offered at a small fraction of what we paid !!! To add insult to injury we then learnt that the same course is now on Groupon advertised at R669 ($66 USD) and is valued at R995($99 USD) on Groupon!!! This makes me question the value of the event !!! What is the value of this course?
    R99 000/R18 000/R995/R699 or R669??????
    I feel completely conned by JT Foxx!!! I stretched myself to pay the R18 000.00 to better my business and I feel cheated !!! The material and content supplied in the 2 days were vague and sketchy and lacked format and structure. What was promised was most certainly not delivered!!! For R18 000 – no notes were provided, no disks( only at an extra cost) not even a cup of coffee!!! A refund is what I think I deserve after this sham!!!

    Looking forward to your response

    Below is the pathetic response… all he did in the 2 day course was drop names, talk about himself, show us video’s of coach Nido, voice recordings of coaching and then he told us that if we subscribe to his coaching session he is giving it away sooo cheap to us and he only does this is South Africa never anywhere else and that in fact he is losing money buy offering us this subscription!!! What rubbish!!!

    This is his response
    I am sorry you feel that way but some of the best content was on the second day. In fact I made a commitment to come back 2 more times in the next months bring my whole team (at great expense) to train you.

    I spoke for 13 hours that day (never have done that before)

    As for what Brian Walsh is offering it is different than what you got. They did not give my course or even tickets for mega partnering. Furthermore they did not get the march course where they taught 2 days.

    Lets not focus on what everyone else got let’s focus on what you are getting.

    I have a surprise coming a 15000 R gift coming for you today. I am excited for you to read the email.

    These are not getting what you are getting and are not getting the value you would get.

    I have 45 companies yet I am taking the time to personally write you. I NEVER do this but only have done it for South Africans!

    I look forward to seeing you next weekend

    JT Foxx

    I have never received the gift or email and obviously didn’t attend any more!!! He is not honouring the 100% money back guarantee and is hiding from the fact that he ripped ppl off!!! Can you actually discount your course by 95% and then say to me that the content is different? What an ass!

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  10. They advertise on Facebook and real in the leads / reservations you sign up and get a call from their staff confirming your date and venue, then a couple days later you get a seemingly unrelated email from a angle card reader / guru named padre that has great news for you he claims he is connecting to you and got a message from your guardian angel that on October 15 your life is going to change forever and everything you ever wanted or hoped for will begin to manifest on this specific day, which by the way just so happens to be the day your attending the JT Foxx search for the next great mega speaker event. Man these guys are geniuses They are raking in the crumbs from all over the place… Honestly this is the greatest film flam I think I ever witnessed… If there was a con job contest theirs would defiantly get my vote… Simply geniuses… That’s all I got to say about that… Oh yea the guru “padre” will put a good word in for you for the date your life is suppose to change for you for a special offer price of 50 dollars… Lol simply awesome …

  11. 0.5

    I am from Asia country, I also get con by this so call no.1 coach in the world . He is really a con man ! I attended his course and he is just want to upsell so call coaching which cost you super high price. He want to look for those willing to spend money and continue con their money. I met different ppl from different country that attended his course also complaint that he did empty promises ! Do not buy his program at all wasted your money.

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  12. JTFOXX Manipulative and disgusting

    I’m trying to spread this review as much as possible, because everyone should know!

    To be honest I am really open-minded towards self-development
    and like to give everyone a good shot, I truly believe there are a lot
    of people out there who actually want to help you. Unfortunately JT Foxx
    is not one of them, he is out for your money and believe me he won’t
    stop until he gets it, using an enormous amount of manipulation during
    his sessions (I went to his seminar in Amsterdam).

    It left me with a really bad taste afterwards. His course is primarily a
    sales pitch in which he continuously spikes your emotions, you get a
    questionaire which is supposed to lead to a so called blueprint.
    Actually the questionnaire is used to select the people that have ‘Money
    to spend’ or in other words who they can scam. At the end of his sales
    pitch when nobody decided to go for the 15k JT Foxx experience, his
    real nature started to come to the surface. He started mentioning
    unrealated stories, such as the flight MH17 in which more than 200
    people died in an enormous tragic accident.

