Kamiri Gaulden: NBA YoungBoy’s Latest Review 2023

Did you know about The YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s son Kamiri Gaulden?

Many of you do not know who YoungBoy Never Broke Again.

Kamiri Gaulden is a famous rapper, Music Composer, and singer in America.

After Kamiri Gaulden’s triumph, His son was born ‘Kamiri Gaulden’ was his third child habitually in the public eye. His splendid lifestyle inherits from his father.

As Kamiri Gaulden is not a popular rapper or singer like his father.

K3 is another name for Kamiri, as he is 3 years old and living with his young ones, there are many more interesting things that we are going to know about Kashmiri and his family members.

Kamiri Gaulden’s family consists of his mother, father, and two younger siblings. They spend their days playing, exploring, and foraging for food. Kamiri is an active and curious bear who loves to climb trees and explore new places. As he grows older, he will learn important skills from his parents, such as how to hunt and protect himself from predators. Kamiri and his family are a vital part of the ecosystem in Kashmir, and we can learn much from observing their behavior in the wild.

K3 The third kid of the NBA:

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Kamiri was born on 6 July 2017. As he is evolving into a famous musician Starr Dejanee.

But the reality is that NBA and Starr are no longer in the relationship, so Kamiri is the small link that connects them.

With these means, Kashmiri enjoys the love of both parents. Spent lots of time with them.

There is no interrelationship between Kamron Gaulden mother of Kashmiri and the NBA, She is overcome by the licentiousness of his father.

Even though the NBA cares about its child and does everything to strengthen him.

K3’s father has 7 children.

The captivating outlook that all NBA children come up with various confederations. Kamron is not the biological child of the NBA.

NBA AND NISHA Relationship.

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Kayden Gaulden is the first child of NBA and NISHA. Kayden was born on 4 July 2016 when NBA was 16 years old. This shows that NBA has a connection with their ex-girlfriend which results in the birth of Kayden.

But the sad reality is that there are No longer relationships between NISHA and NBA. Kayden is now 4 years old and started his life journey with his father.


Niya is another lover of the NBA, who gives birth to his second child Taylin Gaulden. He was born on March 19 2017 in Louisiana, in the United States.

But now NBA and NIYA are not in touch.

Things you should know about Kamiri’s younger Brother.

The mother of Kamiri gave birth to Harmon, but a DNA test reveals that Harmon is not a child of Kamiri’s mother.

NBA said that Kamron was the real child of Kimri’s mother. He is not ready to believe that Cameron is not his child.

This controversy spreads all over social media.

Posted some thoughts on social media “I want to be the first to let you know that I have officially discovered that baby k isn’t my child but as the man I’m, I will continue to raise him as if he were mine. I can’t lie; it hurts to learn the truth, but life goes on”.

NBA with Drea Symone

NBA and Drea Simone gave birth to Kodi Capri on November 26, 2020.

The news was spread over social media through the Instagram post Drea in which she posted a picture of her daughter’s hands.

NBA had a relationship with Yaya Mayweather who was the daughter of Floyd Mayweather. Now NBA became the Seventh Child father which was the result of their relationship.

These are only rumors which were spread by Floyd Mayweather, nothing else.

But the fact is that there are no more children after his sixth child.

The Instagram handle of Kamiri Gaulden:

Kamiri is active on social media. He has his own Instagram account. He had over 700 to 800 followers. In most of their posts, Kamiri was with his mother, which shows the strong bond between them.

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