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La Bella Vita Medi Spa – Poor Service & Botched Procedures

If you’re looking for a med spa in Rocklin, California, you might come across the name of La Bella Vita Medi Spa. It’s a shady spa which uses unethical marketing tactics to take advantage of consumers. 

The place hides complaints by highlighting its positive reviews. According to its clients, the staff here is extremely rude and the doctor is quite careless. 

Hence, before you spend a dollar at this place, it would be best to go through some of the reviews they are trying to hide: 

About La Bella Vita Medi Spa & Services They Offer:

La Bella Vita Medi Spa is located at 6801 Five Star Blvd Suite C, Rocklin, CA 95677, US. Their contact number is 916-624-4959 and it’s run by Dr. Raymond Turnure MD. They offer a variety of services at this place including:

  • Cosmetic Injectables
  • Fat Reduction & Tightening
  • Hair Restoration
  • Aesthetician Services
  • Laser Treatments
  • Skincare & Products

At first, this place seems like any other ordinary medical spa. However, it uses many unethical marketing tactics to mislead consumers. They lie and deceive consumers into thinking they are more reliable than they actually are. 

The next section of this review of La Bella Vita Medi Spa will shed more light: 

La Bella Vita Medi Spa is Hiding Negative Reviews from Consumers

One of the biggest reasons why I wrote this review was the shady nature of this spa’s website. They have a dedicated page for showing reviews. However, it only shows the 5-star reviews the place has received .

You wouldn’t see any 4-star or 1-star reviews on the page even though they have received a plethora of the latter. 

Why are they hiding the negative La Bella Vita reviews? Because there are too many of them. 

Instead of addressing the issues that lead to such negative reviews, the med spa lies to its clients by hiding them under a few 5-star reviews. 

That’s why I thought it was necessary to show the various negative reviews this medi spa has received. This way, you would know if you can trust them or not: 

Lips Became Smaller Within 2 Months of Getting Fillers

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Jordan shares that she got 2 and a half syringes on her lips. However, her lips became smaller and it had only been 2 months since the procedure. She highlights that the clinic gave her Juvederm XC when she had paid for Juvederm Ultra Plus. 

Now, they had to see another expert to get the procedure done. Jordan highlights that she will never go back to the place again. She also mentions that the facials at this place aren’t very good either. 

Unprofessional Staff Wastes a Month of the Client

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Savannah had a consultation about Kybella at La Bella Vita Medi Spa. It was her first time going into a cosmetic medical spa so she was quite uncomfortable. She chose this place because of the various positive reviews it had. 

At first, the doctor seemed nice. However, he kept referencing better budget options and the whole appointment felt rushed. Savannah points out that she had been saving for this procedure for over a year so she had an idea of how much it would cost.

She expected the consultation to end with a real plan. But that didn’t happen. Instead, it felt as if the doctor wasn’t taking her seriously. Then, he told her that the nurse who performs Kybella procedures is busy right now so he will make sure that she is contacted when she is available. 

He recommended Savannah to get an appointment. So, she walked out of the office and the receptionist told her that they’ll be in touch with her for the appointment. 

Savannah adds that she waited patiently to get a notification from the clinic. But nothing happened. So, after waiting for a whole month, she called the clinic. However, she had to leave a message because they didn’t answer. 

Then, she received a call back saying they never call people to book appointments and said that they hadn’t even charged her for a consultation. 

Savannah points out that it’s fine that they didn’t charge her but what about all the time they wasted. Certainly, it was very unprofessional of La Bella Vita Medi Spa to treat a client like this. 

What is a Red Flag? 

A red flag serves as a signal or sign that there may be an underlying issue or danger associated with a company’s stock, financial statements, or news reports. These indicators can come in many forms and are often identified by analysts or investors as any notable undesirable trait.

Canceled the Appointment Without Giving an Explanation

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Gail highlights that she received a text confirmation for her appointment in the morning of the day. However, when she was on the way, driving to the clinic, she received a call from the place to cancel the appointment. 

Gail points out that La Bella Vita Medi Spa canceled the appointment spontaneously and didn’t even offer anything to compensate for her lost work day. 

Botox Injection at La Bella Vita Medi Spa Left the Patient with a Droopy Eyelid

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The above reviewer had a horrible experience with La Bella Vita Medi Spa. When she met with Dr. Ray, she told him about being worried about getting a droopy eyelid. That’s because her last procedure gave her a droopy eyelid and she didn’t want that to happen again. 

However, Dr. Ray assured her that nothing of this sort would happen. He mentioned that she got a droopy eyelid the last time because her doctor had injected too much botox in the muscle. 

So, the reviewer trusted him and got the procedure. 10 days later, she found herself with a terrible case of a droopy eyelid. When she complained about it, Dr. Ray laughed and said that he might have injected her muscle with too much eyelid. Also, he mentioned that he did the same to one of his friends. 

The doctor told the reviewer that she can’t do anything about it as well. He said that if she ever decides to come back to La Bella Vita Medi Spa, he will give her a good discount. In other words, the clinic didn’t even refund her for a botched procedure

Dr. Raymond Turnure of La Bella Vita Medi Spa is NOT a Good Doctor

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This is a review on the guy who runs La Bella Vita Medi Spa. Dr. Raymond Turnure, MD is a family doctor and according to his reviews, he is terrible at his job. The above reviewer says that Dr. Raymond is only good for colds and broken bones. If you have any true ailments, he will simply drop the ball. 

The review adds that Dr. Raymond Turnure, MD does not follow up or completely forgets what you discussed in the last appointment. It’s frustrating and shows incompetence. Also, the reviewer adds that they didn’t trust the doctor’s decisions, he didn’t explain the conditions well and he didn’t listen or answer questions. 

Botched Procedure Gave Corneal Abrasion, Clinic Offers No Financial Support

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Rebatak shares that she had a terrible experience at La Bella Vita Medi Spa. She suffered a corneal abrasion and needed extensive rehabilitation. Also, she suffered a lot of out-of-pocket expenses and the clinic didn’t offer any form of reimbursement. 

After she posted this review, the med spa contacted her. But not to offer any reimbursement. They only wanted to tell her that they have now  fired the nurse who performed the procedure as she didn’t inform the upper management of the issue. 

“The Staff at La Bella Vita Medi Spa is Extremely Rude”

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Here, the reviewer highlights that it’s 8:36 AM at the time of writing her review and she has already called the place 4 times. However, the spa never answers the phone. She shares that the customer service at La Bella Vita Medi Spa is extremely rude. This has happened to her on more than 2 different occasions. Hence, she is sick and tired of it. 

She ends her review by sharing that they have now lost her as a client

Failed Procedure Wasted $175 of the Client

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The above reviewer had a hydrafacial at this clinic. But it didn’t do anything for her skin. Even the black heads on her face were still present right after the treatment. The reviewer says that it was a waste of $175. 


After going through the above La Bella Vita reviews it’s obvious that the clinic doesn’t put much effort in caring for its clients. Furthermore, the place uses several shady tactics to promote itself. 

It deliberately tries to mislead consumers into trusting the establishment. 

Such manipulation raises suspicion and indicates that the place isn’t as reliable as it claims to be. All in all, it would be best to avoid La Bella Vita Medi Spa and find a different provider. 

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La Bella Vita Medi Spa is a highly notorious med spa which relies on unethical marketing tactics to mislead consumers. Many of their clients have reported that this place botches simple procedures and doesn’t care about its customers.

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