Juan Monteverde – Sexual Harassment & Erectile Dysfunction

Juan Monteverde is a lawyer who faced a lawsuit for sexually harassing an associate when he was at Faruqi & Faruqi. 

In 2013, one of his former associates filed a lawsuit against Juan claiming that he was forcing sex upon her. Also, she alleged that Juan sexually harassed her multiple times when she was working at the firm. 

The lawsuit had gone viral over email. Why? Because the allegations were shocking. 

Juan Monteverde
A picture of Juan Monteverde

Alexandra Marchuk, the plaintiff is a 2011 graduate of Vanderbilt Law School. She filed the lawsuit against Faruqi & Faruqi LLP where Juan E Monteverde was a partner. Moreover he was the chair of the firm’s shareholder merger and transactional litigation department. 

Lubna M Faruqi, managing partner at Faruqi & Faruqi LLP, said that the claims were completely without merit. According to Lubna, Marchuk had made these claims only because she was a disgruntled former employee.

How Juan Monteverde Sexually Harassed Marchuk (Summary of the Complaint)

Marchuk used to work as a summer associate at Faruqi & Faruqi in 2010. According to the complaint, Juan E Monteverde was quite friendly and flirtatious with her. 

Furthermore, he would make inappropriate, sexually charged comments in her presence from time to time. 

She has shared an example of just how inappropriate (and disgusting) Monteverde’s behavior could get.

One time, Juan Monteverde had drunk heavily at a post-happy-hour dinner. Then, he noticed that Marchuk had only drank half a glass of wine. So, he started urging her to drink more. 

Obviously, she declined. 

Then, he started commenting how Marchuk was an ‘expensive date’. He said she was ‘lucky’ he was married otherwise he would expect a “blow job” for the expensive meal he had bought for her. 

Marchuk hoped that it was an isolated incident but she was mistaken. 

Keep in mind that all of this occurred in 2010, when finding a job was extremely difficult. Furthermore, the law firm offered her a starting salary of $75,000. 

So, she joined Faruqi & Faruqi after graduating in 2011. While her salary wasn’t too high, it was reasonably good. 

Juan Monteverde had started sexually harassing Alexandra Marchuk before she even joined the law firm.

Also, the firm had told her that she could receive a ‘substantial’ year-end bonus if she performed well at her job. 

However, joining the firm proved to be a nightmare for her. According to the complaint, Juan E Monteverde started harassing her a lot more when she joined the firm. 

She was surprised to find out that Juan had arranged for her to work exclusively under him. 

Later, he asked her to attend a hearing in Delaware on September 8. Once the hearing was complete, they went out for drinks. 

They had a few drinks at Lex Bar. Then, Juan aggressively grabbed and kissed Marchuk. He also tried to fondle her breasts. 

She physically rebuffed Juan’s advances. After that, Juan Monteverde asked her to go back to Faruqi & Faruqi office to have intercourse. 

Marchuk rejected his offer and went home. In the complaint, she has highlighted that she had no romantic interest in Juan. 

Furthermore, she was worried that her sole supervising attorney was making extremely inappropriate sexual advances to her and it was just the third day of her job. 

Sadly, things didn’t end there. 

Juan Monteverde kept making advances. The next day, he took her to lunch and told her that he wanted her to be his mistress. 

Note that Juan is a married man. He tried to justify his proposal by explaining that his father had a wife, a girlfriend and a mistress. Furthermore, he explained that he married his wife only to get a US green card. 

The complaint states that Marchuk unwelcomed all of Juan’s unsolicited and inappropriate comments (and touching). She had no interest in him and found those unsolicited advances demeaning, offensive and inappropriate. 

However, because of her student loans, she didn’t want to be seen as a troublemaker at the firm by accusing one of the most prominent partners of the firm of sexual harassment within her first week of the job. 

Juan Allegedly Asked Marchuk to Look “Sexy” to Allure A Judge:

Later, Juan made a few more attempts to ask her out. She rejected all of them. 

Then, on September 15, 2011, Juan told her that he needed her to accompany him to a class-action settlement-confirmation hearing. 

The hearing was before Vice Chancellor Travis Laster of the Delaware Chancery Court. 

Juan explained to her that Judge Laster preferred good-looking female lawyers. He added that Faruqi & Faruqi’s only female lawyer was ugly. So, he wanted Marchuk to appear with him to influence the judge with her good looks. 

He told her to wear a low-cut shirt and wear her hair down. The complaint states that Juan E Monteverde wanted Marchuk to look as alluring as possible to influence the judge. 

