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I used to work for Kevin VanDyke several months ago. I was fired from my job because of my race. The day I found out that Kevin is a bigoted racist who hates minorities and who doesn’t believe in the concept of systemic racism, my entire perspective changed.

He believes that people of minorities are given unfair advantages over the majorities and hates it when someone shows him the reality. My experience with Kevin was painful and irritating. I had never thought that I could get fired, not because of my competence or work ethic but, because of my race. His logical and biased actions wrecked my life. I have been struggling to find a job ever since.

The entire ordeal changed my life and my perception of the world. I have realised now that people just appear to be civil and understanding while in reality they are hiding their true nature.

Kevin Vandyke, Bloomfield Hills Financial:

Kevin Vandyke is the President and Founder of Bloomfield Hills Financial. He is a prominent financial advisor with decades of experience. He serves ultra-high net worth families. He has received numerous awards and accolades for his work. However, apart from being a prominent figure in the finance industry, Kevin is also a closeted racist. He hates certain sections of society and is filled with delusion.

Let me explain what happened.

I used to work as an associate at Bloomfield Hills Financial. And the job was pretty good. The culture there is ok but some people there are filled with hate and prejudiced opinions.

One day I heard one of my colleagues there talk about how racism is a made-up problem and how it is just an excuse for some weak people. I objected to this and we had an argument. I told him that racism is real and people are treated differently just because of their race. As a black guy I have faced discrimination at certain levels of my life. And I told him about them. But he just started saying that I live in a delusion and that I have just made up this concept in my head. As you can see because the topic of this argument was very sensitive so the debate got heated. And Kevin overheard our argument. So he invited us both to his office.

At first he was very professional. He was pointing out why we should not discuss politics for beliefs in the workplace and some of the things he said were making sense. But then he started telling me that I shouldn’t bring up these topics. When I tried to clarify that it wasn’t me who started the debate he started laughing and then said, “of course the other guy started it, not you. How can any black man ever be wrong, right?”

I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. My own boss was ridiculing my stance on racism. He didn’t believe in racism either. He then started telling me why I was wrong to believe in this thing and why I should stop blaming the society for my problems. I realised that I was surrounded by bigoted and racist people. Because they themselves are racist, they don’t think racism exists. The manner in which Kevin was talking to me during that meeting and the way he was making me look like a fool was too much for me to handle. Still I tried to correct Kevin on this topic. I pointed out how his own sentence was filled with prejudice.

Kevin did not like that. He got mad and then dismissed me from his office. I realised that he was going to fire me. When you expose the reality to a delusional person most of the time that person gets angry at you. That’s what happened there.

Kevin VanDyke fired me the next day. He made up some excuse and blamed it on the company’s budget. I knew exactly why he fired me and he knew that too. Since then I have been struggling to find a good job. The pandemic and the lockdown only worsened my situation. I hope things will get better later this year.

But I wanted to share this experience with the world. I wanted other people to know that racist people are present everywhere, even at places where you expect them the least. If you belong to a minority, I am sorry, you are at a disadvantage. If a guy can fire me for saying racism exists I don’t know what else can happen. I just believe that other people should know about the racism of such people too. Kevin runs a big corporation. I can’t imagine how many people must’ve suffered hardships because of his hateful mindset and his corrupt values.

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Kevin Vandyke is a racist! He fired because I said racism exist!

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    You’re not alone
    I used to work at Bloomfield Hills Financial as an intern and I had experienced something similar too. The place is filled with bigoted people who give you looks and make hateful comments for no reason. My experience at that place was horrible. After a few weeks there, I realised that it’s a toxic place.
    I had never really thought this much about the toxic environment there. If Kevin is a bigoted racist, then he must be fostering a hateful culture there too. I am sorry for what you went through. That place is a mess and Kevin is particularly a dangerous guy. Stay strong.

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