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Kevin David

Kevin David targets young college graduates and sells them non-refundable FBA courses. Review how his scam works here on Gripeo.
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When you see expensive cars in a video thumbnail, understand that it’s a scammer. That’s because a legit business doesn’t need to rely on such marketing techniques for promoting its products.

Scammers use this technique to prey on innocent people. By using this technique, they are able to make people buy their products without showing any credibility. Even when their product lacks any value, people buy them because of the illusion created by the scammer.

Kevin David (who uses two first names?) is a guy who posts videos and pictures of him driving expensive cars and living a rich life. In the captions of those pictures, you’ll notice him saying that you can get this rich too if you buy one of his courses. If you don’t have any experience with online scammers, you can easily fall for his gimmicks.

I know that because I fell for his gimmicks too. And I ended up spending $4,000 on a piece of trash. My entire experience with Kevin and his company was horrific and I hated every minute of it. The course didn’t share anything new. And when I talked to Kevin, he acted like a jerk.

Background & History

How Kevin David Scam Operates

Every scammer has his ways of attracting victims. Kevin has his ways too. He focuses on social media and promotes his content accordingly. He boasts about his rich life and tells you that you can start living his life too. While some online scammers fail in expanding their business, Kevin is an exception. He has multiple methods of attracting people to his website. He has focused on building a big online presence to seem trustworthy to those who don’t know him. I have discussed every method he uses to attract scapegoats for his scam.


His blog is his most powerful promotion channel for his useless courses. He publishes content on his blog regularly to make sure that his website remains properly optimized. The thing is when you publish regular content on your website, it’s SEO improves automatically.

When the website has good SEO, it ranks well in search engine results pages. So, to ensure that people find his website easily when they look up ‘Amazon courses’ or ‘Facebook courses’, he writes so much on his blog.

For beginners, his blog might seem like a great place to start. But after reading a few articles you will notice that he keeps repeating the same stuff over and over again. You will also notice that he is regurgitating the content in his blog. He only cares about increasing the number of keywords on his website so he can rank better. He doesn’t care about his audience, no. He just focuses on creating crappy content with clickbait titles that can get his website high traffic.

A high rank on search results pages can be very beneficial to a website. It creates an illusion of trustworthiness and people think that the site they are visiting is reliable. This way Kevin doesn’t have to put much effort into convincing people that his courses are legit, which is a total lie.

YouTube Channel:

Kevin has more than 700,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. I don’t know how many of those subscribers are real people and how many are bots. I personally believe that more than half of those subscribers are bots. And I have a great reason why is that so. First, Kevin uses a lot of clickbait in his youtube videos. He shows off his cars, his wealth, and everything else related to his high net worth. The kind of knowledge you receive from these videos is trashy. The videos are nothing more than a group of generic pieces of advice glued together. Because the videos are clickbait, the videos get more than average views even when they are filled with nonsensical advice.

What’s clickbait you may ask. Well, a clickbait title is a misleading title as the subject mentioned in the title is nowhere present in the actual content. His blog articles as well as his youtube videos, they all are clickbait.

Just like his blog, he has created a ton of useless content for his channel too. The videos give you generic advice which doesn’t help you in any sense. On the other hand, Kevin gets more watch time and views for his videos which helps him in strengthening his fake reputation of being a ‘Guru’. The high number of subscribers on his channel makes people believe that he is a trustworthy guy.

He also uses youtube to run multiple ads for his business. If you ever click on one of his website links, be ready to get spammed by his ads. And like in his videos, he shows expensive cars and hotels in his videos too. He wants to make you feel guilty that you don’t earn as much as him so you’ll be compelled to buy a course from him.

Other Social Media:

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Kevin is present on multiple other social media platforms too. Like any other scammer, his aim is to get as many victims as possible. Plus, because he sells a product that has universal appeal, he makes sure that he reaches whenever possible.

On Instagram, Kevin has around 170,000 followers. Again, this number is also misleading because most of them are bots. I can easily say that because the kind of posts he publishes on his Instagram don’t give any helpful content. I’ve been active in the digital marketing industry for some time. And I know what kind of content attracts customers and what drives them away. Evidently, Kevin falls in the latter. All he does is promote is useless and pricey courses.

