Luis Garcia-Porras: Is he Hiding a Timeshare Scam? Abusing DMCA (Latest Update 2023)

About Luis Garcia-Porras:

Luis Garcia-Porras is a thieving scammer, he has taken millions of dollars in a phony timeshare scam. He has been the CEO at Encanto Resorts since August 2006 (located in Merida Area, Mexico) and also at Salomonjabez, since January 2003. He was also the president at InvestValue From January ‘03 to March ‘06.

Many timeshare companies have been identified whose main intention is to deceive people. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) notified these companies that were providing bogus services to their clients. Customers pay huge amounts to these scammers. 

He has a degree from Cornell University.

In Encanto Private Residence Club, Luis Garcia-Porras and his partners stole a lot of money. From El Faro Condominium Hotel (Playa Del Carmen), they sold properties of which they had no ownership. And took the money they received from the victims.

100s of people have been victimized by Luis, and many of those have come forward and raised their voices against this fraud but to no avail. But as we’ll see that is going to change, I want all the victims of Luis Garcia-Porras to band together and take legal action against him & his accomplices. More on that later.

How Luis Garcia-Porras Stole Millions Of Dollars
Luis Garcia-Porras ran a business called Encanto Private Residence Clubb (Selective Escapes Collection), originally the EL FARO Condominium Hotel was developed by Cantex Enterprises S.A. de C.V.

Robert Burnside and Alexander Bykovets reside in Alberta Canada. Simon Vinnik is also involved in Cantex Enterprises as a Board Member and President.

Cantex has the address of:

100,15320 Bannister Rd., S.E.,

Calgary, Alberta, T2X 1Z6

Burnside & Bykovets agreed with Luis Garcia-Porras & Encanto Private Residence Club so they can become the primary booking agent for EL FARO Condominium Hotel.

After July 2008, Encanto started offering timeshare packages for EL FARO and used little children to hand out the flyers. This helped them seem more innocent. The victims were lured and trapped by the timeshare presentations. Encanto Private Residence Club was in operation for many years, during which they sold timeshares with no intention of honoring them. It was a blatant fraud.

27/11/2023 Update
As of now, Luis Garcia-Porras has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

To entice customers and naive victims, their sales team offered to purchase back unused timeshare weeks from the customers, offering to give them up to $3,0000 per unused week. This manipulated the victims into trusting the snake oil salesmen.

While this was happening Selective Escapes were sharing timeshares to condos they weren’t even authorized to book so they double booked them and defrauded the owners by taking huge commissions.

Global Marketing Connections was the go-to company for Luis Garcia-Porras and Encanto, they used it to promise 80% returns of money to the victims for the new weeks they had. Encanto was part of this syndicate where scammers would charge their victim’s card with large amounts in so-called “maintenance fees” which were supposed to be reimbursed to the victims later. However, not a penny was returned.

Dozens of Timeshare Victims have reported that they were charged massive fees for the weeks which they weren’t even able to use and they never got the rental fees.

The scam went further by offering other victims the Penthoues COndo at the EL FARO. They presented it as a profit-sharing condo that had everything included at no extra expense. The victims have revealed that they were told they are paying for 26 residence weeks and also for 26 Encanto Weeks.

The residence weeks could be used to stay in the Penthouse and the Encanto ones were to be used at all Encanto properties around the globe, the cost was a nominal $149/stay. Global Marketing Connections told the victims that while they weren’t staying in the Penthouse, they will rent it for $3,000 per week. However, no victim ever received any money from Luis Garcia-Porras et. al.

What Happend To Encanto & Luis Garcia-Porras?

After getting fired from the Home Owners Association, Selective Escapes rented a Penthouse Condo from the owner and rented another one and bypassed the HOA, and continued with the scam. They used a new name this time, called dFunSeason. This scam is still going on in Mexico and the authorities have been informed.
Abusing Fair-Use Policies To Save Face
In an investigation by, it was revealed that Luis Garcia-Porras or a reputation firm working for him, filed a fake DMCA to take down a post by fraud

Details From The Report


WebActivism has reasons to believe that Luis Garcia-Porras attempted to take down the post by to help Luis Garcia get away with the scam and avoid any consequences of being associated with his history as a fraudster.

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Take Legal Action

I would strongly suggest the victims of the Timeshare scam by Luis Garcia-Porras come together and file a class action lawsuit against him. Please contact me for the link to the Telegram group I’ve put together for the same purpose. Let’s fight against this fraud!

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