Kapil Gupta – Siddha Performance Review 2024

Who is Kapil Gupta?

Kapil Gupta is an “executive coach” who left the field of medicine, to give out life advice to others. Kapil Gupta was in the field of medicine for over 20 years. Kapil Gupta was a pathologist and used to be affiliated with Atrium Health-Cabarrus. Kapil Gupta graduated with honors in 1995 receiving his medical degree from St. George’s University School of Medicine – a Caribbean Medical school in West Indies, Grenada. Kapil Gupta then did his internship at West Virginia University, then did his residency at Vidant Medical Center/East Carolina University, and his fellowship at Ohio State University Hospital. Kapil Gupta is currently licensed to practice medicine in North Carolina and Ohio.

Kapil Gupta likely saw making easy money from giving out life advice to be much more comfortable and much less effort than working long hours of being a doctor for probably less than what he makes now from his overpriced coaching and products.
Kapil Gupta was originally born in India and raised in Toronto, Canada then moved to work in Concord, North Carolina, and now lives in Florida, Palm Beach Gardens.
Kapil Gupta was born on August 9th, 1969. Kapil Gupta is married to Aradhana Patel Gupta who he met in med school and has 2 sons – Aman Gupta and Abhay Gupta, who are both golfers.

Kapil’s websites and Twitter:
https://twitter.com/KapilGuptaMD – current Twitter
https://twitter.com/KapilGuptaMDpvt – his private Twitter with his loyal 30 followers.
https://twitter.com/siddhaper4mance – previous Twitter

First of all, understand this isn’t a critique of his work as much as it is of him and his grifting. You may find some value in his work if you haven’t already heard all this basic stuff before. The most common reason why some are so impressed by his work is that this sort of stuff is so secluded. But what Kapil has done is taken a bunch of work from the likes of Jed Mckenna, Advaita Vedanta, and ancient zen masters and mixed them all together and put them in his own words.

Kapil Gupta’s products:
Kapil sells a bunch of approx 5-10 minutes short podcasts for $500 EACHhttps://kapilgupta.podia.com
Kapil Gupta sells a monthly subscription for $1000
And most wild of all Kapil asks for SIX FIGURE pledges to a category of his content.

Read his https://www.siddhaperformance.com/about/
Siddha Performance is the only company in the world devoted to achieving world-class performance through mind transcendence.”
it sounds like a Résumé/Curriculum vitae (CV). He’s trying to portray a particular unique impressive image of himself to the reader.
His website also includes the typical marketing strategy of having testimonials (and we all know testimonials nearly always only show the good side). Also, the testimonials he has displayed is an extremely low sample size.
Kapil claims most of his clients are world elites but no one really knows if this is true and it hasn’t been proven yet.

Kapil Guptal’s own words:
“The ultimate marketing comes from not wanting to sell at all”
-“It’s about recognizing that the thing you’re selling is invaluable and placing any price at all on it is an insult”
-“All marketing is a scam because the people doing it are doing it for the sole purpose of selling”
-“If you have something truly valuable, you won’t have to resort to trying to convince someone to buy it”

Kapil Gupta correctly points out other scams but don’t let it fool you.

Kapil Gupta is right that nearly all other self-help gurus, spiritual gurus, motivational speakers, and the like are all scammers but don’t let that fool you into thinking he’s any different in that regard. Just because Kapil Gupta has hundreds or thousands of free public discourses that doesn’t mean much. It’s no different from the self-help youtubers who post hundreds of self-help videos while having their paid courses in the description.

Kapil Gupta

Kapil Gupta’s work is a bunch of new age repackaging of advaita vedanta (a Hindu sadhana), previous Indian spiritual gurus (such as Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Jiddu Krishnamurti, UG Krishnamurti, Osho, etc.) and ancient Chinese/Japanese-style writings without attribution.

Now the stuff that Kapil Gupta is saying isn’t widely reiterated in the self-help/spiritual space, but he’s still reiterating stuff other people have taught (not that there’s anything wrong with that). And I will even say that I enjoy the long audio podcast format (I’m referring to the hour-long free podcasts with people such as Moe Abdou, NOT the $500 several-minute-long short podcasts) of some of his talks but he could at least give attribution to where it’s due. Kapil’s paid content is more words expanding on his free content. If you ever think about paying for it, go read all of Jed McKenna’s books first (it’s the same stuff but for free or less money).

  • Kapil Gupta’s followers think that he has transcended his mind while Kapil constantly shows frustration at questions in Twitter spaces and tells stories about how he gets mad in situations such as when his son came 2nd in a gold tournament when he felt his son was screwed over by a referee.
  • Kapil Gupta’s Twitter following grew marginally after Naval Ravikant did a podcast with him. It seems most of Kapil Gupta’s followers are people who follow Naval and don’t realize that Naval pretty much goes against the very things Kapil Gupta says, as he constantly hands out prescriptions as advice. And at the same time, since a lot of people trust the Naval they seem to also use that as reassurance that Kapil Gupta is legit.
  • If only 22 people on Earth are Serious enough for Truth. And Kapil Gupta has hundreds of devotees pledging him $1000 per month. Then, statistically his premium subscribers are a hopeless lot.
  • Kapil Gupta’s Marketing trick: Teasing is more effective than Promising!
    If you tease an event, then more people will attend than if you promise it. Kapil Gupta’s followers probably believe they are graced with his good mood whenever he does a Q&A.
  • Kapil Gupta renames ‘technique’ to ‘system’ and then admits that techniques/systems work extremely well.
  • If you look through Kapil Gupta’s previous tweets from both his current account and old account you can find that he was spamming his discourses to hundreds of famous people – from Indian actors and actresses to elite Tennis players like Federer and Nadal. He was even asking Tony Robbins to retweet a link to one of his discourses. Why would someone who claims his work isn’t for the masses do all that?
  • There are a few things that are either unverifiable/unfalsifiable and Kapil simply dodges that by claiming people have “truth receptors”

Kapil Gupta’s marketing

Kapil Gupta said in one of his direct truths that he doesn’t create catchy headlines yet almost every discourse title pretty much seems like it’s trying to be catchy. And you can tell in the discourses that the poetic style of writing sounds so cosmetic. You can also compare the 2 pictures below to see how he dressed up smartly and took a nice picture to support his marketing. There’s nothing wrong with marketing but as Kapil says himself, you wouldn’t need to do any convincing if your product was truly great.

How Kapil Gupta lives

Kapil Gupta doesn’t exercise or meditate and barely socializes.
Now there’s nothing wrong with not doing any of those but it just adds up to the whole anti-self-improvement attitude.

Kapil Gupta: “If you are looking to improve your health, why would you want to improve the health of a body that is going to, certainly, and undeniably die?”
I understand Kapil’s point but from where he’s coming from it sounds like he’s trying to use it as a coping mechanism for not doing any exercise.

Kapil Gupta’s son has a coach

Kapil’s son Aman Gupta is a decent young golf player. And Kapil’s followers immediately think oh that must mean Kapil’s wisdom “works”, while not realizing that Aman has his coach – Sean Foley Performance (Priced at $42,000 for non-club members and $25,000 for club members) and that coach was Tiger Wood’s former coach. So if you’re wondering where Kapil’s money goes, now you have an idea. Aman is practicing his swing technique with his $1000/hr golf coach. Meanwhile, Kapil is soliciting private discourse subscribers. Coincidence?

Kapil has tweeted:
-Much of the hiring of “coaches” is, fundamentally, an attempt to Buy Success. And such things cannot be bought.
-To become a Legend. Two forms of protection are required. Protection from instructors and coaches. And protection from one’s own beliefs and opinions.

There is a potential business strategy in that instead of trying to get a couple of hundred bucks out of a few hundred/thousand people, it’s much more money to get a million bucks out of a single/couple multi-millionaire/billionaire. It’s an easy cop-out for Kapil to say he’s not trying to convince anyone of anything and that he’s just stating the truth but if you look at his previous sites, the attempt to convince is blatant (yes humans technically can’t be convinced since they’ve already made up their minds on things but it is possible to persuade/indoctrinate people who are sitting on the fence for certain things).

Also, it can be both – convincing and true (you can attempt to convince someone to understand a truth). It’s an easy cop-out for KG to say “Money = sincerity” which regardless of being true, can easily be used as a defense to make money from his customers.

Most self-help gurus have this scheme where they sell one thing for a ridiculous amount of money which is marketed towards rich people to grab huge amounts of money and then sell other things for less money which is marketed towards the average person who can afford it – which can be seen with Kapil’s 6 figure pledges and $500 direct truth podcasts.

Even though he’s saying it’s because it shows a level of seriousness and sincerity, it’s still indeed getting big money from the rich. So there’s a clear potential ulterior motive here. Kapil once said he’s trying to figure out the way to get the most for doing the least work – after hearing that, his setting up 6-figure pledges is unsurprising. All it takes is one rich person to pledge 6 figure amount and Kapil is settled for some years.

This is just a straight-up prescription by Kapil

https://web.archive.org/web/20201205143503/https://www.kapilguptamd.com/2016/07/18/the-incredible-90-second-stress-cure-for-world-class-executives/ If it was anyone else who would have advised to tell your mind to chill out, Kapil would have ridiculed it and dismissed it as a prescription so I think some prescriptions, even for the mind, are effective. Things like getting enough sun, exercise, etc. Seeking truth can be a prescription but if done sincerely can be very effective.

It would be a cop-out to just say that was a few years ago and that he has deleted that discourse and that he is now a lot different from how he was a few years ago. Sure that might be true but he also claimed he has been on this truth devotion for over 20 years and was seen tweeting about the stuff back in 2012. You may also be different a few years from now and change some of your views which is completely understandable but in this space of giving out advice and acting like whatever you say is true, it shows your thoughts have not completely matured if they’re changing.

Kapil’s Twitter History

There are way too many tweets to show everything so here are just a few things.

https://mobile.twitter.com/KapilGuptaMD/status/1480569354903244805 – Kapil trying to threaten people who are selling his work. If he didn’t care about making money if all he cared about was the truth then why would he care if others were spreading his teachings while making money from it?
https://mobile.twitter.com/KapilGuptaMD/status/576247272343646208 – Kapil randomly tweets the late Thich Nhat Hanh asking whether he has attained enlightenment. When people ask Kapil this, he’s always quick to resort to how will it matter to others whether he has or not.

Kapil randomly tweets to Joe Rogan and then someone questions him, to which Kapil replies by asking whether it’s a comment in the form of a question, the person then replies by asking whether Kapil’s original post to Rogan was also a comment in the form of a question. And of course, Kapil dodges that and just posts about the truth instead.

Kapil randomly tweets “sweet girl” almost a month later than the original tweet of some actress.
Kapil randomly tweets “sweet girl” almost half a year later than the original tweet of someone with over 100k followers.

Kapil randomly advertising his book to a bunch of famous people/someone with a large following (there are way too many to include all the tweets)
“If you like Osho, this takes it to the next level. Namaste”

Kapil’s book

Kapil’s latest book “Wisdom For A King” was priced at $250. It is 68 pages with a bunch of lines with only a few words each, with triple-spacing in between each line and quintuple spacing for new paragraphs. Sure more words/pages don’t make a book better but the book is a re-skinned perspective of his other work. There is nothing new. It is the same format as his “A Master’s Secret Whispers:” book which is just $10. And it pretty much mimics the information in that book just from a different perspective.

There are no new unique insights. The message is the same across all his content. After a while of exposing yourself to Kapil’s work, after you’ve consumed all the main points. There’s no point in keeping up with the latest discourse. Kapil of course tries to keep his followers engaged with his work by preaching about repeated exposure but all one needs to do to repeatedly expose themselves is to have a summary of the main teachings and go over those instead of loading up Kapil’s website every day to check if there’s a new discourse.

A common trap that Kapil followers fall into

A common trap to fall into while being new to Kapil’s work is thinking this “Truth” stuff is so awesome and you feel a sense of pleasure and think you’re lucky to find such wisdom. Some years later you’ll realize that Kapil’s work became your new “self-help” even though he’ll continuously preach against self-help and spirituality. Just because his work may have helped you don’t be so attached to it – understand that many people were helped by even the biggest fake self-help gurus. So it if helped you then cool but understand just because it helped you doesn’t mean you should worship him or his work and go around posting “Wow this is such great wisdom” That’s how cults form.

If you enjoy his work then keep reading/listening to the free stuff. If the hundreds of public discourses did not help you reach ultimate freedom and arrival then what makes you think extra material will (perhaps because the free public discourses helped you a bit, you then think the paid stuff will help even more – this is the basic way of thinking that all those self-help consumers fall into). If you crave the paid content then you can find a few people on his subreddit that offer it ALL for around $20.

Some people there are charging way more and they’ll use whatever excuse about “sincerity” just like Kapil does but don’t ever pay more than $50. These grifters from the Kapil subreddit will charge thousands of bucks claiming that paying $20 doesn’t show the same desperation – but then who’s to say that spending $1000 or $2000 will be enough to show desperation either? Kapil offers a much higher price for his work, claiming that’s the amount for sincerity. So it’s all pretty subjective as to what is too little and what’s a good amount that shows sincerity – when it’s also all relative to an individual (for instance $2000 is barely anything to a multi-millionaire).

Money as sincerity
There’s the argument that it’s like Placebo where one perceives the paid content as precious and follows the advice and becomes extremely rich or at peace or whatever it is, whereas the other will not change anything, as he isn’t valuing that content as wisdom.

Paying hundreds COULD make someone feel like they can’t allow that money to go to waste and therefore be driven to accomplish whatever set goal. The problem with that kind of thinking is that a few years later or perhaps even a few months later, they can lose all that drive and get complacent then start to fall back downhill. Also then again some people pay hundreds or thousands to some self-help program or pick-up artist boot camp and still don’t make any change – therefore paying money doesn’t guarantee sincerity, at most it may slightly increase it though it may not even do that either.

Marketing 101
It’s a common marketing start to have an incredible ridiculously high price for a product and then put it on a huge discount the discount price is still extremely high but a lot of consumers don’t realize it and think it’s a massive bargain. Kapil does this with his “Siddha arrival” pledges where at times he made it 7 figures and then brought it back down to 6 figures.

Another common marketing strat is to make the product seem extremely scarce and generally speaking people tend to perceive scarce things as more valuable than things in abundance. Kapil does this by claiming that he doesn’t just accept anyone rich and claiming that he has rejected some rich applicants and tries to make it seem that only those who are incredibly rare individuals get accepted making it seem like some sort of secret club to get consumers more intrigued.

He is differentiating himself from the rest of the self-help industry which he also basically belongs to. Of course, he would criticize all others in his market space and say he is the only real deal. This is Marketing 101. He is not selling kitchen cabinets.

If Kapil doesn’t care about making money from the truth then why did he tweet this – https://mobile.twitter.com/KapilGuptaMD/status/1480569354903244805
he claims he hired a team of attorneys to prosecute people who resell his work (most likely a scare tactic). Let me make it clear there’s nothing wrong in wanting to make money (as Kapil says there’s no right or wrong) and Kapil is free to sell his stuff at whatever price he wishes to do so – but I’m just pointing out how it’s basically a rip-off and you can find almost identical information elsewhere for free, and even in Kapil’s free content.

