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Kieran Slevin MD: Faced a Lawsuit for Fraud Filed by the Attorney General? The Truth Revealed! (Latest Update 2023)

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The state Attorney General’s Office claims that a Hainesport physician Kieran Slevin MD accepted fictitious speaking fees in return for improperly prescribing a potent medication.

Subsys, a highly addictive drug generally used to treat cancer pain, was prescribed in large amounts by Kieran Slevin MD. In a statement, the Attorney General’s office was quoted.

According to the statement, people who did not have cancer received the off-label medications in increasing amounts.

19/12/2023 Update
As of now, Kieran Slevin MD has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Case Summary-

In this specific case, Kieran Slevin MD permitted inappropriate perks from the famed and now-bankrupt pharmaceutical firm Insys Therapeutics, Inc. (“Insys”) to influence his treatment and prescription decisions. As the patient’s “meal ticket,” Kieran Slevin prescribed Subsys, a highly addictive instant-release formulation of fentanyl that is fifty times more potent than heroin, in ever-increasing amounts and dosages without regard to the medical necessity of such recommendation, in exchange for opulent dinners masquerading as “lectures,” all-expense paid trips for “training,” and more than $83,000 in cash payments.

What is Subsys?

Subsys is a substance of a unique family of medications known as transmucosal instant release fentanyl (“TIRF”), which the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) has licensed for the exclusive purpose of treating breakthrough cancer pain in patients who have developed a tolerance to 24-hour opioid treatment. Because of the FDA’s serious concerns regarding Subsys, a unique program called Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) was created for prescribers. Kieran Slevin MD consistently acknowledged as a condition of his participation in the REMS program that Subsys was only authorized for use in patients experiencing breakthrough cancer pain.

The illegal plan created by Jesys

As has been described in numerous state and federal civil actions and investigations, including a current civil action by the Attorney General in New Jersey Superior Court, Middlesex County, Jesys created a subversive and illegal plan to increase Subsys prescriptions and thereby increase profits by marketing the medication for uses beyond the one, specific indication for which Insys sought and received FDA approval despite the risks its off-label use posed to patients. 

Insys is a company that –

  1.  instructed its sales team to encourage medical professionals like Kieran Slevin MD to prescribe Subsys to more patients and at larger dosages to address ongoing discomfort of any kind; 
  1. corrupted doctors who prescribed Subsys, including Kieran Slevin MD, with fictitious speaking and consulting fees, costly meals, and excursions to resorts for “training” sessions to persuade them to issue more prescriptions for the drug.

Further details about the case

Kieran Slevin MD voluntarily accepted the unfair advantages offered by Insys. The number of Subsys prescriptions that he wrote increased along with the benefits that Insys gave him over time.

As explained in Counts,  Kieran Slevin MD urged patients who were using stable pain medication regimens and did not have cancer or experience breakthrough cancer pain to switch to Subsys. Furthermore, after putting his patients on Subsys, he gradually raised the recommended dosage level without regard for the safety of the patient, which brought in more money for Insys because higher doses are more expensive. The medical records he seldom, if ever, give any medical basis for switching patients to Subsys or increasing their dosages. Due to his careless usage of Subsys, Kieran Slevin MD patients were in danger of addiction, overdosing, and even death.

According to a charge made by the Attorney General’s Office, Slevin reportedly received over $83,000 in bribes from the drug’s producer, Insys Therapeutics Inc., between 2012 and 2016.

The payments included costly dinners presented as “lectures,” all-expense-paid vacations for “training,” and payments “thinly masked as speaker’s fees,” according to the Attorney General’s Office.

Slevin’s speaking appearances, according to the report, “were held at high-end restaurants chosen by him and were sparsely attended, frequently by repeat attendees, including those who were lacking in any prescription responsibility.”

It was impossible to contact Slevin for comment.

