Buyer Beware aka L-Finance – The Newest scam or Ponzi scheme?
This is a user-generated post. Gripeo does not take responsibility for the accuracy of any statements made in this post. aka L-Finance is a sham crypto token launched by the same people who ran the notorious Lyopay scam. Now, the company is looking to steal more money from consumers.
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LFI aka L Finance is the new scam token released by notorious Ponzi scheme organization, WeWe Global. Last year, they focused on promoting their previous token called LYO, which was part of their LYOPay ecosystem.

However, as time went on, the popularity of that Ponzi scheme has dwindled and now WeWe Global has begun working on releasing a new sham token.

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Their previous token attracted a lot of negative attention because of its shady nature and poor returns. 

Lfi token

Lyopay made many ridiculous claims to promote itself. However, it seems the token failed to get as popular as they had wanted it to be. WeWE Global claimed to offer 300% ROI with the Lyo coin but at the time of writing this LFI io review, that token is on a path to collapse. 

Now, the Ponzi schemer is now launching the L-Finance scam

They have set up “” as the domain for L-Finance which they registered in September 2022. Clearly, the venture is entirely new. 

What is a Ponzi Scheme?

A Ponzi scheme is a criminal deception investing fraud pledging increased rates of interest with less chance of loss to investors. On the other hand, a Ponzi scam is a deceitful investing fraud that induces retrievals for earlier investors with money carried from later investors.

More About the LFI IO Crypto Token: 

The website of L-Finance Crypto shows that they are launching a BEP-20 token. Such tokens are nearly free to launch and don’t take much effort to set up. 

Like the notorious Lyo crypto token, the L-Finance or LFI io crypto token is making outrageous claims about the returns it can offer as well. The company is claiming to offer 2857.14% returns to its affiliates within a month. 

Currently, they require affiliates to sign up by investing a certain amount to purchase L-Finance tokens. Alternatively, affiliates have the option to convert their existing LYO tokens into LFI tokens as well. token

However, these tokens only remain valuable until the platform gets new affiliates (aka victims). When the quantity of new affiliates starts slowing down, the payouts start slowing down. It’s a common issue among ponzi schemes which is why they fail most of the time. 

The website of LFI IO is not attracting much traffic at the moment. However, sources indicate that LyoPay’s recruitment has slowed down considerably in Argentina, Italy and Greece. 

24/11/2023 Update
As of now, LFI has not responded, nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. They have ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, they have only focused on propagating their fake PR.

Expect to see LFI IO setup itself as a crypto token on multiple exchanges and platforms within the next few weeks. Moreover, when the L-Finance token will collapse, WeWe Global wil start launching another crypto token.

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Explaining the Shady PastL-Finance and LFI IO:

To understand how dangerous this scam is, you only have to look at the past of WeWe Global and Lyopay. 

The CEO of the crypto MLM scheme is Luiz Goes. token

At LyoPay, he claims to allow customers to become a part of a vast ecosystem consisting of various aspects including LyoTrade, Lyo Credit and LyoTravel. 

The company runs a crypto exchange called LyoTrade which doesn’t have any reputed licenses except a Seychelles one. It’s worth noting that having a Seychelles and BVI license is not a good sign because both of those places are notorious for their lenient regulations. 

Moreover, the company claims to have an office in the UK but it’s only a virtual address and the company doesn’t have a license from the FCA to offer financial services there. 

In other words, the company is operating illegally and has attracted a lot of negative attention because of its problems. 

l-finance crypto
l-finance crypto

There are countless reviedws from its victims and it wouldn’t be surprising to see such reviews for LFI (L-Finance) in the future. 


LFI Io aka L-Finance is a reskin of the notorious LyoPay scam run by WeWe Global. Now that their LYO Credit token is collapsing, the MLM scam organization has relaunched the fraudulent scheme to steal more. 

Don’t invest in this sham token. Avoid investing in LFI IO aka L-Finance.

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Another Crypto Scam aka L-Finance is a sham crypto token launched by the same people who ran the notorious Lyopay scam. Now, the company is looking to steal more money from consumers. Beware.

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  1. The company never responds to issues related to withdrawal, and their marketing team isn’t trained well, once I contacted them concerning some issues related to my account he wasn’t able to log in with my details properly.

  2. The company is claiming to provide profit to the users and not to get the same response as Lyo Token, it is very important to make the proper stats of WeWe Global before investing.

  3. L-Fiannace another branch of a scammer from WeWe Global, after the collapsing of their Lyo token and stealing they are back to steal more, #avoid.

  4. When they are making claims they will be promoting the quality and fulfilling the promises but once your money is with them you are no more useful to them.

  5. There are a number of firms promoting high ROI for grabbing the attention of investors but then they fail to provide the result and then they get into loss, making a loss to their investors.

  6. I still remember the claims of the Lyo token which was promoted after claiming to provide 300% ROI which was a complete banger and never got the success that was assumed before introducing it in the market.

  7. 0.1

    They have come out with a new name LFI but I can guarantee this will also be performing the same as previous firms, which is to promote fraudulent schemes.

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  8. Can’t trust WeWe Global this time due to their fraudulent past the company will not be able to grab attention this time also. The company is nothing but a package of scams with different names.

  9. Never get your money invested into any of the firms related to WeWe Global their previous firms Lyo Trade and Lyo Pay were drastically flopped and also scammed many of the investors.

  10. WeWe Global hasn’t the proper lesson from the legal authorities, their various schemes have scammed a lot of attention from the investors but these schemes are a complete banger for your money.

  11. These scammers should be paying the penalty for their false promises and the lifelong trauma they give to the scammed…be aware of them

  12. This needs to be ended…the world’s progress is set back just because of such corrupt assholes

  13. All these Ponzi scheme organizations must be listed properly along with the scams in a criminal record for robbing money

  14. WeWE Global is a total fraud…their schemes are very alluring but as shown they have a very bad track record in terms of customer service…proper actions must be taken by the government asap.

  15. Such fake platforms need to be revealed and taken down

  16. The relaunching of fraudulent schemes is the main cause of all scams…if you see closely there is a proper pattern in all…a scammer only after scamming a good bunch of people n getting caught…goes to relaunch one with other scammers again

  17. These platforms are so shady…the mere claim of offering a return of 2857.14 in a month explains that!

  18. How they entice simple people with their fraudulent MLM schemes… it’s such a black hole…

  19. These people need to be reported and written on so as to spread awareness about them. This a very good article…Gripeo always comes up with factual information after doing proper research…I can see that in these articles

  20. These fraudsters need to be stopped else they would harm more people with their schemes and conning tactics

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