Kapil Gupta’s main target

KAPIL’S MAIN TARGET FOR SCAMMING IS SUCCESSFUL UNHAPPY PEOPLE. These people feel as though they’re missing something in life or they’re unhappy or feel empty, and they’ve read a little bit of Kapil’s work and now they feel there’s a way out of the misery and at the same time they’re wealthy enough to dish out huge amounts of money and so they take the chance with Kapil. There is a way out of the misery but paying Kapil won’t guarantee it.

There’s a simple reason why people keep some content behind a paid wall – they want money. If they really had other people’s best interest or wanted to help others or was just doing it solely to express “truth” then they wouldn’t keep any content behind a paid wall. And the first thing these grifters will reply saying is they’re doing it for both X reason and money – which is understandable if you’re selling a book for a normal price but different when selling exorbitant courses and products.

Kapil Gupta is a good salesman. He exploits the notion of “seriousness” for money and cultish purposes. Other than that, I’m pretty fond of his perspective on things, though I’ve heard all this stuff before from the work of ancient masters. However, from what I’ve noticed in his Twitter spaces is that he appreciates the questions that parrot his teachings, the most. The question could be a regurgitated version of Kapil’s POV, and he would then thank the interviewer for how honest and serious they are. Also, his idea of dedication to a craft can be misleading.

I know it’s just one way to live “Mushin” (mental state of no mind), but if you don’t want to do anything, that would be a dead end. He speaks about what it is that you cannot imagine yourself not becoming. What if that thing is nothing? And what if that thing you’re imagining is part of the manufactured self? That could very well be plausible. And then you waste away your life working hard towards that thing, fooling yourself that it’s not “hard work” because it’s the thing you’ve always wanted, etc.

Kapil says his target is truly sincere serious people but if that were the case why would he be spamming Amazon links to his books to people like Nick Cannon? Does he think Nick Cannon is a truly sincere serious person? Does he even know Nick Cannon on a deep enough level to be able to read into his sincerity?

Since Kapil is still fairly unknown in comparison to others in the same space, most people viewing this will likely be Kapil followers and therefore post comments in his defense. If any of them were devoted to seeing the truth then they’d be able to see the money-hungry side of Kapil and once again there’s no right or wrong to that, but I’m just posting this so people can be aware before making their decision of paying anything to him.

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1.7 Total Score
Verdict: Manipulative Sales Man

Kapil Gupta tries to portray himself as someone who knows more than anyone else about life while not giving direct clear attributes to where he learned much of the stuff he talks about. Kapil tries to make money from selling "truth" in various forms from paid discourses to several minute long podcasts and more. His free content is okay but I would strongly advise everyone to avoid paying for any of the extra stuff.

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  1. Sorry but if you think he’s not doing this for money then you do not see what is going on. Any amount of mental gymnastics to argue that it’s not for money won’t work.

    A bunch of evidence by others here to show that it is for money. But allow me to add an another: https://x.com/search?q=%22read+this%22+%28from%3Asiddhaper4mance%29&src=typed_query&f=live

    The reason I mention the above is because Kapil says when he writes he isn’t recommending anything. However, posting to a bunch of people to “read this” comes across as a recommendation by the way of the English language. And the only reason to recommend your work to others is for emotional gain or financial gain or to grow your followers. If it was solely just for truth’s sake and for himself and truth being a solitary pursuit and not needing anyone to see what he writes then he wouldn’t be recommending or telling people to read his work.

    One can try to argue that he isn’t recommending anything and that you’re just prescriptionizing what he said HOWEVER if you read the words “as it is” as he says his words are just written as they are, then you can come to see that it appears as a recommendation. Reminder that in the podcast he did with Sukun Chopra she said something and he said “it SUGGESTS…”. Reminder that in one of his clubhouse sessions someone asked “don’t you think…” and he responded that it sounds like the questioner wants him to agree with him on something. Now I completely agree with Kapil on those that it does suggest and sound like those things, but the same applies to Kapil when he says “read this” – that comes across as a recommendation.

    If it wasn’t a recommendation then instead it would make sense to write “perhaps you would like to read this” or “you might like to read this” (actually he has said this before too so in those particular cases it isn’t a clear recommendation). But when you say “read this” that’s different. And if you try to contend otherwise that Kapil didn’t mean it like that then perhaps the same can be said about Sukun Chopra and others when they say something that Kapil says suggest/sounds like something.

  2. 0.5

    Hi admin, I’ve made a post 5-6 days ago… please approve that… sincerely

    “Hi everybody, I had to take this from my heart…
    First – thanks all of you for sharing their (honest) opinions & commentaries; I have closely read every word a couple of times, after a hunch I had, and no surprise, I’m not the only one..
    While I didn’t pay even a cent for any of Kapil Gupta’s content, I did lost a lot of time in the “FANTASTIC WORLD OF TRUTH SEEKING” poetically painted by KG.
    Like o couple of other “devoted followers” I did create a nice library with already 600+ of his free & deleted discourses, blog posts, all books, podcasts + transcripts, notes > all the shenanigans…
    I did found Kapil’s work, thru a Naval podcast, somewhere in 2021, and never been exposed to this kind of work, he made sense, sounded good; and slowly replaced all the “self-help” with truth-seeking…
    While I never ever in my life had any questions about these kind of matters (like the ones presented by the DOC) – I’ve probably start/kept “consuming” KG. work just like any other “entertainment” but this time high-quality-entertainment, and felt like I was part of a select CLUB of only serious human beings that are devoted to searching for/the truth in anything – but that unfortunately turned out to be a CULT, how ironic… 🙂
    While I did learn a couple of concepts like : seeking truth, healthy skepticism, everything is a scam, prescriptions, ARRIVAL x SYSTEM(S), LEGENDARY (ONE OF A KIND) among a handful others – NOW looking back, it’s nothing new under the sun, and spending so much time with “he’s work” – just kept me stuck in the same place – But I couldn’t help myself, I was under a spell and now I can see why; He used a certain vocabulary (just like JK did) and while he’s intentions where not necessary impure, where not pure either, he gaslighted some of us into :
    thinking he is one of the few that knows that much, about real matters and life
    he’s the authority when it comes to truth, and always follow TRUTH inc. aka KAPIL
    continuous exposure to he’s books and content… and nothing else (because everything else is a scam)
    if “we don’t get it” – we don’t have that special DNA – we are frauds… not sincere – NORMIES
    and many others… like you all already KNOW…
    While I’m pretty good at detecting scams/scammers/unserious people – KG. was/is very very good… I easily said pass to works of A. de Mello, OSHO, Jiddu K, Jed McKenna, Tolle, Watts, among many other “new-agers and spiritual teachers”
    The only thing I am grateful for is that while reading KAPIL I always said to myself that he’s def. has / is copying others, and to my astonishment GOD send me a sign : UG. Krishnamurti =))) and while I can’t def. say he’s copying a lot of UG’s work (he is), UG is the one and only, original, natural, spontaneous, never wrote books, sell anything and one can find at least 500 original clips on YT with UG in various situations and conversations… compared to KG. which sincerely at some point I joked about that he could / might be an AI-generated truth-seeking influencer of some sorts… NOT REAL!
    KG. also said many times how much time he lost trying to find the truth about many things he wanted to know – and nobody knew anything – That could probably transformed him into a frustrated-fat-ass hiding behind a laptop, creating perfect catchy titles and content to fish-out suckers and part them with their money… but I want to point out that TIME is more important than MONEY… and ONE that has a lot can part easily with them $… the PROBLEM with KG. work from my POV is that one can get sucked into for years or life… in a merry-go-round; he’s giving you “truths” while you fool yourself…
    ANYWAY… In conclusion I want to thank KAPIL GUPTA for he’s work and this blog post because I’ve finally understand that If one really wants something in this life he shouldn’t trust anyone but him-self, and KAPIL pointed this out a million times already… (I give him credit for that)
    While I never had issues in craft or life (always pure play) – exposing myself to works like KG. gave me so much DEPRESSION + FOMO – THE FOMO IS REAL, and this is def. from the style of he’s writing; not your fault Kapil – but I’ll be better without you from now on, I’ve always been!
    (Kapil if you are reading this) Thank you very much – because after only 1 day since I’ve read this full blog + comments, I easily deleted all the books, libraries, medias, files, notes etc. I can’t get my time back and it would be foolish on my side to spend more time with “YOU” !
    Hope more and more people find about this blog/guy and “save themselves” before wasting more energy, time or money… and hope KG. will come clean someday or just stop posting “BS” like he always said he will do one-day…
    PS: if one would trust/understand what UG has always said then > “THERE IS NO MIND” – “MIND IS A MYTH” – “THOUGHT IS THE ENEMY” – “COURAGE TO STAND ALONE” —> these alone could/would CANCEL KAPIL’S GUPTA full body of work… because he’s full work is just about other “HIGHER-CHASES” – like > MIND-TRANSCENDENCE AND PERCEPTION TRAINING, TRUTH/REALITY among many – that could possible/probably not exist…
    PPS: Everything is a SCAM – including you KAPIL GUPTA – The world is a business, I’m not surprised… anymore… I put to much trust in you, I’ve fooled myself…
    PPPS: Would advise anyone still consuming KG content to keep a journal about insights on how one feels while reading his work…”

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  3. Admin, I’ve made a post 5-6 days ago, still not approved…

    “Hi everybody, I had to take this from my heart…
    First – thanks all of you for sharing their (honest) opinions & commentaries; I have closely read every word a couple of times, after a hunch I had, and no surprise, I’m not the only one..”

  4. Let’s assume Kapil is a rare human being.

    His fans, followers, people who pay for his work, are not rare human beings.

    Just ask yourself, did Kapil ever pledge 5 or 6 figures to some other guy to expose himself to Truth? Did Kapil ever buy a bunch of $500 ~5-10 minutes soliloquy short-podcasts?

    The insights just came to Kapil himself because he supposedly has rare DNA for Truth. For people without that DNA, nothing is going to happen no matter how much they expose themselves to truth – because they don’t have the DNA to imbibe it and because DNA to change would also be DNA.

    And for something one has a DNA for. The DNA was the foundation and it would have gotten him there without him doing anything – therefore he doesn’t need to buy Kapil’s work. And don’t excuse it as “catalyst”. A million other things could be said to have acted as a catalyst in the journey. Who knows. What caused Buddha to be Buddha? Other than he had the DNA nothing can be known. It may be because he didn’t have to worry about money or he was a prince or anything. But the Only solid thing would be that deep inside him is – he had Buddha DNA.

  5. regardless of whether his work has helped you or done anything for you, it’s undeniable that hes making big easy quick money from this.

    On reddit – r/KapilGupta/comments/1c8as0i/is_kapil_a_fraud/ – If you read ALL of Buster Baxter’s comments you can see he has refuted anyone who tried to defend Kapil as not a grifter. Whether you want to play semantics and say grifter isn’t the right word ok but you get the picture.

  6. 1.85

    Are you sure the account tweeting at celebs is his? Strange the pinned tweet is from 2024 and yet his main account was established in 2013.

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  7. The ego may or may not still be present In Kapil Gupta, it’s possible especially considering from how he often seemed to be bothered by some guys in the clubhouse discussions that would passive passively attack him. It’s unfalsifiable though.

    When it comes to the whole paywall and the point about money demonstrating sincerity, it’s not that money definitely demonstrates seriousness, it’s more about how it CAN. If you look at people who pay for self help courses or PUA courses, a lot of them who pay for it don’t change by the end of the course, however, the paying for it may have act as a catalyst for a few (perhaps because they didn’t want to feel as though they wasted any money). The same goes for paying for Kapil’s stuff, the majority of people who have paid for his stuff have not exactly arrived even after years of consumption of his material.

    The whole guarding the truth thing might just be done as a means of source of money for him. But there are other stuff that is questionable if you seriously examine and look into the behaviors of Kapil, which is why it is more of use for the “serious” to be focusing on the truths he has stated rather than focusing on Kapil himself.

    If tomorrow it was revealed that Kapil had committed some major offense, a lot of his followers would most likely suddenly stop consuming his work. A lot of his followers just enjoy the articulate narrative way he says things and if he said the exact same insights without the storytelling and without the cosmetic examples then most people wouldn’t be interested in his work. Perhaps only the truly sincere would still be interested in his work without any over-glorifying or without any fancy wording, perhaps only the truly sincere would still be interested in his work even if it was suddenly revealed that he had committed some major offense. But then again, after one has understood all the main points that he cycles through continuously, perhaps only the truly “serious” would leave his work and go their own path. The bottom line is that a serious individual is able to see contradictions in Kapil’s behaviour but is only interested in the truths stated. Anyone who is a “fan” is very likely attached to him, and with attachment comes the seeing him in a particular bias way and defending his actions.

  8. i’ve heard kapil say something along the lines of “even murder isn’t necessarily wrong” (with abdou i think), but if you bring up weed he boots you. no rules he says. but becomes very uncomfortable all of a sudden… not ever trying red wine once? ok. whatever.

  9. 0.5

    Hey guys, it’s your boy Siddha Parody here. Yes, some clown at Twitter banned me. Probably the same one that’d given Kapil his blue checkmark, lol.

    Why don’t I just create a new account? Because I’ve long realized the Truth about Kapil’s ‘victims’: they want to be scammed.
    If not Kapil, then a ‘guru’ like Jimmy or Kay would take their money. This is a fact.
    They relish Kapil’s bullshit like it’s a delicacy.

    How do I know Kapil is a scammer? Because he’s not enlightened anyone by his own admission. The brilliance in Kapil lies in his marketing (pun intended). He can turn his failure into a smashing success. How? By claiming that only 10 people in the world are even capable of Arriving, lol.
    Imagine a futbol player who claims he’s never lost a World Cup…failing to mention he’s never made it close to the Wolrd Cup! That’s Kapil in a nutshell.

    Besides that, his books are thinner than a CD case and the latest one is way thinner than an iPhone! In Kindle, it’s only 47 pages, lmao. It’s the epitome of low-effort grift.
    Why should I invest more time in mocking him when he puts in so little effort himself? He’s his own parody.

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  10. 0.5

    Hey guys, it’s your boy Siddha Parody here. Yes, some clown at Twitter banned me. Probably the same one that’d given Kapil his blue checkmark, lol.

    Why don’t I just create a new account? Because I’ve long realized the Truth about Kapil’s ‘victims’: they want to be scammed. They are not worth saving.
    If not Kapil, then a ‘guru’ like Jimmy or Kay would take their money. This is a fact. His followers relish Kapil’s bullshit like it’s a delicacy.

    How do I know Kapil is a scammer? Because he’s not enlightened anyone by his own admission. The brilliance in Kapil lies in his marketing (pun intended). He can turn his failure into a smashing success. How? By claiming that only 10 people in the world are even capable of Arriving, lol.
    Imagine a futbol player who claims he’s never lost a World Cup…failing to mention he’s never made it close to the Wolrd Cup! That’s Kapil in a nutshell.

    Besides that, his books are thinner than a CD case and the latest one is way thinner than an iPhone! In Kindle, it’s only 47 pages long, lmao. It’s the epitome of low-effort grift.
    Why should I invest more time in mocking him when he puts in so little effort himself? He’s his own parody.

