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Kent Clothier is a self-proclaimed real estate expert and is the owner of Real Estate Worldwide, a real estate education company. Along with these things, he is also a notorious fraudster who has caused many people to lose thousands of dollars. 

In the following review, I’ll go through how Kent runs his deliberate scams and how people fall for them. Read on to find out more. 

Warning: Kent Clothier REWW doesn’t trust in his Students

REWW has a disclaimer stating if their course doesn’t work, it’s your fault, not theirs

Real Estate Worldwide, the company in question, claims to offer the tools and knowledge you need to succeed in real estate. They have an academy and a community of real estate professionals and investors. The company makes pretty bold claims about their expertise in real estate and even claims to have found what makes one a successful investor. 

Kent clothier's lies

Notice in the above screenshot how they claim to only accept those applicants who already possess the necessary traits to have sustained success in real estate? 

But it turns out that they don’t trust their own selection when they choose applications because below all of these bold claims is a disclaimer in small print. The disclaimer says that Kent Clothier is an expert and so, his experience and results are different from what you can expect. 

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The disclaimer even says that most of the people who take lesions from REWW academy, don’t usually apply what they have learned so they don’t get good results. In other words, if you spend so many dollars on REWW academy and get poor results, it’s not the fault of the academy’s poor curriculum and course, but yours only. 

REWW academy disclaimer

I’m guessing Kent must have received so many complaints from his students (aka victims), that his lawyers told him to add such a disclaimer on the website.

You should know that the disclaimer I shared above, isn’t the only one available on their website. There’s another disclaimer, twice the size of the previous one, available on the Terms & Conditions page of REWW academy. 

This disclaimer is also present on Kent’s personal website, where he sells his Kent Clothier Coaching. 

What does it actually mean for you (the customer)

Suppose you buy a TV and the salesman whispers to you that if the TV doesn’t work, it’s your fault, not the company, would you still buy that TV? Most probably, no. 

In Kent’s case, he seems to think that you wouldn’t hear the whisper so if the TV fails and you complain, his lawyers would say, “But Kent had told you that it’s your fault, you just didn’t listen.”

Real Estate Worldwide had to add such a disclaimer on their website because the web is ridden with the complaints of their past students and clients. Many people have complained about the quality of this course because they apply what was taught to them but it didn’t yield any good results. 

This disclaimer also shows that too many people are dissatisfied with REWW academy. People aren’t getting what they were promised so they complain. To counter them, Kent blames them and says they aren’t getting results because they don’t work hard enough.

If that’s the case, then why does Kent’s website says they “select only those applicants who possess the traits for sustained success in real estate”. It means either his company is lying about their applicant selection process or his company can’t select good applicants altogether.

If a company doesn’t trust its own product and customers, you shouldn’t trust them either. The disclaimer is their way of saying “the course may not work, but if it doesn’t, it’s your fault only, don’t blame us”, which is one of the worst excuses a “real estate investment teaching company” can give. 

The Mastermind Behind Real Estate Worldwide: The Kent Clothier Story

My REWW Academy review would remain incomplete if I don’t talk about Kent Clothier, the person behind this scam. 

Kent is the CEO and President of Real Estate Worldwide (REWW). It’s a real estate education company with offices in California, Arizona, Florida, Scottsdale, San Diego, and Boca Raton. 

His website claims he is a real estate expert and a renowned entrepreneur. Apart from Real Estate Worldwide, Kent is the owner of 1-800-SELL-NOW, Find Cash Buyers NOW, Find Private Lenders NOW, and Find Motivated Sellers NOW. 

According to his bio, Kent has purchased and sold more than 2,300 properties since 2005. He owns more than 100 rental properties in Florida and Tennessee and multiple commercial buildings in Memphis, Tennessee.

Kent has also written the book “Reverse Wholesaling”. On paper, Kent Clothier seems like the most impressive real estate guru out there. However, everything that glitters isn’t gold. 

