Loan Ranger Capital – Questionable Leadership Review 2023

Loan Ranger Capital is a mortgage lender based in Austin, Texas. Its address is 1515 S Capital of Texas Hwy Suite 306, Austin, TX 78746, US and their contact number is 512-220-9916.

They offer fix, flip, and new construction loans and claim to be easy to work with. However, keep in mind that Loan Ranger Capital is not affiliated with Loan Ranger, a Philippines based online app that helps people get loans. 

The founder of this firm is Zack Lofton and he is the reason why I wrote this review. 

Finding the right mortgage lender is difficult as it is. But when you have suspicious companies in the mix, the process becomes more challenging as many of those organizations would want to manipulate you into working with them. 

Let me say that I’m not saying Loan Ranger Capital is a scam. There is currently no evidence that says it’s a fraudulent organization. Still, the problem in this company is its leadership:

Zack Lofton: Questionable Leadership and Lack of Commitment

Zack Lofton is the founder and CEO of Loan Ranger Capital. He runs this company with Nik Petrik the COO. 

Being the founder of a mortgage lending firm, Zack doesn’t have significant experience in the lending industry. He graduated 9 years ago from the University of Arizona and became a financial analyst at Wells Fargo. Zack worked there for 2 years and then quit. 

Then, he started working as the Chief Financial Officer at Capital Fund I and worked there for one and a half years. After that, he launched Loan Ranger Capital in 2015 and has been running it since. 

You notice a pattern here? 

The CEO of this firm couldn’t keep a job for more than 2 years and is now running a mortgage lending firm that serves builders, real estate investors, and flippers. 

What Exactly Is Mortgage Fraud?

When people knowingly give inaccurate or misleading information to obtain a mortgage loan, this includes both borrowers and mortgage lenders. The goal of this dishonest behavior is to sway the judgment of mortgage testers or lenders, who depend on correct details to approve, fund, buy, or insure financing for mortgages. Mortgage crime can take many different forms and involves dishonest behavior that can have major repercussions on the real estate and finance industries.

Certainly, there’s an issue in the leadership of this firm and I don’t think it is fixed. You should give this company a couple more years before trusting them with your financial future. 

Better Be Safe Than Sorry

This company is based in Austin, Texas, which is home to numerous mortgage lenders. You should look for a more reliable option that has experience in real estate lending. I thought it was important to share this information because as a consumer, you should know the truth about the companies you do business with. 

Obviously, Loan Ranger Capital wouldn’t want you to know about the commitment issues its founder has nor the fact that the CEO doesn’t have much experience in real estate lending. 

The quality of leadership matters a lot because it affects the overall growth and reliability of a firm. For example, JFQ Lending’s CEO had a terrible past involving sexual harassment and substance abuse. It has also affected how he runs his company and many of its employees report that the place runs like a frat party. There is rampant sexism and the clients also suffer. 

Look for a better company and stay safe. 

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Loan Ranger Capital doesn’t have a lot of issues but that’s because it’s a novice company. There’s nothing prominent about them except the fact that their leadership lacks the skills and experience necessary to run a lending firm.

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  1. I will suggest you search for a better option rather than investing with any of the firms, I would suggest you search for some better option rather than this fraudster and misleading firm, their comment section is filled with negative reviews so I would suggest you avoid dealing with Loan Ranger Capital and their schemes are fake, to some extent, there are faithful but to limited customers, you are lucky if you are not being cheated by this firm, otherwise most of their people are still waiting for their loans to pass, which reflects their real personality which is of a scammer.

  2. The world isn’t the same as they reflect to be, so don’t get attracted by these scammers and misleading brands, Take the example of Loan Ranger, they aren’t reliable for any form of investment they are into scamming their clients and none of them are into providing the promised services before seeking help. This industry has got several scammers most of them are prepared to mislead you. Their previous investment schemes and reviews would help you to get the true information of this firm, their team isn’t putting the effort in completing the target of their firm, and not fulfilling the demands of their clients.

  3. The article is claiming Zack Lofton is a scammer but the problem is that we have no evidence regarding this, so make sure you are not misled and also no problems are created after dealing with these firms it is found that none of the loans providers are trustworthy so it is our responsibility to avoid these firms and none of their plans regarding loans are perfect so make sure you aren’t putting your hand with some fraudster, it is our responsibility to avoid firms like Loan Ranger Capital, they are providing their customers only with fake promises and no services, if you will go through the reviews of this company you will find that there are no trustworthy schemes published by this company and most of their clients are unsatisfied of their services, so I will suggest you get the details of the firm and then only invest your money, and we need to make others aware of the fraud and also take steps to expose their crime. People like us will only be able to expose their criminal history to be aware of others doing any form of investment with these fraudsters. It is found that there are very few legitimate service providers regarding loan facilities so search for the trustworthy one rather than investing with these fraudsters, it is our responsibility to search for some better option, and then only seek help, asking for financial assistance from these non-reliable firms and having criminal’s records isn’t a good choice. I have personally met several clients who were misled by this firm and none of them was satisfied with their services, so be very selective.

  4. Look into Paul Carpio’s past. He is a con artist that stole money from investors in NJ before abruptly moving to Texas and has numerous pending lawsuits

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