In the lawsuit, it was claimed that after prescribing Subsys to patients, Slevin “steadily, but without regard for patient safety, increased the dosage strength, resulting in more money for Insys.”

In the report, it was said that Slevin’s records “provide little or no medical justification, and frequently no explanation at all, as to why patients were transferred to Subsys or the amounts taken were increased.”

In this case, Kieran Slevin MD is under various allegations like- 

  • The practice of engaging in fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation.
  • Severe carelessness that puts someone’s life, welfare, health, safety, or property in danger is persistent.
  • Misbehavior at the workplace or in the workplace.
  • Failure to submit to a law or rule that is being applied by the Board.
  • Directly or indirectly receiving remuneration for the use or marketing of a certain product that a reasonable person would identify as having been given in gratitude for a licensee’s actions, especially the prescribing of Subsys.
  • Assembling an incorrect patient record.
  • Failure to adhere to certain restrictions on prescribing controlled medications.
  • Failure to provide an acceptable history, do a physical examination, make a diagnosis, and create a treatment plan before writing a prescription for unsafe banned substances is unable to uphold the standards of morality necessary for a medical license.

Who is Kieran Slevin MD?

Kieran Slevin MD is a Hainesport, New Jersey-based anesthesiologist who collaborates with a number of the region’s institutions, including Jefferson Health-Jefferson Torresdale Hospital and Penn Medicine Princeton Medical Center. He attended the University College of Dublin National Univ SOM for his medical education and has been in practice for more than 20 years.

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He claims to have experience in the management of interventional spine and pain use and the creation of clinical decision support for outpatient percutaneous spine and pain management algorithms. 

He also claims to have expertise in the fields of interventional spine and pain, multidisciplinary group practices, hospital outpatient environments, and turnaround management abilities developed in an aggressive marketplace and tough reimbursement system.


Due to all of the aforementioned factors, which are further described above, Kieran Slevin MD has prioritized his interests over the health of his patients. His right to continue practicing medicine and surgery in the state of New Jersey should be removed or suspended as a result of his failure to uphold the rigorous standards required of professionals with a license to do so.

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Kieran Slevin MD has faced some stringent actions from the regulatory authorities. As a result, it would be better if you exercise caution when dealing with him.


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  1. I really appreciate the efforts of the regulatory authority, but these types of crimes need to be stopped as these doctors were liable for higher punishment.

  2. Why can’t these doctors understand that this will be very difficult for the person? It may also affect serious medical issues. And also assembling the incorrect data of the patients.
    This issue must be solved.

  3. I really like this article and also the effort of the author to write these types of articles. I agree with all the evidence and the author’s point of what he tries to express in this article.

  4. These doctors secretly indulged in illicit activities and were unable to come into the spotlight. Due to these doctors, normal people had to suffer the most.

    What would you expect from the person who was breaking the rules and regulations of the country?

  5. How can this guy do such a horrible thing to anyone? This is an insane man.
    For money, he advised the wrong medicine to the patients and this would not be tolerated at any cost.

  6. Doctors like Kieran Selvin only care about the money they even don’t only care about the patient’s life, how he can do that to the patients, except the offer of Insys, to prescribe the drug (Subsys) to most of the patients and which would increase their profit.

    • Yeah you are absolutely right people these doctors only think about the money and offer the wrong medicine to the patients.

  7. It was extremely risky for many people to move from their basic medicine to the subsys for their light pain because this medicine was used to relieve cancer pain and charged them more money for the larger dosage.

  8. It’s good to see that the regulatory authority had taken some strict action on Kieran Slevin, and some put some strict restriction on him, for deceiving and misleading many individuals. This person himself is cancer for society and were not exist in society.

  9. Avoid making contact with these doctors as they will be making you feel the conditions of hell on earth due to their fake advice and advertising the wrong medicines for their unfair means and for the sake of money.

  10. How these doctors give the wrong dosage to their patients, and how individuals start believing in these doctors without performing proper research.

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