Khory Hancock – Misogynist and Disgraced Environmentalist

Khory Hancock is an environmentalist in the news for his vile comments on women and misogynistic behaviour. 

According to media reports, the ‘Cowboy Scientist’ has been sending inappropriate messages to dozens of women. Although he has expressed regret for some of them, he has also said that most people have taken them out of context. 

Some of his messages are extremely disturbing. 

Khory Hancock
A picture of Khory Hancock

These included pestering women into not wearing condoms. Also, he said  that he will not be stopping mid sex and that he hates girls that do that. 

This is rape. What Khory Hancock described in his messages was rape. Not only is that scary but also disturbing. 

One of his victims shared a message on Instagram where she highlighted that Khory doesn’t understand the concept of consent. Also, he doesn’t understand what is appropriate to talk about with female colleagues. 

She pointed out that no woman wants to hear him talk about his ‘bitch’ ex girlfriend. 

Furthermore, the victim said Khory Hancock makes pretty disrespectful comments on his female colleagues’ bodies regularly. 

The victim hesitated to share her experience because she was embarrassed of sexting with a ‘vile man with a weak chin’. 

Also, Khory Hancock threatened multiple victims that he would share their nudes if they revealed this information. Surely, he wasn’t able to intimidate every one of his victims. 

What Khory Hancock Did in Response to the Controversy:

In response to the controversy, Khory deleted his instagram account whose handle was @environment_cowboy. At the time, he had around 10,000 followers on his Instagram page. 

However, a women using the Instagram account _marien_ exposed his vile behaviour online. 

Suddenly, other women started coming forward talking about their similar encounters with Khory. 

Then, Khory started threatening the woman running the _marien_ account. At one point, someone hacked her account and posted a photo of her house and the nudes she had sent to Khory before. 

Luckily, she was able to get her account back. 

But Khory didn’t stop there. 

His lawyer sent her a case & desist letter after a while. 

The Aftermath: People’s Reactions on Khory Hancock 

Some people started talking about the incident on various social media platforms including Twitter.

Khory Hancock news

One user said that she loved how the victims have stood up against Khory’s abuses. Similarly, another woman pointed out that she read Khory Hancock’s messages to women on Instagram and felt disgusted. 

Khory isn’t the only man whose influence and wealth went over to his head. Another example of a similar pervert is Salvatore Malatesta of St ALi. Sal has received accusations of harassing his female employees in his cafes. 

Stephen Bittel is another example of a powerful pervert, abusing his authority to molest women. Multiple women had come out recently to highlight how he had molested and sexually harassed them. 


Khory Hancock might be a successful environmentalist but that doesn’t give him a pass to harass and threaten women online. 

He has been using his powerful status to silence anyone highlighting this issue. 

That’s why it’s important to talk about it. 

As long as we ignore such acts, we will never be able to create a safe environment for women. 

If you know someone interested in the work of the “Environment Cowboy”, please share this review with them. The more people know about Khory’s reality, the better.

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Khory Hancock aka the Environment Cowboy has been in controversy recently. Several woman exposed his misogynistic and vile behaviour online when they shared the messages he had sent to them. Now, he is sending them legal threats and C & D letters.

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  • Environmentalist
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  • Many women have claimed Khory has rapist-like tendencies
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    Khory freaking Hancock. My sisters have worked with this guy and he is a total pervert. He is the type that thinks women deserve to stay in the kitchen. 10/10 Misogynist.

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