    Using this to transition to his, so you should take action now…part,
    left me with vomting tendencies afterwards. I could not believe what I
    was hearing, especially being Dutch. How dare he use such an event to
    sell his products, it’s a complete disgrace! Which left me with no other
    option than to take my time to write this review and to WARN PEOPLE
    that this guy will cross any moral border to get his money. The sad
    thing is that he makes you believe that he cares, but it’s a complete
    act. Just like all his collegues are, full of shit!

    PEOPLE I AM NOT here to bash the guy, just to tell you the truth, go check his youtube channel, facebook page (especially the engagement <1% on most posts, probably bought likes),
    website (Not done by a professional designer and come on, the guy is supposed to make millions and can't hire a good designer for his website?) and credentials and ask yourself the question is this guy really
    the number 1 business coach?…the numbers just don't add up.

  13. 1.25

    I attended a Jt Foxx event few years back in Amsterdam, Oh my gosh you know who the true speaker is Brent Turtely!! He actually kind of does the work for jt and then he comes in like a super star( that what he thinks) JT foxx is a bullshitter and is really a boy in a suit, telling people to write notes and getting this agressive energy when people do not listen to HIM!!! Shame on HIM! What did you actually teach me in an hour Which just went on and on About money, 59 companies that you claim you have!!! Shut this cheap organisation down, for all the people that so called believe in this man/ boy please go to a real speaker and not a boy saying he was up for 26 hours doing business who who something to be so proud of, NOT!!! I mean if you are so rich Why does your website look like shit? Why do you suits look like they are not from Armani, you may Think that the way is to bash people on their ideas iT is not!!! You have no compassion and are just an aggresive sales man, like you mentioned yesterday you love UT when files drop Well hope that you stop doing this work! Wonder what you would be without all the branding of the celebrities, Nothing!!! These free events are meant for people who are really Maybe so desperate to start their business and you know there is at least 100 people that Will buy your program of so called € 997 and now you Will subdiside iT for 197€ yeah right!!! I am Sad that you are making people believe that this is How they Should start their path on their way to success. A coach is Someone who Thinks and connects( like Brent said ( the REALL coach here) with people!!! Thank you Brent for your hard work and Being a good speaker!!! Mister JT Foxx stop doing this work and just leave the poor people alone that Will fall into your manipulation!! People be Warned About this Guy!!!

    - CONS: Definition of a scammer Criminal
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  14. 0.5

    I don’t personally know him but I was a competition winner to meet Sir Richard Branson for business advice at the Business 2012 event in London and this (JT Foxx) whoever he is was presenting on stage stating that he is the U.S equivalent of Richard Branson which in my eyes was quite amusing as I had never heard of him in my life before nor had many others within the room. To compare yourself to the same level as one of the most successful entrepreneurs around the globe is called over here in the UK as blowing smoke up your own arse!!! When your net worth is close to 4 billion POUNDS (Not dollars) then maybe you have the right to compare yourself to SIR Richard Branson!

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  15. I had attended a seminar in Johannesburg, South Africa years ago.

    It was only OKAY, it’s not brilliant and I would not suggest wasting a whole weekend on a free seminar when you can get A LOT more information on which ever topic you like online or from books.

    The speakers were not fantastic, and they seemed to lack structure. I found it confusing that they just came up and said HOW they do things (only a little) but they never really told us WHAT they do? Just a small introduction would have been so useful.

    JT Foxx came across as a unapproachable, stuck up, a name dropper, boring, and fake.
    He contradicted himself many times. Like first saying he has come back to SA 8 times since the Success Summit (he even said this on Political Exchange) yet I got an email a few days ago saying he has only been back 4 times FROM THE JT FOXX corp.
    It’s not so hard to do math and checking facts. DON’T EMBELLISH!

    JT also spent a VERY LONG time complaining about his critics. He even says that with success there comes critics, but he still wasted not only his own but MY time whining about these critics like a teenager. This immediately put me off him! Why should I pay for him to coach me when he cannot handle any personal criticism? It shows lack of personal growth to me. The fact that he spent SOOO long replying to one persons criticism online proves my point here.

