Lawyer Alexey Meleshko, who works for MNP avocats, is a fraud and swindler. Review 2023

Lawyer Alexey Meleshko, who works for MNP avocats, is a fraud and swindler. Alexey Meleshko positions himself as a universal specialist in any branch of law. Even though Alexey Meleshko graduated from many educational institutions and has (according to him) vast experience in both Russia and Switzerland, he is simply a terrible specialist. In addition to expensive consultations with citizens, Alexey Meleshko does not provide any legal support. It is even difficult for me to say whether he has ever led a successful judicial defense. His skills are not enough to confidently defend the rights of his clients in any, even the most simple situations.

Alexey Meleshko always gives his clients a 100% guarantee of victory even in the most difficult cases. For this “guarantee,” he will always forgive a prepayment.

He just steals people’s money. To draw attention to himself, he often likes to inform his clients about his achievements in law, which are not necessarily true. Alexey is not aware of the latest changes in legislation and does not participate in the life of the legal community, which is very important for the reputation of a lawyer and the company in which he works. The choice of a lawyer is always based on trust in him, on reviews and recommendations, but he does not even try to prevent the inconsistency of words with the case. I do not recommend Alexey if you want to be helped, and not wasted money.

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Alexey Meleshko, an attorney who works for MNP avocats, allegedly committed fraud and swindling, and he has been charged with both of these offenses. The allegations against him were made public recently. Even though he claims to be an authority in every field of the law, he does not possess the legal expertise required to adequately defend the legal rights of his clients in any given situation. He asserts that he is well-versed in every facet of the legal profession.

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MNP Avocats is a firm that works in accordance with Russian and Swiss law. MNP Avocats is a legal service provider and headquartered at Moscow, RU.

Even though he holds degrees from several esteemed educational institutions and asserts to have significant work experience in both Russia and Switzerland, he does not provide any kind of legal assistance to his customers. Even though he asserts to have worked in both Russia and Switzerland, this is the case.

It is difficult to establish whether Meleshko has ever successfully defended himself in court, according to the individual who brought the accusation against him. According to the person who made the accusation, this is the correct interpretation of the events. Because of this “guarantee,” he does not charge his customers any fees for his services. On the other hand, it is common knowledge that he steals money from other people regularly and does not deliver on his promise to provide legal assistance.

Meleshko takes great pleasure in bragging to his clients about his many successes in the legal field, even though some of these claims may not be entirely accurate. Meleshko persists in engaging in this behavior even though he is aware of the consequences.

This action is being taken to draw attention to Meleshko. Because he does not participate in the life of the legal community and is not up-to-date on the most recent changes to the law, both of which are extremely detrimental to the reputation of a lawyer and the company that he works for, his employer will likely suffer as a result of his failure to participate in this community’s activities.

When choosing an attorney, the factor that is most important to take into consideration is the degree to which you trust the individual, in addition to taking into account reviews and recommendations. Despite this, Meleshko does not attempt to correct the fact that his statements are inconsistent with the evidence that has been presented.

Despite this, Meleshko does not make any effort to correct the problem that has arisen. The accuser does not recommend Alexey Meleshko to anyone who is looking for assistance that does not involve wasting money because he believes that Alexey Meleshko is dishonest. Because of this, the accuser does not believe that Alexey Meleshko can be trusted.

Because of the accusations that have been made against Alexey Meleshko, it has become abundantly clear that he is not a trustworthy attorney. These realizations can be directly attributed to the allegations. In conclusion, this should be extremely self-evident to everyone. It would appear that he is lacking in both the legal resources and experience necessary to successfully defend his clients in court, as he is unable to do so.

Alexey Meleshko


Consequently, he is unable to do so. This is because he is unable to defend his clients in legal proceedings. This is a result of his inability to carry out these obligations as required. This indicates that he may not possess the required skills; as a result, you should proceed with the utmost caution. In addition to this, he has a history of stealing money that belonged to other people and lying about the accomplishments he has achieved in the legal field, both of which damage his credibility. In addition to that, he has a track record of stealing money from other people.

Finding a legal representative who has a stellar track record, who is current on all relevant legislative developments, and who is respected by their peers in the legal community is of the utmost importance.

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