Launch of Total Diversity: The latest updates 2023

Dr. Diana Foster, Ph.D. and CEO of Total Clinical Trial Management, a woman-owned full-service CRO has announced her firm’s new focus – TOTAL Diversity. Dr. Foster has a long history of teaching, recruiting, and enrolling diverse populations in clinical trials. 

The new venture will be a full-service CRO offering punctual and quality clinical management services for clients. The short-term goals of TOTAL Diversity are to create a series of new business divisions within itself including a review board, a training institute, an expanded site network, and recruitment services with a focus on diversity. 

What is CRO offering?

CRO aids in managing the data generated during clinical trials. The process includes data capture, cleaning and analysis.

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What is Total Diversity?

TOTAL Diversity Clinical Trial Management is a Contract Research Organization that focuses on support services that highlight diversity and inclusion in clinical trials. They offer consultation services, feasibility assessments for sites, patient recruitment and retention services, training programs, and a lot more. 

Their network of sites is growing rapidly and includes experienced diversity-oriented researchers along with those who have access to diverse populations. Dr. Foster pointed out that when TCTM started offering diversity services, she never anticipated the level of demand her business is facing currently from its partners in the industry. That’s why they have launched a strong keep-up with the industry. 

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What Role Does Diversity Play in Clinical Trials?

Drugs and therapies are evaluated for general population safety and effectiveness through clinical trials. Results from clinical trials may not apply to the general population if only a small sample is used. If a clinical study solely recruits white males, for instance, the results may not be generalizable to the community as a whole, perhaps resulting in insufficiently effective therapies for women and people of color.

Furthermore, genetic or other variances may cause some groups to respond differently to medications or treatments. Some studies have indicated that some cardiac drugs are less effective among African Americans, who already have a higher chance of developing heart disease than other racial or ethnic groups. Researchers can learn more about how various populations respond to medications and treatments by recruiting a more varied set of patients for clinical trials.

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Source: TOTAL Diversity Clinical Trial Management

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