    He also went on about not shacking hands as he always gets sick, fine, but know that it makes you seem arrogant and unapproachable. (and on a side note, if you don’t have your health what is the point of being wealthy, perhaps you should work on the weak immune system.) Yet I noticed he shook hands with the lady interviewing him on Political Exchange. So for the cameras you are willing to do it? If you do not want to shake hands, fine – but don’t do it for a select few be consistent, be authentic.

    He was also very rude and I would say racist to a poor Indian guy. He kept saying he didn’t believe the guys name OVER and OVER and yes he may have had a common Caucasian name but we live in a multicultural society and stereotyping certain names with certain races and then accusing someone of giving you a false name is racist. He also went on to degrade what this man does and belittle him in front on a large group of people. Yes you may have been making a point, but by belittling someone and not offering them any support or guidance afterwards, to me that is just dangerous, inconsiderate and childish. I don’t believe that truly successful people have to put anyone down, is your job not to uplift people?

    JT shows off MANY pictures with ‘celebrities, ‘ I too have photo’s of me with famous people. I get them when I buy their cd’s or books or pay the R200 you were charging for people to get a photo with you.

    Make up your own mind about JT Foxx, I like to think of the old proverb that says: ‘When a fox peaches, take care of your geese.’
    (if this is a name which he gave himself, what does that say about what he thinks of himself? #justsaying )

    (ps please don’t say I’m a jealous competitor or someone sister who dislikes you. I’m not, I hope you grow through criticism and stop being defensive about every little negative thing that people say. Not everyone will like you. FACT)

  16. 0.35

    Raymond is very good at flooding blogs and you can find couple more on the other online pages… most of Raymond’s Testimonial are done in some what of of peer pressure surrounding during training… I am glad many of fellow South Africans see through JT Foxx’s lie…

    I am from US and I had been sucker for JT’s student about two years and all I got out was Keeping supporting JT’s Life style and I am being sucker… Who to blame? me.. I realize I had not clear data to analyze which is not easy however, now I can see clearly that JT is in the game for him self and only for him self…

    JT has few Sexual Harassment law suit against him and he twist as people are trying to extort him.

    He states When you have law suit you that means you are successful… I do not understand the thought process that…

    JT thinks he is delivering all the services he promised, however Great thing he delivers are more bull shit seminars.

    JT states people hate him because he is successful… hmm? why would you want to be successful if you are going to be getting law suit and being hated by many people?

    - CONS: Pathetic Scammer Narcissist Speaks BS in his events
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  17. Yes, We agree with poster, have many friends that have had similar experiences to the one he experienced. Any person can see that he is controlling a few websites in an effort to slow and water down complaints . Does any body know what government department, could be used to investigate j t foxx ..( real name : Justin Gorenko) plus investigate how he is getting the money out of the countries he does seminars in.
    Could they also investigate his associates who are now using his self edifying tactics which are :
    a, Name dropping
    b. Pictures with celebrities e.g. Branson, Trump, etc suggesting that these people endorse him.
    c. Social media where they can control the comments.
    If he is allowed to carry on like this then it will create a bad reputation for other success seminar speakers, making sure that the public are no longer fooled by social media manipulation which will probably be a good thing.

  18. “JT Foxx” is a made up name. JT is from Canada, and is real name is “Justin Gorenko”

    Want proof?

    Find his sister, Kim Gorenko on facebook and other social media.

    Note the resemblance?

  19. I just saw him yesterday here in Manila Mall of Asia. I knew that there’s something fishy with this c*cky guy. I don’t get it why these so called super-self-made millionaires have to brag themselves and how they made millions to magically in a speed of light.

    Just a quick background. I USED WORKED WITH ONE IN THE PHILIPPINES. I was broke and out of school and i was extremely enticed with their ad. Out of my desperation to get a job and support my family I enrolled to one. Even here in the Philippines their quite expensive. I eventually got in debt with them but surprisingly they hired me. So I know how these so called speakers trying to sell their asses.

