The founding families of Kyäni the Hansens and Taylors were impressed by the reported health benefits of Wild Alaskan Blueberries and Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon. As a result, they founded Kyäni to provide nutritional wellness to millions around the world. Today, Kyäni sells nutritional supplements and offers the opportunity to experience more. Will you experience more success with the Kyäni business opportunity or will you experience more of the same old thing?  My subscribers have requested I take a look at the Kyäni business opportunity.  Here is what I have found.

Kyäni Scam Claims

Kyäni’s strategy is to attract the very best business partners. We created a series of revenue streams that would provide flexibility in how our partners build their Kyäni businesses. Distributors can build income quickly with cash flow growing in size and stability. The Kyäni philosophy is to build a strong business once, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of business ownership for a lifetime.

Enjoy the freedom of working your own hours and spending time on the things that really matter – family, friends, and good health. With Kyäni’s unmatched Dream Car Program, exotic retreats, and lucrative compensation, Kyäni helps you create the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of! Join today and start to Experience More!

Kyäni Scam Reality

Kyäni is an Idaho-based MLM that markets nutritional supplements. They were founded in 2005. They offer the Kyäni Triangle of Health, a nutritional system which includes three products called Kyäni Sunrise, Kyäni Sunset, and Kyäni Nitro. These Superfood-based supplements provide Wild Alaskan Blueberries, tocotrienols (the most potent form of VitaminE), Omega-3s, and Nitric Oxide. The name Kyäni itself, says the company, means “strong medicine” in the language of an indigenous Alaskan tribe.

The Kyäni CEO is Michael Breshears.

Kyäni Inc.
1070 Riverwalk Dr Suite 350
Idaho Falls, ID. 83402

To become a Kyäni distributor you must purchase a $40 starter pack.  Many distributors are encouraged to purchase expensive starter packs which can cost $1,299.

62% of distributors do not receive a check for $10 or more.

No information is provided on how much people are making on average by selling the products for retail.

This company seems to be a great way to make little or no money.

There have been many complaints made to the FTC about this business opportunity:

I was introduced to Kyäni when my girfriend spent the mortgage money to sign up. After a month of her doing it I was solicited by her upline leader, the one who signed her up. He convinced me of how this company would change my life and make me rich. Being that my girlfriend was already invested in the company, I decided to take a chance and join. After listening to the webinars, it became clear to me that this was a pyramid scheme. They never taught anything about selling the product. They only pushed their done for you system which focuses totally on recruiting distributors. When I asked about selling the product, I was told you want to concentrate on getting people to sign up as distributors, and not for the little package they pushed the more expensive package. The products themselves are way too expensive to sell. After months of watching my girlfriend lose over 5000 dollars, I decided to make this complaint. Kyäni has different teams and maybe other teams focus on the product but Team Fusions only focus is recruiting distributors for $599 and $1299 packages. This company also pushes you to forget about everything else including your family and friends. It has destroyed our lives.

– Source FTC Complaint

I have seen many examples of deception used by Kyäni representatives to recruit people into this business opportunity. Here is an example:

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My husband is a Kyani distributor and is already receiving checks in the mail from Kyani. We personally know 5 Kyani members who have surpassed Diamond status and already have 2 luxury cars that are paid for by the company. These people have showed up to our home to host private business receptions (PBRs) using powerpoint. The only thing that could get in the way of your success in this company is YOU. Kyani is not a scam.

I am a stay at home mom of 3 kids. I actually see my husband moving up in this business. The products DO work. Since my husband has started taking them, his high cholesterol has went back to normal. His 65 year old mom also takes the products and has more energy and health than ever. Check out the thousands of testimonials on YouTube just to understand that the Kyani products sell themselves.

We never have extra products laying around. We literally fight over the products lol.

Kyani actually started in Europe in 2007. It didn’t even show up or start selling in United States until about 18 months ago. So the company is still in its infancy and there is plenty of room for growth.

Also, the best Kyani product out of all three is the Nitro FX, imo. Nitric Oxide is the molecule of life and the human body can’t live without it for more than a few seconds. In 1998, three American scientists won the Nobel Peace Prize for their discoveries of the positive effects of Nitric Oxide on human physiology. There are thousands of studies and medical publications about Nitric Oxide on the web. Just google it if you don’t believe me. My point is… the products actually work. Just try them and see before listening to the naysayers.

Like most people, I was skeptical when my husband brought a sample pack home to try. He got the sample from a married couple he met at a restaurant. I gave him this look and warned him not to try another MLM company like 5LINX or Amway. But after about 3 days, we noticed a huge difference in how we felt. Anyways, I’m glad that he ignored my warnings and stuck with it. He has already reached Jade status after only 2 weeks and has made me a true believer in the business and the product.

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I wish everyone the best of luck in whatever they decide to do. If you are tired of working like a dog, care about helping people achieve optimum health, you have a positive attitude, then give Kyani a shot.

Contact me and I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions and put those skepticisms to rest. –

The above deception is posted all over the internet.  It is posted by a women that is actually a representative and not just a stay at home mom.  This person even gives false information about when the company was started.