    + PROS: His lack of self-awareness is entertaining.
    - CONS: He's one of the least successful gurus in the game.
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  11. I have just read his discourses “90-Second Cure for World-Class Executives” and “On The Systematic Eradication Of Stress (For Those Who Are Truly Serious)”. He talks for so long about how useless prescriptions are, then essentially gets people to pay him for prescriptions. He talks about how useless the psychologists are, then basically recommends the same thing as this: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/wise-mind-living/201501/why-acceptance-is-one-the-best-stress-reducers

    His idea to “fall in love with the idea of not having stress by examining what you gain from stress” isn’t new at all. The idea that the reason we don’t do something we want is that we get some advantage from not doing it isn’t new. It’s especially well understood in kicking addictions. So his prescription, his fix, for removing stress is to go checking what attachments you have to being stressed, and to “remove” those somehow, which he doesn’t specify.

    Truthfully, he had me. I thought there was some big T, capital Truth shit going on behind his paywall. Now that I’ve seen the other side, I’m not ashamed to admit I was a sucker. Maybe he thinks that putting all that draw in the front is what people need to get to the truth, it’s the line to draw them to a genuine desire. And maybe he’s right, but what does it matter?

    He plays the game just right to maybe help people, but get paid in the process. Gotta hand it to him, one of the best plays I’ve ever encountered. He says marketing is a sham: IN HIS MARKETING lol. He also has a brilliant way of maintaining a near 100% success rate. He only takes in clients that don’t need help, oops sorry, I meant clients “that are serious”. And if what he does doesn’t work it’s simply because you weren’t serious or ready….
    I could believe that he genuinely think he’s helping, but he really isn’t genuinely helping to any significant extent. Should have known when I saw the separate website for golfers (perfect clientele). To give the man credit, the idea of prescriptions for non-mechanical things is fairly solid. I think there is an exception when they act as catalysts (where hearing advice is inspiring rather than guiding), but all in all most of it is bs (including his own work apparently).

  12. Kapil is now in 2024 selling a new book “There is now how” – I wouldn’t be surprised if his passive income has been declining a lot since this article was made exposing his grift.

    I also wouldn’t be surprised if the selling of his books of repeating the same thing and then telling people “it’s so that it can be more precise/parsimonious/get straight to the heart” is just him trolling or testing how much money he can make from the stupid masses that are obsessed with books and consumption.

    Ftr there is already a book called – There Is No “How”. Devastating Words of U. G. Krishnamurti (edited by Stefano Esposito) published back in Feb 2018.
    ‘There is no How’ was a standard phrase UG used all the time. And it was in the same context if anyone is wondering. U.G. often said, “The moment you ask ‘how,’ you turn to someone for answers, becoming dependent.”

    Repeating info and selling it for money is textbook grifting – it’s what pretty much all the self-improvement internet gurus that sell self-help books do. He’s a clear cut grifter which is actually fine if that’s how he wants to make his bag of money but the fact that there are some people so deluded to think otherwise just because Kapil made up some excuse, is hilarious.

  13. Let me start by saying I was devoted to finding the truth of whether Dr Kapil Gupta was grifting or not. And as Kapil says (which I’ve found to be true for myself) – Wherever there is a devotion to something it cannot be a wasted life.

    Therefore this was not a waste of time for me. This was simply my devotion and it’s not about the thing you’re devoted to that matters but the devotion itself that matters. There are no rules on what you should or should not be devoted to, and my devotion was figuring out the truth regarding Kapil’s money motive, therefore no surprise I most likely know the truth about this compared to the common viewer. Now after arriving at the truth of that, my trajectory there has changed just like Kapil left the medical field, but it doesn’t make me forget the truths I realized from my previous devotion regarding Kapil’s true motives.

    I am simply posting the truth here that I arrived to. There is no recommendation here, no rules to be followed, no implication do anything, no personal feelings about outrage or about whether it’s right or wrong for him to do what he’s doing. If you believe that I am outraged then the truth is you’ve made a false assumption and it’s not your fault, when you live in a world of messages propagated everywhere and that’s all that you’ve ever heard and all you’ve ever heard is untruth because society is all based upon untruth, it is unreasonable and impractical to think that what I said was simply stated as it is without outrage but the truth is in fact that it was said without outrage. I’m saying things at face value but human beings are unable to see things at face value because they have been conditioned to be prescribed to and that’s the only microphone through which they hear.

    The thing is posting this on the Kapil subreddit would be futile, since while what I have said is true, it is against the grain here in every way, not the least of which is isolating from the masses here who will blindly almost be in a sort of defense position for Kapil and call anyone that in their view seems to be in a sort of attacking position, to be “outraged” rather than actually see you just stated truth with no emotions or strings attached. I can say “the sky is blue” and that may be completely irrelevant to my personal life. Sure, it does not matter on a deep personal level that the sky is blue but me pointing that out in a thread where that’s the topic at hand, does not suddenly mean that I’m outraged that the sky is blue lol.

    And to those people who simply reply “oh why does it matter what his motives are, it’s a waste of time” – well firstly aforementioned for me it’s not a waste of time since that was my devotion. Secondly, if you truly viscerally felt that this is all completely irrelevant and a waste of time and that there’s no point in responding, then you might want to ask yourself why on earth you post in response to this topic in the first place rather than just simply ignoring it.

    Of course if some people feel they were helped by Kapil helped then they’re more likely to have a certain bias in his favor and think to themselves that he’s not grifting. In fact, not just that but even if Kapil tweets them “thank you” then they’re more likely to have that favored bias. That’s an example of a more subtle way that people’s bias perception can shift.

    Grifting simple means he’s ripping people off – 5 figure pledges and 6 figure pledges, you don’t need to overthink all the “it’s to do with seriousness litmus test” that he claims and then his fans parrot the same thing as an excuse for the exorbitant price, it simply is a rip off. You do realize whatever excuse he uses there, the self help gurus can use the very same excuse that it’s a litmus test for seriousness for those who buy their courses. Sure Kapil can put whatever price he wants to, just as the self help guru can do too but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a rip off. At the end of the day, people can do whatever they please with their money. If people want to waste away their money then so be it. Understand that people in the Kapil subreddit are more likely going to be a “fan” than one of neutral view who has truly thoroughly sincerely explored this topic at hand.

    Kapil says it’s for “rare individuals” and only rare individuals will pay that kind of money. However, that may or may not be true, but one thing I’ll say about it is that I’ve seen a bunch of self-help gurus selling courses that say the same thing about the people who purchase their stuff. It’s definitely common among marketing techniques to feed in to the buyer’s ego. Other popular techniques include saying there’s limited copies and that the price will increase in the future – that’s to create a sense of urgency for buying it.

    We are so accustomed to prescriptions and pandering from everyone. It’s all just empty entertainment and engagement trolling, and Kapil’s content too will most likely just serve as entertainment for most of his viewers too. It would indeed be a jump to conclusion to say the refusal to pander is viewed as a scammer. However, if someone is actually a scammer and they refuse to pander then that would simply mean they’re a scammer who refused to pander. Anyway in this case as someone earlier posted, “grifter” suits him better for nuanced reasoning. Ofc you could call it semantics but In colloǫuial usage, the terms are often used interchangeably, and the distinction between them may not always be clear-cut. But the nuanced reason I’d use the term grift over scam is because “grift” tends to imply a more cunning or clever form of deception and implies less of a fraudalent act.
    Also, the grift has everything to do with price. Yes you can argue that the term “grift” itself is more closely associated with the act of deceiving or tricking people for personal gain, regardless of the specific price. However, either way pricing certainly plays a role in how people perceive the fairness of a transaction. If each of his paid content cost $1 each then hardly anyone is going to see it as a grift because the transaction of the cost vs the effort he put in to write, would seem fair to most.

    Sure, all that asks for money is not a grift. Sure, truth is not mutually exclusive with money. No one is saying those aren’t the case. These are tangential points that steer the conversation away from the core concern of the exorbitant price being the primary reasoning behind it considered a grift. In this context, introducing the ideas that “truth is not mutually exclusive with money” and “all that asks for money is not a grift” serves as a distraction from the central point – that the exorbitant price is the grifting aspect. Could call that a red herring in a sense. Or more specifically you could call it the “ignoratio elenchi” (a form of the red herring which basically means “irrelevant conclusion”). In this case, you’re introducing the notions of “truth is not mutually exclusive with money” and “all that asks for money is not a grift,” which may be true but are not directly addressing the central point about the exorbitant price being considered a grift. Thereby making it an example of “ignoratio elenchi.” And ftr, if you’re just saying it to try and make a point rather than intentionally steer the convo, then that’s fine but in the case – one can also say Stating the truth isn’t mutually exclusive with grifting either.

    One can intellectualize whatever rationale about X, Y or Z (whether “it’s to do with sincerity” or you believing “his position is…”) being the reason for the price but the simplest way to view all this is to just ask yourself whether the price of something is a rip off or not. And with common sense you can tell for yourself if the same information being sold for an exorbitant price can be found elsewhere for free or for much less money without tremendous effort then for most people that’s going to be a rip off. It’s amazing how insincere almost everything is. Even a lot of the things that people think are truly sincere are often insincere too.

    Kapil’s rationale is that a truly serious person would give up a certain amount of money that would cause them pain. And that sounds nice as a rationale but the issue with it is that any rich person could pay for it and not be affected even an iota by it. The truly sincere person is going to find his way no matter what, no matter what his financial situation or his life situation is. The truly sincere person does not need to waste time passing some other human being’s litmus test for sincerity. The truly sincere person is most likely on their own solitary path to their own arrival and for them “paying money” as a means to demonstrate their sincerity may even be an insult to question their true genuine sincerity.

    We’re simply talking about grifting here. That’s the topic. So you don’t have to tell me about how none of this takes away any of the truths he said, no one is arguing that.

  14. During the 21 DECEMBER 2023 Kapil’s Twitter space, Question No. 7 Kapil is asked why he wrote books if not for himself. Kapil responds “I wrote it, I’m here” and then talks about how there’s a lot of other stuff he hasn’t shown to the world. Ok BUT there being a lot of things that he doesn’t show to the world doesn’t negate the fact that he published a book. He responds “I wrote it, I’m here” but the question isn’t why did you write it, the question was why did you publish it for others to see. You can write something in your own notepad or in private without others being able to see it.

    The people who are trying to come up with some intellectual excuse, understand that whatever you say can be applied to some of those other “masters” or “gurus”. Allow me to elaborate:
    “we think about others’ thoughts and reasons to do something the way we think for ourselves.” – one could say kapil is thinking about those other masters in a particular where he thinks they’re preaching, when they may not be preaching.
    “He wrote him, is there, the give a fuck is people like it or not” – the same could be said about those ancient texts or masters, the intention may not be to be preach or for others to see either if we’re claiming Kapil isn’t.

    Some people just don’t see the fault in their line of thinking lol. It’s a nice camouflage to try and say you just wrote it for the sake of writing without trying to help others or without the intention of preaching and whatever else you claim but the fact of the matter is you put it out there into the public eyes instead of keeping it as private writings for yourself.

    Also, “If you are a painter and you don’t care if people like you art, you don’t get to show u art?” You can show your art, there’s nothing right or wrong about that but it just means that you do care about other people seeing it. There’s a difference between caring about people liking your art and caring about people SEEING your art. This isn’t “intellectual”, it’s just there’s a nuance that perhaps you don’t see.

    Sure sometimes asking “why he does so” or the need to find out more about his personal life – for some it comes from the intention to decide whether to trust him and accept him fully as a guru.
    However, for others it may not be the case. Just because someone does ask (like perhaps the speaker of Q7) that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the person is looking for trust or seeking a guru for guidance, it could be simple curiosity (which ofc one can argue is pretty pointless but it is what it is).

    And continuing on from the below poster’s comment about that Rene Girard quote – That may or not be true but it might be something to take into account, I personally would say it doesn’t really make a difference to me because I wouldn’t trust anyone without putting it all through a massive bs filter. However, note even Kapil said a person who says, “I don’t care what they think of me.” is a reaction against an ego that cannot bear the fact that it is indeed affected by what others think of it. And this is something that I’ve found to always be the case. Likewise “I don’t care if they read my books or learn fro it” may be a reaction against an ego that cannot bear the fact that it is indeed affected by whether others read the book or understood it.

    You can say you don’t care why Kapil does what he does, and that’s fine. You can say you’re more interested in his words and if they resonate with, rather than his actions and personal motive, that’s fine. But if you are interested in knowing his personal motive THEN all it really takes to see the money motive is to just stop for a minute, drop all beliefs and attachment to kapil’s work, then think would someone really be tweeting almost every other day if they were to receive 0 likes or 0 retweets or simply 0 engagement with their tweets. If the purpose was really for use as an outlet and not for someone else to see then it’s way more likely they’d just use a personal journal/notepad for only themselves to see the writing.
    Though for most who do realize all this they tend to be outraged. I think the truly sincere just realize what he’s doing but don’t get bothered by it, take whatever insight they get and move on understanding that it doesn’t actually make any significant difference to their own life.

  15. Rene Girard basically said, don’t trust authors who say they don’t care if their work is read. And don’t trust the people who advertise that they don’t care what others think about them. Those people are often the ones who care the most and try to hide it.

    Since Kapil associates with unserious intellectuals such as Naval and other unserious people like “The Minimalists,” Moe, etc. Since he worked as a Dermatologist/physician for over 2 decades despite finding jobs to be like prisons. Therefore he is not truly devoted to Truth. Yes there are no rules but all those things are not for the truly sincere.

    So are you struggling in your relationship or are you not world class at your particular art?
    Kapil’s response be like “how will the answer the benefit you?”
    Meanwhile Kapil also having made tweets such as asking Thich Nhat Hanh whether he arrived.

    Kapil made-up convos be like:
    Master: If a man is dumb And claims not to be smart, Since he claims nothing He cannot be called an idiot.
    Student: Ok well if he’s dumb can we call him dumb?
    Master: No. Only the intellectuals are dumb. The dumb are geniuses!

    S: You claim to advise Kings and Queens. Can you tell us their names?
    M: I recently ate at a King’s place and even advised him on his food.
    S: Are you referring to Burger King?
    M: Afterwards I was thirsty and a Queen gave me a tasty ice cream.
    S: The Dairy Queen?
    M: Shushhhhhhhh

    Kapil has now put on a password to his previous site https://siddhaperformance.com Probably bc it shows shoddy marketing/advertising/branding
    Kapil has deleted discourses + tweets and now passwords old site. Kapil must really hate http://archive.org

    How many free Clubhouse sessions will Kapil host before attempting to charge for them?

    Coaching is a Scam.
    Coaches are frauds.

    Aman won’t make it big because he has a lot of coaches and he socializes, he doesn’t have the DNA for sincerity! Looks like it wasn’t just Sean Foley. Coach Bratton and Coach Darr and a bunch of others are also to thank for getting Aman to rank #1700-something.