    So I got into their business and started to sell their services. Their quite good and I was trained well (that’s why I have a decent job with decent pay, I’m thankful though for that). But what I FOUND amused me because I had to sell my boss as a self-made millionaire. I mean seriously?! He’s got more debt that I do! When I asked him about it he said that it will come true and I have to believe in the law of attraction. I felt so heart-broken and detached with my job so I quit. I finally found a job.

    Anyway. The main reason I am sharing this because when I first saw this JT Foxx guy he reminds me of my previous boss except he was very c*cky and my boss was not selling himself but I did. I find it extremely obvious that this guy was just being flashy and trying to rip everybody off just because we audience desire one thing: to get rich. True enough that wishing for more money is not evil like what Kiyosaki says but come on. If you start fooling people to enroll in your class and what, make them think that they can get rich in no time that’s cheating your fellowmen and its bad. Its pure evil.

    Its kinda disappointing that people like Kiyosaki is supporting this fishy guy. And even sell him.This is funny and sad. I love Rich Dad since I was 16. I’ve been his fan for 6 yrs.

    If JT FOXX is one rich guy why would you sell yourself very hard showing that you have spent your time with Wozniak, Branson, Pacino, Schwarzenegger, Stallone, whoever. And by the way, the picture with Branson is obviously fake. Hahahah I find it funny that some of them are so impressed with that while I was flabbergasted. Whooho.

    I just don’t know what spell he used (whatever that is I wonder if I can have one so I could use it to make my celeb crush fall for me hahaha) to get these guys to praise him. He must have have a lot of cash and saliva to convince. To be honest I don’t think he is even one inch close to being Steve Jobs. Wozniak, you have let me down.

    I want to get rich for sure but I don’t desire to be with these people. Their not God. I just wanna have enough and help other people.

    And if branding is his expertise then why would I even need one from him. Surely enough as an entrepreneur you would learn that for sure I am employed but I am doing my best do learn how to create a business system and in fact starting small in retail. From someone who doesn’t run a business I don’t need 1000.00usd advice for that. I could use that money to expand my business for sure.

    And I don’t think Bill Gates, Zuckerburg, Buffett, Page (google), ELISON, Waltons would sell themselves that hard because they already made a perfect brand that don’t need flashy talks. I would rather create a team like these guys that I’ve mentioned to create a perfect brand that don’t need useless talks.

    But I have thought about it. Now I just don’t desire to have enough money but what money can do. The comfort, security and the extra things that can make you happy is what money can buy for me.

    The moment he said that NOBODY CAN MAKE YOU RICH AND SUCCESSFUL EXCEPT FOR JT FOXX TELLS ME THAT THIS GUY IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BUT A BIG BAG OF AIR WEARING EXPENSIVE SUIT. Its just so disappointing that I paid to watch these guys fooling around stage before Robert came in. I paid to see Robert Kiyosaki. I want to just hear what he has to say. Not some mind-player scam in suit who keeps on praising himself as if he is the GOD OF COACHING. If he is really then he doesn’t need to do all that hard-selling himself coz I am not impressed.

    That night I just realized that being rich is not all about money and being extravagant. I was disappointed though for what I paid for. I was expecting to pay for Robert Kiyosaki not some scam bag trying to sell himself so bad. Hahaha maybe he was trying to pay his hotel for extra nights.

    ANYWAY. I did not enroll to JT FOXX class because it would be a waste of time. I know what my guts is telling me. I know it deep inside whats going to happen so yeah. I can only tell for myself. And this is a woman’s intuition.

    I guess what I am really trying to point out is if you say you are a millionaire you don’t need to sell yourself that hard. Why don’t you just go and sit on your business and let your business speak for yourself.

  20. These jokers got taken apart by some 14 year old kid who knew a heck of a lot more than they did. They threw him out of course. I’m sorry but if you can’t see all the irregularities and lack of proof regarding JT Foxx’s character, don’t get into business – you are doomed to fail! . Even this site is just swarmed with stupid long comments from his lackeys trying to smother you in testimonials.