He is also present on SnapChat and Facebook. His different Facebook pages have more than 50,000 followers each, which is an impressive number to attract more victims. He has created Facebook pages for his every course. Kevin knows a lot about social media and how to leverage it. On his Facebook account, he shares the same crappy he shares everywhere else. Those who don’t know much about online scams fall prey to those misleading visuals and end up paying this bastard.

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Watch Out For These Biased Sponsered Reviews

Fake Kevin David Reviews

How do I know that Kevin is in fact, the true scum of the Earth? Because I’ve seen too many paid reviews for his products. When you look up ‘Kevin David courses reviews’, you’ll see a bunch of different websites and blogs, each with a review of his courses. And all of these websites have one thing in common. They lie.

They lie to you about the course and its quality. The paid reviews don’t end here. You also have Kevin’s website where he has shared paid testimonials and reviews on his products. I know all of those reviews are fake and paid, because when I took one of his courses I was surprised. It is one of the worst mistakes I have ever made.

You’ll see the reviews of Kevin’s courses on multiple blogs where each blogger claims that he/she is being honest and is giving their personal opinion. But the truth is, those bloggers aren’t sharing the truth with you. They are saying only what Kevin has told them to say. It is one of the most depraved marketing strategies but it works so Kevin doesn’t care.

Don’t Buy The Garbage Kevin David FBA Course

My Review of Amazon FBA Course

I had the opportunity to experience the nonsense of Kevin David personally when I bought one of his courses. I was foolish at the time and I was looking for a way to set up an online business. I work at a traditional 9-5 job (which I have started loving now because a job can be great too) and for some reason, I saw one of the videos of Kevin. He was explaining how great one’s life is when he/she is running an online business and I got lured into his world. To be honest, I didn’t think much about the authenticity of Kevin at that time. I thought he was a legit guru because of the jargon he was using constantly in his video and the wealth he was showing off showed me that he had ‘earned’ money through his businesses. Now I’m aware that the cars must’ve been rented and the courses are full of crap but at that point I was stupid.

Similar post: Ryan Robinson

Initially, I wasn’t interested in his courses but after I had watched just one of his videos, I was spammed by his video ads. After watching his ads a couple of times I thought of giving him another try. This was a major mistake on my part. I should have just walked away from the guy and his misleading advertisements. If I hadn’t made that mistake, I wouldn’t have wasted my precious money and time on that garbage.

I was facing problems with the course since the first step. They were supposed to charge me only $2,000 but ended up charging me the whole amount of $4,000 for the course. I didn’t want to pay this much for a course like this. So I contacted the support for a refund. They told me that the offer had ended so there was nothing they could do. This was the first bad experience I had with the course. Then things got worse when I started taking the course. The videos were crappy and filled with useless advice. He was pointing out the obvious and saying the same stuff he says in his YouTube videos and blogs. I kept going through the course while hoping that there would be something that could help me but there wasn’t anything. The entire course was filled with the same crappy nonsense he shares on his social media accounts. I didn’t buy a $4,000 course to get the same advice I was getting for free. If I wanted to do that, I would’ve flushed my money down the toilet. Kevin’s course taught me nothing except the fact that he is scamming people.

Kevin claims that you get access to get one-on-one mentorship with the course. So I tried to contact Kevin as well. Guess what? I didn’t get to talk to him for at least 2 weeks. When I finally got a response from him, I asked him about the course and he told me that he can’t do anything if I didn’t like the course. He said a person’s liking is subjective and if I implement the knowledge he has shared in the course then I won’t feel so bad about the same. I told him that my problem with the course was about its quality. I asked him if there was something missing in my course but the content I had received was of really terrible quality, and he just hung up on me. I never got a reply from him again.

Then I tried contacting the customer support and I only got negative responses from them. They kept telling me that they can’t do anything about the course and I realized that I had just been scammed.

The course wasn’t anything like what Kevin markets. He markets it as if it will give you some shortcut to success or it will share some secrets that Kevin uses with his own businesses. But the truth is, there aren’t any secrets or exclusive advice present in the course. It says the same things you read on numerous blogs, watch on YouTube videos, and listen to podcasts. THERE IS NOT ANYTHING NEW.

