Justin Halladay: Scammer On the Run After Defrauding Thousands

Justin Halladay is the man behind the notorious CashFX scam. He is currently on the run and is residing in the Dominican Republic. 

His company scammed hundreds, if not thousands, across the globe. It was a Ponzi scheme which provided no information about its owners or leadership in its initial days. The company entered the market in 2019 and collapsed in 2021. 

All this time, Justin Halladay promoted the scheme and ensured that the operation reached as many people as possible. 

In 2019, the company had claimed that Huascar Lopez was the founder and CEO of the company. 

On the other hand, Justin Halladay held the top investment position in the Ponzi scheme. 

His fleeing the US was one of the first clear signs of the impending CashFX collapse of 2021. 

According to Alexa, the US was the third-largest source of traffic for the scam. However, the figure was much higher considering how the company urged its customers to use VPNs to mask their IPs. 

justin halladay in the Dominican republic

CashFX wasn’t the first scam by Justin Halladay. Apparently, he used to run Cloud Token and scammed many through that fraudulent crypto token. 

According to various victim reports and sources, it’s suspected that Justin and Luigi Bruni have stolen several millions from the victims of CashFX Group.

However, if Justin believes that leaving the US to reside in the Dominican Republic would save him from the grip of US authorities, he is mistaken. That’s because the Dominican Republic has an extradition agreement with the US. 

It’s quite common among scammers and criminals to avoid jail time by fleeing to another country. For example, Samir Azizi Dubai was trying to flee to Dubai when he was arrested by the US authorities. The fraudster was facing multiple criminal charges in Europe. 

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His social media posts revealed that he is hiding out in Las Terranas. 

How Justin Halladay Scammed People With CashFX Group:

Justin Halladay and Huascar Lopez launched CashFX in 2019. The company didn’t sell any products. Instead, it sold its affiliate membership and then its MLM scheme to others. 

According to the company, its affiliate investment gave people access to “Trade Academy Education Packages”. 

Furthermore, the company claimed to offer 400% ROI on its investments and the maximum ROI one could potentially get was capped at 15% a week. 

The structure was like this:

$300 Invested Amount300 Package
$500 Invested Amount500 Package
$1000 Invested Amount1K Package
$2000 Invested Amount2K Package
$5000 Invested Amount5K Package
$10,000 Invested Amount10K Package
$20,000 Invested Amount20K Package
$30,000 Invested Amount30K Package
$50,000 Invested Amount50K Package
$100,000 Invested Amount100K Package

Above, you see the table of their investment packages you could buy to get their “Affiliate Returns”. 

The company claimed to offer 200% ROI on affiliate returns while 400% ROI on its MLM section. 

Clearly, the promises of Justin Halladay’s company were extremely lucrative. The company claimed that your investment package would expire when either 200% affiliate returns or 400% MLM commissions were earned. 

To get subsequent returns, the company required you purchase a new package. 

The MLM Structure of CashFX:

At CashFX Group, there were 7 ranks one could attain:

AffiliateSign up and buy a CashFX package
ExecutiveMaintain a 1K or higher package, recruit and maintain 3 active members and produce 7000 group volume
ManagerMaintain a 1K or higher package, recruit and maintain 2 Executive or higher members, produce 25,000 group volume
DirectorMaintain a 1K or higher package, recruit and maintain 2 Manager or higher members, produce 100,000 group volume
President ClubMaintain a 1K or higher package, recruit and maintain 3 Director or higher members, produce 500,000 group volume
AmbassadorMaintain a 1K or higher package, recruit and maintain 3 President Club or higher members, produce 2,000,000 group volume
Global AmbassadorMaintain a 1K or higher package, recruit and maintain 2 Ambassador or higher members, produce 5,000,000 group volume

The personal volume of every investment package at Justin Halladay’s firm was half of its investment requirement. So, it was something like this: 

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300 Investment Package150 Personal Volume
500 Investment Package250 Personal Volume
1K Investment Package500 Personal Volume
2K Investment Package1000 Personal Volume
5K Investment Package2500 Personal Volume
10K Investment Package5000 Personal Volume
20K Investment Package10,000 Personal Volume
30K Investment Package15,000 Personal Volume
50K Investment Package25,000 Personal Volume
100K Investment Package50,000 Personal Volume

Commission at CashFX:

Justin’s company claimed to offer 50% commission on the funds of your personally recruited affiliates. You would get 50% of the personal volume you generate in this company. So, if you sold a 1K package, it would generate 500 PV and you would get $250. 

