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Many people in this world are born and raised in very unbearable places, and this makes them feel like they do not belong there. Despite the hundreds of challenges, the people match forward, and they end up making it in life. Nobody in this universe was born and failed to have difficulties because life is not a walk in the park or smooth. People may suffer differently because what might be bothering you might not be bothered by another person. JT McCormick is one of the people who have gone through a lot of difficulties during his childhood. Despite all the life challenges that faced him, he was not limited to achieving success. JT McCormick is the president and chief executive officer of one of the multi-million companies.

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In as much as JT McCormick is a successful person, he is also boastful because he narrates his life ordeal as if he is the only person who ever faced racism and other life-challenging situations. JT McCormick lacks professionalism and the necessary knowledge concerning life. All this is contributed to by his low level of education. I would advise JT McCormick to go back to school because, unlike in the past, he can now afford to pay his school fees. He requires being more educated so that he can read more about how to conduct himself when he is even addressing people during his frequent conferences. 

JT McCormick terms himself as a keynote speaker who encourages people to never give up despite life’s challenges. My problem is that he makes his problems look like a national anthem, which he recited every single chance he gets. Some people have suffered in the past more than JT McCormick, and as a matter of fact, they do not keep telling people.


WHO IS JT McCormick

JT McCormick came into existence on September 25, 1971. He was born in Ohio, which is located in the United States of America at a slum called Dayton. JT McCormick was born as a child of mixed races, and this made him suffer a lot of racism and discrimination. JT McCormick’s father was a drug dealer, and his mother (Anna-Marie McCormick) raised him until the age of nine. JT McCormick suffered a lot, and he barely completed his studies in high school. But later, he finished high school studies long after his classmates had completed. Even after completing high school, TJ McCormick did not join any college or university; therefore, he does not have any degree.

JT McCormick is an author, a father, a CEO, and a keynote speaker. He also owns a multimillion-dollar company where he is both the president and chief executive officer. JT McCormick’s company is called Scribe Media. He built up his own company after resigning as president of Headspring Software Company, where he was employed for a long time. Currently, JT McCormick lives in Texas with his beloved wife called Megan. He is also blessed with four beautiful children who are named Ava, Jaxon, Elle, and Jace, respectively.


JT McCormick has worked in so many job positions that helped him become the leader he is today. Most of the jobs he did revolve around insurance companies and companies lending small amounts of money. In the year 2011, in May, JT McCormick secured a job vacancy at Headspring Software companies, although he was the employee that was paid the lowest salary. Despite all that, JT McCormick did not give up, and after sometimes, he was made the president of Headspring Software Company. 

His Books


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JT McCormick is a writer who has written a book that is given the title I Got There, which was published on January 20, 2017. The book is a summary of the things that JT McCormick went through from his childhood until adulthood. It further explains in detail how JT McCormick used to overcome the challenges that faced him. Those challenges included abuse, poverty in the slums that he was raised in, and racism due to his mixed race. The book gives a lot of JT McCormick’s personal life, which is not essential to anyone. I always believe that some people only exaggeratedly write their life stories to capture the attention of the readers who, by the time they finish reading, they will have learned nothing. If everybody decided to write their life challenges from when they were born to date, I think libraries and bookshops would be filled with all sorts of storybooks holding different titles.

When a person decides to write a book about their personal life, it would be better if they keep the stories short and brief. You should not tell us even the minor details that are common to all people. Most of the people who give the stories without avoiding the small details only aim at increasing the volume of their books. Others write very annoying stories that lack even the moral lesson. Such people include JT McCormick, whose stories are just meant to make the readers sympathize with him. I do not see the big deal of JT McCormick emphasizing that he was raised by his father, who was a drug dealer. Most of the children in the world have been brought up by single parents, and others did not have the privilege to see their parents. JT McCormick should be grateful for having both parents.

JT McCormick is among the many people who will add no value to you when you listen or read about him. The reason is JT McCormick will always make the negative things that happened in his life outweigh the positive. The book I Got There should not even be read because if you decide to read it, you will be left with a lot of questions that no one will be readily available to answer you. As a result, you will remain in a state of confusion, and to avoid that, I would advise you to avoid the book like the plague. Since I have read the book and I would not wish you to regret it as I did, it is wise if I share with you some of the details. Let us look at some of those things that are in the book that makes JT McCormick not qualify to be a writer. 

