FJ Holdings & Khuri Enterprises – Vehicular Manslaughter & Burying The Truth


Last year, a teenage driver ran over a young woman named Monique Munoz. The driver was Brendan Khuri, the son of James Khuri. It was an unfortunate incident but the way James handled everything made the situation even worse. For those unaware, James is the owner of Khuri Enterprises. 

James Khuri is an online business guru and didn’t want any negative press to stay attached to his name. So, the Khuri Enterprises owner started spending heavily on positive PR to make sure his reputation stayed intact. 

Not only is this insensitive but also extremely selfish. It goes to show how James Khuri actually thinks. 

More Details about the Car Crash

Brendan Khuri, 17 year old at the time of the car crash, was driving a $200,000 Lamborghini at 100+ MPH and ran over Monique Munoz in the evening. 

The incident happened in the 10700 block of West Olympic Boulevard, east of Overland Avenue. Initially, it was unclear what led up to the crash. 

Isaac Cardona, the stepfather of Munoz said that a kid was racing down the street in a Lamborghini, doing 120 miles per hour. He hit her and killed her. Isaac called the behavior senseless. 

Munoz was pronounced dead on the scene while others took Brendan to the hospital. 

INitially, the authorities didn’t reveal the reckless driver’s name because he was a minor. However, people soon linked his identity to the Khuri Enterprises owner, James Khuri. 

Shady Behavior of the Khuri Enterprises CEO

Khuri Enterprises

The accident was horrible but the way the district attorney responded to everything was worse. The DA overseeing the investigation didn’t press charges immediately. This enraged a large community of people formed around the loss of loved ones due to reckless driving. 

People created a #justiceformonique hashtag to highlight this issue. Also, they demanded the teen driver and possibly the parents to be held accountable. 

Legal experts said that the DA was endangering the lives of the local residents by taking a misguided soft approach to the crime rather than acting like a DA. By doing so, he was re-victimizing the families of victims. 

Surely, the DA’s leniency towards the Khuri Enterprises’ CEO and his son was unreasonable. 

Although the DA had booked James’ son for the crime, he didn’t press any charges. He kept it under review. 

James Khuri’s Utter Disregard of the Victims

Munoz’s death and the Khuri Enterprises owner’s behavior were sparking a lot of discussions about reckless driving. However, things came to a head when the family of the victim held a Cruise Night Protest. 

They held the protest to plead for justice. 

However, it had no effect on James Khuri. Instead of reaching out to the victim’s family or even laying low, he attended a party for his photographer and posted about it online. 

The caption of his post said, “I hope you enjoyed your birthday last night!!! I did”. Certainly, James didn’t care about the victim of his son’s reckless driving even one bit. 

Afterwards, Munoz’s family started a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds. They wanted justice as the DA wasn’t doing anything. He wasn’t pressing charges and it seemed like he wouldn’t do anything in the future as well. 

Sadly, that’s not all. The Khuri Enterprises CEO utilized several unethical business tactics to clear his name:

Using Khuri Enterprises and Its PR to Bury the News

James Khuri didn’t want people to remember this incident. Maybe he feared that it would harm his business interests or harm ‘his reputation’. So, he started spending heavily on internet marketing and paid PR to create positive searches around his name. 

All of a sudden, numerous positive articles popped up on the internet praising him and his company, Khuri Enterprises. 

One of the PR articles was about James’ lavish lifestyle and his fast cars: 

Khuri Enterprises

Here’s a snippet of another paid PR article he posted online: 

Khuri Enterprises

One article said that his almost one million followers enjoy seeing a “passionate Lamborghini owner”. How ironic. 

His Lamborghini caused the death of an innocent young woman and he was bragging about it in his PR articles. 

He also posted some articles under the name of his company, Khuri Enterprises, to bury the news further. 

Apart from posting positive PR articles, the Khuri Enterprises CEO started posting a lot on Instagram. If someone brought up Munoz or the incident in the comments, they were immediately blocked. 

People suspected that James had hired a marketing team to monitor his Instagram page to make sure there was nothing negative on it. 

Keep in mind that his primary goal with such posts was to make people forget about the terrible car crash.

Also, James has a record. In 2019, he was booked for domestic violence. 

The Truth About James Khuri, Jane Khuri & Brendan Khuri

Jane Khuri (wife of james khuri)

It will be an understatement to call the Khuri family criminals. They not only took a young life but also abused their wealth & power. I ask every one of you to think about this deeply. If the tables were turned and a POC was to do something similar, they will be thrown into prison for 10 years. But because of their family ties, Brendan faced zero consequences for his actions.

If they go unpunished, it will be a statement about the state of our country and how racism & abuse of power is still rampant in the greatest country in the world.

Avoid Khuri Enterprises and James Khuri

Reckless driving is a big problem but the double standard of how the law applies to the rich is worse. The Khuri Enterprises owner used his wealth and affluence to save his son from the consequences of his own actions.

Moreover, he tried his best to ensure people forgot all about Munoz’s death. He didn’t want a single blemish on his “online business guru” image. 