    Why Kapil does NOT mention previous philosophers & teachers? He doesn’t want you learning from them because then otherwise you would feel less of a need to buy his paid content.
    When he prices his book at $250 he’s probably testing Kapileans to see how much they’re willing to pay and how much of suckers they are to keep buying his stuff while he keeps on saying the same stuff rephrased. Best part is the $500 ‘podcasts’ are basically just audio versions of the written free discourses he has put out. I wonder who’s he’s tweeting for when there’s only like 1 or 2 people out of every hundred million who are sincere enough for his message.

    These Kapileans don’t realize by their own logic if there are no rules and no right or wrong, then one can be devoted to trolling another if that’s what they “truly” “sincerely” desire to do.

    Can you imagine Kapil at a party? It’s like the meme of the guy standing in the corner while others are partying.
    [Everyone having fun and socializing] Meanwhile Kapil be disturbed and thinking “these guys don’t even know the truth, it’s all nonsense and lies”

    https://twitter.com/naval/status/1615429318771081216 – Try telling this to Kapil.

    What Kapil is doing here is he sees an untruth then goes fully to the other extreme end.
    Prescriptions tend to not work to achieve greatness? Must mean all prescriptions don’t work.
    People can hinder you? Don’t socialize.
    School isn’t great? Must mean it’s better to not go at all.

    Naval is probably more useful for most people.
    Ask Naval how to get rich, he’ll give basic obv stuff but at least for the masses some of it will be insightful. Ask Kapil the same and he’ll tell you there’s no how-to and say his stuff is only for the rare.

    Kapil discourse be like::

    Dieting, fasting and the lot of austerities
    Are practiced by millions,
    yet not a single one has lost pounds.
    Eating less food will not reduce your weight.
    All it will do is create cravings for Mango Lassi that build until even the most Serious Human cannot resist them.

    Private Consultation available
    for the very low price of 1 BTC.



    Kapil used to really suck up to Naval

    The $25 books are probably making him the most money right now. Most Kapileans will be willing to spend money on them since they’ll rationalize it’s affordable. Though writing books require the most effort out of his products, he tries to minimalize even that with lot of spacings. Funny how instead of just saying “the book is much more expensive than the previous ones even though he repeats a bunch of stuff he’s said before, therefore making it pretty much not worth the price” they somehow manage to spin it into words of praise.

    Kapil probably spends half his time watching movies and documentaries, trying to grab ideas from them that he can turn into discourses. Remember when he tweeted about Alex Honnold, he obviously watched the free solo documentary.

    Kapil uses selection bias to choose examples that support what he says. The majority of the elite athletes have coaches and embody hard work. Tiger Woods had coaches too. Sean Foley was one of them and now he’s coaching Kapil’s son. Kapil probably thought “This guy managed to get Tiger back to number 1 ranking after the whole infidelity and set-back thing, he must be a unique coach, let me get him to coach my son”

    This is where Kapil got the idea “the only reason that you don’t have what you want is because you didn’t really want it.”
    He got it from Andrew Tate.

    Kapileans now commonly use these retorts:
    “No rules”
    “No right or wrong”
    “No prescriptions is a prescription”
    “Too intellectual”/”Insincere”

    why does Kapil care about reselling if he does not care about making money from his products?
    He calls the resellers as “insincere vermins” but why does Kapil care if others are insincere, did Kapil not learn from Jiddu K’s mistake (which he tweeted about) to not suffer from the need of having others be as sincere as him?

    Kapil be like “Here’s a little teaser of my private paid discourse to try and entice you into paying for them.”
    Kapil be like “It is all nonsense. Nothing matters. Exercise is futile. Meditation is futile. Socialization is futile. Hard work is futile. Doing is futile.”
    Kapil be like Christmas is just a day which the masses celebrate due to societal conditioning and parroting each other. Those devoted to truth do not celebrate anything at all.

    Kapil be like:
    Prescriptions don’t work except for the 0.001% like the ones I say.
    Coaches don’t work except for the 0.001% coaches like Sean Foley.
    Books are useless except for the 0.001% books like mine.
    Humans are insincere except for me and 4 other people in the entire world.

    Productivity is nonsense. There is only devoted or no devotion. Has Naval learned nothing from Kapil?

    Naval be like Kapil blocks people on twitter so let me change my twitter bio to “I block miserable people”.

    “The more secrets you have, the less happy you’re going to be.” – Naval.
    Unfortunate for Kapil, he has a lot of secret writings and untold secrets, secrets that society and experts have no idea about lol (this is a joke).

    Naval Bias https://twitter.com/naval/status/1139262945609707520
    UG seems angry to Naval. Does Kapil not seem angry to him? lol.

  17. 0.5

    Kapil is like a broken record. He can fool a bunch of teens and youngsters in their 20s but most sane people over the age of 30 realize what he’s doing. He’s trying to monetize “truth”. It’s evident from looking at his twitter history when he was constantly tweeting links to your discourses to famous people. The very people who have embody hard work and discipline which runs contrary to what he preaches. Now almost every new day it’s a new tweet about “truth” in the same style of writing. Does he not get bored? Or is it just that he’s so devoted to thinking he’ll finally get lucky with some multi-millionaire pledging one of his millions to him so he can be very comfortably settled for life. So now Kapil is a hero to a bunch of 20-something year old losers who have yet to realize that his work is basically just their new “self-help” and they’re still in this sort of “self-help trap” where they repeatedly consume content without actually changing much. But Kapil has managed to get them to think that the continuous consumption of his content is ok because it’s “repeated exposure to the truth” looool

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  18. Kapil is now selling “Revelations of Truth” for like $50k
    “Explanations are given. But not as extensively and deeply as The Siddha Arrivals, and the 6-figure writings whose titles have been released in my Twitter stream.”
    “Each Document in the series requires a minimum of a mid-5-figure pledge in USD.”

    He’s doing the Andrew Tate marketing tactic (not really Tate who invented this, others did it before) where you sell multiple things at different price ranges to appeal to people of different financial status (like Tate did with $8,000 War Room vs $50 Hustlers University)

    Also look at his son’s golf record https://minorleaguegolf.com/bio.asp?Record_ID=4209

    Most of the time his son didn’t even make it into the top 10, and most of the time there’s only like 20-30 players. He came twice on 2 occasions and one of those occasions was when there were only 4 players. Also remember this is all minor league golf, it’s amateur stuff.
    His total earnings from all this is currently $1,011.18 but note that pretty much all the tournaments have an entry fee from somewhere usually between $175-$400 and so he has been more of a net negative. He turned pro this year 2023 so let’s see how he does now.

    • yeah his sons are not that impressive at golf.

      But Kapil (of course parent bias plays a part) overplays his sons achievement. For example, he’ll talk about how one of his sons once won the 3 stages of the Drive, Chip, and Putt and advanced to the finals at Augusta National, and talk about how he’s sponsored by nike and taylormade and been in the newspapers. But none of that is extraordinary. If you research enough you can see there SO MANY OTHER child golf players who have achieved way more than those things.

  19. Most Kapil followers are perhaps unaware of the potential ulterior motives:

    They don’t understand that it’s possible he’s trying to maximize money with the condition to make it look like he’s not optimizing for sales – and that way he fools people into think it’s not for the money. Note that I wrote “with the condition to make it look like he’s not optimizing for sales” and so it’s not necessarily maximizing for most sales with least effort.

    Kapil realizes it’s easy to trick the masses.
    -Have prices so ridiculous ppl won’t pay -> “oh hes not optimizing money”
    -Not openly showing himself or sharing personal info -> “oh hes not interested in status/image”

    These people don’t get that you can attempt to maximize money as much as you can while making it look like you’re not optimizing for that (& the not fully optimizing can then be used to support the notion of looking authentic).
    They don’t understand status/image can be in e-form for looking wise to others.
    They don’t understand that if you fully optimize just for money while making it obvious that’s what you’re optimizing for then it can make your reputation look worse and that then worsens the “image” and “status”

    You might think it makes no sense why his paid content is so expensive but it can make sense from a marketing view. People willing to pay so much for one thing are likely awed by his work, therefore the consuming works like an addiction – get a dopa hit from one podcast -> buy another -> dopa hit, etc.

    And you might then say the scarcity method only really works if you actually have clout. But understand that firstly he has somewhat of a large following to capitalize on his audience, with over 100k followers on twitter. Secondly it could just be that he’s chosen the strat of trying to hustle out of rich people. Scamming 1% of a millionaire can equate to or be a lot more than scamming 10% of a hundred average earners. And you might then say but he’s going after a tiny tiny market and there’s much more qualified people in his relative price range. And sure you can still market for high niche rich people BUT you’ve got to understand that the “usual way” is a lot more oversaturated because everyone’s going after that market. Trying to smartly hustle rich people is way less saturated.

    Kapil is smart and most likely his priority is looking like hes not optimizing for money – because then ppl would think it’s obv hes a scammer. Maximizing money probably comes second to that or somewhere behind it. Smart Wealthy people don’t feel as much need to prioritize money over reputation. But they can still want more money despite being wealthy. In fact, Kapil himself wrote in one of his discourses that the poor want money and the rich also want more money than they already have. That’s why you got guys like Tate and Logan Paul running scams. And you might say once you have enough money to not really HAVE TO work life is much different. That isn’t wrong but understand that the desire to make money can be hard for a lot of people to turn off. It’s not like you can turn it on at max and then you can turn it off at some preset number. Exhibit A: Guys like Tate and Logan Paul making it obv they still want more money and they make way more than Kapil. And Kapil is probably smarter than those guys. So he perhaps realizes it’s logical to prioritize reputation when you’re at that stage of net worth.

    You might then say guys like Tate and Logan are also public figures and obsessed with their image, status and public legacy whereas KG is not. And to that I say sure from some of Kapil’s writings sure it may look like that or he might want people to think that but then again he was spamming famous ppl and did talks with semi-famous guys like Naval, which questions it. You might think that’s a reach since the guy won’t publicly disclose any details about his personal life or journey. However understand that Image and status does not have to correlate with worldwide fame, for instance it could be a status-seeking of appearing as a wise person on the internet. Just bc you disclose personal details doesn’t mean that isn’t possible. Also some of his personal details are literally out there which can easily be found, it’s not like he used a pseudo-name, he literally wrote books with his actual government name and his website is his actual name and also included in his twitter handle.

    Exhibit B: People who are famous in certain online communities and forums and other e-social places but their personal details are completely hidden.

    And it may be that people want that sort of e-fame because they think they’ll be judged negatively for their appearance or w/e. And you may say that’s not fame BUT the point is to do with status/image, which is not limited to just your definition of fame. In the context that I speak of, “e-fame” is different to fame. Yet is also associated to conveying a particular “image” online – such as aforementioned seeming like a wise guy to a following of people. Tate and Logan Paul were just examples used to support the point that rich people can still want more money.

    What I’m saying here is that “wanting of niche legacy” is still a form of seeking image/status regardless of it not being to the same degree as huge public “fame.” And one may respond to this saying pretty much everyone wants some semblance of niche legacy. To which I say yes, that’s the point and for some reason it needs to be explained since certain people think Kapil doesn’t want status/image. Also there are true rare individuals that are detached from their egos that don’t want any semblance of niche legacy. And I’m talking about the rare individuals who are actually detached from ego, not most spiritualists who claim to be detached from ego but are just virtue signalling.

  20. 0.5

    Kapil Gupta tries to sound like a spiritual guru with slow-paced talking and lengthy pauses while claiming not to be one and bashing them. Kapil follows self-help gurus format of pumping out free content while having some stuff behind a paywall but also claims his isn’t self-help.

    A lot of the things Kapil says now are things he was tweeting back a decade ago. What new realizations has he truly seen in the last year? Much like self-help content his “truth” stuff (including his paid content) is repeating things (he can hide behind the excuse of repeated exposure all he wants). Kapil also deletes discourses + tweets and then rehashes them some time later.

    Guy: A lot of what kapil says is not falsifiable and you’re one of those guys who almost always doesn’t believe anything just on its face values.
    Naval: “oh I can’t explain Kapil”…[proceeds to ramble on without explaining the contradiction]

    Is Kapil having relationship problems with his wife?
    or is his relationship the reason why he’s not world-class at anything? What is Kapil’s art right now – is it writing a bunch of things to get people to buy his products?

    Kapil has now put on a password to his previous site https://siddhaperformance.com Probably bc it shows shoddy marketing/advertising/branding

    I wonder why Kapil is most interested in golf of all sports. My guess is he wanted to find the most popular sport with the least amount of cardiovascular exercise. The thing is if either of his kids does make it big in golf then all his followers are going to be like “omg Kapil is the real deal look at his kid” and if they don’t make it big then nothing really changes, kapileans still keep blindly following.

    I bet the reason Kapil doesn’t mention previous philosophers and teachers is because He doesn’t want you learning from them because then otherwise you would feel less of a need to buy his paid content. In one of his clubhouse sessions, someone asked him about Jed McKenna, Kapil went real quiet then pretended to not know Jed lol.

    - CONS: Dodgy guy. Deletes and hides previous content and then later when he thinks everyone has forgot it he rehashes the same message in different wording and if anyone does bring it up he will just excuse it as repeated exposure
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  21. “I used to play golf, but found it did not give me vitality because it’s a slothful game. Nine holes of golf will take you one-and-a-half, two hours. I run in 20 minutes, I feel better off. So the cost benefit made me drop golf.” -LKY

    this is why Kapil doesnt have much vitality lol jk.

    In all seriousness though I don’t know why some of his fans are so upset over this article (if they really are upset). Anyway, Truth is found by subtraction rather than addition, therefore if you take someone like Kapil who has a lot of truth to say and then subtract all the nonsense he says/does, then you’re more likely to get to an even closer truth.

  22. 0.5

    maybe he helped you, maybe he didn’t.
    maybe you find his content valuable, maybe you don’t.
    maybe you resonate with him, maybe you don’t.

    None of that matters and as some others have pointed out, it’s subjective to each individual. What a lot of the comments in this article and the article itself are pointing out is the grifting element to what he’s doing.

    Grifting simply means he’s ripping people off. He charges $500 for audio files that are a few minutes, he charges 6 figure pledges for some exclusive stuff. That is pretty obviously ripping people off. A lot of the critics here are simply pointing that out, not every critic is necessarily “jealous” or a “hater” or “angry”

    - CONS: ripoff
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  23. 3.25

    I run my own business which involves teaching and one thing I do well is take huge swaths of information and find the root to them.

    I’ve also spent the better part of the last ten years studying eastern mysticism and spirituality and slowly implementing it into my life.

    Kapils work has greatly improved my business and it has helped me grow more than any other author or influence

    What I will say, which I think most people don’t quite get, is that what kapil is ultimately trying to do is take a very specific person who is ready and burn them out so they dismiss everything and turn inwards.
    He’s quite a good teacher in this regard.

    The problem is that everyone thinks they are that person and will swear up and down that they are

    So he takes advantage of them financially


    Because while he is connected to the stream and many of his discourses come to him from the stream, he’s still not an enlightened being who’s attached to money and has little compassion

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    • Him taking advantage of them financially is what this article is all about. The article clearly states it isn’t a critique of his work and that some people may find value from him, so the rest of what you wrote isn’t really relevant here.