And that phrase applies the best in the case of Kent Clothier. His real estate education company, Real Estate Worldwide is a notorious scam and has too many victims online. People have lost their savings and a lot of time because of this scam. 

In terms of his personal life, Kent belongs to a well-off family and has a wife and three children. He had a great upbringing, and I have no problem with that. I just hate it when people from rich backgrounds prey on those who didn’t have the advantages they had, by selling them “get rich quick schemes”. 

The next section of my Kent Clothier review will shed more light on why he’s a scam and why you should avoid Real Estate Worldwide:

Kent Clothier is a Scam: Kent Clothier Review

Kent Clothier has numerous negative reviews and complaints, buried on the web

I’ll discuss a detailed review I found on the web on Kent Clothier. This person had watched one of Kent’s videos and got interested in learning about real estate investing. 

REWW academy reviews
A snippet of the complaint

Kent has a lot of experience in scamming people, so he easily impressed this person. This person didn’t want to buy an expensive course right away but someone from Kent’s company (REWW) kept calling them and pressed them to spend $15,000 on a course.

This person made the mistake of ordering such an expensive course from Kent Clothier. According to the review, they were highly excited to try out the study material present in Kent’s course. But when they used the course, they didn’t learn anything new or unique. 

The course shared nothing of value, so they tried to contact the trainers. However, the trainers didn’t give a response. 

This review isn’t the only complaint I found online. Many people have lost their hard-earned funds because of Kent’s horrible courses and software. Here are some additional complaints people have shared about Kent Clothier’s course:

REWW / SMART is a Scam

kent clothier review 2

This was another detailed complaint from someone named Tom Bass. According to Tom, Kent promised people that they would get access to his SMART software by paying a one-time fee of $1450 in 2016. He made people believe that they wouldn’t have to pay any additional fees apart from an annual fee of $99. 

Kent promised to offer nationwide buyer leads, private lender leads, and motivated seller leads and that the software would update the lead list every 14 days. However, in 2017, he changed the pricing of the software to $50 per month and most of the data the SMART software generated was outdated. 

Tom also pointed out that most of Kent’s generated leads are false and never get updated. They cross-checked the ownership details provided to them in the lead list with that of the county’s information and discovered that the ownership had changed. However, the lead list never updated this data.

Tom certainly lost a lot of money because of Kent Clothier and his SMART software.

Terrible Experience

kent clothier review 3

In this review, the person complains about losing $5,000 on a credit card, which they were informed, was refundable. However, Kent didn’t refund his money. 

This is another way of scamming people. The scammer would promise to offer refunds if people find the product dissatisfactory but when they request a refund, he would ignore the request. 

 Misleading Scam

kent review

In this review, the person complains about Find Motivated Sellers, one of the many software services Kent sells. According to this review, the person had watched the promotional video of Find Motivated Sellers where they claim to offer 12,000 downloads and an unconditional money-back guarantee for a low price of $97 per month. 

However, when they signed up, they found that you need to pay nearly $1,000 to get the 12,000 downloads and if you download more than 750 leads, you can’t get your money back. 

The person alleges that Kent is a liar. REWW responded to this review saying that all of this was mentioned in their Terms and Conditions and this person should have read them before buying the service. 

Who reads the entire Terms and Conditions of a $97/ a month service? It’s their way of saying that we were lying in the advertisement and hid the actual details from you. 

I have only shared a handful of REWW complaints and Kent Clothier reviews in this section. There are countless complaints against Kent’s courses and software products. People have been losing thousands of dollars and most of them complain that REWW academy doesn’t teach them anything of value. 

The same goes for Kent Clothier coaching, however, it’s a premier service so there aren’t many reviews available for that service. 

Kent Clothier and his Paid Fake Positive Reviews

He uses paid articles and PR services to bury people’s complaints and negative reviews

After reading through the previous section of my article you might wonder, “If so many people have complained about Kent Clothier’s products, why are people still buying those courses and products?”

