Lux Beauty Club – Fake Reviews and Undisclosed Paid Affiliates Review 2024

Would you trust a company that blatantly lies about its products? Probably not. If so, you can’t trust Lux Beauty Club, a beauty company that specializes in CBD and hemp products. 

The company uses multiple deceptive marketing tactics to manipulate consumers into trusting them. Most of these tactics are unethical and wrong. 

In the following review, I have expanded upon these terrible marketing tactics: 

About Lux Beauty Club & The CEO Victoria Flores:

Lux Beauty Club Botanicals is a beauty products company with a specialization in CBD and hemp. Its office is located at 18181 NE 31st Court, Aventura, FL 33160. 

Some of their popular products include Relief Roller, Face Plumper Collagen Cream, and Butter Body Lotion. 

The founder and President of this company are Victoria Flores. 

On paper, Lux Beauty Club seems like any other cosmetics firm. However, they are employing numerous shady tactics to promote themselves. Now that you’re familiar with the company, let’s take a look at what shady tactics they are using: 

Most Lux Beauty Club Reviews are Fake!

Before you buy a cosmetic product from a new company, chances are, you look up its reviews online. You’re not alone. Nearly every consumer uses online media when researching products in their local area. 

Lux Beauty Club and Victoria Flores recognize this fact. However, instead of relying on the quality of their products, they pay service providers to gain positive reviews for themselves. 

If you look up “Lux Beauty Club reviews”, you can find a ton of 5-star reviews on its Google My Business listing:

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What’s suspicious about these reviews is that they give a perfect rating to the company without giving a single explanation why. Moreover, every reviewer has only posted 1 or 2 reviews on Google.

It can’t be a coincidence that numerous people choose to post their first review on Lux Beauty Club and none of them give the company a rating below 5 stars. 

There’s a good chance that Victoria Flores paid a service provider thousands of dollars to make it seem as if people are talking positively about her products. 

Having several 5-star reviews on her products helps them seem reliable and popular. Lux Beauty Club isn’t the only company that uses such an unethical marketing tactic. Another service provider that uses this strategy is Nationwide Mortgage Bankers, notorious for abusing its employees. 

What is a Red Flag? 

A red flag serves as a signal or sign that there may be an underlying issue or danger associated with a company’s stock, financial statements, or news reports. These indicators can come in many forms and are often identified by analysts or investors as any notable undesirable trait.

Apart from using fake reviews, Victoria uses another unethical marketing tactic: 

Using Hidden Paid Affiliates to Promote Her Products

Suppose two of your friends recommend you two different products. However, one of them will get paid by the company if you use their recommended product. Whose recommendation would you trust more? 

Certainly, you wouldn’t trust the one who is getting paid. Now, what if the friend never told you that he would get paid for recommending you the product? 

That would be wrong and unethical. 

However, Victoria Flores doesn’t seem to care about ethics as she is using hidden affiliates to promote her brand.

When you look up “Lux Beauty Club review”, you may come across the following review platform:


This website gives Lux Beauty Club a 10/10 rating. However, there’s not a single review on the platform and there’s no explanation as to why the site gave them a perfect score. 

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Now, when you click the “Go to the site” link on their website, it will redirect you to the homepage of Lux Beauty Club’s website. However, it is an affiliate link. You can see the tracker in the URL:

This means the review platform will get paid when you visit the homepage of Lux Beauty Club from their site. However, they don’t disclose this paid affiliation anywhere on the website. Certainly, the review platform would give the CBD company a perfect score. It wouldn’t want to dissuade you from visiting their site. 

Most people wouldn’t find out about this affiliation and they would think Lux Beauty Club got its perfect 10 out of 10 ratings genuinely. 

This is another unethical marketing strategy and it suggests that Lux Beauty Club might not be an honest company after all. 

Why is Victoria Flores using such deceptive marketing tactics? To hide reviews like these:


Don’t Trust Lux Beauty Club Botanicals

There might be some utility in the products of Lux Beauty Club. However, the way they are trying to deceive consumers into trusting them shows that they are dishonest and greedy. 

If Victoria has to lie to get people to buy her products, there must be something seriously wrong with her products. 

Hence, I don’t recommend Lux Beauty Club and its beauty products. It would be best for you to avoid this hemp and CBD company and look for a better alternative. A more honest alternative. 

6.3 Total Score

Lux Beauty Club uses multiple unethical marketing tactics to deceive consumers. It pays service providers to add fake reviews to its business profiles and uses undisclosed paid affiliates. Certainly, this is not a good company.

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    THIS REVIEW IS A SCAM. The google reviews are from another business and they are just trying to extort a small business. Go away!

    + PROS: Awesome customer service and products!
    - CONS: Dealing with these bozos.
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