    • Not sure why the first 3 sentences of an anecdotal claim were mentioned but anyway… idk who here doesn’t get the whole “it’s for a specific person” notion. I’d be surprised to see people not understand that when Kapil constantly goes on about how he feels that the masses have no hope of reaching the great truths of the mind and how he feels it would take a earthquake to make a common person realize various truths, and how those who have already reached the truth or pinnacle of their crafts have demonstrated qualities that suggest that they could move horizontally to learn truths in other aspects of life and therefore he caters to this group of “specific” people. So yeah, I’m not sure why you think that’s something “most people don’t quite get” when he goes on about it constantly.

      I do agree with the second part of the post, about how “the problem is that everyone thinks they are that person and will swear up and down that they are” and “So he takes advantage of them financially” and because he’s still “attached to money and has little compassion.” And since “he’s still not an enlightened being” and has attachment to certain things, it also shows he hasn’t fully arrived at the ultimate Truth that he speaks of (Nirvana/Moksha/end of all suffering etc.). And even though it doesn’t really matter whether he has actually arrived or not, the mistake a lot of his followers make is thinking he has arrived and thinking he is enlightened and then putting him on some sort of pedestal and worshipping his discourses like he’s some sort of guru.

  24. he probably got the rants on the prison of the mind and “asking how, isn’t sincere” from Vernon Howard

    Look up “Escape the Prison of your Mind by Vernon Howard” and see for yourself

  25. “Solve rich people’s problems. They pay better.” — Alex Hormozi.
    Kapil must have taken that line very seriously (just a joke don’t get mad kapil fans).

    I actually like some of the stuff Kapil has to say but it really does seem like he puts up a front when he sells content titled such as “The Secret to getting everything you want” – that sort of titles are exactly what other grifters who want to clickbait people and attempt to create catchy headings use. I feel like if he really didn’t have an agenda then he would just name it something that may not sound as appealing but is more intricately relevant. And also the slow speed at which he talks where it sounds like he’s attempting to sound soothing and sure some of his fans might eat that up and excuse it as because it’s more likely to sink in to a human being but again it just seems like he’s putting up a front. Why would a rare serious individual care about how catchy a title is or how soothing a voice sounds if he’s truly interested in the “truths” that you have got to say. Also wouldn’t a serious individual be more interested in what a person actually says rather than how they sound? So yeah I like some of the stuff that Kapil has to say but his delivery sounds very contrived.

  26. I agree with this analysis of Kapil Gupta.

  27. Kapil uses Tiger Woods as an example a lot.

    Here’s the thing:
    -Tiger Woods had a coach
    -Tiger Woods was obsessed with “practice”
    -Tiger Woods had a routine: Hitting 600 golf balls, Working on his short-game and putting
    Playing a round of golf and Lifting in the gym for 2-3 hours.
    -Tiger Woods a proponent of Visualization. He used to sit alone in a room and visualize every hole that he would play the following day.
    -Tiger Woods at like age 1 or 2 years old would sit in a highchair and watch his dad hit golf balls for hours.
    -Tiger Woods was “unusually disciplined” as a 5 year old.
    -Tiger Woods at 11 year olds, he won 113 golf tournaments and went 36-0 at tournaments all around California.
    He also earned straight A’s in school (no A minuses, all perfect As)
    -Tiger Woods cared a lot about collective trophies, he wasn’t just playing for fun.
    -Tiger Woods listened to a bunch of motivational and self-help tapes that had a bunch of positive affirmations.

    So a lot of things Kapil talks about when refers to greatness, Tiger Woods actually doesn’t even relate to as Tiger did use prescriptive methods and did follow some self-help stuff. The only major thing Kapil got right about Tiger Woods was the obsessiveness with the sport. It’s almost as if Kapil just liked to use Tiger Woods as an example because he relates to how Tiger was very much a loner and wasn’t that interested in making friends and so Tiger’s personality is a great example to support Kapil’s ideas for what he preaches on greatness.

  28. 0.5

    I agree some of what he says can be insightful or seen as wisdom to most people but that’s because most people in the world are just so clueless. And because they’re so clueless that allows Kapil to rinse them out of their money.

    There’s a slight nuance here but I think the word “grifter” suits him more than scammer because scam implies fraudulent act while what he’s really doing is just ripping people off so it’s more of a grift than a scam.

    You can argue everything depends on the individual as how much value something is to someone depends, and that value and prices are subjective. But let’s be real Kapil Gupta is charging exorbitant fees for his services or products that are not commensurate with their actual value or benefit. Kapil Gupta is making unrealistic promises or guarantees about his services or products, and then using these promises to extract money from unsuspecting individuals. Kapil Gupta is using deceptive marketing practices to lure individuals into purchasing his services or products, such as misleading claims of transformations. One can try to argue in his favor that these are hypothetical reasons for criticism but anyone who truly has their eyes open can see that Kapil uses aggressive sales tactics.

    Thank you Kapil for your work, you are not wrong to charge money for your work but let’s be real the prices are a rip off when you can get the info for free and your intention is clearly for you to get money rather than for your consumers to demonstrate “sincerity” and there are some vulnerable people that have fell into this “trap” though I’m also sure Kapil is smart enough to know all this himself but just doesn’t care to stop or reduce the price because he sees it as there’s no right or wrong in doing what he’s doing. If people are clueless and want to essentially donate him a huge amount of money then so be it, that’s their decision.

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  29. 0.6

    The comment below by “Lias” is clueless lol. He completely missed the mark and then went on a tangent arguing against what he thought the point was while no one said anything about how it’s wrong to want to make money.

    The irony in calling out faulty entitled logic and telling people to wake up when the article literally says “Let me make it clear there’s nothing wrong in wanting to make money (as Kapil says there’s no right or wrong) and Kapil is free to sell his stuff at whatever price he wishes to do so”

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  30. 2.5

    Not a Gupta fanboy and not here to defend him but these critiques are laughable and I’ve seen this type of logic everywhere. Of course everyone wants to make money, if he wants to survive. It’s like going to the supermarket and saying that because you PAY for food all this food is bad because if people producing it were doing it for your good they would give it to you for free and not care about money (I’m not saying all food is good nor all food is bad). Well, wake the fuck up, as you want to make money doing your jobs everyone else has to make money also, holy shit. You think that when someone gives his knowledge because he wants to share it should be because he cares for you and be free. You expect people to spend time teaching you for free, but you pay for university and other shit because everyone does. Again not taking any stance on the Gupta case, I don’t know much about him just enter here to see an actual critique, and all I see is a faulty entitled logic about people having to give you something for free. Wake the fuck up, I’m outta here.

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    • When people produce food they’re not necessarily always doing it for your good (which is evident by the propagation of unhealthy food) they’re often doing it to make money but the difference is they make that clear, they don’t pretend it’s not for the money and they don’t go round saying that only sincere people would pay for the food because it shows sincerity or say anything along those lines. Sure they sometimes do their own marketing but they don’t deny it. There’s a difference between just marketing vs deceptive marketing.

      No one said when someone gives their knowledge that they should share it for free or that they care for people. Quote and show me which critique said that. You’re fighting empty ghosts. Would not be surprised if you are a Kapil Gupta fanboy and just started the post saying you’re not to make your post look more neutral and unbiased. Because damn you strawmanned hard and didn’t actually refute any of the actual points against Kapil.

      Yes, people need to make money somehow BUT that doesn’t excuse the way someone does it. There is a difference between making money by working as a physician vs robbing banks. Wild example I know but such a wild example is used to make you understand the point that not all ways of making money is the same.

      Some people think you can’t get money without others losing and sure if you’re earning above average wage, then technically you’re taking that out of other people’s wages but there is a huge difference between that and actively trying to get your money from others when the information from your services you provide can be found elsewhere for free – that’s called ripping people off.

      There’s a difference between just simply making money VS making money scamming and ripping people off. Yeah it’s best if you do get outta here because you really don’t know know what people are talking about here and therefore not adding anything of use here.

    • The only thing laughable is your response. Before you tell people to wake up, try actually reading the article. There’s a point where it clearly says “Let me make it clear there’s nothing wrong in wanting to make money”

      How are you going to call any logic faulty when you missed the entire point of the article lmao. There’s a difference between selling food for some dollars and selling information for several hundreds or 6 figures THAT could otherwise be found for free.

      Article literally says there’s nothing wrong in wanting to make money and then you wrote a paragraph about how there’s nothing wrong in wanting to make money. How are you telling people to wake up when you don’t even see that lmao. This is a perfect example of someone forming their own interpretation and then arguing against their own interpretation rather than what’s actually said and the actual points of the article.

  31. Kapil definitely dodging a bunch of questions. These are just a few of them:

    Why he spammed a bunch of rich people links to buying his book
    Why he was asking irrelevant personal questions to people but then ignores or says it doesn’t matter when people do the same to him
    Why he associates with people such as Naval who go completely opposite to what he says (i.e. their viewpoint of “Mental models”)
    Why he deleted some of his discourses
    Why he deleted tweets showing him promoting his work to others
    Why he cares if people resell his work if it’s got nothing to do with the money
    Why he worked 20+ years in the field of medicine if he thinks it was like a prison
    Why he uses so many marketing techniques if he doesn’t care about the money or making sells

  32. 0.1

    To whichever guy that wrote this article. What’s your real motivation here. Maybe you wrote it right after taking your Tim Ferris ice bath and your morning meditation. I’m a kg follower, I’m in my 50s, you can say all you want about his money dealings. I don’t have the money to buy his expensive stuff. And I don’t care. Nothing in my life has ever been so profound and true and transformative as the words of kg. His discourses has transformed my life. I saw the futility of all the online space, and the short attention span and emptiness of social media about 2 years ago and left it to you all to drown in. I feel pretty bad for anyone on Twitter. Kapil confirmed everything. It’s all fake. I deleted my Twitter account in 2020 and never looked back. I have a deep understanding of what he writes because I take the time to examine it closely. Kapil Gupta is the truth. I read book and listened to people like Ferris and followed a lot of the so called expert con artists. Their prescriptions made no impact or difference to my life. Kapil brought a peace that I could have only dream about.

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    • Notice this guy didn’t actually refute any of the points.

      1. He randomly brings up Tim Ferriss (another grifter) and cold showers even though OP didn’t say anything about them. I mean the projection in the form of a question is perhaps evident there as the guy goes on to say he actually used to listen to Tim Ferriss himself looool.
      2. He doesn’t seem to understand that OP clearly states the criticism isnt much to do with his KG’s work rather it’s to do with the grifting and contradictory aspects.

      Hard to believe such a person is in their 50s but then again if such is the case and he only found out about this sort of teachings from KG in around 2020 then this dude has been conditioned by society for decades so who can really blame him for not understanding OP.

      I mean if you actually understood the point OP was making and still disagree then actually refute the point and the points made by posts in the comment section instead of writing a paragraph based on your anecdotal claims and subjectivity.

    • Notice this guy didn’t actually refute any of the points.

      1. He randomly brings up Tim Ferriss (another grifter) and cold showers even though OP didn’t say anything about them. I mean the projection in the form of a question is perhaps evident there as the guy goes on to say he actually used to listen to Tim Ferriss himself looool.
      2. He doesn’t seem to understand that OP clearly states the criticism isnt much to do with his KG’s work rather it’s to do with the grifting and contradictory aspects.

      Hard to believe such a person is in their 50s but then again if such is the case and he only found out about this sort of teachings from KG in around 2020 then this dude has been conditioned by society for decades so who can really blame him for not understanding OP.

      I mean if you actually understood the point OP was making and still disagree then actually refute the point and the points made by posts in the comment section instead of writing a paragraph based on your anecdotal claims and subjectivity.

  33. 0.5

    If any of these “truth seekers” actually wanted to know the truth behind Kapil then they would’ve done a sincere examination on him like this article did instead of just dismissing it as a hate article.

    Just look at Kapil’s FB. Kapil used to attempt to entice his followers on his facebook to buy his books by saying things like “Anyone Who Buys 5 books in the Next Hour will receive a personal written consultation from me.” he followed that by saying there was an expiry soon for the offer to try and create urgency in the consumers lol.

    Kapil: “Mental models are for stupid people”
    Naval: “I basically load my head full of mental models”

    yeah yeah they’re different people, we get it. But it’s just funny to see how much his “elite client” behaves contrary to his sayings.

    Kapil realizes it’s easy to trick the masses.
    -Have prices so ridiculous ppl won’t pay -> “oh hes not optimizing money”
    -Not openly showing himself or sharing personal info -> “oh hes not interested in status/image”

    Kapil made a post about having lawyers to track down people plagiarizing his work (which are things said by others centuries ago). It’s funny some Kapileans actually believe Kapil has a team that goes through the Reddit and not Kapil himself. If anyone were to actually do that favor for him it’d be a Kapilean but they’re the ones reselling lol. Also why does Kapil care if others are insincere, did Kapil not learn from Jiddu K to not suffer from the need of having others be as sincere as him?

    Ask Naval how to get rich, he’ll give basic obv stuff but at least for the masses some of it will be insightful. Ask Kapil the same and he’ll tell you there’s no how-to and say his stuff is only for the rare.

    Also IF Naval was doing clubhouse sessions for *free* then it was a form marketing for Kapil as it helped grow his twitter follower size by an incredible amount.

    I do want to know why did Kapil ask the late TNH if he had attained Nirvana? Did Kapil not realize that the answer would be irrelevant as Kapil’s own life is squarely unique to Kapil?

    Kapil is so enlightened that he went and deleted year-old tweets of him spamming his book amazon links to celebrities and people on twitter with big followings.

    + PROS: Could have some insights useful to people who are clueless about this stuff
    - CONS: Associates with people who run completely contrary to his teachings. Hypocrisy. Just another guru interested more in the money than anything else
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  34. BTW what is this “Trust/Support/…” etc rating in the review? Is it about the Article or is it about subject of the article (Kapil Gupta himself). Would have helped if website owners had explained this.

  35. 1.5

    For the first few days after reading, I wished I had not seen this article. Over the last two years I felt that Kapil’s free stuff was really making me see the life and world in a different way. And I agree that on some level it really helped me as well.

    But there was always a desperation, a FOMO about not being able to access his paid stuff. I once applied for his private discourses and received the terse reply about a pledge in thousands which I could barely afford .

    I always had a doubt that may be paid stuff does not add any more value than the public stuff. I once bought a direct truth podcast for five hundred dollars and did not find anything new there! And now this article and comments from folks like PINKER further confirmed it.

    But more than the fact that paid stuff is not any different, this article and its revelations have now made me lose faith in his free stuff also! As all that now seems to have been done with some vested interests and not out of “purity” or “really seeking the truth” mentality. Some kind of cunning and nefarious intentions seem to be behind all those videos and podcasts which has now turned me totally off about his teachings.

    btw I am from North India and studied in a Hindi medium school where Bhgwad Gita teachings were frequently parroted – I must say that Kapil just regurgitates lot of that stuff. Its just that his poetic language and style of delivery made it very impactful for modern times.

    Anyway, thank CHADDER for destroying this mirage for me. While following him was giving me a (likely false) sense of freedom, somewhere it enslaved me also into trying to match unto unbelievably impractical standards. I was also desperately looking for his new released books/tweets/podcasts etc. Knowing this truth has now freed me from all that – what an irony! 🙂

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    • I hear you. Maybe it’s because we’re still young (I’m in my late 20s) so we jump around from self-improvement to spirituality to philosophy to neuroscience to truth-seeking and to whatever’s next. We’re constantly looking for the next guide.

