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Marc Lobliner is a steroid freak with no real knowledge about human physiology & nutrition. Read the TigerFitness review here on Gripeo.
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Who is Marc Lobliner?

Most of y’all must know about Marc Lobliner, but for those who don’t, here’s a short description of the guy. He’s basically a super buff and clever dude. His friends and fans also mention him as “The Machine”, which I think is just really funny.

He runs a YouTube channel by the name of Tiger Fitness and he explains different basic fitness stuff there. Most of the things he discusses are quite generic, to be honest and after watching a couple of his videos you’ll understand how boring this guy can be.

The guy is 5’6″ and around 40 years old. If you see the kind of muscle mass this guy is packing, you’ll definitely be awestruck, but unfortunately, he takes steroids and promotes it to young gym-goers who want to build a physique like him.

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Marc has competed in 5 bodybuilding shows including the 2010 IFBB Arnold Amateur International Bodybuilding tournament. I don’t know his exact numbers but he weighs around 156 to 166lbs and for a guy of his height, that’s a lot of weight.

Marc Lobliner Forces You To Buy Supplements

A professional bodybuilder’s opinion on Marc Lobliner

I had a bodybuilder friend who also bought Marc Lobliner’s coaching. I met this guy on the bodybuilding forum and when I told him about my experience with Marc, he decided to share his experience too. Here it is:

4th October 2018

New Zealand

Who am I?
I’m a professional bodybuilder from New Zealand and I was preparing for 2019 INBA Auckland Natural Classic when I hired Marc Lobliner during the offseason to help with my physique.

It became one of the most depressing periods of my life but then I found out about Marc Lobliner’s personal training services. At first, I was a little hesitant to pay $250 for a month of training but his website and YouTube channel seemed so legit that I ended up getting an 8 Week training program which cost me around 420 bucks.

Marc and I talked on Skype for a few minutes where he asked my body stats and goals. He then sent me a training program and curated a diet plan for me. I don’t have a ton of experience in bodybuilding as I’ve only been competing for 3 years and been in the gym for 7. However, I do have a basic understanding of macros and joint health. I had high expectations from Marc as he portrays himself as the expert in bodybuilding over at his YouTube channel. I told him about my past injuries, weak points and training style during one of our calls. Although he acted like he was listening to everything I was saying, I did feel like he was in a hurry.

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He totally changed my training program from a Push-Pull-Leg split to a weird one. He claimed that PPL is inferior to his training methodology and I should follow his split instead. Things weren’t really smooth during the training session as he told me to “push through failure” even on compound movements like the barbell bench press. In 3 weeks I had realized that if I keep following his advice I’ll definitely get injured and thus I asked Marc’s company for a refund for the 5 weeks. They did not respond to my email till 5 days later, they stated that they cannot refund my money and if I don’t want the coaching services I should stop contacting Marc. I wasn’t asking them a full refund of the 8 weeks which they should’ve provided themselves because the coaching services were not satisfactory. Long story short, Marc Lobliner and his team duped me of $420 and that doesn’t include the useless supplements he made me buy for “getting cut”. Marc is nothing but a snake-oil salesman, in my opinion, please don’t waste your money or time on this loser.

Below is my experience with Marc Lobliner:

Marc Lobliner ruined my body

I joined the gym around eight months ago. I was sick of all the body-shaming and bullying I had to go through every single day. Being a chubby college kid is not something that gives you confidence or any self-esteem. Well, I trained like an animal for a couple of weeks and lost 8lbs. I was at the top of the world when I stepped off the scale, but my bad luck struck me down soon after as I fell down the stairs and broke my elbow. I was admitted to the hospital for three days but I wasn’t allowed to do any intense physical labour for the next 3 weeks.

I’ll be honest, I ate all kinds of crazy foods in that time I ended up gaining 10lbs. It had been a couple of months now since my first day at the gym and my progress was negative. So in order to get things right, I decided to hire a personal trainer. There were 2 trainers in my gym but both of them were quite dumb and I knew I will waste my money if I hire them. So I searched online and found out about TigerFitness. This was a YouTube channel ran by Marc Lobliner. The guy had the exact body I wanted to achieve. After watching a few of his videos, I bought a 4-week coaching package from his website.

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A personal trainer coaches you through at least a few workouts to get the form down, however, throughout these 4 weeks, Marc didn’t provide live feedback even once. One thing he kept saying was,” Lift heavy and push yourself”. What ended up happening was I injured my knee by the end of the 3rd week. I told Marc about the issue during a conversation but he completely ignored it. I went to a local physiotherapist and she told me that I have an acute case of patellar tendonitis and I’m not allowed to do any loaded knee flexion movements like squats, leg extensions and lunges. She asked how long have I been lifting for when I told her the answer (10 weeks), she was shocked. Apparently, patellar tendonitis is a big injury and doesn’t occur casually. By this point, I realized that I had made a mistake by trusting Marc and wasted my money on him.

I did not pursue a refund because I already knew they weren’t going to give one. People like Marc are abusing their fame and power to leech money off people. He is extremely careless and his carelessness is visible during the calls. I’ll certainly not recommend anyone to buy the coaching services of Marc Lobliner, it is unbelievably pathetic.

Scamming kids on social media

I found out about Marc from his YouTube channel and I’m pretty sure 99% of his clients get to know about him from there as well. Marc does put out some good content on YouTube but most of it is just copied from other smaller channels. I don’t care if he steals content from other creators even though it is unethical, but scamming teenagers and college students into buying his overpriced supplements is a different thing.

He sells his own whey protein supplement along with a “fat burner”. Just by doing a simple Google search you will know that both of these supplements are unnecessary. Even though whey protein can be useful for certain individuals, a “fat burner” is totally useless. I find it quite fascinating that he is openly scamming young gym-goers and getting away from it. If you go on reputed websites, you’ll understand that all you need for burning fat is calorie deficit (eat less). And being the “bodybuilding expert” Marc is, he obviously knows that. But even then he decides to sell his trashy fat loss pills. Why? Because he doesn’t care about his customers or fans, he just wants to get the money. Its people like him who are ruining the industry.

You won’t believe what I’m going to tell you next, but Marc Lobliner is using porn websites to get traffic to his website. When I found this out I was in total shock. As most of his audience is teenagers and youngsters, it seems the really unethical and low thing to do for even a guy like Lobliner. I certainly did not expect him to do something like this.

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I know there are going to be some fans of Marc questioning me or even accusing me of lying, that is why I have attached a screenshot below. This way you can see the ugly truth yourself.

1 7

In the end, I just want to ask you all a simple question, Should people like Marc Lobliner be allowed to influence the youth? Would you like a pushy porn-addict salesman to be your ideal?

I hope you learned something of value from this post thing. I’m going to say that I hate everything about this guy, but I will certainly keep away from him. And I will recommend you to do the same as well.

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Marc Lobliner and his team duped me of $420 and that doesn’t include the useless supplements he made me buy for “getting cut”. Marc is nothing but a snake-oil salesman, in my opinion, please don’t waste your money or time on this loser.

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