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Kashinath Jadhav: Did He Cheat Others? The Fact Revealed (Update 2024)

The Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) buildings were reportedly used as a means of deceiving multiple individuals, including a 40-year-old fraud artist who was apprehended by the Powai police. 

Police claim that Deepak Kashinath Jadhav, an Antop Hill inhabitant, deceived at least 25 individuals. The victims reportedly gave Kashinath Jadhav Mumbai, an advance payment of Rs. 50 lakh. The authorities are currently investigating if Mhada employees worked closely with the accused.

Following the arrests of his two accused assistants, Priyanka alias Priya Patil, 41, and Kanucharan Mishra, 5,  the police tracked down Jadhav.

According to the authorities, the group promised naive individuals flats in Mhada complexes in exchange for upfront financial payments. To impress the victims, they also mentioned powerful figures from the chief minister’s office as well as other politicians and bureaucrats. When the home searchers approach the three after handing over the cash, they would attempt to elude them.

However, Police claim that Deepak Kashinath Jadhav, a resident of Antop Hill, defrauded at least 25 people. The victims allegedly gave Jadhav an advance payment of Rs. 50 lakh.

Soon after, 25 other people went to the police and made comparable accusations. The three would experiment with various strategies to elude the home searchers.  They would also phone them on various days and fail to show up, according to a senior police official who spoke on the record.

The three have been associated with this firm since May 2007 according to the police’s findings throughout their investigations. The investigator said, “During interrogation, Patil stated that she had reimbursed around Rs. 10 lahks to a few persons and was about to repay the remaining money shortly.

Kashinath Jadhav Mumbai has been remanded to police detention until August 24 on charges of cheating, criminal breach of trust, and common intention.

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Sections 34 (common intention), 406 (criminal breach of trust), and 420 (cheating) of the IPC are the charges against Jadhav. He is currently being held in police custody until August 24. Two of Jadhav’s accomplices, Priyanka alias Priya Sanjay Patil, 41, and Kanucharan Mishra, 58, were detained last month after being found inside their residences in Mhada colony, Powai.

According to the authorities, the three promised clients apartments in Mhada complexes in exchange for a specified sum of money. They were successful in persuading the purchasers that they could have allotments approved by Mhada and the chief minister’s office.

Mehmuddul Amir Hasan, a resident of Powai, reported the crime to the police last month, stating that Mishra had defrauded him of Rs 2 lakh. The building where he resides has a secretary named Mishra. Hasan stated, “He claimed he can assist me in obtaining a Mhada apartment.

21/12/2023 Update
As of now, Kashinath Jadhav has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

He claims that numerous more got in touch with Mishra, who then suggested they contact Patil and Kashinath Jadhav in Mumbai. “Mishra assured me that I would obtain an apartment in a Mhada building if I paid Rs 2 lakh. But when everything seemed to be standing still, I thought about filing a complaint,” he said.

Hasan claimed that every time they visited to inquire about the status of the anticipated allotments, Mishra always had an explanation ready and would call them at a later time. “By July 25, the three offered the home-hunters units in a future Mhada project. However, about 23 individuals realized they had been tricked by the three, according to assistant police inspector C N Puri. Patil had admitted to taking the money from the potential purchasers, he continued.

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According to Mhada authorities, apartments are assigned using a reliable lottery mechanism. Nevertheless, touts attempt to con home-seekers. Before the allocation list is made public, Kashinath Jadhav Mumbai somehow managed to get a hold of it. They then get in touch with the people who first contacted them and claim that their efforts are what made it happen.

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