Julia Cha (2023): One not to be trusted?

As an independent woman, it hurts me when I see someone like Julia Cha, who is trying to defraud women with manipulative tactics & exorbitant courses.

In this report, we will take a look at the white lies and devious reality of Julia Cha and her company. Let’s not waste any time and get started:

Julia Cha Consulting Claims Versus Reality

Tldr: Julia Cha’s claims about her background & success are unverified and shouldn’t be taken at face value

Julia Cha is a self-proclaimed “secret weapon for alpha leaders” and the president/founder of Cha Global Coaching Ltd. According to her paid interviews, she has a client base in 13 different countries and a “strong following of 10k women leaders”.

Cha Global Coaching Ltd. is based in Canada and claims of providing leadership coaching to the entrepreneurs. The Coaching asserts of providing enhancing techniques in the arena of sales, branding, copywriting and profit earning.

Her favorite word is “relationship”, according to an interview she believes everything in life depends upon your relationships. In her interview on Ideamensch, she uses the word relationship over 15 times.

Like every fake guru, Julia also has an emotional background story that is curated to be relatable for the target audience. No one can verify whether her story is legitimate or not, so listen to it with a grain of salt. According to her, she overcame a toxic and abusive relationship, got into sales, and then changed her life. That’s the best way I can summarize it.

She is targeting young businesswomen and entrepreneurs with her marketing campaigns and she does so by portraying herself as an emotionally driven woman.

Her website’s (Juliacha.com) copywriting specifically targets young women who want to become financially independent.

On her website, Julia claims to be featured on multiple media moguls including ABC, Fox, NBC, and CBS News. However, none of these news networks have any articles on Julia Cha or her consulting business. So these claims are 100% false.

If we scroll further down on her website we will see a classic manipulative piece of copywriting.

Claim: She claims she invested “over 15 years” into self-help, therapy, & coaching but found no success.

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Explanation: Julia put this in the copy of her pitch to seem relatable to her targets, she wants them to feel like Julia was in the same position they are in, it’s all part of her sales funnel.

Claim: Then at 30 when she hit rock bottom she “learned to become a model of success” (whatever that means).

Explanation: She says this to target the people who are facing real financial dangers in their life. Julia knows that she cannot extract thousands of dollars from someone who isn’t emotionally vulnerable.

Claim: She changed her life, became a best-selling author and an international coach.

Explanation: This is a bizarre claim full of lies. Julia doesn’t have a best-seller book, her book barely has 18 reviews on Amazon, average best-sellers easily have 100s of reviews. And in this day and age, anyone can claim to be an “international coach”, all they have to do is do freelance work for an offshore company.

Finally, she ends her pitch with the classic “I did it so you can too” move.

This whole copy is extremely manipulative and banks on people’s vulnerabilities and insecurities. Julia would be out of business if people realize her services and products are just exorbitant versions of free blogs & fake testimonials.

Dr. Jason Diamond MD also uses manipulative tactics and targets insecure women to make millions.

Her Exorbitant Products & Services

Her Book: Am I There Yet? – The Messy Business Of Being Yourself When You Have No Idea Who That is
Julia Cha claims that this book of hers is an Amazon #1 Bestseller, however, she fails to provide any proof for it. You just have to take her word for it. If you go on her book’s Amazon page, you will notice that her book only has 18 reviews.

Julia Cha

A “bestselling book” with 18 reviews? I call BS.

Amazon is not going to sue anybody like Julia for making false claims about her book being a bestseller and she knows that. But who wouldn’t like to toot their own horn if they can and get away with it.

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Apart from her book, Julia sells all the classic fake guru products, including membership to an “inner circle” and premium “VIP Coaching”. All of these products are part of an elaborate upselling funnel. Buy any one of them and you will be victim to it.

Inner Circle:
Inner Circle is just a fancy word for a private group on Facebook/Telegram where Julia, her team, and other victims of her scam share insights on ideas and post motivational quotes.

I haven’t joined it personally, but I have been part of half a dozen such groups, and this is exactly how they usually are.

Elevate VIP Coaching:
This is her flagship product. All her cheaper services and products will eventually upsell you into joining this “Elevate VIP Coaching” program. This is where all the fake gurus make most of their money, giving mentorship to easily manipulated hopeful individuals and charging thousands of dollars for it.

A whistleblower has informed me that the price for joining this program goes anywhere from $2,000-$5,000.

That’s a lot of money for getting mentored by a fraud. But Julia is still better off than Grant Cardone, who charges $10,000 for his mentorship programs.

Using Sponsored Articles To Defraud Innocent Women

If you go on Google or Bing, and search for Julia Cha, your search results will be flooded by links from random news networks. All of these articles have an attractive title and portray Julia Cha in a good light.

However, these articles are not unbiased or honest.

Julia Cha fake news

These posts are heavily financially biased.

Not only are these Google results misleading but they are extremely unethical.

If you go on the official website of Julia Cha Consulting, you will see a big banner that showcases multiple news networks which have talked about Julia. While half of those claims are absolutely incorrect, even the ones that are correct are biased.

I strongly suggest you read the info box down below if you want to learn more about this topic:

Utilization Of Sponsered Articles, Fake Testimonials, And Paid PR By Online Scammers
Online scammers used to have a hard time building social proof for their targets. People were fast to realize when they were getting scammed. To tackle this problem, scammers started reaching out to small news networks & blogs and started paying them for false & financially biased journalism.

Now all online scammers boast articles from semi-major magazines and use them as proof of their success. Some good examples of fake gurus who use this technique are Pratham Waghmare & TaiLopez, both of whom were reported by users on Gripeo.
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Fine Print No Refund Policy of CHA Global

Customers & victims of Julia Cha should have no hope of getting any of their money back once they buy a product/service from her.

Julia Cha refund policy

Once you send Julia Cha funds for her products, you’re not seeing that money ever again.

Their refund policy has been safely hidden on the bottom of their ToS page, such an important policy should be on the footer of the website, but Julia actually doesn’t want his future victims to know about this policy until they’ve already spent thousands of dollars on her useless services.

There is a very high chance that Julia Cha Consulting might update this policy after I make this post. And it would be for the good because the one they have right now is horribly biased and shouldn’t even be allowed.

Julia Cha Verdict: Manipulative Snakeoil Salesperson

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Julia Cha Consulting Review 2021

Julia Cha is preying on young women entrepreneurs who are seeking financial freedom. Her services and products are 100% ripoff and cannot be refunded. Julia Cha Consulting also has misleading sponsored articles being used to manipulate innocents. She also lies about having an Amazon Bestseller book. Avoid this scammer!

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  1. I couldn’t agree more with your sentiments about Julia Cha and her manipulative tactics. It’s disheartening to see someone take advantage of independent women in such a way. I appreciate this report shedding light on her unverified claims and deceptive practices. It’s important to always do our due diligence and research before investing in any courses or coaching. My question to you and the readers is, have you personally encountered any similar situations where someone has tried to defraud you with manipulative tactics? How did you handle it?

  2. 0.5
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    I had my suspicions but now I’m certain. Julia sounded too good to be true. And what’s up with that other review posted here??? If that’s how Julia Cha’s fans think then I really don’t want to associate myself with her. Thank you OP.

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  3. 5
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    I have not tried Julia’s products but even just seeing the way you are portraying this independent woman shows that all of you are sexist white men. You are haters who are jealous that a woman is making more money than you, isn’t it the case writer?


    If what you have to say is this worthless, then I can only wonder what kind of a pathetic person you must be. Julia Cha is a queen, stop hating on independent women!

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