      It doesn’t take away any of the truths Kapil has said but it is eye-opening to see he has some vested interests other than purity. I suppose that’s why he keeps closing off any questions in clubhouse sessions whenever he is asked about his own personal journey.

  36. Before Kapil had a somewhat decent twitter following, he used to promote his work to a lot of rich famous people, presumably to get rich clients giving their money to him for “perception training.”

    Here’s a bunch of tweets of him promoting his work to Roger Federer (You will have to see them before he deletes them which he will now likely do in a couple of days as the others have coincidently been deleted as soon as they got posted. I’m sure there’s a lot too)

    Here’s him doing the same to Rafael Nadal

    He has done the same to many other tennis players, many golf players, many other sports players, many actors, many celebs, to put simply he has done it to all kinds of rich people. He makes anecdotal unproven claims like saying his discourse “The Wisdom Of Sean O’Hair” went viral.

    Most of Kapil’s followers do not know a lot of these things. Whenever you bring up Kapil’s intention of being more money-oriented they reply like a trained program (almost as if they were programmed by Kapil himself) by saying “it’s because money shows sincerity.” They’re unaware of the overwhelming evidence that points to his intention of trying to rinse money (and once again, I must state to avoid people using strawmans, that I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with being money-oriented nor that him being money-oriented means he can’t speak truth in other areas. I’m simply just pointing out evidence of him being extremely money-oriented while trying to camouflage that as not caring as much about money as people think he does). I have researched Kapil Gupta way more than like 99% of people and therefore it wouldn’t be surprising if I know a lot more about him, but even I have barely researched him as I just spent a few hours that was it and so I’m sure there’s a lot more that he’s hiding or a lot more evidence towards his intention of rinsing money from people.

    I noticed someone below making the comment that they find it strange that someone like him devoted to truth is conversing with people like The Minimalists, Moe, Naval, Kamal Ravikant, random youtube podcasters. To me that is not strange at all, people do those things like jumping on random podcasts and interacting with people with larger followings than themselves to build their personal brand and Kapil’s brand is “Siddha Performance.”

    • I can’t believe this, he was really begging for their attention.

      It’s also funny that the very people he begs attention for and links his discourses are people who talk all about hard work and discipline. Meanwhile Kapil goes on about how hard work is overrated, effort is overrated, practice is overrated and other contrarian sayings. No offence but I don’t think the top elite players of their respective sports need to take any advice from some random overweight guy who has nothing to show for in the realm of sports.

  37. Many of the old twitter link on this page are no longer working – show up as obsolete. Also the video that shows “Actual Kapil” seems to have been removed now. Is there a way to actually see those links?

    • Daniel Velez has made his video private.

      No problem, here’s the original video of “Actual Kapil”:


    • Hi, I am the one who wrote the article. As someone else pointed out he has deleted some of those tweets which was around the day after I posted this article lol. Some of the links still work, it seems like he specifically deleted the ones where he promotes his work to rich people.

      He deleted a bunch of the tweets of “If you like Osho, this takes it to the next level. Namaste” that are linked in this article. You can see a couple others here:
      https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FouKdhsX0AEWu53?format=png (one that got screenshotted)
      https://twitter.com/Siddhaper4mance/status/600851842164203521 (one that he forgot to delete)

      I will make one more comment separately outlining a lot of these promotional tweets. But there is simply too much to cover them all. It might seem like I spent a lot of time digging these up but it wasn’t as long as people tend to think it was and if I was able to uncover all this from just this amount of time going through his history then I imagine I have not even scratched the surface of how much promotional, advertising, branding he has done and all the different ways he does so. In my view there’s already overwhelming evidence to support my viewpoint and so I don’t feel the need to put in more time searching through his entire history but if someone else wants to know actual truth about him as much as it’s possible then perhaps they will.

  38. A comment by a user on the reddit that I found interesting:

    “[After a point, after one has understood all the main points that he cycles through continuously, the so-called “serious” would probably leave his work and go their own path. Or at least only occasionally read/listen to his work to use as a reminder about truth(s).

    Life is just life. What kapil is doing to an extent is making a glossy portrayal out of life which is not too different from those spiritual guys who say things like “life is so beautiful” and “what a miracle it is to be alive” and there is sure another side to it, where the other side talks about how life sucks and how there’s so much violence and cruelty in the world. And so sure there are different perspectives, theres an optimistic view, pessimistic view, theres what you focus on, theres subjectiveness, etc. But ultimately, life is indeed just life. And maybe it’s better suited if I don’t say “just life” because even that adds some connotation to life. So to be more accurate, life is life. People don’t like to agree with that because they like to describe life in either one or the other extreme ends because life is what consumes their entire being.

    Humans like understanding things in stories, they’ll view their own life like a story, they make narratives out of events to understand them. They like examples. And Kapil is a good storyteller, he tells insights in an articulate narrative way. He could tell the exact same insights without the story and without the examples and most people wouldn’t be interested (except the “truly sincere” I suppose). And if the truth was stated as it is without any over-glorifying or without any grandiloquent lexicon wording then it most likely would not have the reach that Kapil has and would not resonate as much with the masses (which includes pretty much all of the people who read his work and follow him)

    The point is that eventually his work becomes like “yes you’re right but what am I going to do with all these truths” and then there’s “nothing to do, only see” and you basically just carry on with life with maybe more understanding that has possibly allowed more peace in life but not like a magic pill where life has transformed to permanent peace no matter how many times you repeatedly expose yourself to it. Not being thankless at all, even if he reiterated stuff from anciest masters. He has said and wrote stuff in a way that explains things clearly and has given useful insights but after a person reaches a point with his work, that’s pretty much it, there’s no “next lvl” to it that people continuously seek with his latest discourse and private stuff. It can be viewed that these people who seek every available work he has put out there, are somewhat serious because they’ve gone to such efforts to get what they can on the topic/truth, but they’re misguided in that they often fail to realize the chase they’re in.]”


    this is so true, I found this to be the case for myself. I would be obsessed with finding all of Kapil’s discourses and getting all his paid content. His paid content did not take me to any extra higher lvl or higher understanding than his free content already did. Perhaps it is different for another person but it will likely help you if you’re aware of the possible chase if you are buying his private work.

  39. The Kapil Gupta fans will talk a whole bunch about “truth” while if you were to click on their reddit profile you then come to see it turns out they’re actively posting in a whole bunch of random subreddits, you click on the Kapil Gupta fans’ twitter followers and you see them following a whole bunch of random people (like a lot of them follow Andrew Tate who has his own entire shtick on preaching his “truth”).

    You can follow whoever you want and post in whatever subreddit you want, you can have whatever interests you have. But let’s be real, if any of those fans were actually devoted to truth like the way Kapil describes then they wouldn’t be posting in those random subreddits nor would they be following pretty much all the people they follow on twitter.

  40. I think I have been helped by Kapil’s public content, some of the stuff that he says about “no prescriptions” has really helped me. But it took me couple of years to really get it.

    However, I agree that his paid content is not much different from the free stuff, so continuous exposure to free stuff is good enough. And I thank him for that!

    One thing, which I definitely find fishy about him is that he keeps constantly insinuating that he has very rich, successful and celebrity clients who pledge big amounts for him. But the only one I have ever seen is Naval Ravikant, who by the way while successful and well to do, is not that great as some others in Silicon Valley itself are.

    • If it helped you then cool. But just like the article mentions and one of the comments here mentions, even self-help content (which kapil tries to distance categorizing his content in the same space) has helped people.

      There are lots of people for whom self-help content didn’t help – and the usual retort by self-help gurus is that they didn’t take enough action. Kapil’s response to that is there is at least a certain amount of people that did take a lot of action and it still didn’t help them. Ok that’s a valid response but note there’s a lot of people for whom Kapil’s content didn’t help either – and the retort by Kapil is that they weren’t sincere enough or didn’t repeatedly expose themselves to it enough. But there’s at least a certain amount of people that did repeatedly expose themselves to his content for years upon years and genuinely want to arrive somewhere, yet do not. Kapil’s main response to his work not really changing the majority of people is that they lack sincerity and his work is only for the rare few individual, the same could easily be used as excuse to just say the same about self-help i.e. “self-help is only for the sincere, it will only help the rare few individuals who are serious” – there you go, now also an extra excuse for all the self-help addicts who didn’t make it.

      And yes, a lot of these “gurus” will insinuate that they have rich, successful clients or friends or connections but we never see any actual evidence of it. Not saying all of the people who claim this are definitely lying but the point is people usually fabricate such stories for strategic promotional sake to make their self-image seem more grandiose to others which then entices more customers to their products or their “pledges.”

      In addition, sure while some of the stuff Kapil says is never really heard of in the self-help space and sometimes even sounds like the opposite of what others preach, actually a lot it is also just regurgitation in the form of grandiloquent lexicon. For example, take all the stuff he says about how hard-work is overrated and romanticized in society, sure he may be right about that but he’s basically just talking about having more emphasis on “smart work.” Kapil talks about self-esteem and how humans are always comparing themselves to each other and the problem with “competing” which is pretty much what the social psychologists talk about with the effects of social media. The no-mind stuff is from the zen masters who talk about mushin, the writings on being effortless is pretty much from Taoism, the stuff he says about attachment is not much different from what Anthony De Mello says about attachment, there are similarities on other topics from others such as Herman Hesse, those mentioned in this article, etc. Kapil even references a few of the stuff such as the Hsin Hsin Ming, The Dhammapada, etc. He’s just an amalgamation of different ideas from different people – but nothing wrong with that as that’s pretty much all humans too. He’s just a human, his fan-base just over-glorify him and his teachings.

      • You absolutely hit the nail! He has taken lots of stuff from Hsin Hsin Ming, Bhagavad-Gita, Vedanta and other ancient Chinese and Indian literature and packaged it to make money. I give him credit for his sales/marketing techniques though.

  41. Kapil says jobs are like prisons, so then why did he work in the medical field for over 20 years? Did it take him 20+ year to figure out jobs were like a prison? It takes a lot of people a few days to figure that out. Was it just that Kapil needed to make a living and so had to dig his escape from jobs so to speak? But then he claims it’s better to be homeless than to have a job, so would he really work a job in preparation to dig a escape from something he could simply just quit?

    It’s quite obvious that 20+ years of working as a physician along with a wife who also worked 20+ years as a physician provides a lot of money for net worth. This is practical unlike what Kapil says about how it’s better to be homeless. Examine a person’s actions not just their words. Look at the facts. The fact is he worked a job for over 20+ years. The fact is his son has had multiple coaches. These things are practical things to do in society.

  42. Kapil is interesting to the masses because they’ve never heard most of the stuff he says before, and so many enjoy a lot of his material and find it quite lucid but there’s a lot of discrepancies that would make an open-minded person scratch their head.

    Kapil says all coaches/advisors are useless but then how are people supposed to develop or gain high level skill or knowledge in a time relevant manner?
    Kapil claims that drug users are the lowest level people on earth yet he’s never tried drugs or psychedelics – so how would he know the truth about it? I’m not for it like Terrence Mckenna and Dennis Mckenna, but I can admit that I do not know as I’ve not tried it.
    It’s interesting how people can have completely different narratives of the same person. For instance, Kapil tells one narrative of Tiger Woods, Chris Williamson has another narrative for Tiger. This is why as Kapil says himself, you shouldn’t trust anything until you’ve verified it to be trustworthy yourself.

    Kapil contradicts himself a lot. For e.g. He has said numerous times that he is not at all motivated by money. He says the only reason he charges a lot of money for his teachings is so that only the very serious and truly deserving end up with access to his teachings. He has also said many times he doesn’t care if people end up benefiting from his teachings or if they don’t. He simply shares the truth with the world because he has no choice as it’s his calling in life. So then how does a man who doesn’t care about money, doesn’t believe in right or wrong, creates content only because he cannot help himself, doesn’t care about whether his students imbibe his teachings or waste the opportunity goes after people with a team of attorneys for getting free access to his teachings? The answer is simple. He’s lying there. Also lawyers are also interesting partners for someone committed to Truth. And Kapil actually once said that when one has to have the truth he will do anything he can to get it. You think he’d have some respect for those that had enough disdain for society’s rules to find ways to get it even though it’s criminal.

    As others in the comments have mentioned, Kapil deleted a bunch of tweets, this is one of them https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Flw6HI9XoAE_V30?format=png
    It does make me wonder if he’s sincere and honest as he portrays to be, and doesn’t care what others of him like he claims then why delete a bunch of tweets from before?

    bit.ly/3vh4mYQ – A Kapil discourse.
    “The purer the Art, The more that each “sale” Brings a measure of pain. In some ways, The “sale” Is an insult To the Art.”
    If you’re not selling it for money and the art is so pure why sell it in the first place?

    Kapil: Krishnamurti was a man desperate to be heard.
    Also Kapil: [Sends a bunch of tweets to Elon] https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FGQJLEQVIAQCbEx?format=jpg
    To be clear, the following actions:
    Tweeting, Hosting Clubhouse sessions, Writing discourses, Publishing podcasts, Publishing books, and Hosting Twitter Spaces sessions, are apparently not done by Kapil because he’s desperate to ‘be heard’.

    In one of Kapil’s Clubhouse sessions, a very sincere guy who was desperate to learn from Kapil told him how he had transcribed all of Kapil’s podcasts, interviews and even typed out all articles from http://kapilguptamd.com in order to better understand his teachings. He said while he had greatly benefited from Kapil’s free stuff, he felt he had hit a wall in his pursuit for the truth. He said how he was sad that he might never learn the truth as he feels he will never be able to become wealthy enough to be able to afford Kapil’s teachings. He asked Kapil if getting wealthy is the only way to get access to his private
    teachings. To which Kapil told the guy that he seems very genuine and sincere. However, Kapil said straight to the guy’s face that unless he can afford to pay for his private teachings, he is afraid the guy will have to continue to do with the free stuff Kapil continues to put out. Kapil wished the guy good luck and took the next question! So much for not caring about making money and repeatedly saying he wants to teach the sincerest and the rarest of rare humans!

    Perhaps this post (if others hadn’t) will serve as a wake-up call to those giving money to Kapil.

