With our experience so far with such trading platforms like liquidity, we realized that platform is not trustworthy.
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LIQUIDITYX TRADING AGENCY is nothing as interesting as investing your money in a platform that will help you make the best out of it. To do so, our prior reviews on different trading platforms will get you familiarized with the likely things you will encounter when you start trading.

So, it is one thing to invest, it is another thing to make a profit. Sure you wouldn’t want to suffer losses! And it is because of you that we have gone to this extent.

This review is unbiased and objective. We believe that even if you are new to trading or an expert at it, you should not suffer any kind of loss that could make you regret ever trading. We do this is via thorough research and provide you with vital information about which platform is best fit for your trading or even worth your investment.

Before investing your money into LIQUIDITYX TRADING AGENCY, here is an objective review for you to know about them.


LIQUIDITYX TRADING AGENCY is one of those trading brokers that will put your investment at a big risk. This platform, though has its website professionally designed with other social media outlets to sell it to the public as being legit, accommodative, and experienced in trading, however, there are subtle signals that you may regret trading with them. LIQUIDITYX TRADING AGENCY is an offshore platform.  

This platform disguises to help assist you to take care of your investment with them and yield massive profit within a short time, but their motive is to divert your fund and make them rich.  

Opaque Profit Estimation

Before you start any trades, you should be aware of strategies that the intended platform uses to make the profit they have estimated on their platform. Most dubious platforms are intentionally silent about it and they would want you to invest blindly.

LIQUIDITYX TRADING AGENCY is a typical example. It does not unveil its strategies on how the estimated profit on its platform will be achieved by its envisaged clients. This is a red flag to watch out for as it makes their platform appear tricky and unreliable. Traders are expected to see the feasibility of how their investment will yield, or at least be managed.


You should also note that your investment at LIQUIDITYX TRADING AGENCY is a big risk as third parties (hackers) can have access to your trading account. WithLIQUIDITYX TRADING AGENCY , you will not receive enough compensation fees as clearly stated in the company’s policies. For instance, a technical error, caused by the agency, only leaves you with thirty thousand dollars as compensation irrespective of the amount of your investment with the agency.

The process of payment is not clearly stated for clients to verify. And this implies that you will experience some delay before being refunded, or this might lead to a total loss of your investment.


In our research to verify LIQUIDITYX TRADING AGENCY, we realized that their social media recognition on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram is good enough as would be expected of a genuine business platform. One of those things we identified was that the broker, having been established in 1994 has just 30 followers on LinkedIn. The ratio (1,930:4,236 ) between their followers and those they are following appears like an individual account that is new to Instagram.  We identified only 13 posts with no daily engagements.

This also applies to their Facebook account. Though their last engagement was on the 17th of December there has not been any engagement that will give further public recognition. They have just zero activities, zero interest, and zero sharing on their Facebook account.

With all that has been identified about the trading platform, there is no authenticity of their public image advantage as claimed. With this, we can say that LIQUIDITYX TRADING AGENCY only profits anonymous people of the agency.


Though, LiquidutyX claims to be registered under Capital Security S. A., which is a Greek investment firm. The firm is authorized and regulated by Hellenic Capital Market Commission (HCMC) with a license number of 2/11/25.5.1994/18 and a registration number of 31387/06/13/94/18. They also claim to have an official location at 58, Metropoles Street, 105 63, Athens, Greece, but we realized that their claim and location have nothing to do with the broker’s company.

Did You Know?

Hellenic Capital Market Commission (HCMC) is a legal system with Greek origin. The commission was established and organized by the Greek law 2324 of 1995, in the year 1991.

We are aware that trading is not something that should be taken with levity or careless approaches because traders are expected to get into the business with a good amount of knowledge about what it is. Therefore, trading with the wrong trading tools will make trading frustrating. Sure you won’t want to be in such a situation.

So, how would you know if a platform’s trading tools are not reliable? This is simply when such a platform has been intentionally silent about the estimation of your profit.


More red flags about this platform are that the information about their profit is hidden and unknown to their customers. This information is not disclosed on their web page and this makes business suspicious.

Before you commence any registration process on any trading platform, the platform is expected to provide you with transparent information on how they make things work and operate but this is not the case with LIQUIDITYX TRADING AGENCY.

The world of trading is faced with unhealthy rivalry but you will be safer if you have trading experience with reliable platforms.


While verifying their standardization, we realized that the platform does not give information about the founder and the team involved in the development of the agency which makes them anonymous to their clients. Giving the clients clear information about the trading platform and its founder makes it more real for potential investors. Bust since this is missing on LIQUIDITYX TRADING AGENCY it is better to stay off.

Carefully analyzing the platform, it seems like the anonymous owners are only interested in your funds or investment and this is one of the things you should consider as a client before investing.

The only detailed information we have on the platform is about their catchy returns which are to appeal to your emotions and let you make an irrational investment decision.

We all know that the safety of your fund is what should be the priority of any trading agency but this is not feasible on the liquidity TRADING AGENCY

The payment technique of the agency is not to your advantage because the deposit is irreversible after the wire transfer. This means once you are on the system, you don’t have the option to reverse your decision even if it is not suitable.

3.1Expert Score
Our take

With our experience so far with such trading platforms like liquidity, we realized that the platform is not trustworthy and should not be dealt with for business. There are no feasible trading activities taking place on the platform.
However, pending the time this agency will be bold enough to come out and defend all the allegations against them; we recommend that all potential traders should stay off.

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