Lloyd Claycomb II: Was He Involved in Serious Crimes?

Lloyd Claycomb II
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Lloyd Claycomb II has faced serious allegations and lawsuits recently. Find out if he is reliable or not in this detailed Gripeo review.

Lloyd Claycomb II, owner of United Builder Services Limited sent their employees to the site and Government workplace security investigators to arrive at the location of the Wednesday fatal building explosion in Denver’s North Capitol Hill area and have already begun exactly what is anticipated to be an extensive probe into the events that occurred there as well.

The information provided by Herb Gibson, Denver regional coordinator for Occupational Safety and Health Management, noted I can inform you that our investigators are collaborating with the emergency services brigade on examining the fire as well as looking at the contractors’ entire health and safety program. He anticipated that it might require decades to come to an end.

At the same time, regional labor organizations are questioning the security standards at the location wherein builders constructed a five-story Emerson Place Apartments complex until horrific flames, which killed two employees & injured an additional six. 

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Lloyd Claycomb II

According to the organizers, thereby evidence is proof that not more than one contractor used employees that received compensation below the arrangement and did not sign regular job logs, rendering it difficult to hold accountable everybody on location.

According to union special agent Mark Thompson, the Southern Area Union of Construction workers showed up at the incident site on Wednesday afternoon to help employees that were already rescued.

Mark Thompson mentioned that, when I contacted United Builders Service’s foreman, I inquired with them what number of employees he has on his team. He stared at me through the eyes & replied, ‘I don’t know,’. Mark Thomson recounted throughout the event on Friday and said that the arrangement is intolerable. 

Everyone hopes no additional employees have vanished, however, how could experts be surely lacking a precise tally, to begin with?”

According to the information, two dead bodies were recently discovered. A GoFundMe site established on Thursday listed Roberto Flores as a member of the deceased, however, the information has yet to be verified by authorities.


According to Greg Pixley, Denver Fire Department Captain, there were three disappearances of carpenters were reported and complaints had originally been submitted, but authorities learned that just two of them involved the same human beings. As per the Denver law enforcement, there is certainly no proof that another person disappeared in the fire. 

Lloyd Claycomb II, the founder, and CEO of United Builder Service Inc., has answered the claims brought against him and said we will be forever thankful for the brave administrator that endangered his safety by rushing back to the burning structure up to the third floor to ensure that every last worker employed was made up and that they were effectively outside. Our deepest sympathies go out to everyone who has been impacted by this horrible tragedy. 

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Lloyd Claycomb II‘s company faces serious allegations

However, United Builder Services Ltd. administrators refused to comment on the accusation that the corporation used underpaid employees.

According to Vertix authorities, there had been around fifty employees ranging from between eight and ten crafts at the location on Wednesday. In an official statement issued on Friday, the organization stated that it gave a complete list of employees who worked right after the rescuers team reached. The initials of both of the worker’s death were placed on the list of names.

According to the declaration, the organization scrupulously respects rules, which include those governing worker compensation & security in the workplace.

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The Emerson construction was equipped with a location-specific security strategy in position, and every one of the escape channels at the construction site was assessed by a third-party security inspector & confirmed to be in line with rules previous to the incident. The press release labeled accusations of illegal labor on the employment site as well as patently false.

The company’s press release said that we are dedicated to establishing the truth & collaborating with authorities to determine the root cause of this accident.

The well-being and security of our staff, our suppliers, or those that reside or operate in the immediate area of a Vertix Builders construction are of the utmost importance to Vertix Builders. 

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Lloyd Claycomb II has been appointed to the President’s Transitional Financial Council

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Lloyd Claycomb II with Donald Trump

Lloyd Claycomb II, a famous American entrepreneur & industrialist that helped the newly elected President Donald Trump initiative, was recently nominated for the Transition Financial & Ceremony Council. That comes on the heels of his selection as one of the 2016 Statewide Victory Finance Committee.

Lloyd Claycomb II, the present chief executive officer & President of the Executive Committee of United Builders Service Inc. & AviBree Real Estate Holding, Ltd. worked tirelessly to raise funds in the weeks preceding the presidential election. 

