Kyle Kerr of Zolo Realty – Sexually Assaulted a Woman

Kyle Kerr is a realtor who had to resign from ReMax after a victim of his came forward with allegations of sexual assault. 

Engel & Volkers had severed ties with Kyle Kerr in 2021 when a woman posted a complaint against him online. She alleged that Kyle had sexually assaulted her.

The British Columbia company said it was investigating the case. Also, they confirmed that Kyle had returned all the real estate listings to them and had no responsibilities at Engel & Volkers Vancouver Island. 

Moreover, the company made several claims about how much it cares about the community. 

More Information on the Sexual Assault Complaint Against Kyle Kerr Realtor: 

An anonymous woman had posted allegations on the Instagram handle @survivorstoriesprojects. 

She said Kyle had drugged and sexually assaulted her after a party in Oak Bay in October 2019. Afterwards, she went to hospital to undergo a forensic examination. 

Later, she filed a formal complaint against him. However, the investigation went nowhere. 

Local police was unable to confirm whether they had investigated or were in the process of investigating these allegations. 

They said they can only confirm an investigation is ongoing if there is an investigative purpose or a risk to public safety. 

Also, the Victoria Real Estate Board issued a statement on this complaint against Kyle Kerr. It said that sexualized violence has no place in their community. 

Also, the Agency Victoria, a luxury real estate brokerage, said it had also terminated its relationship with agents. 

People on social media were infuriated to hear the news of this complaint. Users pointed out that having the ability to resign while having some dignity intact is a luxury Kyle Kerr did not give to the victim. 

Kyle Kerr

Where is Kyle Kerr Now? 

At the time, Kyle Kerr had resigned from his position at ReMax. 

However, he joined another real estate company soon after. 

Currently, Kyle Kerr is a realtor at Zolo Realty. The office is at 301-1321 Blanshard St, Victoria, British Columbia V8W0B6. 

Similarly, the contact number is 778-654-1127. 

Clearly, Kyle didn’t face any repercussions. He resigned for the time and started working as a realtor a while later. 

It’s pretty common for powerful men to face negligible consequences for sexually assaulting and harassing women. 

For example, Barry Lall used to sexually assault his female patients. He is running multiple hotels these days. 

Similarly, Sam Mustafa Charleston is a restauranter who faced two police cases of rape and sexual assault. Currently, he is running multiple restaurants in Charleston. 

It seems Kyle Kerr was able to avoid facing any repercussions as well. 


After going through the above points, it’s obvious that Kyle Kerr is a horrible man. 

However, he didn’t face much punishment and succeeded in getting away with one of the most heinous crimes possible. 

It would be best to share this post as much as you can. Raise awareness on this matter.

The more people know about the history of Kyle Kerr realtor, the better.

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Kyle Kerr is a realtor based in Victoria, British Columbia. He faced allegations of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman last year. Currently, he is working with Zolo Realty.

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