Labiaplasty Center NYC Reviews: His Clients Exposed His Truth (2023)


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Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Hunter, MD, FACS, is the creator of the Labiaplasty Center NYC in New York City and has more than three decades of expertise. As one of the few doctors in Manhattan that focuses solely on female genital cosmetic surgery, Dr. Hunter is unique in this regard. Labiaplasty and additional surgeries like this are accessible.

One of the most skilled surgeons in NYC, the board-certified plastic surgeon routinely performs female genital surgery such as labiaplasty (labia minora reduction), Along with non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation, labia majora reduction surgery, clitoral hood reduction surgery, and mons pubis reduction surgery (pubic liposuction), It’s crucial to realize that not every surgeon frequently performs female genital surgery. These procedures are only carried out every day at the Labiaplasty Center NYC.

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The Labiaplasty Center NYC offers vaginal rejuvenation activities frequently carried out while the patient is sedated orally and under local anesthesia. Intravenous sedation may occasionally be needed throughout the procedure. Each operation is performed in the surgeon’s amazing, fully accredited NYC surgical suite, not a hospital.

What precisely is done during plastic surgery?

Your appearance can be altered by cosmetic plastic surgery. For some people, this may entail reshaping the body’s outline and features, minimizing wrinkles, or getting rid of bald spots. Others may choose for breast augmentation or varicose vein treatment.

Dr. Hunter may improve a woman’s external genitalia to a more attractive size and shape by performing sophisticated, precise cosmetic surgery treatments on the labia minora, labia majora, clitoral hood, and mons pubis.

Dr. Hunter seeks to

  • Restore or reclaim the natural contour.
  • Get rid of any excessive folds, bulges, sagging, or tissue.
  • Keep your skin’s pigmentation and hue natural.
  • Keep your sense of touch and sensation.
  • Promote minimum scarring and quicker recovery.

The board-certified surgeons at the Manhattan-based Labiaplasty Center NYC provide in-person and remote consultations (from any location in the world).

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Labiaplasties: What are they?

Labiaplasty, in its most basic form, is a plastic surgery technique that modifies the size or shape of the labia minora and/or the labia majora. The soft tissue folds that surround the female genitalia are called labia, which is Latin for lips.

The labiaplasty treatment can assist in correcting any anomalies and provide the vagina with a natural-looking, symmetrical, and “tucked-in” shape. The outcomes of this surgery have been praised by 95% of patients, according to several studies.

Below are the reviews about Labiaplasty Center NYC –

labiaplasty center of nyc review

This person said that after surgery at  Labiaplasty Center NYC, he recovered really fast and barely had any scars, however, he was continuously uncomfortable and had to have inserts for his pants to hide an unsightly shape. He was much more ashamed and wounded than before. Further on He doesn’t recall discussing the amount of skin removal, and the procedure was carried out without any consideration of the final outcome, only a basic talk of what He required and desired and why.

labiaplasty center of nyc review

This person said he didn’t have a great experience with Labiaplasty Center NYC. He told that the labia are completely gone on one side, and swollen and dotted on the other. Since no one ever calls or texts to remind you to get a checkup, he did it all alone and was advised to be patient and dismissed. He further on told that it has been a year but nothing has changed. He was told that he also needed to get rid of the extra skin around his clit as it would appear strange. He advised people to choose their surgeon after doing a lot of research.

labiaplasty center of nyc review

This person told that she was not satisfied with the surgery and the surgeons at Labiaplasty Center NYC. The surgery was not exactly the same as she wishes. She further told she would love to go with the doctor who can fulfill her wish.

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Surgeons at Labiaplasty Center NYC fail to provide satisfactory surgeries to their clients. They failed to provide the better result to their clients. Beware

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  1. They were completely engaged in and executed a medical scam. Even if you are going to get labia surgery, be sure that the surgeons you choose are capable of doing so and look at their previous medical cases. Keep in mind that there are many surgeons who have ruined their own patients’ surgeries.
    Check the number of successful surgeries performed by the surgeon as well.

  2. Never put your trust in surgeons who have limited specialization and accomplish nothing. They were just deceiving their own patients and engaging in deceptive medical procedures.
    It is difficult to see desired results following surgery, and surgeons have a responsibility to provide desirable results to their patients.
    Always put your trust in surgeons who specialize in their field and are certified by a medical board.

  3. Personally, I had an awful encounter with them. The personnel was extremely calm with their patients, but when it came time for the operation, the entire medical team began behaving rudely and unexpectedly with their clients.
    I had not anticipated such behavior from them.
    They were also unable to perform proper surgery on the consumers, and no action was taken in response to the accusations.
    I urge the government officials to put a stop to these unethical medical practices.

  4. I spent a lot of money trying to solve my labia condition, but nothing worked. I communicated with them, which was the worst mistake I’d ever made because they completely shifted my labia to one side.
    I wanted to take strict action against them because there were many patients who had the same problem and had lost money or received unexpected results.
    I recommend that you avoid them.

  5. They provided terrible service. They don’t know how to interact with others. This was the worst experience I’d ever had. They completely duped their patients and increased their personal wealth by demanding extra money for the treatment. My labia became bloated in the situation, and they were unable to heal it.
    When I brought this up with the surgeon, he did not provide me with a proper explanation for this type of medical blunder.
    They were completely operating a medical fraud and providing their clients with disappointing results.

