Legally Mine Reviews: These Planners are Untrustworthy! The Truth Exposed (Latest Update 2023)

Various Legally Mine reviews claim that the company is a scam. Beware of this fraudulent organization.

Before you do business with them, be sure to go through the following analysis of Legally Mine reviews available online:

What Legally Mine Claims to Be:

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Legally Mine claims that the first asset protection business in the United States was established by Jay Mitton, and it later became the well-known Legally Mine. Dan McNeff bought the company in 2007 and completely overhauled its business strategy by putting members’ total protection above merely informing them of abstract ideas. Since its takeover, Legally Mine has served more than 15,000 members, and this transition has helped it become a pioneer in the sector.

The legal team at Legally Mine claims to be knowledgeable in topics including estate planning, asset protection, tax reduction, and medical license defense. To ensure that members are completely protected, Legally Mine recognizes the need to teach doctors how to avoid lawsuits and implements the required protection mechanisms at a reasonable cost.

The organizational structure of the company is created to provide members with superior service and customized plans. Each department, including the Speakers and Away Sales Team (AST), legal, executive director, and client coordination, is essential to providing top-notch service to their clients. Legally Mine continues to be a reputable and recognized asset protection company in the United States by putting a high priority on member protection and keeping a strong staff of industry specialists.

However, all of these claims fall flat, when you look at the Legally Mine reviews available online. According to numerous complaints, they are a scam you must avoid at all costs.

23/12/2023 Update
As of now, Legally Mine has not responded, nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. They have ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, they have only focused on propagating their fake PR.

Legally Mine Reviews: What real people are saying about It


legally mine reviews

Amy wrote-

AVOID USING THIS COMPANY! They are robbers!  The doctor whose business Amy manages was informed that she had time to review the services with her CPA after putting down a deposit. Without her consent, Mine was legally able to charge her card the WHOLE DOLLAR AMOUNT for the services! many hundred thousand bucks! When she said she wasn’t interested, they promised a refund. However, despite multiple emails, texts, and phone calls, there has still been no reimbursement! AVOID HEARING A WORD THEY SAY! They belong in jail, not running a business.


legally mine reviews

Dana wrote-

DON’T SIGN UP TO WORK WITH LEGALLY MINE! To learn if the business is a swindle that will grab your money and go, read these reviews. She was informed that they had time to conduct their due diligence and could obtain a refund—which, of course, they will never do. Gary Harker, the presenter, makes promises that he breaks. Furthermore, Ricardo Garcia declines to return the money. Read the bad ratings on Google and the Better Business Bureau as well. STAY AWAY!

“They’re dishonest thieves”

legally mine reviews

Jamie wrote-

What was said by everybody else? They are dishonest thieves who don’t even follow through on their promises.  Furthermore, when you call them out on overcharging, they take more than 6 months to get a refund.  Have them for tax and asset protection.  Protecting assets has worked out well.  On the other hand, when it came to their taxes, they filed them even after she informed them that they were incorrect.  

Her favorite part was when she filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and they attempted to deny having a tax and accounting department. Visit the Better Business Bureau website to view their complaints if you require more information than what is provided here. Or, even better, observe how they addressed the issues.  Every single time, the client is at fault in some way.  Nasty, dishonest, and expensive, she could talk endlessly about them.

“Legally Mine is a SCAM”

legally mine reviews

Monica wrote-

This business is a fraud! Don’t approach them. They prey on professionals, and after taking your money, they disappear. Attempting to contact them is a nightmare. Don’t bother attempting to receive an open response from them. They use deception tactics and hold “dinner” gatherings in the late evening where they entice you to join up for their service. Don’t ever give them your personal information, whatever you do! Without your consent, they fraudulently handle your credit card information! After that, if you want your money back, you’ll have to sue them in court.

Beware! DO NOT put your faith in them! Read every negative review of them on Google. They all make the same claims, and to make matters worse, you can see all of the complaints after reading their 1-star evaluations on the Better Business Bureau website.

“Legally Mine just want your money”

legally mine reviews

Sean wrote-

DO NOT register with these people. They merely desire your money. The phrase “Legally Mine” refers to the money that is in question. They have made absolutely no progress, and they are adamant about refusing a refund.  Even after they have not attempted to begin any work, they still charge him. BEWARE THE BUYER!

legally mine reviews

Garth wrote-

Not suggested! They urge you to join up and refuse to issue a refund when no services were provided and one was requested. Not promising.

“Beware of Legally Mine”

legally mine reviews

Katherine wrote-

Katherine went to a late-night presentation of ‘Legally Mine’ by the Stanislaus County Dental Society. Their legal plan sounded like something she and her husband may be interested in taking part in. Even though the husbands were not invited to this conference, she didn’t feel comfortable making this choice for the two of them. Christian Crabtree assured Katherine that he could take her credit card information but that it would only be used if her husband approved of the program after she had spoken with him about it. He sent her an email with a link to a video that her spouse ought to see that was related to the lecture she had just finished.

After watching the video and reading the packet she brought home, her husband called their CPA and attorney. The response was emphatically “HELL NO!” WHAT A RICOCHET!

She sent an email to Mr. Crabtree, and when he DID charge my card, she sent an email to Madison Van Overbeek asking her to promptly reverse the charges. She now needs to submit a ton of documentation and an affidavit to her credit card company to have this charge reversed, 19 days after it was made. When they emphasized that she had to sign up THAT NIGHT ONLY to receive the “special pricing,” she ought to have seen that as a warning sign. which her lawyer and CPA say is roughly 60% too expensive!

Legally Mine Reviews: Fake PR

Legally Mine uses Fake PR to build its positive image in the eyes of common people. They try to hide any negative information available anywhere.

Fake PR Article

Legally Mine Reviews: What Employees Say About Working for the Asset Protection Firm

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