Leo Marzen

Leo Marzen is a RACIST

I had hired Leo Marzen for handling my finances some time ago. He seemed like a reliable professional back then and I could’ve never expected him to be an inconsiderate and hateful bigot. He made racist comments on my friends at a party. He looks down on minorities and discriminates blatantly. I can’t believe such a person runs a wealth management company. He is a disgrace to other finance professionals. 

Leo had worked with me and my company for several months and I never really thought he would be a bigoted racist. I fired him when I found out his reality. I don’t work with bigoted people like Leo, who hate certain sections of society and spread their negativity opently. It seems like he forgets basic manners and decency whenever he sees a black person. 

I’ve been seeing how people have been raising awareness against racist people present in our society. That’s why I’ve written about my personal experience here. I want the world to know just how depraved and mentally ill this man is. 

Leo Marzen, Founding Partner of Bridgewater Advisors

Leo is a founding partner at Bridgewater Advisors and is an industry veteran with more than 30 years of experience in his field. He has the CFA (Certified Financial Advisor) and CFP (Certified Financial Planner) certifications along with a BS degree from the University of Scranton. Apart from that, he has been named as Barron’s Top 1200 Financial Advisors in the country too. So you can see why I hired Leo, the guy has an astounding resume. For someone with the kind of credentials he has, he is obviously a very mentally depraved man.

I could have never expected him to behave with such indecency at any event. I had met the guy several times and now that I think about it, I should’ve guessed that he is a bigoted racist. Still, it was really shocking for me when I found out his truth. 

When I found Leo Marzen’s Reality

Leo had helped me secure a great investment and I was very happy with his work. So I invited him to a small get-together. Everything was going great and I was busy greeting guests when I saw him coming. 

At one point in the party, I believe he interacted with some of my African-American friends. I had never even thought that someone coming to my party could be so bigoted that he would make a racist comment for my friends. For me, my friends are my friends, nothing else. But for Leo, the world looks different. 

Later, when he was talking to me, he asked me, “I didn’t know [my name] that you’d invite blacks in this party too?” I was a little taken aback by this tone so I asked why it was something to know about and he replied, “I don’t usually go to parties where these people hangout.” 

WHen I asked him why he doesn’t go to such parties, he made several other racist remarks and sarcastically ridiculed me for inviting them. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Here was a guest who had worked with me for months and was openly making racist and hateful comments for my close friends. I told him that he should be ashamed for making such hateful remarks. But he didn’t feel even a speck of remorse. 

I was humiliated and embarrassed. I requested Leo to leave the party because I couldn’t tolerate his racist remarks. I have worked with many professionals in my life, but no one has ever been this disrespectful and hateful.

After that incident, he didn’t even apologize for his racist comments. I thought he would behave like a decent professional, but I was mistaken. The guy doesn’t even feel guilty for discriminating against other people. So, I had no choice but to fire him.

How can someone work with a racist bigot who forgets about decency? I know I can’t. 

Since then, Leo’s company, Bridgewater Advisors, has contacted me many times and I told them in clear terms that I don’t work with hateful racists like Leo. However, they don’t seem to understand this point. They have even tried to convince me that I misheard him and he didn’t say anything of that sort. In any case, I have moved on and have hired a better and more decent finance professional to work with me. 

I don’t tolerate racism. Racism is hatred and a vice of our society. I don’t think it should even exist in our society. So, when I found out that a person working with me is a racist, I had no choice but to fire him. But Leo is so delusional that i don’t think he would’ve learnt anything from that event. The way he talked about my friends and tried to make it seem as if they are inferior to him, showed me his true character.

I don’t want anyone else to make the mistake I made. That’s why I’ve shared my experiences here. Everyone should know the truth behind Leo Marzen and his fake persona of being a good guy. He isn’t a good person, he is a racist!

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Leo Marzen hates black people, he is a racist! Please avoid this racist financial advisor!

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  1. If a person had something like that about my friends, I would have slapped him right then. I wonder how did you control yourself at that moment? I respect you for that. It’s true, if you hadn’t shared your experiences here, we wouldn’t have known the truth behind Leo and his racist character. Just because he’s rich, doesn’t mean he gets a free pass. He needs to learn his lesson. If he won’t, society will teach him!!!!

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