Law Payne Hardbody – Fraudster Exposed in Lawsuits (2023 Update)

Law Payne Hardbody is not a reliable businessman. He is a fraudster who is facing a lawsuit for his fraudulent practices.

Furthermore, Law Payne Hardbody has also faced a lawsuit for disability discrimination.

Before you consider buying any Harbody supplements, be sure to read about the crooked history of its owner:

About Hardbody Supplements (Law Payne Harbody’s Primary Venture)

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A picture of Law Payne Hardbody

A premier supplement brand with headquarters in the USA and Canada is Hardbody SupplementsTM. Items from Hardbody Supplements are organic and GMO-FREE transform lives.

Law Payne Hardbody is facing a lawsuit for defrauding others.

No artificial colors, flavors, binders, fillers, additives, preservatives, or fillers are used in the production of Hardbody products. All Hardbody SupplementTM products are packaged in FDA and GMP-registered facilities in the USA and Canada, and they have a STRONG, RECENT, and TENDING SALE HISTORY. Canada, Europe, and the States all sell Hardbody Supplements TM.

The purpose of Hardbody SupplementsTM is to offer customers everywhere the greatest, high-performance products that can aid them in effectively achieving their physical goals. Specialists in health and fitness carefully selected the highest-quality, most effective components to use in the production of our goods. Consumers may relax knowing that all of our goods are made in cGMP facilities and have undergone FDA inspection. without any fillers

Products sold by Law Payne Hardbody

Kansas Power Couple Law and Patricia Payne are the owners of Hardbody Supplements 

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About Law Payne 

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Law Payne is a fitness instructor. He mentors several fitness trainers in addition to conducting business. His organization is called Hardbody Coaching LLC. It offers online classes that teach the proper methods to a variety of fitness professionals. Hence, Law’s counsel affected many people’s lives all across the world. But, regular folks can also attend training sessions.

However, he used the influence he gained through Hardbody Coaching to run one of the biggest healthcare scams in recent years.

Clearly, Law Payne Hardbody does not care about others.

When Law Payne Hardbody A Lawsuit for Defrauding Consumers

Owners of half of Hardbody Supplements, which saw a 26,000% increase in income over the previous three years, accuse the company’s founders of hiding financial accounts and improperly taking funds for personal use. In addition to other legal remedies, the federal action calls for the firm to be dissolved.

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What is Accounting Fraud?

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Accounting fraud is the deliberate manipulation of financial accounts to provide the impression that a company is financially sound. Additionally, it entails deceiving shareholders and investors on the part of an accountant, an employee, or even the company itself. By inflating revenue, failing to register expenses, and reporting incorrect assets and liabilities, a corporation can fabricate its financial statements.

The five classifications of financial statement schemes are fictitious revenues, timing differences, improper asset valuations, concealed liabilities and expenses, and improper disclosures.

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A real-world example of accounting fraud:

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One of the most well-known instances of accounting fraud in history is the Enron scandal. Off-balance-sheet businesses were utilized by Enron to conceal their obligations from creditors and investors. Even while using such corporations was not unlawful in and of itself, Enron committed accounting fraud by withholding crucial information about its business dealings. As the public learned the full depth of Enron’s debts, the company’s stock price plummeted. The end of 2001 saw Enron file for bankruptcy.

In the Enron case, accounting fraud had serious repercussions. Many of the company’s top executives faced criminal accusations, and some of them were imprisoned. The accounting behemoth Arthur Andersen LLP, which handled Enron’s books, was also ultimately brought down by the scandal.

What is embezzlement?

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Embezzlement s a crime that consists of withholding assets for the purpose of conversion of such assets, by one or more persons to whom the assets were entrusted, either to be held or to be used for specific purposes. Embezzlement is a type of financial fraud.

Law Payne Hardbody Sued for Disability Discrimination

DOUGLASS sued HARDBODY SUPPLEMENTS, LLC for discrimination based on a disability on February 11, 2022. The Pennsylvania Western District Court, one of the U.S. District Courts, received this case. Arthur J. Schwab is the judge in charge of this case. 

What is Disability Discrimination?

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When a person with a handicap is treated less favorably than a person without a disability in the same or similar circumstances, this is known as disability discrimination.

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For instance, if a nightclub or restaurant refused to let a person in because they are blind and have a guide dog, that would be an instance of “direct disability discrimination.

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A regulation or policy that applies to everyone but has an adverse impact on people with a certain impairment qualifies as disability discrimination. It is referred to as “indirect discrimination.”

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For example, it may be indirect disability discrimination if the only way to enter a public building is by a set of stairs because people with disabilities who use wheelchairs would be unable to enter the building.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) forbids discrimination against anyone who has a disability in a number of settings, including employment, public accommodations, transportation, communications, and access to state and local government services and programs.

Lawsuit for Disability Discrimination (The Case Law Payne Hardbody Faced)

What Can You Win in a Case Against Disability Discrimination?

You are entitled to get compensation for the money you would have earned if you hadn’t been the target of disability discrimination if your disability discrimination attorneys prevail at trial. You would be eligible to collect the amount of money you would have made but for the illegal firing, for example, if your income was $50,000 per year and you were fired due to a disability.

The pain and suffering (sometimes referred to as “emotional distress”) you endured as a result of the disability discrimination at work may also be a kind of compensation that you are entitled to receive. These damages include for instance, compensation for anxiety, depression, and mental distress. The rules against handicap discrimination attempt to compensate you for past and future emotional pain by putting you where you would have been in the absence of the discrimination.

One of the most powerful provisions of disability discrimination in the workplace claim is the ability for you to recover attorney’s fees. California’s legislatures realized that the lost wages and emotional distress damages could be rather small, and added this to incentivize disability discrimination attorneys to take disability discrimination cases.

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The limitation period

A right-to-sue letter can typically be obtained one year after the date of termination by you (or your lawyers). In most cases, your attorney will obtain this for you; however, if you already have one, be sure to inform your lawyer. You have one year to file your lawsuit in court or through arbitration following receipt of a right-to-sue letter.

For public entities, these deadlines differ. The statute of limitations in those circumstances could be as short as six months.

Beware of Law Payne Hardbody

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Law Payne Hardbody is one of the many people behind this problem

As with the allegations of two lawsuits filed against Law Payne Hardbody, Law Payne Hardbody has to face the consequences. 

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According to the Rights of People with Disabilities Bill, the 2014 Amendment, with the disability discrimination lawsuit Law Payne Hardbody had to pay a fine of between Rs 10,000 and Rs 5 lakh and a prison sentence of at least six months and not more than two years.

In the case of accounting fraud which was related to money laundering and hiding account details Law Payne Hardbody found guilty of fraud, might have to face jail time or legal action from the federal Department of Justice. Companies that commit accounting fraud in violation of federal securities laws may be sued by the SEC. The SEC may receive civil money penalties, disgorgement, and monetary fines if it prevails in the action.

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