His attendance at the Cleveland 2016 Republican National Convention as well as when he visited to talk about reforming policies, the Trump campaign, & the party’s finances, brought about enhanced visibility for Cleveland as a potential commercial center.

Apart from seine kind gifts to his election effort and different philanthropic campaigns, Lloyd Claycomb  II’s selection to the Trump Change Finance Committee also comes with his selection by previous Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to the state’s Committee on Judicial Conduct – both of which he is exceedingly authorized to take on.

After the launch of Trump’s Changeover Financial Committee on the seventh of December, Donald Trump will hold a $5,000-per-person brunch to collect funds for Trump for the United States, an organization that is assisting the president-elect’s changeover. 

The event is going to take up residence in New York & will feature Sixty speakers. In addition to Lloyd Claycomb II, the list includes prominent individuals such as Steve Mnuchin and many others. Some of the guests are renowned in the neighborhood, such as Lewis M. Eisenberg, an entrepreneur & entrepreneur who acts as financial director of the GOP’s national committee & is a member of Trump’s inauguration party’s executive group.

What is a Red Flag? 

A red flag serves as a signal or sign that there may be an underlying issue or danger associated with a company’s stock, financial statements, or news reports. These indicators can come in many forms and are often identified by analysts or investors as any notable undesirable trait.

Llyod Claycomb II offers decades of commercial and charitable expertise to the Transitions Finance Committee, having served as the chief executive officer of United Builders Services Ltd., Llyod Claycomb II in the state of Colorado, as an accounting chairman for the president’s candidacy. 

The presidential campaign of Donald Trump had named Thomas J. Barrack Jr. honorary head of the organization. 

He is a worldwide businessman & a private equity shareholder, as well as an executive chairman of Colony Capital, and a global investing corporation listed on the stock exchange of the United States.

Hernandez v. United Builders Services, Inc.

Case Study 

Lloyd Claycomb II’s company has faced multiple lawsuits


No parties have complaints against the District Judge’s recital of the background and the court accepts it as well as adopts the references after finding no evidence Nevertheless, the judge inserts an additional background to provide the appropriate context for this Decision.

The complainant alleges she labored for the Colorado Mills Mall for around two years on an endeavor. 


The Magistrate Judge suggested that MDI’s position that Plaintiff lacked pragmatic footing upon her RICO, COCCA, & CWCA allegations be rejected, that is because Complainant does not require to possess the ability to bring suit on CESA to file her RICO, COCCA, or CWCA allegations be rejected.


Plaintiff’s arguments are invalidated and the judge adopts the decision to drop counts 5 thru 7 according to below. Yet, the judge’s investigation isn’t over here because there remains the question if the termination ought to occur based on or without effect. Both sides treated the cautionary firings as though they had been jurisdictional, thus their defenses relied on being dismissed with no consequence.

Lloyd claycomb II lawsuit
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Who is Lloyd Claycomb II? 

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Lloyd Claycomb II’s picture

Lloyd Claycomb II is a prominent philanthropist & Conservative whose humanitarian endeavors consist of assisting kids who live in destitute circumstances around the globe. 

United Builder Service, Llc. is an Organization established through the Colorado Department of State in Westminster, which is located in Colorado. The corporation was established on the 24th of May in the year 1993. The official address of the organization is 12170 Tejon St, Suite 900, Westminster. 

The organization is currently in excellent condition. Arckey & Associates Inc is the organization’s authorized administrator. The representative’s location can be found at 6860 South Yosemite Court in Centennial, Colorado.

There are many pieces of advice Lloyd Claycomb II has given on how to launch a philanthropic organization.

About United Builder Services Inc.

Lloyd Claycomb II's company

Lloyd Claycomb II started United Builders Services Ltd. around 1978 & has remained as its Chief Executive Officer since that time. He has grown into an influential individual in the corporate world as a result of his achievement; an individual who is admired for his achievements in addition to his capacity to collect money to help towards philanthropic organizations.

Lloyd Claycomb II: Was He Involved in Serious Crimes?
Lloyd Claycomb II: Was He Involved in Serious Crimes?

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