L’Core Paris – A Massive Scam Conning Thousands

When it comes to making a purchase, you must learn as much as possible about the company. Otherwise, you could end up getting scammed. Although there are strict laws in place that prevent fraudulent businesses from carrying out business the company, there are still some companies that manage to cause significant harm just to make money. These companies put innocent customers at harm and rip them off using a variety of deceptive tactics. You must be careful to ensure that you do not end up suffering at the hands of such companies. 

One of the companies that have been scamming its customers for quite some time is L’Core Paris or L’core LLC. Do not let its friendly messages on Facebook or its aggressive company representatives fool you. There have been many comments online against L’Core Paris and it has failed to acknowledge or help put its customers at ease. If you have heard about L’Core Paris and want to learn more about it, we are here to reveal everything the company has done. We cover its background, history, product range, scams, and where the company stands. Read on to find out more. 

About the Company

L'core LLC

With headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, L’core LLC or L’core Paris is a skincare company that claims to be on a mission to provide real and visible results. It specializes in beautifying and anti-aging treatments. The company targets women who want to look their best. It claims to do things safely and naturally. It provides a variety of products that combine organic botanicals, 24K gold, and gemstones to improve skin texture and beautify the skin. 

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History Of L’Core Paris

L’core LLC started back in 2011 and claims to use the best organic extractions and high-quality formulas to provide outstanding results. It aims to provide highly advanced products that meet the highest quality standards while taking care of the environment. Pharmaceutical-grade raw materials are used by L’Core Paris to produce its beauty products. It claims to be cruelty-free and paraben free as well as FDA compliant. 

Did You Know?

FDA stands for ‘Food and Drug Administration’. The firm is a federal agency, that regulates the drug and food supply in the USA. The agency was founded on June 30, 1906, by Theodore Roosevelt, Harvey Washinton Wiley.

Products Provided at L’Core Paris

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L’Core Paris offers a variety of products on its website, its retail outlet in Las Vegas, and through its authorized resellers. Its product ranges are mentioned below.

  • Collections: Sapphire Collection, Spa Botanical Collection, Ruby Collection, Pearl Collection, Emerald Collection, Diamond Collection, Body Care Collection, Black Mamba Collection, and 24K gold collection. 
  • Skin Care: Eye Care, Masks, UV Protection, Exfoliators, Cleansers and Toners, Serums, Moisturizers, Acne Treatment, and Body and Hand Care. 
  • Bundles: Body Care Special, Gold Eye Special, Body Romance, and Sapphire Daily Cleaning Routine.
  • Beauty Devices: Ultra Microdermabrasion Brush, Wrinkless Neck, Wrinkless Eye, Wrinkless Derma Jet, Wrinkless Spectra, Wrinkless Plus 2nd Generation, and Winkless Cooling and Warming Device. 

How L’Core Paris Scammed Its Customers 

No matter how much of a rosy picture L’Core Paris might try to paint, it scams its innocent customers. Anyone who goes through their Google My Business, BBB (Better Business Bureau) profile, or Facebook profile will come to realize that the company only cons its customers. 

It uses different tactics to lure its customers and rips them off. As its products are extremely expensive, customers end up paying the price. Here are some of the ways that L’core LLC scams its customers. 

Low-Quality Products at L’Core Paris

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One of the ways that L’Core Paris scams its customers is by providing low-quality products. It claims that its products are top quality. However, multiple customers have reported that its products are of low quality and are a waste of money. 

Some of the customers tried using its products after a few months after the purchase and noticed that the collagen rose to the top when they opened the jar. All the white stuff in the products is a rip-off. There is no quality provided by its products. 

Faulty Products

In addition to the products offered by L’Core Paris being of low quality, many of the products were found to be faulty by customers. The company is nothing but a scam. A customer had purchased its Eye Gold Black Mamba Cream from Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas and upon using it, the dispenser for not working. 

Another customer purchased the Wrinkless machine and products from Las Vegas back in 2019 and found that the machine could not charge up. Although the customer tried to get a replacement by trying to contact the company continuously for an entire year, there were no answer emails. The service outside the United States is even worse and the New Zealand-based customer was very disappointed as they do not care about their customers after they have made a purchase. 

A customer bought the Crystalline 60 Second Facelift from them and found that the jar appeared older than her age when she opened it. Even though she added the complaint to Instagram, they simply deleted all her comments. When the customer tried contacting them, she was just put on an answering machine. Therefore, L’Core Paris is only a rip-off and is a company that is looting its customers using deceptive tactics.

Horrible Customer Representatives

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L’Core Paris is a company that stoops to a low level to get its products sold. Once its damaged and faulty products are sold, it does not care about its innocent customers. One of the customers complained that when she was walking by the L’Core Paris store and was talked into entering the store by store representatives, the salesperson was very inappropriate and pushy and even asked if she was married and that she was beautiful despite her old. Then, the salesperson went on to ask personal questions and whispered into her ears that he would give her a discount. It was that the salesperson was very insincere and made the customer feel uncomfortable. The customer left the store and shared her experience to ensure that other women do not fall into the same trap. 

