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Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes is a cunning marketer who lacks any morals, he uses deceptive techniques to market brands. Review him here on Gripeo.
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The job of a marketer is tough. He/she has to get customers for a brand, enhance its visibility in the market and ensure that the current customers return.

But the complexity of the job doesn’t entitle the marketer to resort to wrongful means. There is no justification to cheat or deceive others. Lewis Howes is a black hat marketer and it’s time that he gets exposed. He is lying to the internet by saying he is an expert in digital marketing and a professional service provider.

Lewis Howes is not only using wrongful means to promote his business but he lies without hesitation as well. He has created a huge web of lies, telling others how they can change their lives and how they can market their brands effectively. He is a cybercriminal and he isn’t stopping any time soon. Moreover, he has a powerful and nearly unidentifiable plot. So finding out his reality is really a difficult job. There is a reason why Lewis is so successful and why he has such a large network of entrepreneurs and marketers. He helps them in getting ahead through his wrongful means as well. His climb and his current level of success might seem inspirational but the truth is harsh and it explains a lot of things.

How am I aware of Lewis and his malicious acts?

I had gotten in touch with him through his ‘Inner Circle’. I am a web marketer myself and I know the various concepts of this craft. I had come across Lewis online when I wanted to increase my knowledge of social media marketing. Lewis markets himself as an expert in social media marketing and he is one of the biggest brands in this sector. Like any other normal person, I also got cheated by Lewis’s online personality. As I discovered more of his content, I realized how he has created a false impression on everyone. And I was in shock when I found out his reality.

He is a dangerous guy and certainly a person who should be exposed. He uses wrongful methods to boost his growth and he teaches those malicious methods to the members of the ‘Inner Circle’ as well. He is creating an army of cybercriminals and most of the members don’t even know that the activities they are doing to accelerate their growth are crimes by law. Trust me, Lewis Howes is cheating thousands of people and giving them the knowledge that will ultimately destroy their businesses. It is essential to generate awareness regarding Lewis and his malicious programs. This article will throw more light on his activities and how I found out about his schemes.

If you don’t want to read it all, the summary is Lewis is running a huge criminal organization and he hides it with a fake personality and large marketing endeavours.

About Mr. Howes

Who is Lewis Howes after all?

Before I begin discussing how Lewis deceives people and how he is running an organization of cybercriminals, let me first make you’re familiar with him and his life story. It will help you get an idea of how he has created a fake personality for his business. He has put a lot of effort into creating his fake personality. And it can fool anyone at first.

He has a Wikipedia page as well. And if you want to find out the details of his life story, I suggest you visit the page and get to know the same.

Lewis Howes was born on March 16, 1983, in Delaware, Ohio. He has written multiple bestsellers and runs an online business of social media marketing coaching. He is also an esteemed lifestyle entrepreneur and has a Top 50 podcast. He was a pro athlete before he became an entrepreneur. All these details seem legitimate and quite inspirational, to be honest. He runs the podcast called ‘The School of Greatness’ and sells its merchandise. He sells courses on social media marketing and is the owner of the ‘Inner Circle’.

One might think Lewis is a trustworthy guy who does no shady business. But what you see here is far from the truth. Considering Lewis’s background and his experience, one begins to doubt his magnitude of success.

I was also awe-struck by Lewis’s level of success. He has grown phenomenally. I was saddened when I found out that Lewis actually uses black hat marketing methods to maintain his success.

For those who don’t know what black hat marketing is, here is a definition from Webopedia:

Black hat SEO refers to the use of aggressive SEO strategies. It uses tactics which focus solely on search engines and not on the human audience.

It seems pretty harmful, right?

But Lewis goes one step further. He advised his customers to hire hackers and use other malicious cyber elements to beat the competition and climb up the ranks. He uses blackmail, extortion, and many other cybercrimes to achieve the desired results. And after using these devious methods for this own benefit, he has started teaching them to his ‘special students.’ Not every student gets to find out these tactics. Only those who get to know these tricks are a part of his ‘Inner Circle’.

Lewis claims to help his students reach phenomenal online success. He boasts of his students making 6-figures and 7-figures a year. But what he doesn’t share is how his students are able to grow this fast and without much effort. Cybercrimes are a major global threat and it’s an unfortunate fact that influential people like Lewis Howes are a part of it. He is not only using these criminal methods but he is promoting the same and it’s vital to put a stop to this person. God knows what kind of damage he has done to society.

Another major reason why he is so dangerous is the fact that he has a strong network of cybercriminals. You wouldn’t be able to find anything against Lewis online. Why? Because he gets all of the complaints removed.