It’s a great question and to answer that, I’ll have to point out a statistic. Only 0.78% of Google searchers click on the results from the 2nd page of Google’s search results. 

When you google something, chances are, you’ll click on the first one or two links only. The rest of the links present on the page are nearly invisible to the general eye. 

Kent is a smart marketer, he knows this phenomenon well. To capitalize on it, he has spent a lot of money on paid reviews and PR. This is one of the articles you’ll find on Google when you search for Kent Clothier review or Kent Clothier reviews:

REWW academy review
One of the many paid PR articles you’ll see on Kent and REWW

This is not a review of Kent Clothier or any of his products. It’s an article laden with affiliate links that praises Kent’s tools and expertise and claims to teach you how to become a real estate investor. 

The article praises Kent as a one-of-a-kind investing expert and gives the definition of wholesaling. There isn’t anything worthwhile in the article but it ensures that when you search Kent Clothier review, you don’t see the complaints I have mentioned above.

The purpose of such paid PR articles is they bury the real reviews. People’s complaints exist, but you won’t see them because of these paid articles. They bury the truth so you won’t find it. 

Many scammers use this strategy. For example, Blue Sky Amazon is a notorious fraud that utilizes this tactic to its fullest. Sophie Howard, the person behind Blue Sky Amazon, has filled the internet with paid and affiliate reviews so people couldn’t find any complaints or negative reviews about them. 

These scammers don’t stop at paying bloggers and contributors to post praises about their products. They go a step further and buy reviews on websites like Trustpilot:

Fake Real Estate Worldwide Customer Reviews (REWW Reviews)

Trustpilot is among the biggest reviewing platforms on the web. However, it is also among the most notorious ones. 

If you’d look at Real Estate Worldwide’s Trustpilot page, you’d find a stellar 4.7 star rating out of 5 with more than 300 reviews. 

image 2 1

You might think it’s an impressive service but let me show you another picture:

trustpilot reviews

Turns out, it’s very easy to buy fake positive reviews on Trustpilot. You only have to shell out a few thousand dollars and your business would have a near-perfect Trustpilot rating. 

I had my suspicions when I saw the amazing 4.7 star rating of REWW academy. So I checked the positive reviews posted there. I found that most of the positive reviews were from temporary accounts. These accounts have only posted one or two reviews on Trustpilot:

fake REWW reviews

Most of those 5-star reviews didn’t go into much detail about their experience. They simply say “it was amazing” and give a perfect rating. 

You might think, “Ok, so they have posted a lot of positive reviews, but what about the negative ones?” 

This is where it gets interesting. 

Trustpilot is a free service but they offer paid memberships to businesses. One of the benefits of having a paid membership with Trustpilot is you can report a review as being fake and Trustpilot will remove it automatically. 

In other words, you can pay Trustpilot to remove any negative reviews on your Trustpilot page. This is a big reason why scammers love Trustpilot. Almost every online guru or fraudster has a Trustpilot profile where they have a near-perfect rating. 

Almost half of all positive reviews you see on various platforms are fake. And with the ability to remove negative reviews from their profile, a company has virtually 100% control over their rating. 

The Horrible Kent Clothier Book

So far, we have discussed Kent’s REWW academy, Kent Clothier Coaching, and his software products. Now, I want to talk about his book, Reverse Wholesaling. 

If you’d look at the cover of Reverse Wholesaling, you’d think it’s a book on real estate investing and will help you learn how to make money in this field. 

image 3 1

But like most of Kent Clothier’s products, this book has left many with a bad taste. People complain that the book is only a cash-grab or a promotional product to sell his courses. 

Following reviews on Kent’s book were rated the “most helpful” on Amazon: 

Kent clothier review
image 5 2

The first reviewer says that the book was only a pamphlet with typos and multiple pages of Kent trying to sell them his program. According to the second review, Reverse Wholesaling is a pamphlet that tells you to “find your buyer first”.  