Another customer shared her horrible experience online when it came to the salespeople whom she found to be very rude. During her stay at The Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, the salespeople were aggressively walking outside the store and accosting people including her. She continued to ignore them. Then, the salespeople made things even worse for her the next day as they started singing to her and taunting her while she tried her best to walk away. The salespeople even sang “Walk Away” and laughed at her to which the customer had no option but to file a complaint with the management at the Rio Hotel. L’Core Paris employs only the worst salespeople and does not take any accountability for their actions. As a company charging hundreds and thousands of dollars for its products, the least it can do is ensure that it hires the right salespeople who do not intimidate people.  

There was also a customer who left a common online stating that she was berated by the salespeople while in Las Vegas and despite her refusing to make a purchase, she was followed and ended up giving in and making a purchase. The casinos and hotels do not prevent the salespeople from their rude behavior and are thought to get a cut for each product sold by the company. 

Working under Different Names

L’core LLC is working under different names including L’core Paris in Las Vegas and Burgundy in North Carolina. No matter which company names people to purchase from, L’core LLC is a total scam which is why it is best to stay away from the company. 

There have been various incidents throughout the country where customers were lured by hawkers trying to sell products by the company. The salespeople claim to have the best interests in mind. However, they fail to provide quality service and end up ripping innocent people off using different tactics. 

Ineffective Products

Not only does L’core LLC provide damaged and faulty products, but it also offers ineffective products. The company has disappointed countless customers who used its products and were unable to achieve the results that the company claimed to provide. 

With thousands of dollars wasted, customers have filed complaints everywhere they can online. The Better Business Bureau profile of L’core LLC along with its Google My Business and Facebook page is flooded with comments from disappointed customers who have been ripped off.  


A notorious tactic that L’core LLC uses to scam its innocent customers is overcharging them. When customers make a purchase online on its website or at a retail outlet, they are overcharged. Each credit card payment is overcharged and the company makes claims that it sold stuff that its customers had not even ordered. On top of this, L’core LLC refuses to take back any of the products and does not return phone calls. 

Harmful Products

A scam that innocent customers have been a victim of is using harmful products. L’core LLC provides harmful products that are injurious to customers’ health. A customer even reported having bought eye care products and having to go to the dermatologist and eye doctor after finding out that the products had caused considerable damage. 

The products provided by L’core LLC are not checked and can harm innocent customers in several ways. Whether the products have been tested or not, it is clear that they should not be used as they put innocent lives at risk. 

L’core LLC sells harmful products to its customers through its retail outlets, salespeople, and authorized resellers. It has not stopped its activities and is a company that everyone needs to avoid. As customers have claimed, the products sold by L’core LLC are dangerous and cause a great deal of harm. Although no customer has experienced death from the products, the harm caused by L’core LLC has been significant and the company has not taken any action to amend its dangerous practices. 

What Happened to L’core LLC?

L’core LLC is currently providing its products under the name “L’core Paris”. It has plenty of complaints against it on Better Business Bureau, Facebook, and Google My Business. The company has failed to respond to the complaints and has not provided any positive feedback to its customers. It has made excuses such as the products being bought by customers from a reseller or not having any connection with the salespeople. Unfortunately, the company has not made any apologies or refunded its customers. As more awareness is being raised and as more customers are coming forward, L’core LLC is likely to experience the fury of customers who have been wronged. As the company loses revenue, it is only a matter of time before it closes. However, there is still a possibility that it might resurface under a different name. 

Anyone who visits LinkedIn will find that L’core LLC is owned by Asaf Hason. His profile lacks any details about his education and experiences. There are only details of him owning L’core LLC. Keeping an eye on his LinkedIn profile may provide some answers as he might create a different company under a different name and practice the same deceptive practices. 

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L’core Paris is a company that does not care about its customers. It has been fooling them for quite some time now. Although customers are raising awareness against the company, its website is still there and many fake comments are praising the company which are likely to be posted by the employees of the company. L’core LLC has failed the public and has sold products that cause harm to customers. 

Anyone who is wondering whether to consider ordering anything from the company should be careful as the purchase could result in damage to your appearance and health. The rosy claims made by L’core LLC are nothing but false. Its marketing efforts might have fooled people in the past. However, as more and more people learn about the company, they are taking a step back and avoiding purchases.

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  1. Is there any way to have a purchase refunded? They scammed my senior dad with memory issues. He wound up spending over $1400 after they harrassed him into their store and convinced him to buy product that doesn’t even work!

  2. It doesn’t sound like those aren’t unbiased reviews. Until there are concrete figures of customers affected, I don’t know what to think. It is not really address the machines that are for sale.
    You are seeing one person found this, and another person found that, it’s just not concrete enough. I’m not saying you’re not right.

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