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Lowell doesn’t know how to talk to clients

I am a tech entrepreneur. I have several companies and I had hired Burney Investment Management last year to help me manage my investments. I fired them 4 months later because of the indecency and narcissistic tendencies of Lowell Pratt. Lowell has no knowledge of manners and customer service. He is a crazy man who likes to boss other people around including his clients. I was his client during the period of those four months and I couldn’t handle the level of his ego. He is old and he got jealous of me, that’s my guess. 

Who is this Lowell Pratt? And Why I even Hired Him for 4 Months

I will keep repeating this fact: I hired Lowell only for 4 months. Why did I hire him in the first place? Well, if you would look at his qualifications and experience, you would think he is the best financial advisor you can ever find. He is the best example of All that glitters is not gold. 

Lowell’s full name is Lowell D. Pratt Junior. He is the president of Burney Investment Management and has been at that position since 2003. He had joined Burney in 1996, so yeah, the guy climbed the ranks very fast. In terms of qualification, he is a CFA, which I guess stands for Certified Financial Advisor. The address of his company’s office is: 1800 Alexander Bell Drive, Suite 510, Reston, VA, 20191.

I didn’t research much on the guy, I just googled most of this stuff. My team had recommended me to hire Lowell Pratt after going through numerous options. There are many financial advisors in the market and Lowell is among the ones with many awards and recognition. 

Why I Fired Lowell Pratt:

Initially when I had hired Burney investment management I had not met Lowell. I met him after I hired that company because he wanted to meet me. According to their rep who got him an appointment with me, he was very excited to meet his new client. I think he expected to meet a 70 year old balding fat man. So when he met me he was surprised. In our first meeting he seemed very disturbed. He always replied with sarcasm and I could sense that he did not like me very much. However I did not care because it is not my job to care whether my finance advisor likes me or not. 

A few weeks later Lowell had another meeting with me. In that meeting he said some very offensive things while trying to act like he did not mean them. For example he told me that I don’t know how to run my company and that it would be better if I let someone more experienced handle it. His tone was very irritating too. 

He kept saying that he has seen many people like me fall off the rails. This time, his tone was very judgemental.

Sometimes he would say things like,”I have seen better offices,” or “your company is not that big”. I never understood  what problem he had. To be honest, I never put much thought into it and tell it got too much to handle. When I pointed out that it is very indecent to say things like that, especially to a client. He got angry. His face got red and he started making very obscene comments. He said something very offensive about my family. When he said that I told him to get out. I won’t say what he said about my family but it was about a very sensitive matter. 

He kept saying that he did not mean it but I had  enough of his bullsh#t. I couldn’t take it anymore. 

Representatives from Burney Investment Management contacted me and my company multiple times. Apparently, Lowell Pratt had told them that I had anger issues and I “didn’t really mean to fire them”. That was a very pathetic move by Lowell, I had expected better from him. They kept pressuring my company for 3-4 months until they gave up. I had given strict instructions to everyone in my company to avoid those guys at all costs. Lowell had visited my office once after I fired his a$$ but I didn’t meet him. He should’ve known better, right? 

What kind of a finance advisor makes obscene comments about his client’s family? And that too, just because the client told him that you talk a little rudely? 

I believe Lowell should go to school and learn a little about humility. He can’t digest the fact that someone half his age can be rich too, without being a Wall Street boy. That guy needs to see a psychiatrist. 

Anyway, I didn’t want to make this a rant. But the constant harassment by his company, and the childish behaviour of his reps forced me to write this review. I don’t want anyone else to suffer through irritating meetings and terrible comments. 

And if any entrepreneur is reading this, I have a message for you. Be wary of this guy. He would get jealous of you and would try to make you feel terrible. He can stoop to the lowest levels possible just to feed his ego. Don’t trust a word he says. If someone from Burney Investment Management contacts you, just block them. They are not worth it. 

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Lowell Pratt is a guy every entrepreneur should avoid. His short temper and jealous attitude will damage your finances!

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