    I would feel sorry for the people he’s scammed, but even as a fraudster he doesn’t do a very good job. Seriously reconsider your life options if your EQ can’t even detect someone as shady as JT Foxx.

  21. 1.5

    I am from Malaysia..we also get con by this con man !! He gave empty promises shout it out loud but never did.he just want to look for ppl willing to pay money n continue to con their money by selling coaching program to them . He has no respect to the audience laugh at ppl bcos of their outfit, color n race ! This is such a liar . Don’t buy any of his program waste your money !

    - CONS: Con man Big liar Waste program
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  22. 1.5

    What a rubbish, JT and Co. You are not number one anything in this World, you are not even mediocre. I don’t however regret attending your “seminar” – I have never seen a person behaving so cheap and sick (read hysterical) as JT. You have so many complexes and personality issues and you manage to expose them all to people in one day. Not pretty, but certainly something to learn – this is an example how not to be when one “grows up”. You managed to make people scared of you and you managed to have someone who really need help to get even more in trouble by paying you their 25 000 USD. it became obvious that you have no confidence in yourself and no any kind of richness even before you stepped on the stage, because of all fuzz and buzz that was blown around your persona by your underdogs. When you started putting your feet on seats and at the same time shaking of anger and fear yourself when looking people in the eyes – you can just leave the room, you have lost dear JT. You are afraid yourself, you are scared as hell – I am just 30 and I have never met Silvester Stalllone, but I could tell this dear JT. You are scared as hell. You are handsome and sweet, but you are so focused on your dirty business and making revenue that you don’t notice that you make fun of yourself in front of so many people. You’re also mediocre as a speaker – you know how I can tell? It’s very easy – you talk to 200 people-audience as if you were at a stadium with 20 000 people, i.e. you don’t seem to know how to adjust at all. You don’t know anything about the culture of the country that you speak in, you only learn some facts that you think will help you get to people, but you miss the essence – what attitude sells and what doesn’t. In every particular culture and for this very particular audience. I could probably coach you instead, that would be a very good idea, seriously. What do you think? I could probably get a share of your strange business if there is any income at all? And make you a real good coach and make you really help people? Think about it 😉 I’m not joking. You can get a discount.
    Lesson 1: you don’t shout at people in developed European countries and show pictures of your big house and of your kind “underdogs” and think they will want to follow you. Most of people here don’t tolerate someone from coming to their home country and shouting at them. Be more intimate, diplomatic and polite. This lesson is free. Lesson number 2: the marketing lady in your crew is a heck of a speaker (better than you), so make a video about her instead and move her forward. She could balance your stupid aggression so that you can make more of your dirty money in a less sweaty way. I think the fee for this lesson should be a part of the increased revenue from moving your lady up.
    Lesson 3: If you have some kind of money yourself and want to continue speaking to people from stage (probably engaging even some interesting people, not only zombies), spend some portion of your wealth on personal development, you will be able to sell much more by simply being a wiser and more stable person. Just talk to Silvester Stallone over a lunch and ask him about advice how to get rid of your bullshit. I’m sure he knows, jokes aside.

    - CONS: He knows that he bull$hits people Takes advantage of desperation
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  23. At the moment I cant judge, but must say in Cape Town I did not went to the second day seminar because of the huge amount they have ask for a course.Yes they put up a hell of a performance, get some doggy speakers who have joined. Unfortunately with them flashing old American Actors to be pictured with, as the best to flash a website with, don’t amuse me…they old school actors, yes I also adore Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger, but to pay thousands for…NO NO
    I where there to get business ideas, but end off sitting between hobo’s, because all is free and then they tell us we must spend our time with the EXCLUSIVE People, who I must spend my time with, how does the message work then.But yes I know to get the atmosphere, the place must be loaded, AMWAY works the same, they try to boost the audience adrenaline and must say it works that way…but they themselves know who they can catch and will put their focus onto them, its all business on the end of the day…good luck to them.