  6. Before delving more into this investigation, keep in mind that there were many people who had complications after having surgery done by them.
    I have a lot of issues interacting with them because there is no fixed scheduling of Appointments and the guy who is scheduling the date of the appointment is unable to inform me of my turn.
    They appear to be unconcerned about their clients, therefore if you plan to have surgery with them, beware since the results will be unexpected.

  7. I’m sorry to have to say this, but I’m dissatisfied and much more anxious than before. When I confronted them about my concerns, the medical personnel became agitated; they were acting unethically and rudely to their patients.
    However, when I asked them to apply specific techniques in my surgery, they completely disagreed because they had not practiced the specific skills during surgery. I’m not completely content with my operation because it takes a long time to heal and the outcomes were poor in recovery after recovery.

  8. They inform me that they completely changed the shape of my vagina; yet, I requested that the size of my labia be reduced. However, after seeing the findings, I was extremely disheartened. They appear to have done nothing in response. So why were the prices they were charging their clients so much higher?
    When I asked for a refund because they were absolutely ruining my case, they simply told me that their refund policy did not exist.
    Avoid them since you can’t rely on them.

  9. They inform me that they completely changed the shape of my vagina; yet, I requested that the size of my labia be reduced. However, after seeing the findings, I was extremely disheartened. They appear to have done nothing in response. So why were the prices they were charging their clients so much higher?
    When I asked for a refund because they were absolutely ruining my case, they simply told me that their refund policy did not exist.
    Avoid them since you can’t rely on them.

  10. I don’t understand how they were able to run their offices and hospitals so smoothly after damaging the lives of so many people. They were providing inadequate health care to their consumers, and according to several victims, they were providing unsatisfactory results following surgery.
    They were demanding more costs from their clients and not delivering the desired results. They don’t care what their clients think. The only thing they were interested in was money. The person who had no expertise in these types of surgeries was readily duped by reading bogus results on the Internet.

  11. It is difficult to comprehend how the higher medical community is unable to take any action against these types of surgeons while they continue to conduct their medical practices.
    These doctors have contacts with higher authorities, which allows them to conduct these types of actions. The proper place for these types of surgeons is in prison, and I believe that if someone is suffering as a result of such types of activities, they have the right to raise their voices and demand that higher authorities intervene.

  12. Nowadays, the media does not cover the kind of news that involves people having to go through a lot of trouble, and many people were unaware of the kind of fraudulent activities that were going on, as well as the types of medical failures that were going on. I believe they were bribed to avoid covering such stories and to keep the identity of the individuals involved hidden.

  13. It is hard to see that surgeons who were lack knowledge of surgery, how came on the list of certified surgeons, And after ruining the surgery of many patients. They were unable to identify by the higher medical authority.
    I wanted to take some strict actions against them by which there will be no such type of cases would happen in the future.

  14. I can’t believe I trusted them in the first place. This has been by far the worst medical experience I’ve ever had, and the staff is acting quite unprofessional. A considerable lack of coordination might be noted in the hospital.
    They could only perform surgeries, the majority of which were incorrectly performed, the personnel was unable to identify my name, there were delays in the appointments, everything appeared to be jumbled up, no one provided appropriate guidance, and they were forced to complete the procedures on their own.

  15. As I read this article, my eyes welled up with tears because it describes how unethical doctors can become and how they can get away with playing with the emotions of patients who are paying them with their own money that they have worked so hard to earn.
    I wholeheartedly support this, and I meant to impose heavy sanctions on doctors who encouraged this type of behavior in society in order to increase their own revenue.

  16. The cost of surgery is prohibitively high, and if you pay the surgeon appropriately, you expect the greatest results from them. However, my experience was disappointing since the care I received from them was inadequate.
    I suffered significant losses while trusting them, and I strongly advise you to conduct thorough research before undergoing any form of surgery on your body.
    There were very few certified surgeons with the necessary abilities and in-depth understanding of the surgery.

  17. This location is absurd in every sense. They go so far as avoiding disclosing the patient’s medical data, and they use shady tactics to protect the surgeon from culpability, despite the fact that he is unfamiliar with the proper operating procedures and techniques. They did not carry out the procedure in line with the instructions after I gave them the required instructions for my operation.
    In order to gain revenue, they provide inferior surgical treatments to their patients. And promoting the production of fake reviews while eliminating reviews from patients who have had substantial troubles as a result of the operation.

  18. They failed to remember my appointment and were unable to obtain suitable instruction from them. The personnel is nasty, and they don’t know how to deal with their patients. Proper talks with the employees are really tough. Please avoid them; after surgery, I am extremely uneasy because they are unable to perform good surgery; the entire procedure is carried out without any discussion. It is also difficult to conceal the contour and it feels uncomfortable after wearing garments.

  19. The scheduling of the appointments was not done very well. In order to deal with them, I have to put up with a lot of suffering. The entire procedure took a lot of time, and the service that they were providing did not meet my expectations. As a result, I am dealing with a lot of difficulties following the surgery, and it seems as though they did nothing.
    The service that they were offering to their patients was quite different from the online review, which reveals a significant gap between the two. It is very evident that they were promoting phony reviews in order to attract a greater number of customers and make more money.
    After going through what I did, I fell into a deep depression. I’m unable to receive good treatment.

  20. Regrettably, I received subpar customer service. I’m quite uncomfortable. One of my labia is completely gone, while the other is bulging and ridged. I don’t even get the required call or texts for the checkup. I’ll have to contact you for the checkup on my own.
    I spent a lot of time talking about what I wanted just to discover that it didn’t matter. I’ll have to miss three months of work to recover from this procedure. However, the final result was insufficient.

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