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Lolly Daskal

Lolly Daskal (Lead From Within) and her team run an elaborate scam which takes money from innocents. Review the full article on Gripeo.
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We all have different life experiences, and it just depends on the duration and moments you experience. In life, their times when you go through challenges such as emotions where it’s straightforward to act out in anger, sadness, or frustrations. Toxic people are your annoying friends, abusive partners, or arrogant bosses who fall under life challenges. Unfairness in life, your job that gives you a headache now and then, meeting different people who instead of supporting you, they keep on disappointing you. Challenges will always recur if we do not work hard to move away from them. Various books have been written on how to strategically face life challenges and emotions.

Some of the strategies can help you turn the reality into your life. We often turn away from life without facing it. We run away from the difficulties thinking that by taking those steps, the issues will be solved amicably. We must orient ourselves in facing reality other than running away, and yet the challenges remain instant.

Embrace your life as it is rather than as you wish it to proceed. Accept the reality of life and work hard to improve it. You are being present means living in the present life right here, right now. Embracing it will help us to enjoy life, value our experiences, and to mine the treasures that are there for the taking.

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Take your time. The slower you go, the sooner you get to your destination. Slow, disciplined, incremental growth is the kind of approach that leads to lasting change — practice gratitude. Recognizing the good and receiving it with gratitude is a recipe for emotional health and well-being. This attitude enlarges the possibility that we can make use of the good we have been given and even use it to cope with the difficulties that we inevitably inherit. Being close to your feelings and even the painful ones is also a strategy in dealing with your challenges. We need opinions to find satisfaction, meaning, and pleasure in life. Feelings are the gas in the engine of our personalities. Accept success and failure as part of a life journey. We are all learning, and no one is perfect. You need to understand that with life, you must fail for you to achieve success.

The challenges that I was facing felt more significant than the typical problems of life so I took a step to look for more pieces of advice from different people. I had listened to motivational audios and seen the videos, but the world was like a strange place for me. My health was not that good, I stopped eating food, and I avoided close friends and family members. All I wanted was a message of hope, maybe from an Angel.

A friend of mine recommended to me two books from one of the authors. To my friend, the author was among the best people he has ever read her books. Lolly Daskal is the author that I introduced. She has written several books that focus too much on life and how people can work smart in their business to make huge profits.

She is one of the most sought-after executive leadership coaches in the world. People from different paths in the walks of life want to associate with Lolly Daskal. She specializes in leadership and entrepreneurial developments. I bought two books from her,’ leadership gap’ and thoughts spoken from the heart.

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Purchasing the books was one of the steps I thought could change my struggling life conditions. The result was worse after reading the books. Instead of improvement in life, there was more struggling than before. The books misguided and left me hopeless, wondering what to do next in this life of troubles. Thoughts spoken from heart and leadership gaps are the worst books a person can ever waste his/her precious time reading them. They will misdirect you on the life path, and many may end up in a suicidal paradox.

I can’t recommend anyone in purchasing books from Lolly Daskal. You will waste a lot of money that you could have used for other meaningful purposes. Do not even attend her motivational talks or follow her on social media platforms because you will get mismanaged. Runaway from her shows because I still regret why I purchased the books with my hard-earned money.

About Lolly Daskal

Background, Reputation, Career, & More.

Lolly Daskal is the President and CEO of Lead from Within, a global consultancy that specializes in leadership and entrepreneurial development. She has written several books, and two of her books are bestsellers. The leadership gap and what gets between you and your greatness’ are the two newest books. She dedicated to bringing heart-based leadership to organizations and individuals. She is one of the most sought after executive cross-cultural expertise spans fourteen countries, six languages, and hundreds of companies.

But all of this doesn’t mean she is a reliable professional. Most of her advice is filled with crap, which you can easily find online. 

Lolly Daskal

Occasions In Which She Has Involved Herself

She has extensively involved herself in the rapidly growing world of social media and has vast experience in the platforms. Her website claims that she is an advisor to fortune five hundred chief executives officers and boards. They also claim that she has received many rewards in different parts of the world. But we all know how reliable these awards are, aren’t they? Either she deceived them too or bought those awards for making her brand look more trustworthy. Her writing has appeared in HBR,, Fast Company (Ask the Expert), Huffington Post, and psychology today and others.

Where She Finds Her Victims

Her social media platforms

Lolly Daskal

As other authors do, Lolly Daskal has invaded the social media platforms. She has used her friends and close family people to fake likes and followers so that she attracts as many followers as possible. Lolly Daskal has taken even a step of giving out money to those people who will advertise the platforms. Her main concern is to get many followers so that she can con them and enjoy the vast amounts. 

Lolly Daskal uses social media for advertising her fake books that are valueless to people. She has lured many people to purchase books citing that they are the best. All she wants is fame and money, nothing else. The social media team that works day and night to sell to people fake books now proclaims that Lolly Daskal is the best bookseller on the globe.

Reading Lolly Daskal Books

 I bought two books from Lolly Daskal selling agents. My primary purpose was that the books help me in overcoming life challenges. I was optimistic that the book would change my life and direct the right life path to follow. All my dreams were to become successful as other business experts and people like Lolly Daskal. 