  43. 1. A remarkable skill of fake gurus is their ability to brainwash their audience while warning them of brainwashing. Because the victim wants to believe in the words of the manipulator.
    2. Kapil uses images for free from Pixabay, lol I’m not surprised as Kapil has never shied away from profiteering from other people’s works and ideas.
    3. Simon Cowell made an entire career from criticizing such ‘singers’.
    Kapil made an entire career from criticizing spirituality, self-help, those who practice to improve their skills, hard work, etc.
    4. Kapil be like: how can I paraphrase the same points in hundreds of different poetic ways using different examples to keep my followers chase after the latest discourse. Don’t chase pleasure or prescriptions, chase my work instead.
    5. I’m looking at that kapil tweet to Lady Gaga it’s pretty funny – If only Osho were alive then he would be applauding Kapil’s work according to Kapil. I’m sure all those famous people Kapil tweeted decided to read Kapil’s article among the millions of messages they get.
    6. Kapil deleted a tweet where he said that Alex Honnold and Nima Purja were examples of Sincerity and Seriousness. Clearly he’d spent the weekend watching ‘Free Solo’ and ‘14 Peaks’ documentaries (both are great imo, btw). He probably deleted the tweet because made it too obvious he spends his time watching Netflix.
    7. The easiest fastest way to make money is you find just one sucker and empty his/her bank balance. Kapil has realized this. To support his kids golf lifestyle one has to charge his clients very high.
    8. “People know what they’re paying for” – People have subscriptions to useless things that they think are great, so much of the time. Also people paying huge amounts for something doesn’t make it inherently valuable. There’s a difference between inherent value and subjective perceived value.
    9. “He gives out free content” – The free content is to entice towards the paid content. Giving out free content is no different to the self-help YouTubers giving out free content while having the paid stuff in the description. It’s a way to entice the viewer to become more interested in the content creator’s work which then makes them more likely to buy paid content.
    10. “He’s not forcing you to pay” – Doesn’t matter if he’s not forcing people to pay, he’s trying to convince (as shown by his tweets and the marketing on his site) them to. Many rip-offs do not “force” people to pay. The point is he uses deceptive marketing.
    11. “His work has helped some people” – Just because something helped someone doesn’t mean it can’t be a scam overall to the majority of consumers. Using the same logic, self-help gurus may not have helped most people but they’ve helped some.
    12. “You don’t understand how businesses work” – Just because something is a business it doesn’t mean it can’t be a scam. Not all businesses charge way more money than for value’s worth – that’s the scam aspect.
    13. “He tells people not to take his word and follow him” – Asking everyone not to follow him is not much different to the self-help YouTubers that recommend their viewers to stop watching their content knowing that most viewers will still come back and think of the YouTuber as even more genuine and good-intentioned.
    14. “He’s upfront about the fees” – Being upfront about fees doesn’t mean you can’t scam. Many PUAs and self-help gurus are upfront about their fees too. It’s not wrong to charge for your work but the point is it’s a rip-off if you charge a massive amount for something that can be found elsewhere for much less.

    Genuine seekers of the truth: 5 out of 8 billion (maybe +2 or 3 more).
    Sincere individuals giving 6 figure pledges to Kapil: ~30
    And if the 5 genuine seekers are Kapil, Kapil’s wife, Kapil’s 2 sons and Naval then lol.
    I wonder who’s he’s tweeting for when there’s only like 1 or 2 people out of every hundred million who are sincere enough for his message. What are the chances they’re going to be on twitter? What are the chances they’re going to be on twitter reading his tweets?

    My grandfather achieve the state of no mind and remained in that state for several years after he suffered a major stroke. It’s good to know he lived the final years of his life in total bliss. I too would like to get there some day.

    Kapil discourses be like:

    Exercise: lie.
    Morning routines: lie.
    Practice: lie.
    Can Truth be bought: uncertain.

    Giving Kapil all your wealth means you’re serious: true.


    • People have ways to look more “genuine” and the intention can’t truly be known so maybe a few are authentic but it’s certainly possible to attempt ways to look more genuine.
      Some self-help youtubers will warn their audience about the self-help trap and tell people to not watch binge on their own videos too, this makes look more genuine in the eyes of others. Some will open up about traumatic childhood experiences to look more genuine. Some gurus will make several hour long free guides to look more genuine. Similarly Kapil does certain things such as he tells people to not blindly believe what he says and in the eyes of many of his followers that makes him look more genuine. And I’m not saying people who do any of these things are intentionally trying to manipulating people into thinking they’re authentic, I’m just stating that it’s a possibility and there are some who do that. Ofc pretty much anything can be a possibility and possibilities are endless and so it’s all about perspective. My point is simply that a lot of the audience is easy to deceive if the content creator has the intention to manipulate their audience.

  44. My pledge was accepted by Kapil even though I didn’t write anything extra as an application in my email, all I did was offer money. Makes me think he only says serious people will be accepted to make the stuff behind the paywall seem a particular secret way. Since he accepted me without any additional text, I’m pretty sure he accepts anyone who offers him money. Then again is that really a surprise, most people wouldn’t turn down a massive sum of money either.

    • He goes out of his way to claim in some of his discourses that he cancelled the income of “a million dollar” by way of a text or “five hundred thousand dollars’ pledge” stopped by the way of an email because he was not enjoying working with a client!

      The fact that he went out of his way to highlight these numbers made him look very unserious at least in that particular discourse!

      • I’m sure he makes those claims to make the entry to the content behind the paywall seem more exclusive. This is often used as a marketing technique by people. When things seem more exclusive like only available to a certain amount of people like some sort of “secret club” it makes that respective thing seem more valuable.

        If someone actually did or if they were to make a pledge of a million dollars then I’m sure Kapil would instantly accept no matter what their application stated or however insincere they seemed. Is there any empirical evidence that he cancelled such a million dollar pledge or a 500k pledge? It’s just his anecdotal claim which attempts to paint that “exclusive” picture around his paid content.

        I mean just look at some of the people he has conversed with (e.g. youtubers such as “the minimalists”, “POD OF JAKE”, etc.) and done clubhouse sessions with Moe and Kamal Ravikant (someone who wrote a book about loving yourself and spent years meditating with monks in the Dalai Lama’s monastery while Kapil says he agrees with the Dalai Lama on basically nothing). He has spent time conversing with these people so would he really decline an application offering a million dollar or 500k pledge? Highly doubt it. The man with his eyes fully and truly open sees this, while the brainwashed Kapil fan does not.

  45. https://www.golfwrx.com/author/kapilgupta/ “Dr. Gupta has devoted close to 30 years of his life” – archive shows it’s there from 2015 (he would’ve been age 45 at the time)

    “I have devoted at least half of my time on earth to the study of the intricacies of the human mind from an Eastern Philosophical perspective.” – archive shows it’s there from 2018 (he would’ve been 48 at the time, and half of 48 is 24).

    So this means Kapil would’ve started his journey of truth from around like 15-24.
    Sounds amazing. No way he’s lying right? Who knows.

    Anyway Kapil is quick to say self-improvement doesn’t work because most people don’t change after consuming it. But when someone points out most of Kapil’s followers don’t change or haven’t become enlightened, he’s quick to respond “because they’re not sincere enough to truly understand”. It’s easy for him to dodge the bullet by saying only like 5 people in the world will understand what he’s saying.

    Also as it mentions in the article in his previous site he says “Siddha Performance is the only company in the world devoted to achieving world class performance through mind transcendence.” – How would he know every company out there in relation to world class performance to be able to make such a statement? It amazes me how some Kapil followers do not see the blatant marketing. He has been trying to build his “truth” business from back in around 2012 where he was tweeting to CEOs/celebs/athletes because they’ve got the most money and so making them his clients is the fastest easiest way to make a lot of money. Kapil isn’t stupid, he knows what he’s doing but most of his followers are quite gullible.

  46. “First of all, understand this isn’t really a critique of his work”
    Should’ve put this in bold writing because people are missing the point here and pointlessly arguing things “X isn’t mutually exclusive to Y” when no one is saying it is.

    The free publicly available output from KG, is more than enough to keep one occupied in truth-seeking, for a lifetime. The easiest way to begin is via his publicly available works. KG has said several times, that one can arrive, from constant exposure to his public works. In one of Kapil’s twitter spaces, Kapil says some guy asked a second question so fast when he should’ve come back after like 20 years to ask the next question. The same applies to people with his content – they’re too eager for more and for the new stuff when if they were actually sincere then they would be coming back in like 50 years for more content. This is how you know that pretty much everyone who buys Kapil’s paid content is insincere (with the rare almost nonexistent exception of those who aren’t searching for any answers and just enjoy his art of writing – but even if you’re only consuming for the enjoyment of the art then the argument can be made that you’re not doing it genuinely for the truth seeking).

    And on a final note, most people who are so awed by Kapil’s work have seem to have lost their common sense. Yes the status quo are not always right, Yes society is fundamentally wrong about certain things. But to ignore common sense (and I do not mean in terms of the widely agreed subjective sense) is foolish. And even the simplest being with an ounce of common sense can see his website is full of marketing writings.

    Let’s have a look at some of the marketing descriptions on his website:

    “As the number of humans in the world who are Ready for them is extraordinarily small.” – make it sound very scare to seem more valuable.
    “Pledges are in the thousands. Applications are made to Ka***@Ka**********.com
    These are truly only for the human being that is Ready.” – make it sound like not everyone gets accepted even if they pay, which then makes the consumer feel like they were accepted out of a bunch of people and makes them feel special.

    “The Untold Secrets podcast reveals in-depth secrets that allow a human being to attain the rarefied elixirs in Life, Business, and Craft.
    Secrets that society, experts, spiritualists, monks and the world have never Realized, and can never Reveal.” – These marketers love to use the word ‘secret’ and here he makes it sound like this stuff isn’t found anywhere else and that it reveals stuff that allows a human being to excel in a bunch of stuff.

    “A repeated Exposure to these podcasts will create shifts in the pattern of the Mind” – How would he even know this unless it’s been tested on a bunch of people? But then Kapil often says only like 5 people are sincere enough for his work to have an effect, so if Kapil has tested it on people either there was a small sample size of 5 or there were a bunch of people where even a repeated exposure to the podcasts did not do anything – but does he mention either of those? No.

    “Truths that they will seldom find anywhere in the world.” – again making it sound very scarce to seem more valuable.
    “It is exposure that Transforms a human.” – much like the self-help sites selling courses/programs that promise transformation.

    “These are only for those who are Serious and Devoted.” – making it sound like it’s only for rare individuals so that when they get accepted to pledge him a bunch of money it makes them feel good that they were accepted.

    “For the rarest of humans.”
    “Until now, these Journeys were made available only to a select few in secret.”
    “One must apply for them”
    The marketing is no different from that of the other sections. The marketing is self-explanatory, does it really need to be explained to anyone who is serious?

    • Thank you for this. Makes it clear that anyone who buys his stuff isn’t truly devoted to truth because the free content can allow the truly serious to arrive and there is enough free content to last several lifetimes.

      Kapil is a smart dude and he mostly spits facts but he’s also trying to rinse people of their money.

  47. Anyone heard Kapil’s most recent twitter space (10/1/23) with the very first speaker he immediately asks “where did you get the direct truth podcast?” lol he’s so pressed that people are not paying him for it, his business is probably suffering

  48. People are incredibly conditioned, Kapil is spot on about that. And Kapil is spot on that most people are not sincere enough to understand certain things. And that goes for most of his followers too – they simply won’t understand the point made in this article and instead will immediately jump to the conclusion that it’s just outrage and that it’s just a bunch of criticism on Kapil and then completely judge it all as invalid.

    People can be devoted to anything right? There are no rules right? Well then, one can be devoted to learning the true motives of Kapil Gupta.

    According to Kapil, his work will only be understood by a few humans around the world and the majority of people who read/listen to his work will misunderstand what he’s saying – THEREFORE, statistically speaking the majority of people who pledge or purchase a bunch of his stuff will not be transformed by it, therefore it is a waste of money for pretty much anyone to purchase anything from Kapil. Yes, money is perhaps the single most reliable litmus test for seriousness, HOWEVER, it isn’t guaranteed that one can simply buy their way to truth or enlightenment or anything otherworldly.

    Kapil gets enormous money out of the pledges and selling content. And I’m not saying he’s evil for that. Kapil says he doesn’t care if anyone listens to him or changes and that he has no desire for people to listen to him and that he just posts for the sake of posting with no ulterior motive. But just examine why one would tweet anything in the first place, why would one put out content online in the first place? Even the most base logical person can see that it’s for others to view – otherwise there’s 0 reason to post in the first place. One who is sincere can see the practicality behind tweeting or putting out content – there’s a cause and effect to these things and the effects are gaining more money, gaining more followers, growing personal brand, growing a business.

  49. 0.5

    As someone who pledged 6 figures to him, I only advise others not to. There’s nothing more behind the paywall. I know it all sounds so amazing and profound, it all seems like an exclusive secret but the extra access to the paid stuff isn’t anything new from what he has already said. It sucks for me that I only found this out after giving Kapil so much money but such is the case.

    Most of you are probably in your 20s and found Kapil through Naval, don’t rush into any of these pledges. At least wait until you’re in your 30s and have had a lot more life experience before you think you know so much “truth”

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  50. There are resellers on the kapil reddit who charge less but don’t pay them either, if you search properly there you can find someone who actually generously gives out ALL of kapil’s paid stuff for FREE.

    • hello rafa can you give me his stuff for free I dont have that much money it would be a great help

      • 1.1

        You have to ask around on the Kapil subreddit in private because Kapil also views the Reddit and tries to shut down peoples Reddit accounts.

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  51. Kapil reddit mod is still going at it. He’s making assumptions that certain statements here regarding Kapil are disingenuous and he’s deciding the manner in which they’re presented. He’s also then deciding whether others understood something or not.
    Kapil reddit mod: “The fact is they didn’t get that far as to understand what his position was.”
    Kapil reddit mod: “His position is that coaches aren’t interested in the truth. That it is tremendously unlikely to find people who are interested in the truth in the world, particularly among those who are providing coaching services. That all coaches are in the business of prescribing, just like their own coaches were. That no coach is a pure and uncompromising seeker of the truth.”
    Right, I’m not sure who doesn’t understand that this is Kapil’s position, this is straight up obvious imo especially considering Kapil has been saying the same thing about coaches and prescriptions for years. Yes, this doesn’t mean making “no coaches” or “no prescriptions” into a rule but the point is the sincere genuine serious person devoted to truth would naturally come to not have coaches or prescriptions for non-mechanical things.

    Kapil reddit mod also makes the assumption that things were said out of “outrage”. So how would he know the authenticity of what others say? How would he know the manner in which things were said? Sure from the tone we can gather our perspective of what seems very likely but KNOWING is different from very strongly believing. It’s impossible for one to absolutely KNOW if another presented a statement with neutrality or not. One can only subjectively strongly believe at best “logical”/”rational” educated guess. It’s quite funny because Kapil himself talks about this point of how knowing and believing are completely different things, and how beliefs do come but he puts them through a massive filter to rid them. It is certainly plausible that these things were said out of outrage but you don’t KNOW that, for all we know it could’ve simply been someone who found writing this article out of simple pure enjoyment, it could be OP’s way of having fun (I’m not saying that is the reason. I’m saying it COULD be that), or it COULD be some other reason. And since there is no way of telling, the COULDs are all speculation.
    I’d also add that even if one was outraged it doesn’t mean they can’t make a factual statement while being outraged. Kapil has often spoke about being outraged at society and the status quo. Being outraged doesn’t suddenly change the meaning of what’s actually being said. Being outraged isn’t mutually exclusive with truth.