March 28, 2016: sent a warning letter to Kyäni regarding the deceptive health and income claims being made about the Kyäni business opportunity and product lines, and asking that the company remedy the deceptive marketing immediately.


Kyäni Starter Pack $40.00

Kyäni Product Pack $299.00

Kyäni Social Builder Pack $599.00

Kyäni Social Premium Pack $1,299.00


Kyäni Sunrise
Kyäni Sunset
Kyäni Nitro Family
Logo Gear
Women’s Apparel
Men’s Apparel

Compensation Plan

At 100QV per month you are considered a Qualified Distributor and are eligible for all bonus compensation. Qualification is required monthly. To qualify, you can either purchase adequate volumes of product to generate the 100QV, secure enough personal customers to generate the 100QV requirement, or a combination of both.

Ranks up to and including Pearl require two active (100QV) legs and Sapphire and above require three active (100QV) legs.  If you have three individual Distributors on your first level, you have three legs. You have to recruit Distributors to increase in rank in the Kyäni compensation plan.

Kyäni Ranks

Qualified Distributor
Blue Diamond
Green Diamond
Purple Diamond
Red Diamond
Double Red Diamond
Black Diamond
Double Black Diamond

Kyäni Bonuses

Fast Start
Achieve the rank of Jade in your first 31 days and get a one-time, Fast Start Bonus of $100. Maintain Jade or higher in the next 2 calendar months and receive $200, $300 respectively.

Kyäni Dream Car Program
The “Kyäni Drive Your Dream Car” program is tiered, beginning at Sapphire (only 10,000 QV) with a $500 to $10,000 bonus per month.  If the Distributor is qualified to receive the Sapphire car payment, and instead elects to take a cash payment in place of the car payment, the Distributor shall receive a reduced sum. In order to maintain eligibility to participate in the Kyäni Drive Your Dream Car Program, a Distributor must purchase an admission ticket and attend either one officially sponsored Kyäni convention or leadership conference within each calendar year. 

Rank Bonus
Emerald $5,000
Blue Diamond $25,000
Purple Diamond $100,000
Double Red Diamond $500,000
Double Black Diamond $1,000,000

Diamond Bonus Pools
Diamond Pool
Earn a share(s) of 1.5% of Global CV
Red Diamond Pool
Earn a share(s) of 0.5% Global CV

Infinity Bonus
The Infinity Bonus allows a Paid-As Rank Black Diamond and Double Black Diamond to be paid 1% on all the CV in their placement downline monthly.

You can earn a percentage of every PayGate payout from Distributors in your Sponsor Tree downline up to nine generations deep.

Many levels of compensation only further enriches those at or near the top … of distributors. Excessive levels in a downline is another sign participants are expected to sell primarily to their downline, rather than to the general public. 

–  Source

Income Disclosure

62% of distributors did not receive a check for $10 or more.

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81% made $3576 or less per year on average. This does not include expenses.

Kyäni is a great way to make less than part time minimum wage!

Return Policy

Kyäni offers a one hundred percent (100%) thirty (30) day money-back satisfaction guarantee (less shipping charges) on all products purchased by Customers who reside in the United States.

Distributors have three working days from conclusion of the Distributor Agreement from which to withdraw without penalty (except for the cost of returning the product) and without giving any reason provided the Distributor informs Kyäni of such decision to withdraw in writing before the period expires.

Kyäni will repurchase from the Distributor any portion of the Distributor’s currently marketable inventory that the Distributor purchased from Kyäni in the preceding twelve months. The repurchase price shall be 90 percent of the purchase price paid by the Distributor, less all applicable shipping and handling costs to return the product to Kyäni.

Distributors may not purchase more inventory than they can reasonably resell or consume in a month nor may they encourage others to do so.

 – Source Kyäni Policies and Procedures

Distributors are required to consume or sell the products that they purchase each month. There will not be much left to return if a distributor is unsuccessful at the end of a year.

Kyäni Review Conclusion

In my opinion, Kyäni is another recruiting scam. They charge you an upfront free and then try to get you to make a large $1,299 product purchase. You have to recruit people to receive the top bonuses they offer. 62% of distributors do not receive a commission check from Kyäni. 81% of distributors made $3576 or less per year on average. This does not include expenses. Kyäni helps few people create the lifestyle they have always dreamed of. There are many deceptive statements made by Kyäni distributors to recruit people into this business opportunity. has sent a warning letter to Kyäni regarding the deceptive health and income claims being made about the Kyäni business opportunity and product lines, and asked the company to remedy the deceptive marketing immediately. I would avoid the Kyäni business opportunity.

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Kyäni tries to get you to buy their $1,299 product and then manipulate you to recruit people! It's a dangerous recruiting scam !

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    I’m a victim of this Kyani mlm scam. This company is like a trap. I bought their products and got stuck with them. The disclaimer you have shared in this review was unknown to me. If I knew about it before, I wouldn’t have bought their products. No one is buying their useless rubbish. My entire investment went to waste. When I tried to return the products I had bought, they told me that they don’t offer refunds and stopped responding to my enquiries. What a joke! The company doesn’t treat its distributors with respect. I don’t recommend buying into this mlm scam.

    - CONS: Thieves Don't offer refunds No respect for distributors
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