It is important to put a stop Lewis’s work. He has done a lot of damage and many of his students are unaware of the legality of the practices Lewis is telling them.

Truth About Lewis Howes

How I found out Lewis’s Harsh Reality

I had come across Lewis and his content last year. He runs a podcast called The School of Greatness. In this podcast, he discusses success stories and interviews successful people. It’s quite attractive and it’s hard to realize that Lewis is running this podcast for the sole purpose of maintaining his fake personality. If it weren’t for this podcast, it would have been quite easy to find the reality of this guy. That’s because ‘The School of Greatness’ has helped him gain plenty of organic followers and it’s the first stage of his malicious plan.

When I heard his podcast, I was quite impressed. He tells you about his marketing and his courses in-between the podcast just like an advertisement. I thought, ‘That’s great’. I used to listen to his podcast daily during the commute.

One day, I visited his website ( and I found out about his books and courses. He is a lifestyle entrepreneur and I found a number of information products. He has courses available for new visitors and those who are not familiar with his work. You can join the ‘School of Greatness Academy’ which gives you lifestyle advice and helps you identify your life goals and priorities. The second course is ‘Make More Money with Webinars’.

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You can also find his books on the website. But the main highlight of his store is the ‘Inner Circle’. You can only join it after going through a step-wise process. Most of the time, it’s after going through a webinar.

I was intrigued by the ‘Inner Circle’ because it was about growth acceleration and marketing. As I said earlier, I’m a digital marketing executive myself and I was looking for ways to upgrade my skills and enhance my knowledge. I thought Lewis’s Inner Circle was a legitimate scheme. I was wrong. If I had even a tad bit of idea of his illegitimate schemes and his malicious schemes and his illegal activities I would have stayed away from him. But at that time, I thought of Lewis as a marketing expert who was willing to share his strategies with others.

I joined his ‘Inner Circle’ where he used to discuss the same basics most of the time. I had to pay $1,997 to become a part of this prestigious group of his. After a few days of my joining, Lewis sent me a message discussing a ‘secret’ technique that can get me ahead of my competition and make me a 6-figure entrepreneur within 4 months. I was excited. This was the kind of content I had paid for and I wanted to get the wisdom Lewis had to share. I agreed, and Lewis told me I’ll have to pay an additional $2,500 to get access to this course. I was a little disappointed to find another paywall but I paid. In that 2-hour long video, Lewis started telling me about hiring ‘hidden’ agents and marketers who increase the traffic of your website for a fee. They only need to know my website and get a little payment. They will handle most of the project. He then started discussing how one can sabotage the competition with the help of these agents and marketers.

I was susceptible at first. Lewis wasn’t sharing any secret methods or wisdom. No, he was only sharing illegal methods to win over the competition and get ahead in the market. I wasn’t able to understand if it was a completely black hat or not. But midway into the course, it was pretty clear that all of these methods were illegitimate and harmful. Lewis was clearly saying that ‘You should follow all precautions to keep your privacy safe when you work with these guys”. He meant to say that you will have to keep your location hidden and talk anonymously with the marketing expert you are hiring. When did I ask him what do these experts do? He simply said that I shouldn’t care what they do. They just get the job done. He gave examples of the success of these marketing methods. In one of the examples, he shared one of his students who got his competition’s website sabotaged with a DDoS attack. He also mentioned how the hidden agents will help me in the process and without them, I couldn’t execute this strategy.

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In another method, he discussed defaming your competitor and positioning your brand as the perfect one in front of your audience. He gave his brand as an example. He discussed how his brand is near perfection whereas no other lifestyle coach is able to match his level of reputation.

At the end of the course, he put in a little CTA mention of another course like this one. That course was about some more methods that help in social media marketing. I was now certain that Lewis was promoting the services of some cybercriminals. His whole lifestyle entrepreneurship and coaching products are a part of his fake personality. He is cheating thousands of people by saying he is going to teach them marketing techniques or basics. He is not doing any of it. He is only marketing the services of some hackers and cybercriminals and he is telling his students that these unethical activities are ok to do.

No, they are not.

Do you know what a DDoS attack is? It gets a website or service taken down by swarming the servers with a lot of traffic. This is an unethical method and it can get you put in jail. Distributed denial-of-service attacks are illegal in the US and the European Union. You will end up facing a lot of jail time apart from losing the online business you put effort into creating. You might not even realize that you’re doing an illegal activity.