Every pyramid scheme is structured in levels where the person at the top gets the most returns. CashFX was no exception. 

To make itself sound lucrative, it had a clearly laid out level-structure. 

It’s a pretty common scheme. You start at level 0 and the people you recruit would be on level 1 (for you). The people your level 1 affiliates recruit would be on level 2 and so forth. 

Almost all MLM scams such as OmegaPro and Yolllo follow structures like this. 

The level-based commission structure in this scam by Justin Halladay was:

Affiliate10% on level 1 – 4
Executive10% on level 1 – 4 and 20% on level 5 and 6
Manager10% on level 1 – 4, 20% on level 5 & 6, 5% on levels 7 and 8
Director10% on level 1 – 4, 20% on levels 5 & 6, 5% on levels 7 – 9
President Club10% on level 1 – 4, 20% on levels 5 & 6, 5% on levels 7 – 10, 1% from level 11
Ambassador10% on level 1 – 4, 20% on levels 5 & 6, 5% on levels 7 – 10, 1.5% from level 11
Global Ambassador10% on level 1 – 4, 20% on levels 7 & 8, 5% on levels 7 – 10 and 2% from level 11

So, How Did Justin Halladay Make Money from This Scam?

Although CashFX made numerous promises and claims about how much returns it would offer, the truth is, it was a Ponzi scheme. 

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A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent scheme which pays existing investors in a nonexistent enterprise with the funds it collects from new investors. 

justin halladay

CashFX never had a product of its own. It paid its older investors by using the funds it received from its new recruits. Eventually, the recruitment process slowed down and the company couldn’t pay its investors. 

Every Ponzi scheme follows this structure. This is why you should be extremely wary of any new investment scheme claiming to offer unrealistic returns. 

A similar scam is LyoPay, an online Ponzi scheme posing as a crypto venture. The promoter of that scam is Luiz Goes and it uses the same tactics Jusin Halladay was using to promote CashFX.

MLM scams tend to succeed by targeting vulnerable sections and making false promises to customers. They make their compensation plan highly lucrative on paper and make it seem as if the company will never fail. 

People end up investing a lot of money hoping they would get double or in this case quadruple of what they invested. However, the returns are never so impressive. 

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In most cases, the company stops paying its investors after 1 or 2 installments. Many of their investors never receive any payments from the company at all. In the next section of this writeup you’ll read about how much damage Justin Halladay has caused through this scam:

What Victims of Justin Halladay Are Saying Online (CashFX Reviews):

Over the years, Justin Halladay and his company have scammed thousands of investors all across the planet. Below is a collection of some of their complaints to give you an idea of what they went through: 

“Absolute Scam”

justin halladay victim

Andrew says that CashFX is an absolute scam. Its “leaders” are gone already and have moved onto the next money-making scheme. Andrew points out that the company’s leadership was full of crooks and they will face the consequences of their actions some day. 

Justin Halladay’s Company Doesn’t Let People Withdraw

justin halladay victim 2

Here, the reviewer points out that Justin Halladay’s company is a major scam. The user points out that at first, he was able to get half of his initial deposit back. But when his investment grew by 240%, he was unable to make any withdrawals .

The reviewer says the company is a big scam.

“CashFX is an Absolute Scam”

justin halladay victim 3

Chuck points out that the company is fraudulent. He has been waiting for more than a year to get a payout but it doesn’t happen. 

Chuck highlights that it’s impossible to even get an indication of when and if there will be any future payouts. The company advertises itself well but doesn’t keep to any of its promises, says Chuck. He calls it an absolute scam like other CashFX reviews. 

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James Halladay’s Company Didn’t Give a Single Penny in Payout

justin halladay cashfx

James highlights that his boss decided it would be better to direct all future bonuses and rewards from Justin Halladay’s firm. James points out that it was a horrible decision. He refused to join after doing a little research himself. 

James didn’t get any bonus but the rest of the team joined the scheme. None of them received a penny.  

James highlights that he feels bad for them. He recommends avoiding any similar scams that seem too good to be true. 

Reviewer Calls Out Justin Halladay’s Fake Reviews

justin halladay cashfx 2

Zac warns other reviewers to avoid reading the fake 5-star CashFX reviews. He says “make no mistake, this company is a SCAM”. 

