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LA Solar Group gave me hell! I won’t wish it even on my worst enemy. By the way, I’m not here to rant or make a scene. The only reason I sat down to write this post is to save anyone I can from these careless sloths of a company. Even if only one person can be saved from this post, then my efforts aren’t in vain.

So I came into this whole “Going Solar” trend when my friend told me how much he saves on electricity every year. I was jealous, I’m not gonna lie. Who doesn’t want to save cash, I too, decided to get some shiny panels installed on my roof. I checked out some brochures and websites during my free time at work. This company seemed to stick out from the herd, they didn’t only have good testimonials online, but they were also nice to me on the phone. But it was the only thing that I liked about them. The rest of my experience was not anywhere as good as this.

The paperwork was done and after the installation was done, I could finally sit at the “cool kids table”. Well, in reality, nothing changed much. After 7-8 months of installation, the efficiency of the panels dropped drastically. It couldn’t have been because of dirt because I cleaned the panels twice a week religiously. I wasn’t going to become Bob the builder and try to fix it myself so I called the company. But guess what? They didn’t pick up the call. Not once, not twice, but 8 times I had to call them before someone answered. It took them 3 weeks to send a guy to take a look at the panels. And after their technician was done with the checkup he told me it would cost me $XXXXX to fix the efficiency.

He talked a lot of technical jargon which I didn’t understand, but he did say that the panels were faulty. In a normal case, the company usually replaces faulty panels, but not this solar company! They asked me to pay them thousands of dollars for it! It’s not like I have any other option honestly. I’m stuck with them for 20 years. I had to pay them to fix THEIR faulty panels. I feel betrayed, cheated and scammed.

Please avoid LA Solar Group! These guys have the worst panels in the market. I have one little request from you, if you know someone from Lake Balboa, then please share this post with them. It might save them thousands of dollars and an insurmountable amount of time. Thanks

LA Solar Group sold me faulty solar panels and now want ME to pay them to fix the panels!

LA Solar Group Review Additional Information

LA Solar Group Official Website
16238 Raymer St B, Lake Balboa, CA 91406, United States
+1 818-373-0077

Should I get solar panels from LA Solar Group?

No. This company sent faulty solar panels to me and didn’t even replace them. I would not advise anyone to buy solar from LA Solar Group

Can I trust the LA Solar Group reviews online?

Frankly, not really. The websites seem to have totally bogus positive reviews. I and possibly dozens of more people have been fooled by their fake PR attempts, but you don’t have to.

Why aren’t there many LA Solar Group Complaints online?

Most of the people who buy solar don’t even know they can post reviews online and they think it’s a bad practice. This, combined with the dangerous number of fake review websites online (where people pay to get 5-star reviews), makes it impossible for people to find any LA Solar Group Complaints.

Would you recommend LA Solar Group?

No. Definitely not!

2.4 Total Score

LA Solar Group is NOT a good solar installation company. They are duping people like me and you. Avoid them.

Installation Quality
Customer Service
  • Good sales staff
  • Worst customer service
  • Poor product quality
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