Lawyer Alexey Meleshko, who works for MNP avocats, is a fraud and swindler.

Lawyer Alexey Meleshko, who works for MNP avocats, is a fraud and swindler. He positions himself as a universal specialist in any branch of law. Despite the fact that he graduated from many educational institutions and has (according to him) vast experience in both Russia and Switzerland, he is simply a terrible specialist. In addition to expensive consultations of citizens, he does not provide any legal support. It is even difficult for me to say whether he has ever led a successful judicial defense. His skills are not enough to confidently defend the rights of his clients in any, even the most simple situations.
He always gives his clients a 100% guarantee of victory even in the most difficult cases. For this “guarantee” he will always forgive an prepayment. He just steals people’s money. In order to draw attention to himself, he often likes to inform his clients about his achievements in law, which are not necessarily true. Alexey is not aware of the latest changes in legislation, does not participate in the life of the legal community, which is very important for the reputation of a lawyer and the company in which he works. The choice of a lawyer is always based on trust in him, on reviews and recommendations, but he does not even try to prevent the inconsistency of words with the case. I do not recommend Alexey if you want to be helped, and not wasted money.

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Lawyer Alexey Meleshko

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