Zac highlights that although the weekly returns look good on paper, you would never see a single cent. Also, you wouldn’t be able to make any withdrawals. He suggested running away from Justin Halladay’s company. 

Another CashFX Review Exposing the Scam

justin halladay cashfx 3

Johnny points out that his friend introduced him to this company a year ago. He heard the sales pitch and explained that it’s literally impossible for a trading company to offer such returns. 

The company claimed that it made 1% returns per day. They even showed him a data sheet to “prove” that they were making profits every single day. Certainly, Justin had prepared the company’s marketing pitch well. 

Johnny explained that it was impossible because nobody can win every single day. In response, the CashFX marketers told him that they do lose every day but their wins are more so there’s always a net gain. 

So, Johny invested $500 to test it out. Surely, he was earning returns every single day until he doubled the money. 

However, when he tried to make a withdrawal, it never arrived. CashFX showed it as “pending”. 

Johny feels bad for the people who are still falling for this scam. Also, he points out that Justin Halladay’s marketers are adding fake reviews on CashFX. 

More CashFX Reviews Exposing Justin Halladay’s Shady Practices:

justin halladay cashfx
justin halladay cashfx 5
justin halladay cashfx 6
justin halladay cashfx 7
Justin halladay
Justin halladay
Justin halladay 2
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Where is Justin Halladay Now?

It seems like Justin has begun using the money he made from CashFX to launch new scams. He is now promoting himself as the President of JJ3B LLC. 


Also, his LinkedIn profile doesn’t mention his involvement in the notorious CashFX scam. 

Instead, he claims to be the President and Founder of Children 4 Christ. It seems like he is using religion to peddle his new scams, which is not a good sign.

According to his online claims, his new venture, JJ3B LLC, is a blockchain company. 


Justin Halladay made millions by scamming people through CashFX. The company has been in the industry since 2019 and has succeeded in stealing from thousands of victims. 

Now, he has run off to the Dominican Republic to avoid the jaws of US authorities. 

There are plenty of scammers who use this tactic to avoid the grasp of legal agencies. For example, Kalpesh Patel is a scammer responsible for a total of $600 million of losses. 

He fled to Dubai after scamming victims in multiple countries. 

Another similar scammer is Lee Oakey. He ran the notorious Ponzi scheme USI Tech. 

If you are a victim of CashFX and Justin Halladay, please share this article with others. It would help raise awareness against this fraudster. 

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Justin Halladay was one of the key people behind the notorious CashFX scam. Now he launching new scams through his company JJ3B LLC. Beware of this fraudster!

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  1. Interpol should arrest him. He shouldn’t be allowed to open new companies and scam more people. There should be limits to such things.

  2. 1

    Yes a seasoned ponzi pimp ! Please report him – he will only keep stealing! Hides behind religion! Lowest of low! I am a disciple of his and i admit to stealing but not on his scale! Regards Ponzi Pete

    + PROS: Taught me how to scam people in Australia. Taught me to say " don't invest more than you can afford to lose"
    - CONS: Fake Not his first scam
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  3. 0.75

    Justin Halladay is among the biggest fraudsters out there. Because of him and cashfx, I lost so many friends and capital. They promised that we will get regular payments but they were lying. No wonder he ran off to some unknown countries. People here would eat him alive.

    Helpful(1) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  4. 0.6

    CashFX made me lose over a thousand dollars a month in 2021.

    They are some of the most selfish and heartless people I have ever worked with.

    I had no idea Justin was the man running everything. Glad to see some people are speaking out against the scammer.

    Helpful(1) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  5. 0.6

    “Get more recruits, get more recruits” I was so tired of hearing this from my upline.

    I approached all of my friends, some of them even invested. None of us got paid.

    CashFX was probably the biggest scam of the last few years. There needs to be a serious investigation into this entire scheme. Our agencies couldn’t be so incompetent!

    + PROS: none
    - CONS: scammed me and my friends
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  6. You’re telling me that Justin has launched another company?! What about the investors of CashFX? Did he just forget about all of them?

  7. 0.6

    I regret giving this guy my money. I was one of those gullible investors who were lured in by CashFX and its lucrative promises. They stole a couple thousand dollars from me.

    Didn’t even get a penny in payouts from that investment.

    Helpful(2) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  8. 0.85

    CashFX stole from me. I had invested with them a while back and never got any payments. Justin Halladay needs to be put under arrest for defrauding so many people.

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