Many self-proclaimed gurus write books to appear credible. It allows them to add the title of “Author” in their CV, and helps them seem like a thought leader of their industry. 

Even though the book is horrible and doesn’t teach anything, most people don’t care about this fact. They’d look at the title of “Author” beside Kent’s name and would think he’s a credible authority they can trust.

It is another one of the textbook tactics you’d see online scammers use. Another benefit of writing a book is it helps them sell more courses.

Suppose you want to learn about real estate investing and you come across Reverse Wholesaling. You think to yourself that it’s only a 50-page read so you read it. 

The book tells you that you would need to do this and that. However, to learn how to do this and that, you’ll need to buy Kent Clothier Coaching or a course. Maybe you won’t buy it. But most people would trust what the book told them and would end up spending thousands on Kent’s information products. 

In the end, you would have learned nothing while Kent would have made thousands of dollars.

Kent Clothier Review 2021: Conclusion

Kent Clothier is a scam. Stay away from him and his products.

Kent has been selling shady information products for years. He is a highly experienced online scammer. Numerous people have complained about losing money to his courses and software products. 

He spends thousands of dollars on posting fake reviews on his Trustpilot page and promotional articles on other websites so people couldn’t find the real REWW reviews.

If you know someone who might be interested in buying one of Kent’s courses, please share this article with them. It might help them save their funds and make a better-informed decision.

On the other hand, if you have had any experiences with Kent Clothier and his products, feel free to share them below. The more people know about the reality behind Kent, the better. 

2.5Expert Score
Kent Clothier is a scammer

Kent has been selling shady information products for years. He is a highly experienced online scammer. Numerous people have complained about losing money to his courses and software products. 

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  • Scammer
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  1. Saw this guy about 7 years ago, I’m impressed that he’s still around scamming – I would say he’s a pretty good businessman for being able to last that long, esp when everyone has access to the internet and can see the reviews

    • Not gonna lie, Kent Clothier and the group at REWW are 100% the reason we are where we are today when it comes to real estate. We started in 2019, quit our full-time jobs oct of that same year and have year over year grown our net worth. My fiance and I have flipped aroun 100 properties and have around $5million worth of real estate we hold as rentals. We started in 2019 with zero income producing properties. Say what you want but I know for a fact that if you join, aren’t lazy and listen to what the group has to say you will be in a much better place in the future. I know for a fact some people that are considered a “guru” are nothing more than a salesman but this group will change your life. Listen to someone that has been happily paying for this mastermind for years and will continue to do so.

  2. Watch out many others out there.

  3. Hello,I found on his website a “$1 dollar ofer” which I don’t mind spending(I mean it’s just 1 buck),but I’d like to know if you pay through a website,they can still charge you way more than you allowed them to? I hope someone could help me out on this,because honestly i don’t mind spending $1 on a course lol,here is the link btw:

  4. REWW can literally ruin your life. With the prices they have combined with the sheer toxic culture they promote, you’ll be left with no money in your wallet and a horrible credit after they are done with you.

    Where is the FCT when you need them the most???

    • I don’t remember you. I have been a member since 2019 and it has changed our lives for the better. It’s a lot better.

    • Wow, Kent Clothier and the group at REWW are 100% the reason we are where we are today when it comes to real estate. We started in 2019, quit our full-time jobs oct of that same year and have year over year grown our net worth. My fiance and I have flipped aroun 100 properties and have around $5million worth of real estate we hold as rentals. We started in 2019 with zero income producing properties. Say what you want but I know for a fact that if you join, aren’t lazy and listen to what the group has to say you will be in a much better place in the future. I know for a fact some people that are considered a “guru” are nothing more than a salesman but this group will change your life. Listen to someone that has been happily paying for this mastermind for years and will continue to do so.

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