Where is Keiko Fujimoto? Ex-Wife Of Ramesh Balwani: Update 2023

The ex-wife of the infamous businessman Ramesh Balwani, Keiko Fujimoto, used to be an American-Japanese artist. She gained popularity as the ex-wife of Ramesh Balwani. She was the CEO and president of Theranos.

Keiko’s husband faced a lot of criticism because of his company’s bizarre biotechnology claims. Now Ramesh is facing major lawsuits because of his company’s alleged illegal practices and even abusing his girlfriend.

In recent years, Keiko Fujimoto, the ex-wife of Ramesh Balwani, a former chief operating officer at Theranos, has been the focus of a great deal of interest and speculation. Fujimoto, on the other hand, has, for the most part, avoided the limelight, in contrast to Balwani, who has been in the spotlight due to his involvement in the Theranos scandal. So, where exactly is Keiko Fujimoto at this moment?

Fujimoto and Balwani were married from 2001 until 2016 and both worked at Theranos during that time. Theranos was a blood testing startup that has since gone out of business. In 2018, an indictment against Balwani was brought against him for nine counts of wire fraud and two counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. His trial is scheduled to begin in 2022. In spite of this, Fujimoto has not been accused of committing any crimes in connection with her work at Theranos.

Fujimoto largely vanished from public view following the couple’s divorce in 2016, which took place in 2016. It is unknown where she is currently residing or what she is occupying her time with at this time. There have been conflicting reports regarding her whereabouts; some claim that she has returned to her birthplace in Japan, while others believe that she may have moved somewhere within the United States.

In recent years, Fujimoto’s function at Theranos has drawn increased attention, despite the fact that she has kept a relatively low profile. Alongside Balwani and the founder of Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes, Fujimoto was named as a defendant in a lawsuit that was brought against Theranos in 2018 by an investor known as Partner Fund Management (PFM). PFM claimed that Fujimoto and the other defendants “made false and misleading statements and engaged in fraudulent conduct” in order to convince PFM to invest in Theranos. This was one of the allegations made in the lawsuit.

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Fujimoto has not made any statements that have been made available to the public regarding the lawsuit or her time spent at Theranos. In contrast, she defended Balwani in an interview she gave to Vanity Fair in 2018 in which she stated that he was “a good person” who “worked hard” for Theranos.

Fujimoto has, for the most part, remained out of the public eye in the years that have passed since the Theranos scandal first came to light. However, as Balwani’s trial draws closer, it is possible that her part in the decline of the company will continue to be investigated. The questions of where Keiko Fujimoto is and what she is doing will remain unanswered until such time as the aforementioned event takes place.

Keiko Fujimoto

Where is Ramesh Balwani Ex-Wife Now/?

Fujimoto is mostly known for being the ex-wife of Ramesh Balwani, before that she was a prominent name in the Japanese Television industry. In between being married to Balwani and divorcing him in the December of 2002, Keiko & Ramesh lived a very lavish lifestyle in San Francisco. After Ramesh’s legal troubles, Keiko started avoiding the limelight and actively avoids any media attention. Her current whereabouts are not known.

Soon after the divorce, she moved back to Japan and worked there. Other than that, no verified claims can be found.

Is there a Keiko Fujimoto Wikipedia?

No. Keiko doesn’t have a Wiki page, but that is most probably because she wants to keep a low profile. However, you can still find her TV works on IMDb. 

She started her career as an actress in “Takajin mune ippai”, a Japanese TV series in 1994. Then she became an announcer with her great orating skills. Her last TV venture was as the announcer for the mini-series called “Unfair”.

Truth About Keiko Fujimoto’s Nationality

The ex of Mr. Balwani is from Japan where she was born and raised. However, she might’ve received American citizenship after marrying Ramesh. Nothing can be said for certain as the couple has not discussed this matter publicly. Right now, Keiko is living in Japan (last reported).

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