  24. I attended the seminar in Zurich (I am swiss, thus my english is not perfect 🙂 )

    1/ Poor content, so well acted that you think you are learning great new things. 1st day : It’s all about intimidating you with money, celebrity picture (that nobody knows…). The peak of the day is when you fill a form informing these person how much you earn and how much you are ready to spend on your success. 🙂

    2/ That same day they pick up person to ask them to have (early) dinner with them, and participate to a mastermind. During the dinner with the chosen “pigeons”, you will be asked to talk about your strenghts and weaknesses and not really about your business. And guess what ? They pick up person who don’t have any business, because, they don’t car about your business 🙂 they won’t even assess your idea, they just want to estimate your self confidance and the influence they can have on you.

    3/ You go back home with the feeling that you had the privilege of having been chosen by these guys and you would probably sleep bad, eager to see what tomorrow will look like. Because during this dinner, they worked on emotions 🙂 Don’t get fooled.

    4/ The next day you arrive early, and noone is there to welcome you or give you the blue print they promised the day before or even to tell you what are the next steps. This again is a work on your emotions : you ask yourself what is going wrong, you can’t wait to have the information and you stress thinking that you have to change your life, that you should not miss an opportunity like, and so on and so forth 🙂

    5/ Back to the seminar, the guy come and start his show, and talks about virality and how important it is to create fresh content, have a strong link building strategy, go viral. I was extremely impressed about their knowledge on SEO strategy and tools… and now I understand that this is because they spend their time hidding comments or reviews that depict them as scammers 🙂

    6/ They will drop you tons of example of people they help and who succeeded and will never give you the name of these person, not even the designer who sold a leather jacket to Princess Charlene (and actually, this designer was not a woman as they said but a well known male designer). at this moment, I stop believing in what they say and all I saw was a bunch of c*** on a paper board, and stupid videos.

    7/ The great part of the day is when you have your one to one meeting with them. They will make you feel comfortable and exceptional and will tell you you have a real potential and you are coachable (unedrstand weak) and that they choosed you to give you a chance (understand you have enough money to give them). And they put a high (even very high) pressure on you to sign for a business package (printed on a dirty black and white sheet of paper…) and they main interest is you credit card number. They would not even talk about your business, hardly about you success, and absolutly not about a coaching plan. They are not registered in any official coaching association.

    9/ Their prices are extremely high for a CD, webinars, blueprint doftware and 8 coaching session of 30 minutes (when any normal caoch would make 2hours session…). We were asked between $8k to $60k for these different coaching package. It is a lot of money. You should really not make such a decision because some guys forces you to. You will feel extremely incofortable and remember one thing : if it feels wrong, than it is wrong..

    8/ Don’t get fooled, don’t get impress, look at them in the eyes, and don’t sign anything, they will be pissed off and at least they will pay their hotel room with their own money and not yours.

    9/ I personnally called the Marriott hotel where this event took place in Zurich, and they where shocked. I you know what ? They are not welcome there anymore 🙂

  25. 0.75

    Paid a ton of money for a specific coach to come to my business from the mega profits event. Then all of a sudden ALL communication fails and I had to actually reach out to JT Foxx’s team to figure out what was going on. Took almost 2 weeks just to get on an “appointment only” call with one of their workers because nothing was available. Long story short I was told The coach was let go and I couldn’t get a refund and had to go with someone else. That is not what I signed up for. I signed up for the coach I paid for not anyone else! Had I known the coach left, I would’ve cancelled this before the refund period ended. But no “I” had to reach out to find out what was going on. Horrible communicators. No compassion. 6 months later and STILL no one has come to my business! It does feel like a huge Scam. Feels like there are manipulative and greed tactics. Don’t be naive! I say believe the comments. There is something off here. They like to use the terms “haters” and “that’s why you’re still broke” to shake up your ego. But truthfully I have nothing to hate on. I just think (as with any business) communication, honesty and compassion are needed to make clients feel understood or appreciated and I truly feel betrayed and disappointed about all this. I don’t like the greed behind it all and I just want what I paid for. PS: If you buy something trust me you will feel forced to buy something else. It’s never ending. You’ll go to an event and then what’s next? Oh let’s just spend another few thousand on another event to praise the one and only. I saw numbers go past 100K for these events.