This is proof that he is extremely selfish and greedy. Keep these points in mind when dealing with Khuri Enterprises. In fact, it would be best if you avoided doing business with Khuri Enterprises.

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The Khuri Enterprises CEO, James Khuri, has spent a lot of money on covering up the crime of his son. It would be best if you we could all raise our voices against this selfish abuse of our legal system.

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  1. 0.5

    Him and his son rape minority kids

    + PROS: Punchable Face
    - CONS: Paid off the LA DA
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  2. 1.25

    I have worked with Khuri Enterprises in the past. In my experience, the environment was quite toxic and intolerable. Also, nobody likes how James talks to people. He is an egoist and a narcissist. Not recommended.

    James has a fragile ego too so if you do even the slightest thing that he might take the wrong way, know that he will. I don’t recommend dealing with Khuri Enterprises or FJ holdings. If that company was so bad, I’m pretty sure FJ holdings would be worse.

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  3. Last I checked, James Khuri settled the case for $18 million. I guess when you are running companies like Khuri Enterprises, you don’t have to worry about your son’s murderous driving, huh.

    If he had done this earlier, things would have been so different though. Like, he could have acted more humane and sincere. But no, he had to party and spend tons of money on PR.

    What a heartless scum. I hope somebody probes Khuri Enterprises and finds something.

    • Those $18 million won’t bring back their daughter. Remember, James Khuri only agreed for that settlement because of the negative publicity he had received. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have given that family a dime.

      He would not have done this before! That’s the entire problem. These rich brats think they are above everyone else and expect them to do their bidding.

      His brat of a son ran over a young girl and didn’t bother to do anything about it for a year.

      I am pretty sure that James Khuri son’s running over a girl didn’t have any impact on his business. If some of his clients had pointed out what he was doing was wrong, he might have acted before. But that didn’t happen did it?

      No one suggested him to help the poor family who had just lost a daughter because of the reckless driving of the Khuri Enterprises heir.

      James is a selfish, greedy businessman who has no care for anyone else. This entire fiasco proved it.

  4. James Khuri is a millionaire who took advantage of the system and buried the story of how his son ran over a young Latin girl while driving a Lamborghini.

    Not only did that eccentric millionaire party and enjoyed life when Munoz’s family was out there on the streets but he also spent God knows how much on his PR and marketing to make sure no one remembered this story.

    Do you know how long of a sentence did Brendan Khuri receive? 18 months. Yes, he only received a sentence of 18 months for running over a young Latin girl because he was a minor (by 7-9 months only) at the time of the incident.

    Those who say our justice system isn’t corrupt should study this case.

    The only reason why Munoz didn’t get the justice she deserved was her financial status and race. I don’t care about Khuri Enterprises. No one does.

    All I care about is how a poor girl, full of hopes, dreams & potential lost her life to a reckless driver of a sports car which his father flexes on PR articles.

    Imagine if it was a young Latin girl who ran over James’ son?

    What would be the reaction of James Khuri then?

    I’m pretty sure he would have spent a lot more on ruining the reputation of that poor family in that case.

    Khuri Enterprises will keep running. James will keep making money. Life will go on.

    His son will spend a few months behind bars and get back on the road, putting more lives at risk.

    On the other hand, Monique Munoz’s family would never get their cherished daughter back.

    I was one of those people who were tracking teh protests and even showed for one of them. It was so heart-wrenching to hear the father talk about his daughter. Truly saddening.

    James Khuri will make a few more millions with his Khuri Enterprises and probably hand it over to that son of his in the future. I don’t know what else to say. This all is just so infuriating.

  5. 0.5

    Why did the DA take so long???

    How could someone be so much cold-hearted??

    People should not forget how James Khuri was attending parties and celebrating birthdays when the victims family was out there protesting on the streets.

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    • Yeah I’m sure if you’re rich enough even the DA won’t dare to touch you. I wonder how many millions khuri enterprises rakes in every year and how much goes in the pockets of some powerful people. I’m sure the DA was afraid he won’t get an invite to one of James’s parties if he went a little harsh on Brendan.
      The only problem I have with this situation is how powerful James Khuri is. He was able to bury the news of how his son ran over a Hispanic young girl while he was out partying and getting drunk.
      Trust me, things are only going to get worse in the future. The authorities should have made an example out of the Khuri enterprises heir but instead they chose the easy route.
      I was disgusted when I read that James was flexing the same lamborghini which cost someone their life. How heartless can someone be?! It’s mind-boggling.
      Thank God some people showed up for those protests too. Otherwise, Munoz’s family would not have even received a settlement offer. I’m pretty sure the negative press and the protests had some role in that. But there could have been more. The fact that no one is talking about how a millionaire’s son caused a young girl belonging to a minority to die is frightening. Well, at least some people are talking about it 😀

  6. Reply
    Munoz deserves more
    May 5, 2022 at 11:24 am

    No matter how much money this influencer spends people will NOT forget what happened to poor Munoz

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