Is Kevin David FBA Legit?

Kevin David Review: Summary

You never know when you might encounter a scammer like this. Kevin isn’t the only scammer in the industry but he has risen in prominence in the past few years. By using fake followers, misleading titles, and paid promotions, he is constantly expanding his business. I don’t want others to fall prey to this scam. I remember how frustrated I was when I realized that I had been conned by this guy. Thanks to Kevin David, I no longer trust online businesses anymore. I double-check everything now because I don’t want to lose $4,000 again.

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Empitome Of Failure

There are millions of people in this world that have changed how we see the world, imparted it one way or the other. Nonetheless, Ryan Robinson is not part of them. It seems like he is doing something life-changing, says he is passionate about helping people realize their potential, all of which he does for himself, not for these people he claims to be doing it for. He is a blogger; bloggers want to make money; that is why they go into blogging in the first place.

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  1. 0.5
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Customer Experience

    Stay away. The program cost me a fortune. They will scan you into the program and not tell you the costs associated. It is very difficult to do this and make a return.

    + PROS: You can learn about amazon
    - CONS: Only to have your life savings stripped away
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  2. 5
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Customer Experience

    sounds to me like you did the course and just didn’t follow it. You are stating a bunch of opinions here without any real sustenance. Ide like to believe what you have to say here is true but everything you stated sounds to me like more of a rant than an actual helpful article. I was expecting more out of this when I clicked on it but just sounds like a high school girl complaining about her boyfriend dumping her for someone else. You actually made me believe the good stuff about him even more by reading this. I took the liberty of contacting some of his reviews and they had great stuff to say about it so idk if you took the time to actually research or possibly signed up and just didn’t follow the process they gave you but i think more factual data is needed to prove what you’re saying imo.

    + PROS: not sure i never used his stuff
    - CONS: also cant comment
    Helpful(0) Unhelpful(6)You have already voted this
    • This is the dumbest response I’ve ever read. You came to an article to criticize someone else who lost money with a blatant scammer/rip-off and then insult them by calling them a “high school girl”. You’re the one who sounds like a shill. Or maybe not? You even said yourself “not sure I never used his stuff” and you also can’t complain about the cons because you know nothing of the course obviously because you didn’t buy it. It’s always the ignorant ones that never took the course and tell others “you didn’t follow it”. Watch when you buy the course and “follow it”, then you’ll be on Amazon forums and Reddit complaining about why you can’t get things done on Amazon or you’ll just see the massive amounts of other people saying the same thing about this Kevin guy who sold an old outdated course. “You actually made me believe the good stuff about him even more by reading this.” LOL unbelievable!

  3. I know I am a year late but I also lost $4000 with this guy. I was stupid and believed all the positive reviews about him I saw online so I bought into the course. Initially, in his webinar, he shows statistics and certain product he supposedly sold but I notice a discrepancy and yet, I still bought into his course.. how silly of me. After dropping $4000, I felt like it wasn’t worth it but when I tried to ask for a refund, they ignored me and then sent me to the terms that said that discounted purchase is final sale. They automatically put discount to me, so I had no real choice.

    I try to forgive and I thought I was overreacting so I continued the course and it was just 4 months of asking a “mentor” some questions. At the end of course, they just ignore you and never help you again. Then tell you to do your own research for everything. I ended up with decent product that was selling but I am extra $4000 in debt due to Amazon fees, customer returns and advertising fees and now shipping from china is very expensive so i am losing more money. I was better to just do FBA myself and not pay for the course. FBA is not like he make it sound. I am even embarrassd to do credit card dispute for the stupid course because I saw some people try online and kevin’s team was very aggressive about it then put blame on customer. I also paid with a credit card that has horrible dispute team so I had to close my card with them too. My conclusion is I lost $4000 to a bunch of scammers who use tricky legal agreements to silence customers. These people deserve to go to prison.

  4. 1
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Customer Experience

    Sorry to read you lost $4,000 on this scam… I can’t believe there is still so many people out there falling for his lies. He must be good silencing any real reviews.. all the good ones are paid and affiliates that earn money from it as well.

    Did you try to get a refund with your bank?! When paid with credit card, do a dispute with your bank. The bank will refund you, since the evidence is pretty obvious!

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