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Larry Gaynor News: Is He Really a Bigot? The Truth Exposed (2024)

larry gaynor
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Words subsume trenchant, be cautious while you point the edge towards others, the consequences are never uni-directional. Larry Gaynor threw a stone in the water but could not control the ripples. Here is the case of an entrepreneur who bashed others merely on behalf of their nationality.

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Larry Gaynor

The Case: Larry Gaynor’s Gets Removed From The Eli Broad College

In the Year 2020, Larry Gaynor dug his grave with his mere words. Consequently, Larry’s name has been struck from the Eli Broad College of Business Entrepreneurship Lab (formerly known as Larry and Teresa Gaynor Entrepreneurship Lab). But, the fight against racism was never easy for the opposition. 

The opposition was none other than the students of Larry. Anyways, it needs to be noted that the student association had to wait for 3 years, even after the public exposure of the racist remarks of Larry Gaynor.

The Efforts: Larry Gaynor vs. The Vietnamese Student Association 

It is never easy to penalize someone with excessive authority. When it comes to Larry, it is even tougher. Do you know why? Larry Gaynor has been one of the top donors to the MSU. 

Other than devoting his time and excellence for more than 25 years, Larry Gaynor also contributed the monetary sum of $3 Million to the MSU. Sources claim that this money was utilized in favor of Larry, where a program was created in his name to promote his supremacy.

However, to have a crystal view of the situation,  imagine yourself fighting the alligator of the pond. Similar was the situation of the cornered community, the Vietnamese student association. Nevertheless, they fought for 3 consecutive years, resulting in the establishment of the two bills. Let’s figure out what the bills assert. 

The Bills: Larry Gaynor Facing The Consequences

September 22, 2022, the student association of Michigan State University anonymously passed two bills. These bills were passed following the racist remarks made by Larry Gaynor. The first bill, Bill 59-10, suggests the removal of Larry’s name from the former name of the entrepreneurship lab. 

Whereas, the second bill, Bill 59-11, asserts the establishment of accountability policies for donors and the implementation of stricter background checks.  Both the bills were passed and it became a celebrating moment for the Vietnamese community. 


MSU Spokesperson On The Bills Against Larry Gaynor

‘The removal of Larry Gaynor was a mutual agreement’, says Dan Olsen, the spokesperson of MSU. Olsen also asserted that MSU always gives heed to the student’s advocacy. In an interactive session with the media Dan states, “In the work of the Associated Students of Michigan State University, we review their bills as they are passed, and recognize they are taking action on issues that are important to them.” 

However, on the question of decision-making regarding the removal, Dan Olsen claims that on no grounds he is supposed to spill the beans on the decision-making of the bills. 


Larry Gaynor, His Statements & The Consequences

We read about the removal of Larry from the MSU business lab but do you know what led his flourishing career to a halt? If not, then you must know that Larry Gaynor made a mistake, a mistake that led him to public apology and shame. But none could bring him back his prestige. 

What Makes Larry Gaynor Apologize Publicly?

In a webinar, Larry Gaynor, a prestigious Michigan State University (MSU) alumnus made several vile comments against the Vietnamese beauty salons and the Vietnamese professionals. The well-known beauty industry executive seems to have serious issues with the Vietnamese business owners. Here are a few of the heart-wrenching statements, stated by Larry Gaynor during an outrageous discussion.

The Obscene Statements By Larry Gaynor

Larry Gaynor calls Vietnamese, ‘enemies in business’ and mocks the efforts of Vietnamese in making the beauty and salon industry more equipped. Larry Gaynor said, “If you’re in the nail business, the biggest enemy is the Vietnamese salon. I cannot support any partner that supports the Vietnamese. There’s just nothing I can say is good for what they’ve done to our industry.” 

Moreover, the assertions of the businessman do not stop here. Larry Gaynor even claims that the Vietnamese have destroyed the American business market. According to Larry, nobody needs the ‘crap’ Vietnamese produce. As he says, “Who needs that crap? This is a new world society.” 

Despite a highly professional attitude, Larry Gaynor did not hesitate a bit, even in mocking the Vietnamese sanitation, pricing and language. He says “We’re in America. We talk in English. We’re not in Vietnam. We’re in America. Talk English. They sit back and talk Vietnamese to each other,” and disregards the people and their culture. 

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Reportedly, Gaynor made the comments solely to Diamond Partners (an exclusive membership tier). However, Larry realized his mistake particularly when an insider, Rose Velez-Miggins leaked the tape on NextShark (website).

Do you know? 

The Diamond Partners can only be joined by corporates vowing to restrict themselves from Vietnamese salons and brands. 

The Convenient Realization By Larry Gaynor

After being exposed in the public domain, Larry Gaynor felt apologetic and for that, he also conducted a webinar in which he claimed that he has no grudge towards the Vietnamese, instead he shares a history in the Vietnam market.

In his own words, Larry Gaynor claims, “I apologized for the remarks I made. I did not make any knowingly racist remarks. I don’t even know what that word means. I’m not that type of guy.” However, the concerned authorities assert the realization to be convenient, where the tenderness emerged after being exposed to the losses in the Vietnam market. 

No matter what the truth is, the whole case has framed Larry Gaynor as a severe racist and as it’s said, once said can never be unsaid. No amount of excuses can whitewash the spots of white-collar executives. 

Larry Gaynor

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Larry Gaynor is an American entrepreneurial coach, author, blogger, salon executive and the founder cum CEO of TNG Worldwide. He founded TNG in 1985 and gained immense popularity. Soon he started training the newcomers via his entrepreneurial program and tier ( 

Larry conducts webinars and expresses his views regarding the corporate and market. However, in recent years he made several comments which made him even more highlighted. Anyways, the authorities found him guilty and penalized him accordingly. Still, we are here discussing his case. Do you know why? To find out, jump to the next section. 

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Final Words: Larry Gaynor & Racism

According to the author, what Larry said might be a mere outrage burst because of a bad day or because of certain monetary losses or may be due to some family business. Hence, he shall not be claimed as a racist individual. But on second thoughts, why still in America, do we see diversity as a regional or national boundary?

The various Asians or Africans who came to America several decades ago are still not Americans to us. Consciously or subconsciously we still see them in diverse skin. If these comments of Larry are unacceptable and outrageous to us. We must note the origin of such thoughts. 

With the intensifying global market, one more thing should intensify and that is tolerance and brotherhood. Till we get into the habit of seeing humans as individuals, several Larry Gaynor will stand up amongst us and utter even more shattering words. 

As far as Larry is concerned he has got his penalty, but we all know in a year he will forget the incident as a bad dream and we will be cheering him on for his splendid achievements. No, we need not hang him for his ideology but if we make efforts to make America a more united place, the ideology of Larry would be knocked out and that is all that is needed. Knock-down of racism.

Larry Gaynor News: Is He Really a Bigot? The Truth Exposed (2024)
Larry Gaynor News: Is He Really a Bigot? The Truth Exposed (2024)

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