    Likewise with Kapil’s son having a coach. Kapil could’ve played a part in picking out a coach for his son or not, we don’t truly know but even if it is the case, there could be some other reason. The possible reasons are all ultimately speculation.
    Kapil reddit mod: “In what universe have the critics made even an iota of a intelligent point by bringing up his son’s coach’s name like creepy doxxers?”
    So this reddit mod is viewing everything through the lens of whether it’s a relevant intellectual point because he’s viewing everything here through the lens of being a criticism – OP may simply be providing facts to have the article be more full of accurate information, not every single sentence has to be an intelligent argumentative counterpoint to Kapil. Also Kapil’s son’s coach’s name is relatively well-known if you follow or even see either of them on twitter. Also one would think if OP really intended or wanted to dox Kapil then he’d have included his address, emails and phone numbers (and yes all those can be found from a simple google search, not exactly some thorough investigative dox lol).

    Kapil reddit mod: “I should ban these trolls on sight.”
    Well yes that’s the easy move when you can’t win a debate, especially here because you can’t debate against the truth. And so it’s much easier to just accuse the other side of being “trolls” or “insincere” and certainly much easier to just ban/block them but unfortunately for him and Kapil, they can’t do that here where they don’t have their reddit mod powers.

  52. Here’s the problem with Kapil’s work:

    He knows that most people following his work won’t fully understand it properly and this will lead to potential problems with most of them. Since at its worst, Kapil’s philosophy is a coping mechanism for the lazy and unmotivated. Since Truth is forever hidden behind Kapil’s curtain, his followers have an excuse to not progress. Kapil’s teachings allow ample room for cynicism and inaction.

    Kapil has bastardized the definition of Truth to fit his purpose. Forsaking prescriptions means forsaking Action. This is where his philosophy turns harmful. His followers won’t magically enter a flow state by reading his work. Life doesn’t work like that. No effort=no result

    There’s no need to read, because books are a scam.
    There’s no need to learn, because education is a scam.
    There’s no need to self-improve, because that’s a scam.
    There’s no need to even exercise, because you’re going to die regardless.
    You get the point…

    If you’re not moving forward, you’re either immobilized or in retreat.
    Kapil’s subreddit could be full of depressed students seeking direction. It’s well-known that inactivity increases depression risk. By using Kapil’s work to nurture this tendency, they harm themselves further. If you’re using Kapil’s work as an excuse to be cynical and reject society, then you’re already in the hole. Just like Kapil, you’re unable to admit your faults and limitations, and you’re becoming detached from reality.

    The Kapilean student is never aware of their self-sabatoge, because they don’t understand real Truth: Truth isn’t something a guru can provide. It’s not writings that Kapil has monopolized. The real Truth starts with self-honesty. How honest you can be with yourself?
    This is where Kapil’s corruption of Truth becomes a dagger.
    A Truth devotee can never lie, even if telling Truth harms themselves.
    How many people even aspire to this standard?
    Do you really believe Kapil has never lied? A single lie is mutually exclusive with Truth
    Every person is deluded. We lie to ourselves, then lie to others. A real Truth devotee does not lie, and their actions match their words (hypocrisy is a form of lie). Claiming to be a Truth devotee is not a casual statement. A single lie exposes you as a poser.

    Even if what Kapil actually means is different to what his audience understands it as – what does he except when he goes back and forth between saying things at face value to saying things with subtle meanings to discussing nuanced abstract concepts. Language can indeed be a barrier. His discourses are full of sounding highly romanticized sentences that lead people nowhere. This is just a glossy portrayal of life to have his audience keep coming back for more discourses and more twitter space conversations.

  53. I’d really advise against paying for Kapil’s paid content.
    As an example, if you have read his free public discourses:
    -Why Practice Does Not Create Greatness. And What Truly Does (2018)
    -Practices Lead Nowhere (2022)

    And search on Youtube what he’s said about practice, there are titles like “Practice Is a Myth” and “Practice: Unlearning of Traditional Norms”.

    If you’ve read/listened to all the above and also have access to his $500 Direct truth podcast “Practice is not the way” – you can see he’s just repeating the same things from the free stuff using slightly different wording. The truth is the same, the only difference is with the latter he’s charging $500 for an audio of less than 7 minutes.

    This is just one example, the same applies to all the other topics he charges money for. He is essentially charging a lot of money for repeating the same free stuff he has already said/written. Speaking from experience, highly recommend not to pledge him any money or buy any of his work.

  54. 0.75

    Kapil just recently deleted the tweets that he posted like a couple years ago promoting his book. What timing right, this article gets posted a few days back and then Kapil suddenly deletes a bunch of his tweets that were posted from a year ago.

    If there was nothing wrong (and I don’t mean in the sense that there is no right or wrong) in the tweets WHY DELETE THEM then? It could be that he knows it hurts his image/reputation and therefore affects his personal brand and thereby affecting his business. Or it could be some other reason, only he really knows. But it doesn’t look good on him, NOT that it matters in terms of an individual devoted to truth because what Kapil does is irrelevant to others – have to say this before Kapil fans come in and strawman with “well that’s not mutually exclusive with truth”.

    Let’s examine the cause and effect of his behaviour.
    Why would he be spamming amazon links to his books to a bunch of celebrities?
    Why would he dress up all smart and use that pic for his website instead of a casual picture of himself?
    Why would he use wordings such as “The Untold Secrets podcast reveals in-depth secrets that allow a human being to attain the rarefied elixirs in Life, Business, and Craft.” or “Secrets that society, experts, spiritualists, monks and the world have never Realized, and can never Reveal.” or “This is the only work of its kind, anywhere in the world today.”?
    Any honest person with common sense and no biased view can see the attempt to market and convince. And OP points out you may say hes not trying to convince anyone of anything and that he’s just stating truth BUT it is possible to persuade/indoctrinate people who are sitting on the fence for certain things.

    So why would he do all those things? Why market? Why promote your books, discourses and work to the masses? Cause and effect says MONEY.
    And there’s nothing right or wrong about wanting money, nothing right or wrong about marketing and promoting your products. But it simply is the case that what Kapil gets out of this is MONEY. If you’ve read his work about charity and humility (e.g “Every attempt to be humble is false, is a charade”) then you’d realize he’s not doing any of this to make others feel better (again, nothing right or wrong about that).
    So the answer is MONEY – and to make it absolutely clear to the kapil fans that try to defend him, that answer of money does not have any impact of the validity of his teachings. It’s simply a statement of truth that what he gets from all this is money.

    Let’s also examine this further – if no one was to buy Kapil’s stuff like his direct truth podcasts nor pledge him any money, THEN he wouldn’t be receiving any passive income AND if he’s not receiving any passive income he’d either have to eventually go homeless or start working some active job (like going back to the medical profession) and if you’ve read/heard his content about “jobs” then you’d understand that he thinks they’re a living prison.

    And as for the whole “money shows sincerity” – paying huge amounts of money doesn’t guarantee change. For instance, see pick-up artists and their multi-thousand dollar bootcamps, there are many many people who pay thousands to attend these bootcamps and still end up making no change in the end. The same goes for a lot of the self-help programs or coaching stuff. You can pay huge amounts of money for anything and it might not change you at all, you can also not pay anything and positively massively transform and ofc the reverses can also be true – but the point is money doesnt necessarily show sincerity nor can it necessarily buy sincerity or genuineness.

    + PROS: His content might be of value or seem wise to you if you haven't heard it before (which is likely because this stuff is secluded among the spiritual and self-help spaces)
    - CONS: Deletes the tweets of him promoting his work. Extremely repetitive content. Makes empty threats and scare tactics about his lawyers prosecuting people.
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  55. I see some reddit kapil-defenders say this is “not a serious examination of Kapil’s work.” OP never said it’s an examination of kapil’s work, in fact OP clearly stated stuff like “First of all, understand this isn’t really a critique of his work”, “You may find some value in his work if you haven’t already heard all this basic stuff before”, “If you really enjoy his work then keep reading/listening to the free stuff.” – So what exactly made this kapil-defender think it was an examination of his work lol? Strawman.

    The same reddit kapil-defender said “I do not care how much he charges, it’s his work, it’s his decision.” Did he not see OP mention “Kapil is free to sell his stuff at whatever price he wishes to do so” – it’s like these reddit kapil-defenders didn’t even read everything properly. And sure it is true that it’s ultimately the buyer’s choice if they pay for something – The consumers need to take accountability for their actions as well. But the point is that the producer isn’t necessarily wanting what is best for you. As an example just take people who sell junk food, they’re giving you food in return for money but it’s not great for your health. Of course difference is people usually know that junk food isn’t healthy when they decide to buy it and there usually isn’t places where you can get those junk food for absolutely free unlike nearly all of Kapil’s paid content or other people’s self-help content.
    Yes you are making the choice when you indulge in such things but the point is that the producers are not always on your side.
    Yes one is making the choice when they buy a private discourse or a coaching program or whatever but if it’s deceptively marketed in a way to convince you that it’s absolutely life changing and then you spend your money on it but find that it’s inadequate then you would feel like you got screwed over. Of course it’s your opinion if you find it inadequate but certain things can be objectively underwhelming and therefore is trickery by the producer.

    These kapil-defenders pick and choose looking at things differently.
    The details of certain things are not important such as for simple concepts where fixating on the details is retreating into unnecessary complexities. But in the case of just words said/written by individuals, if you’re going to talk about serious examinations then it’s all about looking at the nuances, details, patterns, thorough dissection, observations, analysis and a deep examination of the causes and effects. But what some Kapil followers do is they look at kapil’s work through a certain lens (ie. seriousness) and then look at what others say (such as this article) through another type of lens (ie. with the preconceived notion that it’s false). If one is truly sincerely interested in the truth then they don’t look at anything through any type of lens and see everything with the same sincerity rather than picking and choosing treating/looking at things differently.

  56. Kapil probably seen this article since he just deleted all those tweets saying “if you like osho..” then promoting his book. These Kapil fans don’t see how attached they are to him, they’ve got an excuse for everything he does. I wonder what their coping rationalization is for why he deleted those tweets just a few days after this article was made? Anyway here’s one from his old account that he didn’t delete (see it before he deletes it too) –

  57. Great review, background on him, and other sources of “gurus.” It seems everything would be a prescription, perhaps even “go figure it out yourself”, which is kind of KG’s message. Although his prescription is definitely quite different than other self help books.

  58. One of the kapil subreddit mods made a poor response of an “answer” to this article.
    Much of the so-called answers were along the lines of “X is not mutually exclusive with the truth” – which is just a straight up STRAWMAN, no where in the article does it actually make the claim that any of those things are mutually exclusive with truth, they’re simply just being pointed out.

    Another reddit user asks “how does hunger for money contradict with anything he says?” – but again another strawman comment in the form of a question. No where in the article does it actually say that his hunger for money contradicts anything he says.

    One reddit user did make a good point:
    There’s a difference between posting those things as just statements and posting them as criticism specifically towards his ability to preach truth. Like if one was to specifically state that because of X, Y or Z that those things affect the credibility of the “truth” he speaks/writes then that’s completely different to just making the statement of let’s say for example “kapil’s son has a coach” with no further additional statements.

    If people just said those statements without further context then what tends to happen is people form their own interpretation instead of taking what’s said at face value and this isn’t their fault, humans tend to just be like that (even Kapil has said this before about how people wrongly misinterpret things). The premise is someone said X but people read it as Y (X + their interpretation). So if someone just said “he has a hunger for money” then that’s all they meant, it doesn’t mean “he has a hunger for money + that runs contradictory to truth”. Or if someone says “Kapil charges a lot of money” – that doesn’t mean what’s said is “Kapil charges a lot of money + that must mean what he says about truth is incorrect”. The extra stuff after the “+” is all simply one’s own interpretation instead of reading what’s said at face value.

    • I just saw the reddit thread and read the convo between the reddit user who made a good point and the kapil reddit mod. It goes and back forth with the mod first misunderstanding the other guy, then later says they’re on the same page and then eventually the convo comes to an end with the mod not having a reply to the other guy’s final post.

      At one point that reddit convo comes to “factual statements vs truth”
      The mod says “factual statements are not truth”
      The thing here is there’s this abstract personal definition of truth and it’s diving into semantics. The mod goes on a tangent about his personal definition of truth but understand this: If something is a fact then it’s not wrong or false.
      Even the dictionary definition of fact = is a thing that is known or proved to be true.
      In law, fact = the truth about events as opposed to interpretation.

      The problem with the mod and many other kapil students is that you can’t really get through to many of them because they are so convinced that what they’re saying is “truth” and they will just make claims that are unfalsifiable, not backed-up, not elaborated on – they’re simply a bunch of opinionated statements that goes like “This is the way it is”, “That is what they’re doing”, “This is how they feel”, “That is the position they’re taking” – with no additional follow-up to back it up. Anyone can make simple statements that are not backed up and it can just lead to a circular argument. The mod may have even picked up responding in that fashion from Kapil – when there’s any question Kapil doesn’t like he can just respond “you’re insincere” and move on (not saying that’s what he does all the time). In an argument if you cannot prove something to another person then it does not have much weight as a point.

    • The funny part is he says there won’t be a retort but here we are where you’ve just refuted him. And he also says people jump to conclusions WHILE incorrectly jumping to the conclusion that the statements were said in response to their relation with kapil’s truth preaching.

  59. What he says really isn’t that new or profound, at least to me it isn’t. I can guarantee you that most of the people who are so impressed and captivated by his writings are a bunch of 20-something year olds.

  60. I bet kapil fans will pick and choose which parts to respond to and not answer everything. They’ll likely dodge the stuff like Kapil’s comments on the Joe Rogan post where Kapil makes a comment in the form of question but then calls out some other guy for doing the same thing.

    • You called it. The kapil subreddit mod made a response to this (debunked by a comment above by “Charles”) and he conveniently left out certain things such as that Joe Rogan post.

  61. 0.6

    Aman has been one of the best players in the world for the past few years and was a starter at the #1 college golf team in the country. Guarantee Foley isn’t charging that, most likely just a percentage of earnings. Do a little research on these things before writing. Don’t think anyone would see his resume and come up with “decent”

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    • One of the best players?

      He’s not number 1. He’s not top 10. He’s not top 100. Not even top 1000.He hasn’t even made the PGA Tour yet. He may or not achieve much greater things in the future but as of yet, he’s no where near the greatest. He’s ranked #1741 – if this is your idea of “one of the best players in the world” then you have extremely low standards for being one of the best players in the world. No sincere serious individual would have such low standards.

      I suggest you do your research before telling others to do their research.
      Secondly, “decent” is just a descriptive adjective for how he thinks Aman is doing and in fact after looking at those rankings, saying “decent” is actually being incredibly favorable to Aman.

    • The truth is you don’t know whether Foley has any impact or not – what you’ve done is you’ve come in with your subjective opinion on the matter. But what we do know is that Aman has Foley as a coach. Also, for someone who isn’t being impacted much at all by a coach – would then bring up the question, well why does he have a coach in the first place then? And before you jump to answering that, make sure it’s based on objective facts rather than on more subjective opinions.

    • https://www.seanfoleygolf.com/

      He literally does charge that much lmaoo.

      As for “Aman” idk as much as you or OP does about him, but surely if he is one of the best players then supports OP’s point since Aman does indeed have a coach which is contrary to Kapil’s anti-coach sayings

  62. Thank you for the time to write this detailed review.

    I found myself captivated by his writings, and am in awe of his marketing genius and mastery of human nature (use of scarcity, FOMO, exclusivity).

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