When another associate commented how Marchuk would be attending her second hearing within 2 weeks while the others hadn’t attended one, Juan said they might have gotten the chance to attend hearings if they were as attractive as Marchuk.

Marchuk Talked to Another Partner But It Didn’t Help:

Later, Marchuk talked to Emily Komlossy, another partner at Faruqi & Faruqi. Emily expressed sympathy to her situation and pointed out that most people knew Juan was behaving inappropriately with her. 

Furthermore, she agreed that it would not be a good idea for Marchuk to complain about Juan Monteverde because of his prominent position. 

Eventually, Emily left Faruqi & Faruqi as well. 

Additional Allegations Against Juan Monteverde:

Although there are a ton of allegations in this complaint, I have highlighted a few of them here.

When they were returning back from the September 20 hearing, Juan drank heavily again. 

He was irritated and said he knew she would not go out with him when they reached New York. So, he started bragging that he liked a good hearing more than intercourse to make it seem as if he didn’t care about the rejection. 

Also, he found out that marchuk was sharing a small apartment with her cousin. She had lost a coin toss to decide who would get the bigger bedroom. 

Juan jokingly said that if Marchuk had told him about this situation, he would have chipped in some funds in exchange for her sleeping at her apartment. Also, he joked that $50 per month should get him at least a night or two every week with Marchuk. 

The lawsuit says that he made lewd remarks on Marchuk’s body in front of other Faruqi & Faruqi lawyers. 

When Juan offered Marchuk a binder from his office, another associate asked for one as well. However, he told the associate that they might get better office supplies if their body looked like Marchuk. 

A male lawyer was talking about a case involving BJ’s Wholesale. Juan, in front of Marchuk, said that he didn’t know anything about “BJs” other than he really liked getting them. 

When the other male attorney became uncomfortable because of the comment, Juan smugly told him that it was not an issue because he could say whatever he wanted around Marchuk. This suggested that she enjoyed such banter or worse. 

When Juan Monteverde Couldn’t Handle the Rejection Anymore: 

After realizing that he wasn’t getting anywhere with Alexandra Murchak, Juan Monteverde started mistreating her. 

The lawsuit alleged that he would communicate with her in a peremptory and brusque manner. Also, he started berating her over insignificant issues.

Juan forced her to work over the weekends only to ignore the result for several days to undervalue its urgency. 

Faruqi & Faruqi celebrated their holiday party on December 15, 2011. At the party, Marchuk asked him about the firm’s performance hoping to find out if she would get the year-end bonus. 

Juan told her that he doesn’t think he can recommend her for the bonus. According to Juan, he was concerned that if he recommended her for a bonus, everyone would suspect that he was favoring her improperly. 

Marchuk said in the complaint that his comment was to chastise her for complaining about him. It indicated that her complaint had limited his ability to recommend her for the bonus. 

Marchuk highlighted that the news was extremely upsetting because she was looking forward to covering a few necessary expenses through the same.

Moreover he suddenly commented that he was surprised Marchuk was interested in working at F& F when she would probably not stay there for long. This comment shook her. 

It suggested that either the firm was going to fire her. Or, it suggested that Juan felt as if Marchuk was no longer interested in working there long-term.

The entire conversation put Marchuk under a lot of stress. Not only did she learn that she wouldn’t get it but she was also at the risk of losing her job. 

Marchuk’s complaint shares that Juan suggested her to come with him to the F&F office when she was in this vulnerable state. The office was only a short walk away and Marchuk acceeded to his pleas. 

Juan Monteverde pushed Ms. Marchuk to the floor and forcefully, painfully had sex with her” – An Excerpt from the Lawsuit

After they entered his office, Juan pushed her to the floor and started having forced intercourse with her. 

Marchuk was uncomfortable and didn’t want to have sex with him. She implored Juan to stop but he ignored her pleas and kept having sex with her. 

After Juan had finished, Marchuk had left a large bloodstain on his carpet. Seeing how emotionally and physically traumatized Marchuk was, Monteverde told her not to tell anyone what he had done. 

Then, he quickly escorted her from the office to the street. Also, he told her to forget what had just happened. 

Afterwards, Marchuk took the subway home alone. 

Marchuk was shattered because of Juan’s abusive treatment of her. So, she immediately sought professional help. She saw a gynecologist the next monday and met with an employment attorney on December 20, 2011. 

Within four months of her joining, Alexandra Marchuk had to quit the law firm. 

Also, her sexual harassment had become some kind of joke within Faruqi & Faruqi. She shares in the complaint that Juan was complaining that the firm should have paid him more on a certain case. 

