Katrina Leali

Embezzles Money, Steals from Clients

Our client is planning on filing a lawsuit against Katrina Leali for her terrible services. We have written this review on their behalf to make other people aware of this shady operation. The review is based on our client’s personal opinion and experience with Katrina Leali from Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. They have chosen to remain anonymous for privacy reasons. 

Disclaimer: This review is based entirely on the information given to us by our client. Some components of this review are based on our client’s opinion. 

How It All Started:

Our client came in contact with Katrina Leali last year. They were looking for a professional financial advisor to help them manage their assets and investments. After going through multiple options, our client chose to hire Katrina. According to them, she seemed like a genuine person and was the most promising candidate among the others. 

Moreover, Katrina Leali’s operation is a family-based one, so our client was under the impression that the customer service would be more personalized. The experience of our client however, wasn’t very enjoyable. 

Our Client on Katrina Leali and Their First Impressions:

Here’s a direct quote from our client on the initial impression of the Leali family:

“I was looking for a financial advisor that would listen to me and my family. So when I came across these guys, I thought a family run business would be perfect. I expected them to be more understanding of my issues as I’m a busy person and I don’t get much time to talk with advisors. 

The first meetings happened on time and there weren’t any delays whatsoever. I was glad to work with them for the first two months. It’s unfortunate how things turned out.”

Our Client

Katrina and her family stole a lot of funds from our client through hidden fees. They claimed that our client made fake allegations against them while having complete knowledge of all crimes. 

Who is Katrina Leali?

Katrina Rose Leali is the Senior Vice President and Senior Financial Advisor at the Leali Team, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. She has CFP and CPFA certifications. 

How Katrina Leali Scammed our Client:

The scam began when our client became accustomed with the services of the Leali family. They were under the impression that Katrina Leali and her team members were looking after their interests and their family’s interests, however that wasn’t the case. 

Our client had started availing several additional services from the Leali family. According to them, Katrina had advised them to get more services. However, this decision gave more power to the Leali family over the financial decisions of our client. Moreover, the Leali family started charging numerous hidden fees under the name of the multiple services they were offering to our client.

The situation became very critical when our client started suffering financial losses because of Katrina Leali. They expected the financial advisors to handle their assets well and provide them with at least some positive returns on their investments. 

However, our client suffered several financial losses because of the poor decision-making and shady fee structure of the Leali operation. 

Primary Allegations:

Here are the crimes Katrina Leali and her family committed against our client: 


Through charging unspecified fees, the Leali operation has stolen XXXXX from our client. They charged this amount, without our client’s knowledge. Not only that, but they also couldn’t explain the purpose of these charges. 

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Whenever our client enquired about these charges, they were given a vague reply. Apart from that, the Leali family started claiming that our client was in the wrong for making this allegation. Stealing funds from your clients is illegal and punishable by law. Still, the Leali operation decided to act on their temptations and stole from our client. 


As a financial advisor, Katrina Leali and her team should have helped our client with asset management. Instead they focused on charging hidden fees and manipulated our client into thinking that the charges were justified. They have also caused our client multiple financial losses through their terrible financial advice, which is the opposite of what our client expected from them. 

Poor Service

The Leali team failed to inform our client about any of the financial losses. Our client discovered those losses themselves or through third-party sources. As wealth management advisors, it was the duty of Katrina Leali and her team to inform our client about those losses. But they chose not to inform them because they knew it would damage their relationship with our client. 

Katrina Leali Review: Final Notes

Our client wanted to share their review of Katrina Leali and her services because of the horrible experience they had with them. They are planning on taking legal action against Katrina Leali and her staff for the reasons we have shared in this article. 

2.5 Total Score

Our client strictly advises others against hiring Katrina Leali or the Leali Team. They steal from their clients, provide poor client service, and are incapable of accepting their faults.

  • Fraud
  • Embezzlers
  • Poor Customer Service
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  1. What kind of crap is this? Unbelieveable! This kind off trash needs to be shutdown. I have been a client of the Leali team and specifically Katrina and her father, and have nothing but respect and confidence in their management of our accounts. The support staff is also first-rate. Go “investigate” someone on your level. Mike Madigan would be a good start. You would get along great.

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