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Lewis Had Refused My Offer Because I’m Black 

Lewis Altfest is a horribly racist person who discriminates among people due to their race. He doesn’t respect black people and black culture. My bitter experience with Lewis showed me that I would face racism everywhere in my life. I hadn’t expected him to be a racist, however. 

This incident is a few years old, but I know it’s the right time to share it. Racist people are present everywhere from the bottom to the top. The entire system is messed up. My experience with Lewis Altfest taught me that people would always see my race before anything else. 

Lewis refused to provide his services to me and my company because of my race. He told me blatantly that he doesn’t work with black people. I’m sharing my experience in much detail below so you can understand it better:

The Lewis Altfest I’m Talking About

Google snippet of Lewis Altfest

Although he is a very prominent person, I don’t think many people know him these days. He is a finance advisor and a very famous one. He runs the Altfest Personal Wealth Management Group and is currently their CEO. He has stellar credentials, he has a PhD, CFA, CFP, CPA and PFS qualifications. In 2007, Lewis had received the Charles Schwab award for his services so you can see how prominent and expert he is. He has written academic books on the subject too. 

His credentials and experience are the main reason why I considered hiring him as my personal wealth advisor back in 2007-08. I knew he was the perfect guy for the job and that’s why I had told my team to contact him. 

When I contacted Lewis

I had contacted the Altfest group because I wanted to hire those people. I was looking for a skilled wealth advisor to help me manage my investments. I didn’t have much experience back then in talking to finance advisors. So I thought I should contact the best one in my area. I was looking for an expert who could advise me in handling my different income sources and help me ensure financial security for my family. During my search, I found various advisors and the one I liked the most was the Altfest Group. Initially, everything was going well. A representative from the Altfest Group came to meet me and things seemed fine. They got bad when I requested to meet with Lewis Altfest. 

Lewis Avoided me Many Times

I wanted to hire the Altfest group because of Lewis. I was interested in meeting that guy and wanted to see how he would handle my business’s problems. However, it took me 3 tries to meet him. I used to think at that time that our meetings got cancelled because of genuine reasons but after everything happened, I realised that he was deliberately avoiding me. He didn’t want to meet me because he never wanted to work with a black person!

The first time we arranged a meeting, they cancelled a week before by citing that there was some sort of emergency. They made the same excuse the second time, and when they realised that I wasn’t budging, they set a real appointment.

Sometimes I can’t believe that I went to such lengths to meet him. Many of my friends had recommended me to hire Lewis so I was highly interested in seeing him work. 

Lewis Altfest Called me a N*GGER

I have only met Lewis once. I remember the meeting precisely because it was one of the worst instances in my life. I have never been more humiliated and embarrassed before. 

I had met Lewis in his office. He was talking on the phone to a client and as soon as he saw me he hung up. I told him that I was really glad to meet him and he listened to me talk about my business and investments. After I told him all this he just told me blatantly that he didn’t think he could work with my company. I asked him why and he told me, “I can’t work with a n**ger, I hope you’d understand that”. I was taken aback by this statement. He then told me to leave his office. Everything began to make sense after that small incidence. 

I left his office and took the day off. I had never imagined that I would face racism at that stage of my life. What gave him the right to call me a n*gger?! I learned that day that Lewis Altfest is just a bigoted white man who has no respect for people of other races, especially black. 

Seeing the recent conversation on racism, I was inspired to share my story with other people. Everyone should know the reality behind that small face. I have faced racism throughout my life but I had never thought I would face it at that level too. I should have known better. 

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Lewis Altfest is a horribly racist person. He refused to work with because I'm black! We cannot have peace with bigots like him.

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