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Kevin Fitzwilson Lost me $XXX,XXX by investing my money in an unknown offshore company

Kevin Fitzwilson, Managing Shareholder and Team Lead at Coldstream Wealth Management is the worst financial advisor you can hire. He is incomptent, greedy, and lazy. The guy knows nothing about ethics or morals and can lose you all of your investment. I had trusted him with my company’s investments and I ended up losing nearly a fortune. I don’t recommend his services to anyone and if this article feels like a rant, I apologize in advance. 

Kevin – Coldstream Wealth Management

Coldstream Wealth Management is a big name in my area. I know some people who used to avail their services but none of them told me whether I should hire these guys or not. Actually, I found out about Kevin Fitzwilson through their website. I contacted them and they seemed very friendly. 

Kevin was supposed to help me and my company in managing our assets. 

We hired him because we thought he was a great finance advisor but we were wrong. The guy is a selfish and greedy jerk who steals from his clients. He told me to invest in an unknown offshore company. 

Kevin lied to me multiple times and stole $XXXXXX from me. He should be in jail but he is roaming free because of his powerful connections.

Initially he used to behave very professionally and was very sophisticated. He would arrive on time, listen to what I had to say and give very genuine advice. I had never imagined him to be a dishonest advisor let alone be a scammer. He had recommended me to invest in an offshore company some time ago. According to him his team had done very extensive research on that organisation and they were positive that it’s worth my investment.

I will be honest here I had never invested in an offshore unknown company like that before so I was sceptical of this advice. But Kevin requested me multiple times at its a once in a lifetime opportunity and I should not question it. Because he is the expert I gave in and invested the requested amount.

After I invested such a huge amount in that company I never got to hear about it from Kevin. 

Whenever I would ask about it he would say, “it’s going well”, “it’s doing well” and he would keep assuming me that I shouldn’t worry about it. Then, one of his team members told me that I should look into that company and that it no longer exists. In other words it was a shady organisation and it only existed on paper. 

I followed that young man’s advice and looked into that enterprise. I was surprised to find out that it was a shady company after all. 

When I confronted Kevin about it he got very defensive and started claiming that he had no idea about it too. 

Now I was the person who lost $XXX,XXX here. Kevin had already gotten his fat commission check from this investment so he had nothing to lose.

He made multiple excuses and tried to make it seem like he didn’t know the truth about that company as well. but if I assume that he had no idea about the legitimacy of that company then even in that case he was lying to me before. 

How can he claim that particular  company was a great investment opportunity if he had no idea about its legitimacy beforehand? It doesn’t make sense for an experienced financial advisor to make such a grave mistake. Did he not know anything about the company he was recommending me? Was he unaware of the fact that the company he recommended to me only existed on paper? 

I believe Kevin had vested interest in that organization and he got a handsome check from them. It seems unethical and unprofessional because IT IS. I hadn’t heard of any financial advisor to be this greedy and selfish so when it happened to me I was in shock, literally. Imagine losing most of your funds because of the greed of a person you hired.

Anyway, I should definitely explain what Kevin did after he lost me half a million dollars. That man started saying that his team members were wrong and that “I” should have done some diligence.

I was planning on suing him but lawyers claim that it would be a very difficult case to win. On paper, Kevin is untouchable and even if I succeed, some poor fellow would end up losing their job instead of Kevin. I don’t want that to happen. 

I just wanted to share this experience here because I don’t want others to fall prey to this fraudster. Kevin Fitzwilson has no morals and no sense of responsibility. He is a greedy advisor who only focuses on stealing from his customers. 

But in all cases, he is certainly not a good financial advisor. You should stay away from him and Coldstream Wealth Management. Those people will eat away all of your funds and leave you on the street. 

4.1 Total Score

Kevin Fitzwilson lost me $500,000. He is the worst advisor you can hire because he will lose you your money too!!! Please don't make the mistake I made.

  • Doesn't accept his mistakes
  • Doesn't do diligence on his recommendations
  • Doesn't know what he talks about
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  1. Thanks for this review. I wanted to see if this man was worth the fees or not.

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