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  26. This will be a good script for a movie! I attended one of his seminars and he got angry because no one wanted to sign up for his one-on-one to be held in one of his so-called mansions. I waisted my time taking notes that I could find for free on the internet. I don’t believe that people still buy into this nonsense.

    In the invitation, you were told to dress for success. How can I afford an expensive suit when I am struggling with my business and you want me to spend R50 000 just to listen to you. Please.

    Stay away, please.

  27. 0.75

    Thank you for your opportunity for, not only myself, but thousands of others to share with you and other newbies to the JT Foxx AKA Justin Gorenko CULT organisation. The “Jt Foxx Information Page” on Facebook, will give you hard-core evidence and facts about WHO and WHAT, Justin Gorenko is.. Your also welcome to inbox the page and ask the Admins to send you the mass sexual harassment courtcases, including a high paying clients HIGH SCHOOL DAUGHTER, 8 employees (on 36 counts!!) & clients they are too explicit to publish online! But I will attach a screenshot of one to this rebuttal. Also there is REAL evidence of the so called Worlds Nr1 Wealth Coach 50+ businesses, they do not exist, he has shell companies based at a mailbox-rental shop in Florida. The US tax authorities are also perusing him, link and details on the page too. He has 2 non profit foundations which clients donated to, he kept their money and the they have NEVER filed a financial report required by US government. He has been sued multiple times for breach of contract by clients. He is not FRIENDS with celebrities he PAYS them to attend his events, with money stolen from his high paying clients, and portrays they are his friends. He sells by saying “You can get a refund if NOT satisfied” they have a strict no refund policy and ignores thousands of clients who have asked and are still fighting for a refund. The US Better Business Bureau BBB give him an extremely low rating D-minus After speaking out about Justin Gorenko aka JT Foxx he threatened me to be quiet, I got louder, he sued me 3 TIMES, AND “I BEAT HIM IN COURT”, many ex clients witnessed in court, stating if they knew what has been published by me and the JT FOXX INFORMATION TEAM, on the FB Info Page, they would NEVER have invested. They also feel that his services were appalling. Also clients who were SEXUALLY HARASSED witnessed in court. Please take the time to read the reviews on the page, most are EX clients!! My exposure of JT FOXX IS still not over, far from it, Foxx has already lost his reputation, name, business, brand. I am now exposing those above him, the New World Order Elites, like Nido Quebein and George Ross, two of Foxx’s own so called coaches. You see EVIL PROTECTS ITSELF AT ANY COST, but when you have facts evidence and thousands of clients globally saying the same thing ITS NOT DEFAMATION IF ITS TRUE…ITS REALITY. Further more, we have done extensive research going back 2 decades and EVERYTHING IS A LIE. Family members, school friends (well they were not FRIENDS as he was a very unpopular person in school) tell us HE NEVER WAS A STUTTERER as he claims. His real estate years lead to MASS courtcases, so bad that he was even outed in the PRESTIGIOUS legal journal (can’t remember the name now) which is also published on the Info page!! So dear CULT member, Thankyou for giving me yet another platform to SHARE the TRUTH ABOUT JT FOXX. I hope you invested heavily and I wish you success. Please note that on all platforms Foxx claims to have 250k followers yet gets a handful of comments, you tube, FB, IG, etc and most of those are his loyal CULT members and the female clients with benefits. Foxx also portrays he is young,free and single yet has 2 children, 3 and a New born, and been in a 14 yr relationship, during this time, all of these sexual harassment charges have been filed..conspiracy, haters, jealous, unsuccessful, high paying clients and employees?? You do the maths and finally I SAY “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER” Have a blessed future Love from Sweden

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  28. This message is for anyone who has been swindled by JT Foxx. He is under investigation by the authorities in the U.S. If you are one of his victims, send us a message at: [email protected] and we can help you get in touch with the investigators. They are especially interested in hearing from victims in the U.S. who were swindled in crypto or other investment schemes he has promoted.

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