In response, Nadeem Faruqi (co-founder and name partner) jokingly said, “I gave you Alexandra”. 

Nadeem had also expressed concerns with other attorneys in the firm that Juan’s conduct could “cost the firm a lot of money”. 

Marchuk points out that even though she had resigned abruptly, the firm didn’t reach out to her to find out why she resigned. 

In her lawsuit, Alexandra Marchuk demanded $2 million in compensatory damages and at least $5 million in punitive damages. 

Juan Monteverde’s Response to the Lawsuit: “I Couldn’t Get It Up”

In response to Marchuk’s lawsuit, Juan Monteverde filed a countersuit of $15 million saying he was “far too flaccid to do anything”. 

The countersuit says that Marchuk practically threw herself at him and dragging him back to his office. 

There, she took off her clothes and laid down on the carpet. 

Then, Juan Monteverde, who was drunk, got on top of her with his clothes on and pants around his ankles. However, the lawsuit says “Juan Monteverde couldn’t get an erection”. 

His lawyers said that all of Marchuk’s allegations were false. 

Where is Juan Monteverde Now? 

Currently, Juan E Monteverde is a partner at Monteverde & Associates PC firm in New York and Culver City, California. 

Their New York office is located at Empire State Building, 350 5th Ave Suite, 4405, New York, NY 10118, US. Also, their contact number is 212-971-1341. 

The firm specializes in securities law. 


This case is an example of how powerful men are able to sexually harass their female subordinates and get away with it. Juan Monteverde is not the only man who has gotten away scot-free. 

Another powerful man who is notorious for sexually harassing and molesting his female subordinates is Stephen Bittel, the owner Terranova Corporation. He has faced multiple complaints and lawsuits from his subordinates over the last few years. 

At one time, he threw money at a female employee’s desk and then asked her to join him in his office for a ‘private meeting’. 

Hence, you can understand how deranged these men can be. 

Juan Monteverde seems no different. What’s worse is that Marchuk might not be the only victim of this perverted lawyer. There might be plenty of other women who suffered under him but were afraid to do anything. 

After all, Marchuk was unable to do anything as well.

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A Disgusting Pervert

Juan Monteverde has faced a lawsuit for sexually harassing, assualting and molesting a female subordinate. The gravity of these allegations suggest that Juan is not as ‘professional’ and ‘distinguished’ as he claims to be.

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  1. 0.6

    I have been to Monteverde Law and it was not what I expected. Juan Monteverde makes women feel extremely uncomfortable. I had no idea he has a history of sexually assaulting women. The man seems like a monster. I’m so glad I’m not doing any business with him.

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  2. 0.75

    We let a rapist claim he couldn’t rape because he is impotent while putting innocent people in jail.

    What an amazing justice system 🤷🏼‍♀️

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  3. 0.6

    Juan Monteverde is thriving. He is running his law firm, Monteverde and Associates and making a living off of it. On the other hand, the woman who faced numerous unwanted advances from him is struggling to make ends meet. It’s a sad state of affairs to be honest. Powerful perverts like Monteverde can get away with almost anything whereas the victims have to suffer because they didn’t stay silent.

    Helpful(3) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
    • Yes, I looked him up. Unfortunately, our justice system is horrible. Here is a man who got away with a heinous crime because of his status and power. I suspect he would never face any consequences in the future too. I feel sorry for any woman who has to work with Juan Monteverde.

  4. 0.85

    This is a heartbreaking story. Juan Monteverde deserves to be thrown in jail. If he won the case, he only did so because of his connections and influence. That’s it.

    The man is a predator. It’s written on his face.

    I can’t believe someone has terrible as him is allowed to represent others in court. The Bar Council should have done something on this matter on its own accord. This is not okay by any means.

    I agree with Sean here, it is shocking to see a monster like him thrive while the victim is struggling to make her ends meet. He traumatized her for life.

    And now he has the audacity to start his own firm and all?! The system is rigged.

    - CONS: Pervert
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  5. 0.85

    Juan Monteverde should be in jail. His bar license should be revoked because of the severity of these allegations. It’s shocking how this man is thriving today after ruining the life of an innocent young woman, traumatizing her for life.

    - CONS: predator
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    • I agree. There is no way a guy like Juan should be allowed to practice law, especially when he has been sued for ruining the career of a female subordinate. She could have had a bright future in law but Juan made sure she doesn’t get ahead.

      I don’t like the excuse he gave either like, “I couldn’t get it up”. This is the weakest defense I have ever heard and the guy claims to be an expert lawyer. He is a rapist no denying it.

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