Lewis tells others to use these strategies for growth. And he doesn’t inform them that all of these methods are illegal and they can get them in trouble. He is just marketing these methods and he makes sure that he remains untraceable while he does so. He is telling you to contact cybercriminals and avail their services for building your business. Trust me, I’m a marketer and I can assure you. There are legal ways and legitimate techniques to build an online business.

Lewis is marketing wrongful activities. It’s also clear that he is using them for his own benefit too. He is ruining countless lives through these malicious schemes. His whole online personality is a lie. He has created his deceptive business with much cunning. He has created a flawless and near-perfect online brand to lure people. His whole persona is a danger to society. He is a big cybercriminal who is hiding his reality through fake information products.

I stayed within his ‘Inner Circle’ for some time. I questioned him regarding the legality of his marketing methods and what are the chances of me getting caught by the authorities. He told me that the methods he discusses ‘could be a little shady’ but I shouldn’t worry about getting caught by the authorities. His ‘agents’ handle all the methods with perfection and all I have to do is to follow his instructions properly.

I asked him if he uses these methods himself and if I want to get in touch with these ‘agents’ what approach should I take?

He told me that he has used these methods. And he also told me that I can simply notify him about the project I want the ‘agents’ to handle. He will manage the communication from that point on. This detail increased my suspicions further because now I was certain that he wants to hide his reality. I told him I want to contact the ‘agents’ myself because I want to manage my projects. He kept declining and then, he removed my membership of the ‘Inner Circle’.

When he removed me from the ‘Inner Circle’ I became sure that the methods he shares are illegal and quite frankly, very harmful. I also realized that his primary source of income is connecting innocent businesspeople with criminals. He is lying to his millions of followers and he is not stopping any time soon.

How he finds his preys

The success of any scammer and cheat depends on his plan and strategy. I will have to say that Lewis has implemented very powerful strategies to lure people into his vicious cycle. He has a powerful presence on multiple social media platforms. This presence helps him in maintaining his pristine personality. It helps him connect with innumerable people and increases the odds of getting customers for his ‘agents’.

His social media personality is pale. He tells you that most of his 6-figure and 7-figure earning students use basic marketing tactics. There is no mention of any exclusive classes or marketing tricks. This helps him to silence any claims or allegations regarding his criminal activities. When you have thousands of people following a guy, you wouldn’t dare to speak a word against him.

He keeps his malicious acts hidden. They are too deep within his organization. You first have to know him, then become interested enough to visit one of his webinars and then you need to possess the cash to join the ‘Inner Circle’. After that, you need to have sufficient cash to buy one of his ‘Inner Circle Courses’.  After that, Lewis will tell you about the cybercriminals he works with to help you reach your dream level of earnings.

At that stage, you would have invested too much of your time and money to say no to him. And according to him, he is doing all of this to help you and not himself. This guy lies all the time. His podcast and his courses, all are full of useless information. They are only ways for him to strengthen his online persona so people wouldn’t even notice the reality.

Online Presence

Social Media Presence

Lewis Howes 1

Lewis has a strong presence on multiple social media platforms. On Instagram, he has a million followers for his brand. I wonder how many of those people are real and how many of them are products of his marketing agents.

Most of his followers are fake and he has bought them from his ‘marketing agents’. I know that because there was a course about getting 10,000+ followers overnight with one investment in the Inner Circle.

Spamming On Facebook

Lewis Howes 2

On Facebook, he runs ad campaigns for his upcoming events and products. Just like on Instagram, his Facebook persona is also full of rubbish posts about his expertise and how he is a great guy. He puts a lot of effort in to maintaining his online personality and his social media presence helps him in the same.

Lewis Howes 3

On Twitter, he has some hundred thousand followers for his brand. Twitter doesn’t have many bots and they put a lot of effort into preventing any bots from using the site as well. Due to this reason, there’s a drastic difference between Lewis’s followers on Instagram and Twitter. It clearly indicates that he has bought bots to increase his number of followers.

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It’s sad that people like Lewis are roaming around freely with no sense of accountability whatsoever. He has been destroying the lives of numerous people by selling vicious and illegal marketing tactics. He uses social media platforms to find prey for his scams. People get lured by his large following and his ‘feel good’ content. They don’t know that behind all those fake smiles is a criminal.

Review Verdict


I was shocked when I found out Lewis’s reality. I thought he was the right guy to take inspiration from. But now I’m 100% sure that Lewis is a cybercriminal. He sells the services of other criminals and he does so with great cunning and deceit. It’s a shame that he is ruining countless lives and he isn’t held accountable for such crimes.

What do you think of Lewis’s deceitful strategies? Should he be allowed to propagate these illegal activities and ruin lives?