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JT McCormick does not have enough content to write in his book; hence, he makes a lot of unnecessary spacing throughout the texts, and he continuously breaks the lines. I think his sole aim of doing this was to increase the number of pages because I assumed he wanted to have a book with a more significant volume. The other thing that he did was applying the repetition style, which only features well in poetry alone, and when used in books, it ends up diluting the excellent flow of the book. Those repetitions are one of the things that show JT McCormick is not a good writer.

Lastly, the most confusing part is in the book jacket. If you research JT McCormick, you will find out that he has four children, namely Ava, Jace, Elle, and Jaxon. Even when you ask the people who are close to JT McCormick, they will always say that he has four adorable children. The confusion sets in when JT McCormick says that he has five children, and he even proceeds to name them. My question is, was there a typing error? But again, it cannot be a typing error since the fifth child’s name is given. Or does JT McCormick hide some things? But if he was hiding, would he dare mention the fifth child bearing in mind that hundreds of people would read this book? Unfortunately, the questions remain rhetoric because there is no one to answer them.



As the number of people in the world is increasing every day, job opportunities are becoming harder to find and secure. Some people have come up with laid-out strategies that they use to get money from people. A small portion of the jobless people uses suitable means while others use sly ways to deceive people. A significant example of the people who are cunning is JT McCormick, who uses illegal methods to get money. For example, JT McCormick’s book I Got There is a book that is not suitable for people who love reading because it is a waste of time. The primary reason why JT McCormick wrote this book was to earn from the people who would purchase the book. The fact that books cannot be taken back at the library after purchasing makes it possible for JT McCormick to earn from people without worry since this is like robbery without violence.

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JT McCormick has a company called Scribe Media, which deals with guiding writers on how to write their book, and they publish the books. The company also helps the writers to market their books by assisting them to get customers who will purchase the book. There are thousands of people who have sought services from these company companies, but they end up being disappointed. The whole company is a scam because what they do is exaggerating the content of the book to lure customers into buying the books as they try to market the books. I even tend to think that JT McCormick is the one that approved his book because it lacks professionalism. His book is an excellent example that shows all the wrong things that are accepted without trying to make anything right.

I fear the company teaches people how to even steal other people’s creativity by copy-pasting some of their writings. It is high time that JT McCormick goes back to school to learn more about the dos and don’ts of writing. If he goes back to school, I believe that cheating and misleading of writers will come to an end. The people in authority should intervene and close down Scribe Media because it is doing more harm than good to the people. I know some people might be thinking that I am a hater, but the truth is I stand with facts. Let me outline a few things that prove that JT McCormick is not a genuine person.

In JT McCormick’s book, I Got There, several mistakes need to be pointed out. First, JT McCormick adds a section in this book where he writes a dedication to his mother by thanking her. That is adorable, and anyone would wish to be acknowledged and appreciated. But my problem is that the entire part is plagiarized. The reason why I say so is that it is copied directly from another book written by a different author. To be precise, the entire thank you dedication to Anne-Marie (McCormick’s mother) was copied from a book called Dear Mama that is written by Tupac. JT McCormick is not a faithful person because he did not bother to cite the source of dedication. I believe that writing is a matter of creativity and talent — those who don’t have the creativity and ability end up messing and spoiling the name of writers.

I believe that this is enough to make people understand that not all publishing companies are genuine. Most of the upcoming publishing companies have ill motives that will land writers into problems while they will step back after having spent their money. When a person who is a writer wants to be guided, they should always make sure that they research before getting services from them. Rules should be established to ensure that all the people who start up with publishing companies have the required academic knowledge and to avoid scammers. If they make such rules, they will save a lot of people from misery.

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People have started noticing the wrong moves of JT McCormick, and they are no longer interested in his tales. To know the truth, you can check the number of viewers who view the video clips he uploads on YouTube. The viewers are very few.

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A small portion of the jobless people uses suitable means while others use sly ways to deceive people. A significant example of the people who are cunning is JT McCormick, who uses illegal methods to get money.

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