Luca Castellini – Scammer of Grow Your Customers

Luca Castellini is a fraudster who claims to be a sales expert. He claims to teach people how to close big-ticket sales through GrowYourCustomers. 

However, it seems that GrowYourCustomers is just a front so he can grow his other teaching business, Grow Your Ecommerce. 

Here, Luca Castellini promises customers that he can help them launch an online store which would generate more than $100k in revenue every month.

The fraudster even claims to be involved in100 different stores with various investors. 

Another one of his outrageous claims is that one of his top stores makes upwards of $425k per month while his lowest-performing stores make at least $25k per month. 

Certainly, if you’re someone interested in learning about Ecommerce, you would find these claims attractive and might even end up signing up for his courses. 

That’s not all.

Another prominent claim he makes is that none of his stores have ever failed. 

His shady business tactics have garnered a lot of criticism and has even prompted his victims to share their gripes online.

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luca castellini

“Luca Castellini Stole $61,000 From Me”

In one of the reviews I found online, the customer shares that he invested $61,000 in 3 stores with Luca Castellini. However, none of them worked. 

9 months passed and Luca Castellini produced no results for the victim. The victim shared his experience with other victims of the scammer and learned that he isn’t the only one. There are many others who haven’t received any results after investing with Castellini.

The reviewer highlighted that he felt like an idiot for trusting him. He doesn’t recommend sending him any funds because in his experience, he is nothing more than a fraud. 

Also, the reviewer highlights that Luca Castellini avoids most social media platforms such as Facebook, TikTok and Instagram. Maybe he doesn’t want anyone to post comments on his posts and expose his shady business. 

The reviewer highlighted that Luca Castellini works with Nick Hudson, Larry Turner and Ruby Grewal to run his scam. Larry is from Ohio while Ruby assists Luca in generating sales for the Grow Your Ecommerce scheme. 

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There are many scammers who use shady marketing tactics to get ahead and scam people. Some similar examples include Mansour Tawafi, Penney Ooi and Boyd Parker

After going through the above complaints, it’s clear that Luca Castellini is not a reliable professional. Avoid doing business with him at all costs.

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  1. Beware of these entrepreneurs who are trapping their users and making money for themselves instead of proving any profit to their users, one of my friends lost $30k in the greed of earning $100k offered from Luca’s investment plan, which turned out to be a complete fraud.

  2. Nowadays you can’t trust anyone with your money, especially people like Luca because these scammers are always preying on their users and making millions out of their scams.

  3. I disagree with the author because he only described the loss that one of his customers went through but thousands of users are enjoying doing business with Luca.

  4. I agree with the author that one of the users lost $66k because recently one of my friends invested in three stores offered by Luca and faced crucial losses, and when he asked Luca about the losses no replies were sent from his side.

  5. Reply
    Arrest Luca Castellini
    January 6, 2023 at 7:46 pm

    The past years, scammers like Luca Castellini have been fooling people for making their profit with the help of his knowledge like the one where he is promising and claiming to make a profit of $100k after opening a store for the users. I think that’s disgraceful and Luca should be arrested.

  6. If you want to earn profit from the online market please don’t invest with Grow Your Customers because gurus and investors like him will only fill their pockets instead of making your profit.

    • This article is only trying to defame the young businessman because the competitors are jealous of his increase in business of Luca as he isn’t on social media since he is also famous and making a profit for his users. And the point mentioned in this article about the profit provided by Luca’s store is hundred percent true because all my friends who invested in the stores suggested by Luca provided a profit amount of more than $30,000 per month, thanks, Luca. Only failures and poor people are hating on him.

  7. My friend was fascinated by the knowledge of these gurus because these owners promise so much fake knowledge to attract new users after convincing them with fake promises of getting super rich and successful.

  8. After listening to his claims like none of his stores have failed yet and all his stores will give a profit of at least $25k per month, which were all fake claims as one of his customers invested with Luca where his store was hardly making a profit more than $2k which was a big failure for him and his heart as well. Never invest with these fraudsters after listening to their claims only. Check the facts first people.

    • The reason why that boy lost would be the ups and downs in the market. It is not a scam because there are chances that people may not be interested in the store which you are running. Just because you are a failure doesn’t mean Luca Castellini is bad. Stop blaming others for your faults.

  9. I wonder why these businessmen are so confident about their business ideas because they scam people with full consent and exaggerate their personalities to be the cleanest businessmen of all time. Luca Castellini should be ashamed of what he does.

  10. I found that this famous young businessman is not available on any of the social media platforms. He looks like a focused person but the reality is different as he may be afraid of the negative posts which can remove the blur from his shady business. So the easy way of making your scam a secret is to keep a distance from the mob.

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