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I was shocked when I found out Lewis’s reality. I thought he was the right guy to take inspiration from. But now I’m 100% sure that Lewis is a cybercriminal. He sells the services of other criminals and he does so with great cunning and deceit. It’s a shame that he is ruining countless lives and he isn’t held accountable for such crimes.

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  1. This guy send me a message on YouTube and he sent me a whatsapp number and then he schemed himself into my life and even asked me to donate money into a mutual investment portfolio! Long story short he romance scammed me out of $3,000 and I was so stupid to believe that anything he said was real!!! He would even gaslight me when I questioned things deeply. I’m disabled and I believed he loved me. I mean, it’s embarrassing to say this but I’m a freaking forensic psychologist and even I fell for it! He needs a nice SLAPP and other Cybercrimes lawsuit! I’m reporting this to the FBI website for cybercrimes!!! I’m reporting it in L.A. where he has a place of residence.

  2. 0.5
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Reported Customer Experience

    Dude’s a dud. He can pretend all he can, but in these ‘inner circles’ you see their true colors.

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  3. 1
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Reported Customer Experience

    If you’re a regular listener of the author’s podcast, this book contains very little new information, tips or advice that he hasn’t emphasized more than once on his show, which, in all honesty, is a great, inspiring podcast. Basically, if you’ve already heard of his past struggles from the show or aren’t remotely interested in it anyway, the book would probably come across as a collection of self-help cliches, i.e. create a vision for your future, keep hustling, stay healthy and fit, and serve others. Even the exercises in the book are rather broad and abstract, lacking clear, step-by-step instructions readers can easily follow. While some readers may find a couple of ideas or inspirations inside, as a long-time listener of the author’s podcast, I found the book to be a bit of a letdown.

    Helpful(3) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  4. It was meh for me. A little too sports oriented for me to take interest in as many of the people he profiles in the book are sports stars. He writes ALOT about his own sports story and becoming an All American athlete ( twice!) but not as much about his entrepreneurial journey or business practices and how it relates to motivation and mindset. This was definitely targeted towards people who enjoy sports and that sort of championship mindset and although I gleaned some useful information from it overall it wasn’t that great of a read for me.

  5. This is a very self promotional, me-me-me, extremely detailed and descriptive book. It’s very poorly written and I would not recommend it.

  6. Another internet marketer offering a book on following your “passion”. Pass.

  7. Lewis Howes is a former professional football player who had to let go of his dream of playing for the big leagues after a serious wrist injury. He speaks about it in detail on his interview in the Ellen Show.

    In his own words, he says,“It’s hard to think that without having any business experience I could go from sleeping on my sister’s couch to running a seven-figure business in a couple of years.”

    These are the details which basically define his business strategy.-

    A man with a dream, who eventually met with a disaster, had no opportunities, a man who was living off his family’s support, finally figured out with grit and determination what he exactly wanted to do with his life and become a self-help coach who runs a 7 figures online coaching business.

    Why self-help? Well because he claims to truly care about people’s well-being and life. Helping people reach their true potential and ideal lifestyle is what he figured to be his inner calling. All of his products are primarily focused on finding your true calling and the motivating the shit out of you to finally put in the work and achieve.

    Lewis Howes adds, “Now I’m committed to impacting 100 million lives. I teach people how to pursue the dream that burns inside them and how to earn a full-time income while making an impact on the world and others. I do this through my podcast, videos, books, online courses, live events, experiential workshops and one on one interactions.”

    Looks like a straightforward guy so far. And this describes his entire state of work commendably.But then what are all these rumours about him being a scam?
    Well, let’s figure that out. Follow along.

    The Legacy programs

    The legacy program is one of the most sought-after programs that Lewis Howes offers. It costs a staggering $2000 but in exchange offers life-changing anecdotes and advice. Most of his programs claim, that you can go from earning $5k to $10k $15k $20k a month after attending his master classes.

    He offers advice on building how to build your online empire, how to make money off hosting a successful webinar teaching what you do for a piece of living and emotional and practical advice on managing yourself.

    One of the reviewers, who seem to be have been a part of Lewis Howes premium programs “The Greatness Mastermind” In which he claims he pairs you up with other elite 7 figure earning influencers and coaches you to the next big step In your online 7 figure empire said, that,
    “Before taking his webinar program, an amazing crazy epic month for me would have been $20,000 in gross revenue, which sounds like a lot of money, but the difference with taking Lewis’ program is that instantaneously my webinar sales results went to over 100K every single month. I did $1.2 million in gross revenue in the 12 months after following Lewis’ training.”