The books talked about the chief executive officers, how they can manage their multi-billion companies. Remember, I bought it to read about the leadership roles I can implement as a young entrepreneur. I was coming from tough challenges, and telling me how a chief executive officer can manage the multi-billion projects is like an insult to me. The two books never helped me because the content in it indicate that the books are for the high-class people.

What the books talked about

The books talked about life, generally without handling specific matters like life challenges, how to go about them.  The author did not target very well her audience, and the books looked like a new thing to its readers. Reading the magazine, you will not understand it very well because it has many ambiguous words that meditating on them becomes a problem. 

The books are for first-class people in life. Purchasing books is a waste of time and resources, and nobody should waste that money. Avoid like a plague, the two books, and focus on books from another known seller. The notion that the books are best selling in the market is a daylight lie and should be condemned bitterly.

Her Books

The Books Versus The Reality

When I was purchasing the books, I had a higher hope of life-changing moments. First, I read Thoughts spoken from the heart, which involved five hundred thoughts in a human’s soul. The book lost meaning in the first paragraph as the wrong choice of words and lack of focus spoilt the rhythm. The books tackled thoughts that have never heard exists in human beings. 

 The other book is entitled The Leadership Gap. I was expecting it to talk about how you can uplift and start your business. The book lost it all when Lolly Daskal wrote about how the chief executive’s officers and other managers can make billions in their cooperatives and companies. The book does not address a simpleton as it is supposed to do. The book only praises those on higher positions, encouraging them to loot as much as possible.

Reaction from Lolly Daskal

I booked an appointment date with the Lolly Daskal office to air about my complaint. I first received a rude secretary who barred me from speaking to Lolly Daskal. I think she was not happy the way I dressed. Finally, she gave in, and I talked to Lolly Daskal about her two books. She was very arrogant when I told her to refund me my money. She instead wanted me to pay $500 to a copy of another book. I refused before tried to imagine how I will waste time reading the book, which will end up not helping me. How many people bought the fake papers and read them without influencing their lives is an act of robbery. People need to avoid the books, and those who have already bought they can challenge Lolly Daskal in a court of law.

Victims Speak Up Against Lolly

Shocking Lolly Daskal Complaints & Reviews

Lolly Daskal

Everywhere on the social media platforms, people are complaining about the books and the shows that Lolly Daskal undertakes. The books do not bring any impact to an ordinary person, and they focus on already successful people. Lolly Daskal does not the right ways to sell her fake books, and these raise questions to where she gets the authority.

Lolly Daskal

Many people have spent a lot of money to purchase books having faith that the books will be of more significant help only to find out that the books talk opposite of their expectations. Therefore the books and shows avoidance by all people in various parts of the World a milestone. It is high time the victims stand and say No to Lolly Daskal shows and books.

Divorce has occurred to many families because of too much reading of Lolly Daskal books and the readers putting into practice whatever they feed their minds. Though they have not assembled all complaint, it is evident that the books are not pleasant reading. The shows and social media follow-ups are also misleading, many young and all the ages of people. People should understand that those many Facebook and Instagram likes are all fake.

Review on the Lolly Daskal books

I’ve read the books written by Lolly Daskal, and all I can testify is the books are misleading the public. The title is different from what the author is taking. The books are the worst a normal human being can read. The leadership gap book only favors the rich people in society, leaving the poor and middle class without anything that can improve their lives. The other book of the five hundred thoughts spoken from the heart is misdirecting people.

 The author tries to imaginative thoughts that not found in human beings. I cannot articulate very well the background of the ideas, a question remaining to where she found the plans. The books should remove from the market, and the author Lolly Daskal sued for misleading millions of people. The money acquired from people through illegal selling of the books refunded.


Concluding The Lolly Daskal Review

Reading books is one of the best investments a person can do to the mind. However, the papers should help such that every good thing you read implementation commences. Good books improve vocabulary and communication skills. Books minimize negative thoughts, reduce stress levels. Regular reading of books helps the reader to build optimism and approach life with a positive attitude. The papers contribute to the health benefits of reading.

 Reading bad books like those written by Lolly Daskal will waste your money because they are too expensive. These books will make you lose friends and close family people because of the skills you insert in your head when you pass through the books. The books might affect your eyesight because of poor quality used in the printing of the books. Lolly Daskal’s books will make you start hating everyone you come across thinking why they have not been millionaires, and yet resources are available.

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The books are about fiction, not reality as on the ground. Lolly Daskal talks of multi billion investments while ordinary people are not equipped to reach the billions. Lolly Daskal books are not good reading and sharing with the public. The main book’s agenda is unknown to people reading them. All she wants is to make milk millions of money from poor people to enrich herself. It is time we wake up from sleep and say no to the services offered by Lolly Daskal, and we create room for other best authors to come and rescue the sinking boat of Authors.

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The books are about fiction, not reality as on the ground. Lolly Daskal talks of multi-billion investments while ordinary people are not equipped to reach the billions. Lolly Daskal’s books are not good for reading and sharing with the public. The main book’s agenda is unknown to people reading them. All she wants is to make milk millions of money from poor people to enrich herself.

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