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Kristy Ferrier: Exposed with Business Disputes (2024)

Kristy Ferrier is the store manager of Christopher & Banks at the location at 2450 W Happy Valley Rd, Ste 1151, Phoenix, Arizona, 85085-8510.


Christopher & Banks is a clothing retailer. Unfortunately, it seems like they hired a very miserable, evil, and angry person that has ganged up with the owner of another boutique and 11 other people who all decided to leave Google Reviews in one week. The boutique that is organizing the attack and defamation goes by the name of Rebel Soul Collective which is owned by Marcia Lopez.

Kristy Ferrier Ruin woman’s business

Collectively they are trying to ruin a woman’s business in Old Town Scottsdale during COVID like the disgusting people they are. It’s a shame that someone would go to this extent to ruin a person’s business and livelihood and even harm their family. After trying to work out the issue amicably Kristy Ferrier doubled down on not removing her post and even bragging on social media that you can find her on this site and others.

I want to make sure her dream is a reality. Personally I would stay away from stores like Christopher & Banks that allow their management to defame competitors and cyberbully people based on completely false claims.

What does cyberbullying purport to be?
According to the definition of cyberbullying, it is “any behavior by people or organizations that frequently transmit messages of hostility or aggression intended to harm or discomfort others.”

I will attach proof that she was part of a cyberbullying scheme led by her friend Marcia. I will also attach proof of her being excited to be posted.

Hard to believe that Kristy Ferrier is willing to destroy her reputation and career for her friend Marcia Lopez. They must be really close.

I will be continuously posting over the next few weeks with updates.


In conclusion, it is absolutely troubling that Kristy Ferrier is involved in this scenario and that a woman’s business is allegedly being targeted in Old Town Scottsdale. However, it’s imperative that all parties manage such situations in an ethical and responsible manner. Publicly arguing online and disseminating possibly dangerous information can have negative effects on one’s health and legal repercussions.

A more constructive approach involves seeking resolution through appropriate channels, such as legal action if necessary, or engaging in respectful dialogue to address the concerns. Maintaining a positive online presence and reputation is vital for everyone involved, and careful consideration of the potential consequences of actions taken during disputes is essential. Ultimately, working towards a fair and just resolution should be the primary goal in any such situation.

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