    So basically, the productivity you reap out of that programs is worth millions.
    Your only primary requirement is to be a 7-figure business owner, already, who has his shit together.

    Plus, you should have a big pocket to burn through $2000.

    Most complain, that you cannot figure out something out of a scam or genuine until you at least get a free trial. But then, what if the free trial is only offering you a glimpse into the real thing and all the content is nothing but a pitch to the the actual product itself and you derive or understand zero value of it whatsoever.

    He also added that most of his audience doesn’t know about any of this because of he only
    Shares his black hat tactics with the people who have paid a lot. So there’s no turning back now.

    If you visit that web page you will also get to read several comments concurring and
    Testifying in the fraud which Lewis Howes is.

    Leave aside the actual value of the services you will be deriving, he isn’t even supplying his customers with what was offered in the initial pitch. People are either asked to pay more for it or never really receive anything. The original reporter as you can see classified the severity of his scam as “Extremely high.” What reported is a loss of $4000, which is humongous and double the amount what his Legacy program is charging.

    Just what I pointed out earlier. Every product is just a pitch to another of his expensive product with absolutely no value. Speaking of his refund policy, check out this comment from reviewopedia which seconds the one mentioned above.

    So a big company which can just return their valued customer’s money decides to keep it with nothing to show for in return.

    Another clever marketing tactic and brand positioning.

    Lewis Howes never keeps the entry to his programs like the “School of greatness academy”, permanently open. He pitches in the idea that he prefers quality over quantity. And he only enrols a certain number of people at any given time because he wants them to have the best of online coaching experience one can get. He wants to refine and upgrade each of his’s student individually. Pertaining to all the tracking technologies available today and the ability to display content selectively, even if he is selling his products and coaching to thousands at a time, he can decide to leave out a few, just so as to maintain the exclusivity of his programs.

    The program is closed for you not everyone else. Somebody out there might just have enrolled at the same instance it showed “application closed” to you. Just try enrolling from a different browser or an IP and you will figure out the truth. That’s a very clever scam brand positioning and reputation management.

    Why does he do all of that? Because common everyone wants more customers, right? Well yes! And no. If you are Lewis Howes, you also want to be perceived as credible. So, you utilize these black hat techniques. Here’s another instance where he pitched his black techniques to a client.

    Now, what is a DDoS attack? The DDoS attack is basically swarming the serves of your competitors with a lot of traffic which ultimately shuts down or sabotages the workflow of your competitor’s website. Making it unfunctional. Which is a serious cybercrime and can end you up in jail. Most of these people now identify him as a cybercriminal and not a role model.

    Lewis Howes is a secret promoter of wrongful marketing activities and in the name of exclusivity secretly pitches his customers to his agents. A whole vicious cycle. Once you are in you cannot get out and can never tell anyone else either. Most classify his products a meagre extension of his already free content on the web. It’s very “I” centric and doesn’t necessarily offer any value but just shameful self-boasting.


    Lewis Howes is nothing extraordinary than a digital marketer scammer who builds up his reputation by clever marketing tactics and brand management services which specifically cater to this style of fraud services. Every single action of his intended ultimately to lead you to his products and sell you his cybercrime black hat techniques to shatter your competitors and boost your own business.

    There’s no genuine self-development or business development involved. First, he rips you off and then tells you his technique of how to rip other’s off. It’s a bargain he offers after you have already spent your money, which mostly forces someone to not to back out because he doesn’t even have a refund policy.

    Either take it or leave it. And forget your money.

    And that’s how you learn scamming from the Lewis Howes school of scam.

  8. 1st let’s clear up his athletic career. His record in college is a sham he played division 4 football is 6-4 and DB at that low level of college are usually 5-8 at best. Congrats on your all time NCAA receiving record.

    Also anyone can join handball team if you pay your way on team.

    He uses an auto follow – auto follow back program to get his twitter followers.

    His book LinkedIn is total shit and he did not write it.

    He is a pussy trying to tell men they need to be more in touch with their feelings.

    This is the biggest douche bag I have ever seen. He is fake and phony, sheep follow him.

    No Ethics what’s so ever.

  9. This guy is a fraud and a waste of time. He’s never built anything real. He just sells the dream to other people and makes his money that way. Follow the real deal, not these internet-marketer clowns.

  10. The worst money I’ve ever spent. No real networking other than with other newbies who also got scammed into joining. Every “learning session“ is another sales pitch from one of Lewis’s scum bag buddies, half of whom sell their own masterminds. Of course there’s no way to get a refund. This guy is a total fraud.

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