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Lee Forehand is the Financial Wellness Director at Morgan Stanley and a financial advisor specializing in corporate retirement.

While being a professional workplace advisor and financial planning specialist, Lee has established an excellent reputation in the industry. He has been featured in Financial Times’s Top 400 US Retirement Advisors list. 

Services & Offerings

In his corporate retirement plan services, he focuses on plan design, plan governance, vendor management, investment selection oversight, education support, and plan participants and fiduciaries.

Equity compensation plays a major role in your overall financial plan and is bound to have a significant effect. And Lee’s services will help sort it out. 

He serves plan segments ranging from $100m to over $500m.

Awards & Honors

In total Mr. Forehand has been honored and awarded a total of 9 times. All of these awards and honors are listed down below:

  1. FT.com 401 Top Retiemrent Adgvisors 2020
  2. 2022 PlanAdviser Top Retirmeent Plan Adviser
  3. 2022 Morgan Stanely’s Pacesetter’s Club
  4. 2021 Morgan Stanely’s Pacesseter’s Club
  5. 2020 NAPA Aces (Top Retirement Plan Advisor Under 40)
  6. 2020 Morgan Stanely’s Pacesetter’s Club
  7. 2019 NAPA Young Gun (Top Retirement Plan Advisor Under 40)
  8. 2019 Morgan Stanely’s Pacesetter’s Club
  9. 2018 Morgan Stanely’s Pacesetter’s Club

Certifications & Licenses

Lee Forehand has multiple certifications majority of which he got from Morgan Stanely itself. 

  1. CRPS (Charted Retirement Plans Specialist) – Issued in 2008
  2. QPFC (Qualified Plan Financial Consultant) – Issued in 2015
  3. NMLS# 1472977 – Issued in 2016
  4. Financial Planning Specialist (Morgan Stanley) – Issued in 2018
  5. Corporate Reitemrent DIrector (Morgan Stanley) – Issued in 2018
  6. CRPC (Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor) – Issued in 2018
  7. Workplace Advisor (Equity Compensation) – Issued in 2020
  8. CIMA (Certified Investment Management Analyst) – Issued in 2020
  9. National Strategic Partner (Morgan Stanley) – Issued 2020
  10. Financial Wellness Director (Morgan Stanley) – Issued 2022
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Education & Studies

Lee Forehand graduated from the Geneva City Schools (high school) in 1998, then went on to get a business associates degree from the Enterprise State Junior College. After this, he got a bachelor’s degree in finance from Troy University Dothan, and most recently he got a master’s degree in financial planning from the University of Alabama.

Professional Experience

Lee Forehand worked his way to the top. He started his career as a registered representative for Guardian Life on June 2004 and worked there for a year. His work consisted of financial planning and insurance planning. He was hired by Wells Fargo as a Licensed Financial Specialist the same month he left Guardian Life. At Wells Fargo, he focused on loans, mortgages, mutual funds, fixed & variable annuities, and banking. 

After spending a productive year at Wells Fargo, he became an investment advisor at Synovus for a year. At this point, Lee Forehand had gained enough experience and proved himself as an accomplished financial advisor. And he got his big break in December of 2007 when he became a Partner at BEVIS, EBERHART, BROWNING, WALKER & STEWART, P.C.. He worked as a Certified Pension Consultant for more than 8 years there.

On December 2015, he joined the esteemed Morgan Stanley as a Corporate Retirement Advisor and became a Director soon after. He currently works at Morgan Stanley (Dothan, Alabama Area).

What is a Red Flag? 

A red flag serves as a signal or sign that there may be an underlying issue or danger associated with a company’s stock, financial statements, or news reports. These indicators can come in many forms and are often identified by analysts or investors as any notable undesirable trait.

Contact Information

You can call Lee Forehand (CIMA, CRPC, CRPS, QPFC) at (334) 340-4020, (334) 340-4034, or dial the toll-free number (877) 237-1230. He is also available by his email at [email protected].

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According to his GoogleMyBusiness listing, Lee Forehand’s office is located at 101 O’Brannan Park Drive, Dothan, AL 36303. 

Client Reviews & Complaints

There are not a lot of reviews on Lee Forehand available online, however, the ones we could find have been listed below. If you are a client of Mr. Forehand, then please feel free to share your honest feedback using the form at the end of this post.

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Branding & Reputation

Lee Forehand has a decent online reputation, he has released multiple press releases about his accomplishments. Not only that but he has been featured on major news outlets like FT.com. 

That being said the lack of any detailed client reviews or complaints along with negligible online presence, Lee’s reputation among his clients is hard to determine.

Should You Work With Lee Forehand (Morgan Stanley)?

Lee E. Forehand is no doubt an experienced retirement advisor with decades of experience under his belt. He has proven himself as a financial advisor time and again.

While lacking in online presence and social proof, Mr. Forehand is still one of the best advisors in the Greater Dothan, Alabama Area.

If you are a current or previous client/employee of Lee Forehand, then we would strongly recommend that you share your honest experience with us down below. Every single review helps the next reader in making an informed decision.

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